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  1. @seabysea18 Well period drama is not everybody"s cup of tea.. Some beanies dont like it because of the cast and some dont like it because its not romantic enough for their taste and others just hate it for the sake of hating it hahaha..(there is even a petition of this show) .. But for me its their lose.. They miss out on the best KES drama ever written (my opinion) .. , the most kick richard simmons drama female lead AS & HN in KDRAMA .. So dont let it drag you down or affect your viewing experience .. And Welcome to the thread
  2. @Ahpheng Yah iam hoping too, but K or no K their stares and gesture are enough to make me giddy... Those sweet longing, small smile i just cant..
  3. @Ahpheng Maybe we will not see letter K in this drama hahahaha.. And thank you for the preview,
  4. I Think KES is known for OE or SE like in LIP, SG bc the mother did not accept them nor his fam except for Osca, or even in movies like Millionares first love, Goblin for me is an OE, thats why i dont have high hopes MS will have a HE , and for the fact that Korea was really under Japan for 45 years.. But HE or OE or SE i will still watch it till the end.. So Mr. Sunshine fighting..
  5. @Ahpheng I read it too, that's why i prepared my trusted hankies, boxes of kleenex and my inhaler But still hoping for some lighthearted moments
  6. Woah go Sargent Tsuda.. He is really good portrying the Jap. Soldier
  7. @Ahpheng Thats what iam thinking too Maybe AS grandpa knows already and give AS ultimatum about her marriage thats why she suggested the outing to EC.. And this one of the reason why iam dreading the next episodes because my heart cant take it ....
  8. Am I the only one dreading watching the upcoming episodes and at the same time anticipating it? And saturday is still 3 days away haist.... @tzupitzupi I interpret it as casually dating and getting to know more each other, or it can be a Carpe diem type of dating hahahaha
  9. The best part of todays episode is ITS A COPY ..!!! .. Now its proven you do crazy stuff when you are in love...
  10. HS really grows on me.. He is getting cooler in timeand if iam not a solid ECAS shipper he is my next choice. and DMHN Cant wait for tonights episode.. (2hrs more to go )
  11. The fight scene bet. HN & AS is soo cool.. And way better than your regular catfight this is why i love this drama it is way beyond the norms of KDRAMA..
  12. @Ahpheng Thank you for your cstrip love it. And for the small spoiler for ep 12.. Me too ..
  13. What a heartbreaking episode .. And saturday is 3 days away haist...
  14. AS Grandpa wonders how EC Grow up into Me : Dont worry Gramps there is a 99.9 % probability that he will be your next grandson in law