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  1. Random but I’ve been meaning to ask. Why do they call her lee dae-ri if her name is lee roo da?
  2. Sorry to cut your post chingu. But to add onto this note you made about the second lead, it also seemed that he looked up the grandpa and linked him to SK then seemed somber while knowing Sk now has a thing with GOS. My take is that the grandpa is responsible for her mom’s death. And that’s why the doc responded with such shock at the discovery. I hope this tug of war between them doesn’t last for more than an episode. When one of the eps ended with SK seeing OS saying he’s in love with her, I thought wow this drama is at a fast pace since we already had a kiss (the one she gave in front of her first unrequited love). But now seeing how he’s pushing her away, I hope there’s no misunderstandings and angst built up. Especially if my theory about his grandpa and her mom are correct. Important favor I need from you all!! not sure if others have asked about the full version of this ost yet, but where in the world can I hear it?! I’ve had this bit stuck in my head since I binged this all weekend!
  3. Ugh I ship them so bad. And am I psychopath for absolutely adoring this female lead? In all her darkness, she is a breath of fresh air from others leads I usually watch.
  4. At this point I feel like when LH starts to fall for Sunny it’s when she’s already completely over him or in love with WB so she won’t be wavered by his interest in her. And I feel like we will see his true feelings for her when he is about to lose her. Like either she asks for a divorce, starts acting distant, or seems like she’s into another man (without knowing yet it’s WB she’s actually falling for). I do feel like there is potential for LH to fall for a Sunny, just because even YR seemed to be jealous and insecure about them when she broke the picture. And gave Sunny the bad advice (which honestly I think worked against YR. yes he freaked out and everything, but he’s always been reminded of his first wife since their wedding day when he saw her in Sunny. Maybe this will be where his ‘obsession or affection’ roots for Sunny, because she reminds him of his ex).
  5. Oh yeah and for those here that are looking for a show similiar to Last Empress, if it hasn’t been suggested then I recommend the show, Money Flower. For some reason I sometimes think of it as I watch this show.
  6. Im actually wondering if he even really has ‘fallen’ for YR. I say this because when we find out it was LH that had been behind the crane incident, he tells his guy not to tell YR. is this maybe because he doesn’t want her to know he’s capable of hurting whoever, maybe even her, to do what he wants? Is it maybe he’s using her in his revenge scheme against his mother? He holds a grudge against her to this day cause he thinks the mom is responsible for his first wife’s death?
  7. Ep 5. Did the emperor and empress consummate their marriage or just sleep next to each other???
  8. Just finished binging this show and I understand there were a few loopholes; the mysterious woman at the end of that long table that prosecutor was addressing her respectfully, etc. But I am most curious who WJs real dad was???
  9. Mind=blown was not expecting that kiss. Wasn’t there some spoiler still posted a few pages ago of Geum and ON laying on grass with flowers in dark lit setting, looking like they about to kiss???
  10. I know right. I replayed that hand scene so many times. Now just give me a kiss already
  11. Honestly I was a bit confused why YYJ was so mad in the first place. Thinking about it, is it possible the reason why she stormed off and gave him silence treatment till now is because deep down she automatically thought KHJ was right about him being out of her league after she saw the news? And maybe that’s why she’s pushing him away, her pride was hurt or she’s scared he’s beyond her reach now? Just trying to understand how this warranted a break up from her when she wouldn’t budge after everyone closest to her was pressuring her to break it off and at the expense of everything she’s worked for.
  12. Nooo please I really want your mom to join! She could be uri omma. I need her humorous comments especially during such a frustrating time in the drama over that stupid mistress and emperor.
  13. I thought she’s so adamant about the engagement because she has a grudge against her ‘future mother in law’? Anyone know why they have beef between each other? Is she an ex of WHs brother that the mom disapproved of cause she’s an illegitimate child? @thistle @celebrianna the thing about YYJ is, if she overreacted towards WH about his birth secret being publicized in news before her finding out from him herself, how is she gonna respond when finding out her dad had saved him while her mom died? I mean if she’s already contemplating a break up for this we are in for one heck of a rollercoaster when she finds this out. I feel like already this ‘fight’ between them has gone on too long and it should have ended when it stared on the trip. Like he would find her at payphone (I was totally thinking she was gonna call her dad as last number) and hug her and everything is okay, this is dragging way too long when we know she’s gonna be def gonna be more upset about the next news cause it has to do with her mom she loves so dearly (since she’s even hav8ng flashbacks about her in most recent ep).