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  1. This drama is so weird but so good. I hope they will end up a triple, all the three will be together and in love. But I know this concept is still impossible in this old 21st century, but it seems as weird and good as the drama itself .
  2. After watching the second half of ep 16 I finally felt that. That he might be in love with her. I'm admitting. But only now he looks different for me, his look at her became different and seemed longing, sad, loving and then happy when he met her again... The only reason I can't rate this drama above 9 out of 10 is 1) Director Yoon Sang Tae character whose negative role seemed exaggerated, too annoying, he was too much not realistic for this extremely realistic drama script, and 2) loan-shark guy who cruelly beat JiAn but turned to be her childhood friend and then magically changed his attitude and helped her, it was not convincing how he took the oppsite side and started to become a good guy, for me it feels uncomfortable. I love this drama anyway.
  3. I don't feel any romantic love vides from DH. Nobody's comment made me change this impression. For me, they are just reflections of each other, she is in love with him but he adores her as someone who is so similar to him, her brutal honesty, innocence and loneliness is unconditionally attractive. The difference between them is that she expresses herself and he doesn't, she has no solid support in her live and he happens to have it. They love each other, but their love is not romantic. (Well, it may be romantic for JA).