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  1. I'm quite into editing videos recentlyu probably can tell Missing hyunjae so much
  2. HS First Script Reading 2.0 kekekekekekeke~ ps. I just realized the lyrics of let it go let it be was also very romantic
  3. Super late but still..HAPPY BIRTHDAY AGAIN, my beloved two persons~ LMAO so tired hahahahahaha hope y'all like it too!
  4. [ENG TRANS] KANG MIN HYUK - LOVE IS YOU Is it just me? Your voice melted my heart. It has always been like that, your eyes are shining brightly on me. Hoo~ The WARM memories has fully filled my heart up before I noticed. I’m afraid that you might get away from me, so I’m gonna confess carefully. Always with you (Love me forever) Always with you (Love you forever) Shine on me brightly and got all over my heart You are my only one, LOVE IS YOU You pretended that you’re okay and smiled to me ‘cause you’re afraid that I could see your tears. Please always stay by my side, I will protect only you. Even when you’re sad for no reason and couldn’t sleep, just remember this one thing, Always with you (Love me forever) Always with you (Love you forever) Shine on me brightly and got all over my heart You are my only one, LOVE IS YOU Will you wait for me? Will you always stay with me? LOVE IS YOU Always with you (Love me forever) Always with you (Love you forever) Shine on me brightly and got all over my heart You are my only one, LOVE IS YOU Always with you (Love me forever) Always with you (Love you forever) I will shine for you and stay with you forever I’ll confess now, LOVE IS YOU
  5. If you really wanna see their ads, I suggest to check every convenience store, some of them sell the yogurt JW endorses and also wellage and crocodile ladies branches. As for cnblue, bibiem, the glasses brand they're endorsing, u can see big poster of MH right at the storefront of Hongdae branch, I plan to go next time tho the hostel I stayed with mum last time was near by lol The incheon lotte department store was sooooooooooooo far away LMAO I went there twice, once to buy wellage products there to get the ticket, another time was for the event zzzzz but being able to meet her worths all the hardships ㅠㅠ
  6. Ohohoh 1023th page!!!!!!!! Happy 1023 to u all!!! As a memento...kekekeke
  7. yah~not "extraly cute" LMAO *waiting for 1023*
  8. I've been eagerly waiting for the 1023th pagePlease save a place for me
  9. Same thought here! SAME!! HAHAHAHAHAHAHA *high five*
  10. same delulu as urs dear Maybe I should explain this a bit. Her caption is: 차이코프스키 '현을 위한 세레나데' *Butterfly* Tchaikovsky 'Serenade for Strings' *Butterfly* In Korean, the "string(s)" word is translated to "현 HYUN" which means "string". So when u read it in Korean, it's literally "Serenade for HYUN". And when the *BUTTERFLY* emoji here in her caption, it just brought me deeper into delululand
  11. She suddenly brought up "I..I love outer space a lot. I love sun and moon too and I love the outer space so much...(mentioned the new variety show she'll be in)" p.s. she repeated "I" two times at first, sounds a lot like to bring attentions away from the "I don't have a boyfriend yet" chaos. She also sounds kinda flustered and repeated herself and actually stuttered when she said "I don't have a boyfriend yet" btw
  12. (25:15-25:48) I just found this live video on youtube. I couldn't hear every word very well but I guess that man asked if she has a lover and why isn't she wearing a wedding ring and she said coz she doesn't have a boyfriend yet. I don't think it's necessarily ship sinking tho can't see her facial expressions, the way she looked to the other side and stroke her hair longer than usual after saying it...also considering everything happened in this ship, no matter in the past or present (which just happened TODAY), this single word can't beat my shipper's heart up.
  13. Guys, I just started working on it.. might need more time than usual coz I'm dealing with jetlag rn
  14. Text messages: Father (A-beo-ji): Share the same birthday June 28, the three of you. (Someone translated as " Three of US => MH's dad, MH and JW, but I believe he was referring to MH, JW and Lee Min Ho, who acted as SWJ, SEJ's brother coz I rmb MH wished his dad happy bday...ard September, not sure but certainly not 628) MH: eung (yah) I know hahaha Father: Tired right? Father: Dad is having blood test on the 10th, will be hospitalized on the 15th and the surgery is on the 16th under general anesthesia. Father: Do it for me on hospital ship ------------------------- mr_kanggun: My cute father~ Hospital Ship's genius surgeon Song saem wanna do it for you adamantly, gotta bring him onto hospital ship right..? Hahaha please take good care of my father~ . P.s. It's not a big surgery, so please don't worry, everyone. I'm sorry if this made anyone worried. It's because father's messages are too cute Hospital Ship fighting! p.s. gotta sleeeeeeeeep......peace out