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  1. @nataliakay it's utterly obvious that most of us are kinda disturbed with jo woori's actions towards cha eunwoo, basically because she played a really possessive and insecure character in the drama. I think i havent witnessed a circumstance (judging from the bts) where cew is clingy towards her. Well, the umbrella bts, i think it's common manners to do that to any of your costar - or any person. Aside from that, i havent seen any other scenes where cew seems so close towards her. He's mostly playful towards ISH actually. Probably because they are closer since they have a significant amount of scenes with each other.
  2. A thread for these beautiful pair from Just Between Lovers
  3. Thank you everyone for all your posts. I thought of you all like my real friends – we’ve all shared the same feelings. We felt happy, sad, excited and anxious but we loved it anyway. This has been a wonderful journey. All of your posts has given me strength and happiness for the past two months. The feeling is entirely exhilarating. I haven’t had the chance to thanked all of you when you guys shared your opinions and feelings. But since Just Between Lovers has come to an end and we might find another dramas where we can indulge ourselves – I just want to say that again, I am very very thankful for all of you. Our feelings right here – the sadness and joy—will eventually vanish as time goes by but I will always remember it as something worthwhile. @stroppyse – Thank you for all your translations. It must have been tiring and exhausting but you’ve manage to help us feel calm and peaceful every time you translate the clips that we’re really curious of. Thank you so much. @Mau_Cherry – . All your posts about the characters are very meaningful as well. It gave us hope and assurance that everything will be okay. Thank you for all the recaps. I felt like I already watched the episode when you tell us the events that happened. To everyone who shared their analysis – which I have not done even once since I am not good with those things. THANK YOU ALL. To Kang Doo and Moon Soo, I hope these two characters will remain in our hearts since they have given people courage to overcome the trials and obstacles that is imprisoned in a human being. The acting that was played by both Junho and Won Jin Ah is phenomenal. They did their best and no one can ever play their characters the same way they did. I haven’t watched episodes 15 and 16 since I’m not yet ready so it doesn’t feel like it’s the end for me in the drama yet. But I felt it when I am lurking on Twitter and this forum. I don’t usually finish a Korean Drama since I lose interest in the middle but this drama has got me hooked for 16 episodes and that is new for me. This is regarding Won Jin Ah and Junho’s personal lives but…. Thank you again everyone.
  4. Lee Jun Ho and Won Jin Ah's favorite scenes in the drama.... Junho's answers though Junho's choices: Jin Ah's choices (c) instantlove
  5. I am somewhat calm these days, after assessing various opinions from different OPs and considering the situation that the characters are in. I can honestly say that I think KD won't die. I was immensely anxious due to the preview. Moreover, after reading that his illness is about his liver - I can say that it is curable and there is a huge possibility for him to live. I am not really good with analysing situations in any Kdrama. All I do is just watch and read the analysations of different fans. I saw a post on twitter, I think it is a post from dramabeans and I think it makes sense. I am not sure though - no one is. Anything can happen regardless of all our speculations. But I hope they'll stay true to their theme - a healing drama that gives hope. I honestly think, even though this is a melodrama, and people might feel that it suits the theme more, still killing KD is not really the proper ending for me. It may differ but it's just one man's opinion anyway. Hopefully, we can all survive this together. And no matter what the ending is, I believe that it is such a wonderful experience watching this drama.
  6. Why are they doing this.... I cant for another week to finally know the reason, pls. It's too much.... (c) @leejunhawt
  7. Guys, in your opinion, do you think GD will die? I am not good with analysing the characters as well as the what the writer wants to portray... I am just curious with what you all think
  8. Tbh, I don't know what will happen to my emotions if ever Gang Doo dies.... I'm so scared. I hope he will be okay. He deserves to be okay - happy even.