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  1. WE NEED A LOT OF PEOPLE TO WATCH THIS DRAMA, GAWWD THIS MIGHT BE ONE OF THE BEST DRAMAS THIS YEAR. !!!! Seriously, the teenage angst portrayed by the characters and how they're struggling are really captured by the actors. Not a single expression is wasted in this drama. Really good story and story telling. Overall a really nice watch my gosh THE CHARACTERS, can't get how real the characters are and the situations they're in. Really good coming to age story. INVITE YOUR FRIENDS AND FAMILIES TO WATCH THIS ASAP!
  2. agree, the subjects they're tackling are interesting considering the landscape of education around the world. also i love that they're adding elements that are not too forced but somehow just blends with everything as a whole, not a single story is out of place
  3. Not even halfway through the drama and but its killing me already, in the best way possible. I really loved episode six especially the scene with Soo-han and his mother, really interesting how this drama tackles problems that are so deep but lightens up the mood because of the drama's absurdity. Speaking of absurdity, its this drama's backbone, really well done. Also love how everyone's character is not one-sided and how deep they are as a person. CHEERS REALLY GOOD DRAMA TO END THE YEAR RIGHT AND START NEXT YEAR RIGHT ALSO FGABUOISGUS
  5. loopo

    [Drama 2018] The Guest 손

    FFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFF im sad that it ended :(, what am i going to do during thursday and friday next week, and the weeks after that :(, really sad that we will not see the three leads together again in some time
  6. loopo

    [Drama 2018] The Guest 손

  7. loopo

    [Drama 2018] The Guest 손

    yook gwang died -____- but at least they gave us about 13 episodes to appreciate him (ep 1 was purely focused on what happened 20 years ago)
  8. last few scenes of ep 6 gave me heartaches i never knew i could relate to
  9. totally agree with you in here, really like the set up and how this drama is executed with how human relationships are portrayed
  10. sad that after tonight's episode we have to wait another week for another set of episodes IM ADDICTED TO THIS DRAMA, the subtle details and the social issues they tackle but not in a heavy setting, IM LIVING!
  11. loopo

    [Drama 2018] The Guest 손

    just finished watching episode 10, have to say this is by far the scariest episode. One thing bothering me is that if Mateo is possessed or something, he really gulped that drink hwa pyung gave him, is this any indicator? And im shocked to see hwa pyung's dad, no indicator whatsoever from the past few episodes so really caught me off guard, really excited for tonight's episode especially after that cliffhanger at the end indicating that Park Il- do is stil in hwa pyung's body (was 80% expecting it to be in the priest's body that kept chugging on the soju). CAN'T WAIT.
  12. haven't watched the japancese version yet but happy to say that I LOVE THIS DRAMA, I really enjoy this slice of life kind of drama where everything just hits close to your heart. Each character is being portrayed beautifully. I can't wait for next week's episode following that major cliffhanger at the end of episode 2. PS. thankful that not just the main characters but also the side characters are giving me LIFE!
  13. loopo

    [Drama 2018] Life 라이프

    OKAY, I felt that feeling of wanting more ahhaahah can't wait for next episodes, the voting results hihi
  14. Interesting, but not enough character buildup or we might be getting it on later episodes together with the scenes I can't understand fully, ex. the fire 8 years ago
  15. loopo

    [Drama 2018] Life 라이프

    Finished episode 3 and I'm not hating it, not liking it so much either. I guess because its medical that the suspense and thrill that we all felt in FoS is gone. Also, I had to look up the cast on the web to know what their character names are, kinda hard keeping up with such a wide cast hahaha (similar to FoS, had the same problem ahhaha). Hopefully gets better with episode 4 and gives me that feeling of wanting to much more.