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  1. LYJ : Saranghae *his voice so ajsjfgnekbdkwbxkwnxkakcnkfnsmmxkdmsm Sorry guys.. suddenly I can’t explain what I feel properly
  2. Why SJ always open his mouth widely when MY was explained something ??
  3. Your post just made my day !! I can't sleep last night because of the frustrated hahahaha
  4. I always like your positive thought chingu
  5. At least we have our rare pokemon do the commentary. For KAJ, I don’t know why she made that decision. I felt very surprised and a little bit of.. frustrating??
  6. I’m done watching almost of his drama and movie and he seems different in LUTYN. Hahaha I’m really can’t move on from them.
  7. KNG’s ear never get red when he do kiss scene in all the drama he acting but in LUTYN ??? Hahahahaha it goes soooo red
  8. Different bracelet but since it bracelet, I was so over emotional. Hahaha sorry for my mistake *i’m always think they are something related between HI YK and KNG KAJ. I need go for mind therapy i guess
  9. That bracelets seems familiar. Heo Im was wearing that almost same style bracelets in Joseon Era(war scene). *sorry for my over delulu mode