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  1. Where did you get the info she is Taemin Stan? I think we went through this before about generalizing about fandom on this forum. Taeun = 2 idols, lets not try to concentrate the hate on one fandom.
  2. I just saw this and wanted to come up to post it but you beat me to it It’s been many years since wgm ended but Taemin has been the same, it shows how he was really being himself and not just acting in WGM.
  3. Just want to support the new page! Thank you Stephanie Lim for starting this new page! hope you will stay as the new leader for the page of our couple!
  4. Wow I remember watching that episode, I remember after hearing how much she like SHINee the MC Jun Hyun-Moo told her he will relay her love of SHINee to SHINee members for her.
  5. SHINee was tagged as an "aqua moon in the sky" on 180401 whynot_thedancer Instagram Update with Taemin Awww Jonghyun is watching! It looks like Taemin went to visit the place he filmed Drip Drop performance video. Cant wait to watch the show!
  6. Today I went through some old Nauen and Taemin's youtube video, this is one of my favorite video of Naeun. Right after Naeun danced Kang Ho Dong praised her for having a reverse charm when she is performing, because she was so shy before but she is different when she is on stage (also notice that Naeun is wearing the bracelet ). This is the same for Taemin, watch this interview at Kangta's radio show at 28:54 when ask about what his charm is, Taemin say compare to how he act in real life he is different on the stage, he shows his charisma and vigor when he is on the stage, a reverse charm . Taeun are so alike, my guess is they support and encourage each other alot secretly~
  7. Wow Taeun.Couple AKA Darling's Art went to see Taemin and even bring a Tauen sign to Music bank and Taemin saw it!~ So happy for her! Please got check out her Instagram and Youtube Channel if you havnt! She is one of the best Taeun youtuber out there!
  8. SHINee Official Instagram posted unreleased footage of Taemin's interview on NBC "Today Show"
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