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  1. heartbreaking though,truly depression is a serious case..my heart goes to d family...RIP Taesoo.
  2. im also surprised, i read on twitter that he passed away due to depression...my gosh! they said its already in naver news
  3. OMG..is it true,?!i just read on twitter regarding the brother of Jiwon...died today?
  4. if ever it happens that they're really an item...then it would be an announcement of marriage not dating. though i keep my expectations low about this 2 becoz of the age gap plus military service...only future holds for this two, really hope its real,im happy how he looked at her at mbc and its confusing why the greeting is of jan 2,only he knows for whom the greeting is. wishing for them a new project,but then another shipping arise if they have chemistry with their partners in new projects,one of my wish for jiwon is really to find the right one :-),good night to u all!
  5. wow,its been so long since i posted in here, it jumps to 300 pages already, i hope this ship sails to the altar,giving it a year though,if nothing happens then its not meant to be. I really wished Ha ji won to find a good man that will really make her happy,may it be KMH or others. Its really surprising why no magazine cover for both of them or interviews,they have good ratings and the drama was popular also not only in Korea but internationally that other countrys bought the rights to show it after it ended...bizarre! Its hard to comments regarding kmh's interview since the translation sometimes are not accurate and it could differ how people and fans view the meaning in its entirity. somehow i thought that what what he said that " its been a long time since i felt a good feeling",meaning at the present time he do have someone he had fallen in love?, its like seeing someone at present " oh its been a long time since i saw you".....there must be a strange feeling he felt for saemwon? hehehe, but its true ; love cant be forced nor can be receiprocated just becoz u love the person...but if u go with the flow and the feeling is mutual then u just go for it and let the love prosper. As for me i dont think fans or agency would matter if they decide oneday to settle down,for one they are both responsible adults,2 they r both popular,3 maybe there were crazy fans who will be against but mostly a lot will understand, 4age gap but both said doesnt matter ,5th feelings if there really is.....with jw and mh, private as they r it would be hard for shippers to take hints, specially jw for 20 yrs no scandal of dating, not even with hyunbin,it was a total black out news even if she says he is her drinking buddy, no photos, NADA! its either she is highly respected actress or her management is just good about this thing...plus 2 past relationship and fans knows nothing of this 2 in her life not even the names.for that, WOW!!!Joen hae rim ,she's that girl! hats off!
  6. In my thoughts about the last insta photos is this could mean the last post he will be posting hence the goodbye...it really is the end...no more feeds to delulu minds after this hihihi but this photos is open to dissecting, really for promotion? Why not d whole cast1 photos? But i guess he's feeling overwhelmed and feeling maybe a bit sad...since the caption,really the last...haisst Minhyukaah...we are in the process of'moving on...and yet u post this.
  7. Wow,this thread jumps à pages more welcome!! I guess à lot of people are really rooting for them, but to tell you d truth im at least 50/50 on them hihihi coz I guess next yr they will enlist for ms,as to jiwon a private person we will get nothing unless herself post photos like d one with bts V having a brunch date.for now that hospital ship ends they don't post anymore in their Ig's or else every fans will be dissecting every picture...theirs if possible a love story of a lifetime...their natural acting resonates outside d screen and fans felt it,i really dont know if its just good acting or there is feelings included, jiwon once said she really lived d character so that means there is, i dont know with kmh...but then after filming ends she is back to herself...i really hope for her to fall inlove and get a partner sooner,a few months from now she will be 40 though she looks young and she's already at d top of d game,would be nice to see little jiwon in d future...imho Mh is admiring her a lot knowing he did post stolen photos of her ( or maybe not), and jiwon is all ok with it,i pressume they know coz they follow each other's insta,or maybe before posting. Age maybe dont matter but in their situation it is...really up to MH or to them both.
  8. What i want to see in the future is if ever kmh will act in another drama again if he will do the same promotion as what he did with hospital ship,taking selfie with her co lead actress and post it in instagram and print a photo and take a photo out of it...then and then i will pressume that there's nothing special to it but for fan service, we'll see in the future. Still i believe that what he did is promotion at the same time bragging and proud that he did act with this amazing actress,to mention ljs constant teasing him plus his visit in the shooting ,he is at d same time overwhelmed and i think his admiration for hjw is true coz it goes thru out the screen, and everyone who watch d drama finds the naturality of d acts and fans can't stop but ship even in real.i highly doubt that he didn't read the teasing of the fans rooting for them,but still despite of the constant teasing from the fans,he didn't even feel a bit ashamed posting a photo of them disregarding some of his fans negative feelings due to their age gap,i highly commend his good character,a good man indeed. AND BECOZ of that traits i wont hate him wether he finds another woman and be inlove...even not with jiwon,love can't be forced anyway and he is too cute.
  9. Wow,welcome to d new shippers here...the page just jump a pages more,have to backread,we'll we're left with nothing but imagination,somehow jiwon goes hiding again,maybe decharacterising now...to keep away and be back to her ownself...missed them their kisses is engraved into my mind for dissecting,but whatever happens I will accept, but I'd be more happy if they end up together...no one holds d future,who knows 2018 will be goodnews.,?
  10. What if it happens that they will be real? How would all the fans feel?
  11. If ever did1 there is something between them,let us wait 2 or 3 months,that would be enough for dating ,hihihi,my gosh what they did to me,i wanted to be sane,but then here i am,i really wish for them coz i really felt it, i dont know if maybe becoz of their natural acting...sorry to react to someone that their lips are not moving, it did,if u heard d sounds of them kissing,so passionate,although u cant see d tongue movement there coz mh really did take all of her,and it was only seconds kiss...that kind of kiss will take your breath,mind you I've seen people kissing like that in public here in europe.
  12. jaehyun007

    [Drama 2017] Hospital Ship 병원선

    As they say,"something good never last". This drama takes all my emotions,so far the best medical drama i've watched and d only drama that made me sign in here,I enjoyed lurking with all of you,its nice to read all your opinions as well as enjoying and giggling with the shippers.this made me realize to understand more those who are in the medical field. In reality I have a sister and friends in medical profession and made me appreciate them more in their chosen field. And Song eunjae and Kwak hyun,sure I'm gonna miss this two,i hope they make a part2,the natural acting of this 2 which makes us giggle and create d shipping,d love and respect of kh and ej is amiable,and one could only wished that too have their own kh in real life. Wouldn't be nice having such a man who will be there for you when u need them d most. All in all i like everything,although some plots don't have proper closure but it doesn't disappoint me at all,maybe due to limited time...the rest are for our imagination to conclude...This will be I guess one of d good memories that i will rewatch again and again,and who knows maybe the best memory2 for d leads.I'll be waiting for those kind people here who will update us at d end of d year if they win awards...would want to see both of them being dolled up...merci tout le monde! It has been a great 2mos !
  13. jaehyun007

    [Drama 2017] Hospital Ship 병원선

    My gosh I cried a river at d same time happy with the ending...i will surely miss hyun eunjae and d other crews.
  14. jaehyun007

    [Drama 2017] Hospital Ship 병원선

    Now d ending reminds me of this song..." and now d end is near and so I face the final curtain..." sad no more hyun eunjae next week, seriously can't they make a sequel of this drama same crews?
  15. jaehyun007

    [Drama 2017] Hospital Ship 병원선

    He's/she's hallucinating hihihi c'mon its already d ending...some laide little creature comment not watching,but what r u doin in this forum? Hypocrite, we don't need ur link,everyone's entitled to their own opinion,let them be...we dont care about ur biases,as long as we like this two.