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  1. About adjusting her dress, i think KMH just don't want stepping her dress.
  2. I think it's KMH use his hoodie to cover his head...
  3. I think maybe this is a real picture, taken when they was going to restaurant with their mothers. I dont know am i rong or not, i just see it from HJW clothes.
  4. Yes i agree with you, KMH will face many tough situation, his band, management and fans maybe. That's why i cant hope so much they will have a seriously relationship. Just hope all the best for them.
  5. I think, i can't back to my normal life since HS, because i keep waiting for HJW or KMH update something and hope they post something together like what they did when HS still airing. I just hope they still have a connection and still have communication even the drama already end.
  6. I think this picture is the new one, we can see him with his new hair stye. the old pict KMH still with his boy bang hair style
  7. I hope someone here with korean skill, translating his last IG caption? I'm curious. since IG wrong translated yesterday, i dont trust IG translation anymore. Hehe
  8. So now they not only keep their memory in their own handphone but also they both have printed picture. Remembering KMH past IG post with HJW also have one printed picture and HJW also want to keep this picture.
  9. Pyori

    [Drama 2017] Hospital Ship 병원선

    Which one clip that show he was protesting?
  10. Are this post is true? Do they really meet each other but he use the old picture ? Or maybe he just want to broadcast his drama considering he is the main actor of this drama.