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  1. Out of topic ..what happens with Lee Seo Won ...young and talented ..why do something like that ...but curious...who the famele celebrity is ???
  2. Yes ...that is Minhyuk hahahaha ...contradict and something like that but just for the special ...(tears) hehehe
  3. Yes ..maybe just only changed her phone case hehehe And Shini seems to miss his hyung ..(YH..LJH and MH ) ...
  4. Ahay ..welcome back dear ..i miss u @17ncbm...yes ...Switzerland episode and hahahaha ...and i waited for their nude episodes and Minhyuk held a wine glass hahahaha
  5. MinWon Fighting ...many 'problem' hahahaha but it makes their love very strong ...❤
  6. ([CNBLUE, 스위스와 사랑에 빠지다] Behind 01. MinHyuk's cam 'Where we go?' https://tv.naver.com/v/3257529 ) P. S I can not download this video hahaha #inlovewithswitzerland Hajiwon https://www.soompi.com/2018/05/21/2pms-nichkhun-join-ha-ji-won-gugudans-kim-sejeong-new-variety-show/
  7. Aww..NICKHUN? Hmm prince from Thailand ....oh Minhyuk fighting beb ....hahahahaha .....so hard ..more fighting and Minhyuk i'm be with u ..come to mama hehehe MinWon Fighting ❤
  8. Aww..good morning ...Happy day and hope our MinWon get out of their hideouts ...oh i miss them ...MinWon Fighting ❤
  9. After the fanmeeting in Japan mobile phone changed ..it seems she uses samsung the same with Minhyuk ...when Jiwon in Moscow it was not apple ...and her mobile is black not pink ...hahahaha
  10. Yes ...agree ....hahahaha Yes ...i read that, i mean about kang soo ho one of famous drummer in Korea ..but ...each type name kang soo ho on google that came out is Kang Min Hyuk's name..it's means ...hahaha ..mybe another name of Kang Min Hyuk hahaha
  11. if Minhyuk update again at midnight it means something ..hmmm...very suspicious and curios ..hehehe ..my delulu oh my delulu ...hahaha
  12. CNBLUE ......❤ #inlovewithswitzerland so handsome and always busy with the phone hahahaha
  13. MinWon FIGHTING ❤❤..waiting for Jiwon update ...Jiwon please update something ..hahahahaha
  14. Hmmm ...seemed to come home from dating ...hahahaha ...and see the jeans he was wearing ..wkwkwk ..pardon me for my delulu ..MinWon FIGHTING ❤❤