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  1. I'm so happy it's getting positive reviews. So happy for Hyukie and the whole cast. I hope the drama continues to be as good as the 1st 2 eps.
  2. After reading the article with a very dramatic headline LOL, he wants to relax in his late 40s. So maybe instead of doing 2 to 3 dramas and movies a year, he'll just do 1 movie or 1 drama per year. That's how I interpret it. Not totally retiring. But yes it is possible they will move to the US since he loves American hotdogs that much. I just hope he does not go Won Bin on us. Lol.
  3. I would like to think that he won't. He loves acting too much to let it go that early. He might rest for a year or a couple of years but I don't think he will retire. Or maybe I just don't want him to.
  4. LBH has already been nominated for 3 daesang awards and won 3 times. This is the 4th time and I think he might win again due to his popularity in SK. But yeah, I also hope LMS wins this one. She deserves it. Such a great actress. After the weekend it's October 1st! Finally the day has come! Been waiting for this since City Fisherman does not have eng subs.
  5. Also disappointed that Hyukie was not on the list. They also left out Lee Sun Kyun. Both of them were brilliant but I guess popularity wins huh? Seeing Chansung get a nomination convinced me that this awarding ceremony is ridiculous. LOL. Still, I hope MF wins best drama or best screenplay. As for Daesang, Lee Byung Hun is nominated so I guess we know what's coming right? LOL
  6. Planning to watch Voice 2 this weekend. It's only 12 episodes so hopefully I can finish it in a day. Lee Jin Wook, who is the male lead on Voice 2 played a different character, not Detective Moo. From the reviews that I read, a lot of people were confused with the ending. I'll find out soon. 12 more days before Bad Papa!
  7. jhjsw

    Jo Seung Woo 조승우 Finished Drama: Life

    I just finished Life and what it did was make me fall deeper for Cho Seung Woo. Too bad I don't have the luxury to go to Korea and watch him in musicals (and it's not that easy to get tickets anyway. LOL). I am still wanting more of CSW. Since he has a movie coming up and he is back to the musical stage, I really hope he would have some room for another tv drama next year. Like @annagriss8, I would like to see him do a melo or romcom next. Crossing my fingers. But of course any genre would be great as long as I can see him on tv for at least 16 episodes. Looking forward to his new movie with Ji Sung.
  8. I hope he doesn't turn green. Same here. I am a bit worried. Unless the fantasy part is just about the drug being impossible to produce in real life and not about super powers like spiderman or hulk.
  9. Yeah looks like it's bullying.. And I think that's a cast on her left arm. I can see her talking back or ignoring her papa everytime he reaches out to her. I really am expecting impressive acting from Jang Hyuk here. Even higher than MF. His character would be so vulnerable and sad. And of course, the redemption part would be the best. Love a character with a lot of room for character development and with a great set of abs. I hope they would release more teasers soon.