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  1. Thanks to MJI for sharing those pics! She really enjoyed their trip!
  2. SOCAR BTS!!!! So happy we’re getting lots of updates on her this past few days! I hope Soop will have Soopoiler for this.
  3. You’ll see that there’s no difference on her skin here compare to the poster aside from the lighting:
  4. I hope they’ll release a commercial for that. Or a fan meeting I guess? I think it will only have 10eps. I heard a lot of artists are already confirmed to appear on CF, and mostly guys. That’s why my hope of her appearing on that show is getting smaller. I’m sure she’s well energized after that vacation. We’re now ready for her comeback! Lol!!! And looks like they will no longer have a group vation with her TBI costars. I heard that LMK already went to Cebu.
  5. Soop announced that SHJ was selected as the global spokesperson for a premium cosmetic “Yehwadam Hwansaengo” from The Face Shop! She’s sooooo gorgeous here!!!! And here, we saw her back! Lol!!! I’m wondering if she created her hat!
  6. Got update on HJ’s vacation. She’s going back to Korea! ...and she’s soooo beautiful here:
  7. Ohhh..thanks for that! I’m thinking of a different person.lol When SHJ is in ninja mode, we’re also in idle mode! Lol!!!
  8. Ohhhh..your details are soooo good!!!! And I think the other girl she’s with on her vacation in Italy is from the RDTK production team. The same girl she’s with on YYS’s post. But isn’t it wonderful if the season 2 will revolve more on her story. Since it was not really tackled that much during the first season. But I also doubt that they will do that. But I’m still hoping she’ll be part of it!
  9. Yeah! His food looks really delicious. And he mentioned he loves to cook! Really hope she can be a guest on that show. I’m still crossing my fingers! Lol!!! I just saw the vid too. SBS is compiling some of its drama. Here’s for RDTK which is uploaded last week:
  10. Oh yeah!!! I heard that too! I think that's when he was given the task to continually stir the jam.
  11. That’s my wish too! I want to see her in a movie!!! Or a variety show, maybe a travel show again! I’m currently watching Coffee Friends. YYS and YSJ are there. The show is very chill and refreshing. I saw SJ’s other side on that show which is really far from all his drama characters. I hope HJ will have that kind of show!!!
  12. Looks like they are having a lot of fun! I remember her adventure in Let's eat with friends.
  13. Can’t believe her Socar commercial vids in YT have 3M+ and 2.8M views already in 2 weeks time. Hopefully those views will reflect on their revenue and more commercials to HJ! For those who haven’t seen it yet, here are the vids!