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  1. i thot i was strong enuf to see eomma's richard simmons, but i dont. can we speed to ahead to when her ruckus dies?
  2. i will sleep smiling. good to know that we have overcome the 2nd biggest obstacle with ease. despite being the biggest obstacle, JA's mom cant be the sole reason for any break up now that the majority is on their side. right?
  3. am determined to watch this week's episodes raw again. i'd rather know the storyline than wait to understand every word said...
  4. think thats they signature stand. no? yh would be in between jh and mh...
  5. tell me abt it! an ahjumma shouldnt be doing all these things, but if we dont tell anyone else outside of this thread, no one would know! (p/s: am an ahjumma myself )
  6. something in the rain is kinda good, a bit slow in the beginning due to some unnecessary scenes but after episode 5, the plot escalated and u'd look forward to the next development. my ahjussi is damn good.
  7. wow... what progress we've made! good job to chingus who have done in depth sleuthing! great work!!
  8. u may be right, @17ncbm... lemme wallow in sadness for a bit... :'(
  9. why do i feel sad looking at the boys leaving on a trip?