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  1. Mod berou, how about the house of ysh in remember war of the son and school in master of study? Thank you very much!!!!!!
  2. Thank you so much mod. I love you already. Yes, if i find a cheaper ysh stickers or mini standee. you know any place too where i can buy it?
  3. YSH moderator my flight to korea this april 2018 for 3 weeks vacation thank you
  4. I'm Not a Robot 로봇이 아니야 earned more Audience with 15% beating the rival show with 11.9% Yoo Seung Ho I am not a robot Number 1 TV Content in the Philippines Afternoon Blocked. And Only Korean Drama in the philippines that ranked to Top 20 TV Shows in the Country
  5. Anyone? can please post the location of yoo seung ho dramas Missing You, Remember War of the Son, Master of Study
  6. He is definitely coming to Manila and More than 2000 Fans already signed the petition. What you need to do is just reach the goal of the Petition so what are you waitng for? sign the petition NOW >>> https://goo.gl/THpfuw