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  1. hi chingu, so glad you all still remain loyal support minwon couple. let me also share my thoughts on KMH FM Romantic Sailing in Bangkok last night: 1. because the theme is romantic sailing then the whole event was set with hospital ship's stuff. idk, is this some kind of promotional HS in BK or because HS is very popular there. About the green shirt, that's definitely the dr. Kwak style. From his attitude to fans on stage, I can feel more that kmh and dr. kwak is the same person. Imagine how dr kwak serves patients and fans. it is so warm and full of sincerity. 2. when the love stethoscope scene is played, KMH looked sheepish and even suddenly wants to drink logically, it is just acting n as a professional it is his job. hmmmm ... is it because there is his mother? was the FM special so that his mother watched or because his mother had a vacation to bangkok? 3. let my delulu speak: I feel there was so many shippers in FM yesterday including our dear chingu . And certainly each didnt want to miss this moment to express their support about minwon couple. And this FM will be a reference KMH and HJW eonni for the next step. i'm so sorry but in the end the shipper isnt GOD or matchmaker. So for the next step let minwon couple lead n decide. we just need to support both happy together. DONT WORRY bcoz universe support them even the green grass too... GO GREEN...everybody
  2. @17ncbm fighting Chingu pregnant is a gift but not yet time for ha ji won eonni She have to act in prometheus...n become a cool spy
  3. Good morning Chingu.. This vid so funny.... Wow both of KMH n HJW eonni seem to like rabbit....Rabbit Couple..LoL
  4. rie_1023_happy I'll keep visit too..coz i enjoy this shipping with all of you guys
  5. And if you guys see the vlive back ... after KMH answered LSG oppa's question about the searching of love. KMH smiled to himself and his expression was similar when he interviewed about eonni *It's really nice to just think about it
  6. sorry because I only know that the female artist who is close to Cnblue is Park Shin Hye. I like SEK, she is very sweet and innocent .. she even refused the kiss scene with Moon Joo Won while in Tommorow Cantabile because at that time she was still under age..
  7. So do you think that KMH n SEK are friends just because KMH attended the movie premiere? Oww...i dont think so, maybe KMH's friends with the other actors
  8. it's been a while since I last joined ... wow it's reached 585 pages .. All of you guys...so amazing shipper