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  1. whatever the choice, I still support and respect ... and this has all been thought out very well by Hajiwon
  2. but honestly the reason is very cliché ... if you have received an offer the drama means the artist already knows the shooting schedule, the shooting location, the first script reading and also the shooting location ..sorry ..hehehehehe .. ah this is not Hajiwon ... Hajiwon has changed now ... but I still support Hajiwon
  3. Don't worry everyone ..i think it's positive energy ....positive vibes only ...MinWon Fighting ...
  4. And please be happy hihihihi ..i was shock but i was happy ....sorry
  5. Hajiwon leaving the drama Prometheus https://m.entertain.naver.com/read?oid=468&aid=0000433994
  6. Yihaaaa..long time not in here ..ah i am so jealous..photo of Yong Hwa circulating after the case was finished ......
  7. I miss them and I choose to upload their kiss scene and ..... ...sorry repost again ..and OIM i don't care one photo speaks more than a thousand words ... my heart melts
  8. Ahhhhh ....i really miss our couple ... and MinWon Fighting .... And Happy Birthday Mina AoA ...
  9. and my fav pict .....sorry repost again IG. byouinsen_japan
  10. i really miss Mr Kanggun and and maybe this photo is a cure for longing