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  1. Ep 1-3 now subbed and available here: https://productiveprocrastination.site/2019/01/03/about-is-love-ep-1-3/
  2. Thanks for offering to help :) Also just in case you don't know Ep 13 with eng subs are available here: https://productiveprocrastination.site We should be releasing at least one episode per week.
  3. Hi guys! I'm a subber and I'm willing to pick this up, however it'll be great if I can get some help with this. If anyone has some time on their hands, it doesn't matter if they don't know chinese or not, perhaps we can work together on this? Please message me if anyone is interested
  4. This show is now being subbed here: https://productiveprocrastination.site/category/chef-fang/ The 1st season is fully subbed now
  5. The book with the english translations can be found here if anyone is interested: https://productiveprocrastinationsite.wordpress.com/category/bloody-romance/
  6. Actually the chinese might even continue that tradition if it wasn't for the communist party as having a courtesy name was seen as someone who was rich/wealthy/privileged/the upper class so it would have gone against the ideology of the communist government. The tradition was pretty much wiped off China as soon as they came into power and started burning books & scholars.
  7. Yes that's right. And 3 of the basic elements are present in the names as well. In the 2nd brother's zhi name it contains water and air (yun = clouds and Xi=stream) and Yi Lian Kai's name has earth as Po (is a slope/ and contains the character for mud/ earth in his name)! Not sure if the author did that on purpose or not.
  8. I've now written a blog post that explains what Lan Po is and why Qin Sang calls him that. The link is here: https://productiveprocrastinationsite.wordpress.com/2018/03/18/the-secret-behind-yi-lian-kai-yi-lian-shens-names-10-min-read/
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