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  1. Our last preview YJH – Stop stop stop! I saw this scenario a lot. We have a very good couple swindler.SW – You should do well on the test. It will apply more than 30% for the next promotion.BH – Seo Woo Jin is promoted to team leader!BH – I was thinking of buying this or not.BH – Well it is only for above team leader level.WJ – Be quietJH – Where are you, are you picking up the kids now?WJ – (5 texts, 11 missed calls)Wj – Oh my gosh! Credit: Dramamilk It seems like they're gonna exchange their roles
  2. @lolly84 YESSSSSS, I like that So we will have at least 1 eps to see how their new life and new marriage are going instead of saying goodbye with a wedding scene
  3. Live recap P/S: I'm sorry. My English isn't good enough so I can't make live recap in more detail
  4. Now when we're nearly at the end, I start remembering everything from the start: the first time I saw this impressive trailer, my first post in here, how we discussed and predicted (and even argued ) about the story in the first eps....hahaha In my opinion, it would be more realistic if they went back to Timeline 1 and tried to make their life and their marriage become better. But anyway, this is just a drama, so I'm fine if they stay in Timeline 3 My only regret is why this drama just has 16 eps instead of 20 eps We just start having lovey dovey scenes and have to say goodbye very soon? WHY WHY WHY????? When I think about this drama again, beside the story about love and marriage, I think more about something called "What if" in our real life. The old man said that he'd given JH the coin because JH had looked so desperate. But I believe there were many people more desperate than JH but they couldn't go back to the past to change the things they'd done wrong (like us in real life). Sometimes thinking that I have to live with my mistakes makes me feel slightly depress. So what could we do to make our life better if we couldn't go back to the past? JH only realized his faults when he had the chance to see his past marriage from another perspective. So just like him, maybe we could try to learn from our mistakes in the past instead of blaming everything on our circumstances or our partner. (Am I thinking too much again? Hahaha )
  5. You've got me I just want to say that this is the first time I truly appreciate her loving him too much. Don't get me wrong. It doesn't mean that I don't like her love. I just always think that "Too much of anything is bad". And I don't believe in unconditional love I insisted that she asked for too much from him, so she always felt unsatisfied. But watching ep 12 and especially the last scenes made me realize that it told more about my selfishness than her love or her personalities. Some people can easily tell you that they love you. But let wait and see until you lost everything "We can do anything together". She should remember it as well @fans123 I have no clue
  6. Woah, it seems like we will have SUPER DUPER HAPPY FOREVER ENDING CAN'T WAIT
  7. I'm with you. Let wait and see Anyway, the preview looks so much fun But I just wonder why he has to avoid WJ while he knew for sure it's impossible
  8. OK, I think we should number timelines to discuss more easily and avoid misunderstanding Timeline 1 (TL1): JH and WJ got married and they had two kids. Timeline 2 (TL2): JH and HW got married, WJ was still single. Timeline 3 (TL3): JH and WJ are still single. Yes, it's strange. But it seems like the only possible way for her to remember her life in TL1 because obviously, she didn't travel from TL1 to TL 2 while only time-travellers have the memories of the previous timelines. In addition, she always felt familiar with him from the first time they'd met, how he knew her so well and how strangely her mom behaved. All those things made her dreams make sense and somehow it's acceptable. Anyway, this is mystery drama, right? @ymiss Because I don't have knowledge about Alzheimer, I'm not certain if WJ's mom actually had Alzheimer in TL2. But I guess she really had. Isn't it little cruel if she pretended that while WJ had to work hard and also take care of her? And based on what happened with JH, I guess she didn't have the memories about last 12 years in TL2 either. Maybe after she had tried to save her husband but fail, the next thing she knew is she woke up and found out WJ was still single and she had Alzheimer. Therefore, her awareness was a complicated mix of her memories about her life in TL1 and what she's known recently about her new life in TL2 along with her Alzheimer And I think JH will have the memories about everything in both TL1 and TL2 while WJ will just have the memories about her life in TL2 and her unclear dreams about her life in TL1
  9. I quote my own previous post just to say that my theory about time-travel seems right so far I have to wait until next week to know whether the remainder of my prediction is right or not But I feel that it will not be that simple as I guess since we still have 4 eps left. And I think WJ will be the one who makes decision this time because she had the magical coin. But I wonder what is the day or the moment she wants to change or she thinks it will change her life forever? Is this the day her dad passed away? But it seems like her mom couldn't save him although her mom even did time-travel to prevent it. So I guess it's the fate that her dad has to die And the fact that her mom is also a time-traveller explained everything logically. Good job, writer-nim That's reason why her mom remembered JH and everything in the previous timeline, why she knew about the toll booth and why she knew the old man. I think I can answer your questions We all knew WJ's mom went back to the past to save her husband so I think she went back in 2006 at the day her husband had passed away. The old man seems so mystery. And I have no clue about his stories or his purpose to do time-travel so I can't even guess about when he went to the past. But he seems like miserable and stuck in all timelines he travelled. Somehow I feel pity for him According to my theory about time-travel, only time-travellers remember the memories of the previous timeline which they've already live in. So WJ's mom will not remember anything about the current timeline in this newest timeline because she didn't do time-travel this time. (Oh God, we've already have too many timelines. Should we number them to discuss more easily? )
  10. I'm not sure Maybe I used wrong word (English is not my native language ). But he's really in trouble and seems desperate You can read the live recap here: https://www.dramamilk.com/familiar-wife-kdrama-live-recap-episode-12/ (still updating)
  11. YESSSSSSSS, THEY GO BACK IN 2006 TOGETHER JH seems familiar with this situation while WJ looks very surprised . I've just watch live stream the second part of today's ep. I don't really understand what happened. But it seems like JK group is the one behind the loan case and JH somehow is convicted. He is quite desperate and turn off his phone so everyone doesn't know where is he. Then WJ remembers the beach they used to go to in the past. But before she goes, her mother gives her a coin made in 2006. I still don't know what's kind of relationship between her mother and the old man. She tells him to go back together but he refuses. Then she says she would go back and change it by herself. After she leaves, he sees the moon turns into two moons. Then he chases her. And both of them go through the toll booth to go back in 2006. I really like this scene when her car and his car are going in parallel and they look each other. It likes whatever happens , they will take it together.
  12. No, just blame everything on writer-nim. How much does she want to make JH suffer? Jong Hoo accidently heard the talk between JH and WJ about what happened in the other day. He maybe got angry because JH didn't tell him anything. @nidcha202 I expected the beach scene would be romantic. Please don't make it become tragic scene, writer-nim
  13. Jong Hoo punched JH. And JH couldn't even explain the relationship between him and WJ to Jong Hoo @moomooz You can watch live stream by this link: https://aqstream.com/tvn/tvN or http://livetvkorea.weebly.com/tvn.html Preview ep 12 Yessssssssss, she will go back
  14. Yes, I knew the divorce will make such a mess I'm worried about how HW will tell her parents about the divorce and how they will react. Well, whatever it is, definitely, there will be not something good for JH I'm glad that I found all opinions in here quite positive. I read many negative comments on Dramabeans. And sometimes, I don't really understand why they can easily blame everything on JH or criticize every single mistake he made as if they've never done anything wrong in their life or never behaved improperly due to their uncontrollable emotions. I will try to watch live stream tomorrow to make sure that the next ep will be the last ep I have to see JH suffer. And I hope WJ will go back in 2006 in tomorrow ep.
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