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  1. @azureblue7 yes! That is the scene I'm talking about.. Hyukie is so dreamy. @kohnlee I actually read about the sad ending of SoGC.. But I also read good reviews bout the whole drama. I am preparing myself for that lingering sad feeling when I finish watching it.
  2. I've only watched Jung Kyung-Ho in Time Between Dog and Wolf and Prison Playbook. Unfortunately, I dropped PP because I just watched it after Money Flower and I can't seem to get any other actors in my system. I only wanted to see Hyukie on my screen at that time. So I am not sure if I'll give it a try again. Coz it's got a lot of great reviews. Anyway, thanks for the feedback on LIfe on Mars. I'll add that on my list.
  3. Is Life on Mars good? I have so many on my "when the drama ends, I'll binge watch it" list and I am planning to add this one. @azureblue7 I love FTLY and watched it a lot of times. It was around the ending of ep 12 when I saw Hyukie taking off his sunglasses with a new haircut when I really noticed and liked him. He was so handsome in that scene. I still watch that scene from time to time
  4. Hahaha. If he boxes like that, there's no doubt his opponent would knock him out.
  5. I actually had to rewatch this. And he did make a finger heart. Hahahaha.
  6. Hahaha. Cute.. maybe he should stick to handling the wok and ladle for now.
  7. So funny that his fashion sense didn't change for more than 30 years. I want young DCS to do the 3 finger sign and the wink!! That would be so cute!
  8. WOL won't air its next episode until June 25. So counting the days I'll be wondering about: -DCS background/history/past -Would SP succeed with his revenge against Giant Hotel and evil CEO? -What happened to DSW's dad? -What happened to the horse???? Even when the drama did not start yet, the most interesting character is already the gangster. And yaaasss to DCS background. I hope the writer makes this happen.