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  1. So quiet now after the ring incident hahaaha.. Take a look on this pic, its seems deeper on SYJ's side on the left pic her face looked so serius n deep, while he smiled .. must be hard for her to let go I cannot find any pic of Shark's ending, I wonder if she did this too to KimNamGil, as he was her best costar before JHI @katty27 I just notice that most of her costar stared at her like that.. she must be sooo gorgeous n pretty in real so they could not help it Here is my new favorite.. ohhh i really want them in a romance drama hahahhaha it will be a hit drama n i'll be hooked right away
  2. It was definitely the ring she wore at PC, I've seen a good pic in IG, it was the thin circle ring.. even though the image is not HD but we can still see the shape Here, i think its showed enough
  3. Still can't believe a SYJ is caught doing that thing she looked embarrased Hmmm will reporters chase her after this ..
  4. Can't believe it hahaha, at the presscon !! It seems that she is lost for a moment, and back when the MC call her.. wish i can watch the original without bg song, i wanna know what the MC said
  5. Sorry but Hyun Bin is handsome as well hahahaa .. if only they play a romance drama together, i might be ship them either they got the chemistry
  6. Ow my.. thats true, whatever ring it is but she is rarely wearing ring in her ring finger !!!
  7. @thi2018 sometimes they take a screenshot of SYJ visit their IG story and post it hahaha, or you can press the heart button at the bottom of your IG screen and klik the Following tab, there you can find the activities of the accounts you follow, there'll be a lot so its hard to find SYJ only unless you check it may be every 5 mins
  8. @thi2018 @pttt97 He has the very similar aura, calm n nice guy face as Park Hae Il, which she picked as her best acting partner hahhaha.. but PHI is married so she cannot fall to him hahhaha When she did Princess Deokhye's vLive, she looked silly n cheerful... while in SiTR she looked more calm n quiet.. i guess actors change their personalities time to time hahhahaa based on who are around them
  9. I am actually not sure if the movements she made have anything towards him, maybe its just shippers made it like that coz they want to look it that way hahahaha, thats why she was off for a long period, I think she was fed up by every online move she made always be related to him... and sometimes shippers in IG post photos with very very cheesy and corny words, till I had goosebumps she said in vLive she hate corny words so much
  10. @pttt97 How did you know whether she was online? Is it showed in IG?