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  1. Here.. why she only mention about KNG rumour? Is the rumour with JHI isn't big enough to be mentioned? I'm not in SK so I dont know how is the situation there Anyway we need @thi2018 to confirm the translation why you rarely show up in here currently hahahha.. we need you to compare rumour about SYJ-KNG vs SYJ-JHI .. which one is bigger .. since you are SYJ follower since long.. I'm also SYJ fan but I never put attention in her news or private life, but this time is exceptional
  2. Cannot wait is it for tonight episode? And why is HSG in his bed?
  3. Cute n mischievous SYJ By now, she posted photos with HB more than with JHI SYJ n HB look good together but why I dont get love vibes from them
  4. @Cedric Ong they r always sit side by side no matter what hahahahaha @thi2018 do you know what did they say that make SYJ laugh like that
  5. @thi2018 really.. SYJ looked sooo happy.. make me think that her only happiness is when she be with the SITR team never seen her eyes sparkle like that when promoted her movie ... feel a bit sorry for HB .. but i think they r not allowed to speak up about another project beside the one they r promoted.. but in here, even HB commented about SITR
  6. Look at that, SYJ looked soooo happy by just the presence of SITR team and they sat just like their ordinary arrangement.. SYJ in between
  7. @thi2018 i watched the video n tried to translate the words there, they talked about the movie..so it seems like the picture is just background
  8. @thi2018 thank youuu so much for the long translation .. that was a very nice speech
  9. I just found this pic in ig.. omooo JHI looks weird with mustache? Is it his mom?
  10. @thi2018 thank youuu for the video.. i love to see the one 00.32 was HB see something aahahhaahaha... the two look soo good.. really wish for they play drama together (and with Ahn PD)
  11. @thi2018 have you seen the video of this ? I cannot find the video hahaha..