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  1. The tribute to mothers in episode 15 is so touching... thank you writer-nim I thought Boyoungie was just imagining herself cursing the interviewers. You go girl! Thanks for the updates minna.. so tomorrow me will see Yeline sailing through forever. This is a healthy relationship drama. Minho showing his jealousy is not overboard, Yesaem showing his love to Boyoung is just well below the par. Boyoung being herself is flowing with positivity and affection. Both Minho and Yesaem get to learn a lot from Boyoungie's love. Lucky namjas
  2. I think she's kinda ok character. She may get ahead of herself quite many times but in the end she herself will realize her mistakes and did not fail to admitting to it. I always thought the drama title is directed to Minho. I think he can still have his romance chance in episode 15 and 16. We never know. Two young kids. They woulda and coulda choose each other. Still Ye-line tho. His awkwardness keeps me loling.
  3. Boyoung-ie, choose the sensible one. He may be boring. Turn the sensible one into the one you can be comfortable with. A person who respects you is the best partner. Ye-line always. Lolz.
  4. Furthermore in Along With Gods, he managed to fool us all into being a good leader another work of his, Midsummer something, his character is similar to Dr Ye. Thank you thank you for those who shares the clips. Seeing Dr Ye gawking at Boyoung on screen is... funny haha. It is nice to watch a robotic person turning into softie. However, it made me wonder how does Dr Ye dated his ex? If @stroppyse is doing poem translation, will there be a link to pool all them all? I'm only relying on the subs, even then, I find all poems are pretty (since I have no clue about poetry haha) Big thanks in advance for any translations too~
  5. When Dr Ye sighs to himself saying "yes" as in believing he is doing the right thing not making the same mistake again, I thought, Aah.. here comes the angst. How sweet of Boyoung to think that she's at fault, pressing Dr Ye who's just broken hearted, which, in a way is true. But her sincerity is not being overlooked by Dr Ye. It's just... the timing I guess. Apart from the three leads, I'm eyeing Nam Woo with his 10 years ago before my family went bankrupt woes.. hahaha. Imo he looks like Hyunbin (don't kill me dear fans) since I watched him in Page Turner. Even preferred him to Jisoo in that drama
  6. Imo, he's not oblivious, but he's sorta man of principle. He did say that he does not want to have a romantic relationship withh fellow colleague in the same hospital.... and said it in front of the whole team hehe... I think he does know, and the way he reacts when he asks Boyoung to sign up his class; and also when he quoted her during lunch "the man that will like you in future". I think that he was referring to himself all the time. He must've got the hint when he received the "It's okay if you don't love me" poem haha... but well this is just me reading between the lines lol. I'm having fun looking at Dr Ye suffering heartaches yet, again. Ha ha ha. Thank you peeps for sharing the raws and previews
  7. wayer

    [Drama 2017] Quartet カルテット

    I have to thank @titania1000 for writing in the last entry of this topic "this drama is made for rewatch" which made me search for Quartet with subs. Takako Matsu and Matsuda Ryuhei are in the list of my faves act for so long, and I did watch Quartet without subs when it first aired, which dampen my spirit to continue watching. Then I found this topic in Soompi (I only commented in the Korean section... haha) So I watched it with subs, and I agree, the drama is so entertaining and made for rewatch. I like how the writer made their relationship so real, bound by their passion to string instruments and music. It touches me deep too, about Maki and Mikio relationship. How they perceive differently about each other, and how when one is still in love, but not adoring the person and find the relationship sour. It is ironic, how Maki is comfortable with her husband, but her husband find her character becoming boring. While, when Maki is with Doughnuts Hole, she can be herself and none of the members hated her. The "kataomoi" theme that the writer played in the drama is lovely and so annoying at the same time but I wish for Beppu+Maki and Iemori+Suzume anytime anywhere. Episode 8 and 9 will linger long in my heart... And the fried chicken with lemon and parsley thing... hahaha... Sometimes family is not bound by blood or marriages, but could be by other ridiculous fate
  8. Minho will grow into a mature person. Most probably he will end up with Boyoung. Dr Ye looks like the type who will suffer alone. Or maybe pair him up with Dr Kim lol... I'm loving the OST (BTOB fan here). Monogram song also fits the spring so very much. Reading the netizens comments, everybody is dying from Dr Ye syndrome. I fell for him too in Secret Forest. He's very handsome indeed. Therefore, I want the writer to break his heart haha..
  9. tVN with another gem and choosing Poetry and Rehab Therapist as center of the drama. It is interesting that it made me slide SBS and JTBC current drama just to focus on A Poem A Day Lee Yoobi is so cute I just wanna hug and comfort her. So, it is justifiable that both men fall for her (although I dunno why other docs love to tease her. Maybe cuz she's a crybaby) Have decided on Yeboyoung ship, but could possibly change after episode 8 poetry, The Point of No Return; if it refers to Dr Ye
  10. @kimtanz thanks for the Guam update. Can see a generation gap here haha.. kiddos are playing together while the seniors are nowhere to be seen
  11. Why lar the Seo kids are not playing together with the Chois at Guam?? I thought they have kiss and made up with peace in the series lol..
  12. Just finished watching the finale with not much of anticipation after reading discussions here teehee.. Yet, I find the ending for both Dokyung and Jianny is befitting their situation, that is after all the hurting, selfishness, betrayal bla..bla.. And though Jianny and Dokyung have different take on "being complete strangers" as Jianny said it, well, it did brought them back closer together. Thanks to appa Seo too for reminding her to give herself a second chance, and telling Dokyung to learn to take it slow. Well, it seems a bit illogical for Dokyung to execute the plan oh-so-perfectly but it is the finale and writer-nim time is up lol. Nice to see everyone is receiving happiness, literally everyone. Gosh, only in the finale we get to see everyone smiling happily. I miss Gijae and Younggook tho, they din get the screentime for finale sobsss... Hope the casts and crews are having good time in Guam. Off to watching SBS now~~
  13. Yes, thank god for that, a consolation. And this drama do revive PSH reputation as a great actor (imo) and cementing SHS ability to do diverse roles especially emotional ones!
  14. What movie is that @dramaninja The jump poster is misleading yuppp. It does looks like the parents are receiving their golden life. Or all characters except for Jianny and Dokyung romance lolz
  15. I guess the writer is going to receive a lottt of heat from viewers