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  1. New ads .. pretty ..pretty always Photo shoot i think before her birthday hihihihi ...
  2. Good Morning all and unseen pict again ..awww ..MinWon Fighthing
  3. yes @icyphoenix ..this is a new photo and agree ... that gaze is really kill and in this scene there aren't many eye contact scenes ...
  4. unseen photo ? or only me i have never seen it Only japanese subtitles ...
  5. Ah @17ncbm thank uuuu ..and i also want it ..ahhhhhhh ...OMG
  6. Awww long time not in hereee ..oh i'm busy with my job ...and our ship keep sailing and very smooth hihihihihi ...and the day ....soon So pretty ...making CF
  7. Morning from our lovely Hajiwon and dr Can full love
  8. Ah i really miss them ...Jiwon please update . Huuh ....MinWon Fighting ...