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  1. For anyone just discovering Forest of Secrets, we have a podcast of Bae Doona and Jo Seung-woo fangirls discussing all the amazing characters and moments of this drama. Give it a listen, and let us know how you feel?
  2. akdramapodcast

    [Drama 2017] School 2017 학교 2017

    Hey guys. Putting this here. We just did the wrap-up of School 2017 and tried to focus on every aspect of the drama that stood out for us. Let me know what you think of our podcast!
  3. Oh guys, this is a week late, but here: Podcast covering WYWS eps 5-8 (week 2):
  4. I love this thread so much. Just rewatched the entire series, and it's just as awesome the second time round. I'm leaving the podcast my friends and I did just after Fight My Way wrapped up here. Hope it adds something to this conversation!
  5. Oh my god, I loved that scene in Bromance so much! What was that chemistry between Megan Lai and Baron Chen? Did you follow their BTS? I died of cute every time the two were together cause they were clearly enjoying themselves. It was glorious. I ship them IRL so hard! But back to the necktie. Phoof! It was hilarious and hot. XD Who knew neckties were so versatile?
  6. Oh, yeah. That took my by surprise too, cause I'd bought into the cat-man charade/red herring completely. It was all kinds of awful to see the dead kittens on the street later. Ugh. But I love this writer and forgive her for slashing at my heart cause she didn't just put that in to wring our hearts. It was an organic part of this character's villainy. Serial killers always do trial runs before moving on to bigger prey. And she slid that in effortlessly. Now, so long as nothing happens to Robin, I'm going to stay in love with Park Hye-ryun. =D
  7. I'm not either. Though it isn't because of his choice to represent a murderer. I've listened to a lot of debates on the ethics of lawyers working for criminals, and it makes sense to me that a fair trial means that both sides should have competent representation. So, I agree with Sleazeball (as you aptly christened him) that what the murderer does after going free isn't on him. It's the failure on the part of the prosecution for not investigating thoroughly enough. (Yes, they had reason to let the post-mortem go, but in the line of blame, the prosecution still comes first.) Also, what Jae-chan asked him to do was a violation of their code of conduct. It doesn't matter that the trial was over. Sleazeball still wasn't free to give information about his client away. And this is why I love this show. It turns the Right and Wrong sides on their head and shows us that our heroes are flawed too. I also appreciate that as selfish and low Sleazeball is, he still feels a perfectly normal disgust at working for (and needing to be polite to) a murderer. The ex-prosecutor in him must be imploding in self-loathing.
  8. You know, it occurs to me that Jae-chan did their relationship a favour by not letting their first kiss be prompted by a dream. This way, when it does happen, it'll be impulsive and spontaneous. And it'll happen when they're both ready. <3
  9. akdramapodcast

    [Drama 2017] Witch at Court 마녀의 법정

    Ma Yi-deum is turning out to be my favourite, badass lawyer in dramaland. I know she's amoral right now, but I can't help rooting for her anyway. =D
  10. akdramapodcast

    Please Help Me! Thread

    I was trying to insert the link to our blog in the signature, but the site kept returning the error: too many links. Since, I was only inserting one link, does this mean I have to post a certain number of times before I'm allowed to have a signature with links? Thanks!
  11. For those who loved the Goblin Hero's Walk in While You Were Sleeping. XD I loved that Jae Chan didn't just land up there to fight the bad guy, he brought the law with him. I love smart heroes so much!
  12. akdramapodcast

    Please Help Me! Thread

    Yes, it's free. My friends and I are pretty much doing it for the love of dramas and the opportunity to talk our hearts out about the stories we obsess over so much. =) Thanks for the answer!
  13. akdramapodcast

    Please Help Me! Thread

    Hey guys. Completely new poster to this forum here. I've relied on soompi's updates on dramas for years but only recently created an account to participate. I was reading the rules and got a little terrified about breaking something accidentally, so I thought I would ask my question here: Is it okay to occasionally post a link to my podcast when the discussion string is directly related to the drama/actor we talked about in the episode? I completely understand if this is considered spamming and don't want to misuse the forum to self-advertise. I'm here for the community and great information available. Thanks for the help!