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  1. KHS shared a pic with HJ. So happy seeing her enjoying her time off with her friends and just being normal. I’m happy she’s surrounded by good people.
  2. Saw this on IG! Looks like a video for spring by jtbc. You can see some clips from TBI
  3. Oh am I? I’ll do my best to update this page. I hope so! But you’re right, it will be very hard to get everyone on board. YSJ, now have a new drama and it’s reported that HSY has a new drama offer too. Or maybe it will only be SHJ and YYS!
  4. So many happening in Korean Ent this past few days. But my only concern is any news about HJ! Lol!!! Thanks @SweetLullaby for the news! Can’t wait to see that CF!
  5. Don’t worry! We’ll do!!! KNTV will release the full interview before the pilot episode. I think it will be on Mar16!
  6. Lots of updates today. MJI shared some pics with HJ.. Even its just her back, or her shadow, we know it’s her. And shideo is now a certified actor! Lol!!!
  7. And here’s a a vid from naver: http://naver.me/xgYifO1Y You’re right @Super Gal99. Who wore it better? Lol!!!
  8. Soompi already released the news of her along with LJH accepting the taxpayer award but no pictures or videos of the event. Is it a private event? Lee Je Hoon And Seo Hyun Jin Receive Presidential Award For Being Exemplary Taxpayers Mar 4, 2019 by J. Lim Lee Je Hoon and Seo Hyun Jin have been honored by the President for their exemplary behavior as taxpayers! On March 4, the two actors attended a celebratory ceremony in honor of Taxpayer Day. The event involves the National Tax Service recognizing individuals and corporations who have “done their duty as citizens by being conscientious taxpayers and encouraging a culture of honest tax payments.” Lee Je Hoon and Seo Hyun Jin were part of a group of 21 people who received the presidential commendation. Along with the award, the two actors will be appointed as honorary ambassadors for the National Tax Service, and will participate in promoting tax administration. Last year’s ambassadors were Kim Hye Soo and Ha Jung Woo. Lee Je Hoon said, “It’s an honor to be selected as an exemplary taxpayer, and I am sincerely grateful for the presidential commendation as well. I will continue to be an exemplary taxpayer and do my best to uphold my duties as a citizen.” Source (1) (2)
  9. I’m not really that confident taking it over. But if no one else is available, I can take it. Just gonna do the updates on the first page for any news.
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