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  1. Ok. Im done with ep 9. Should've waited for another week b4 watching it. If only I knew it was 11 episodes and not 10. Now I have to wait for 1 more week. Im gonna binge watch both 10 and 11. Hahaha. Didn't know I would love this drama so much. I even downloaded the OSTs. Well, time to check out 20th Century Girl and Boy. Oh KJS... where have you been all this time???!!! He should've gotten more lead roles before. Looking back at Angel Eyes, I think I will ship him more now with the female lead if I watch it again now that I am bias.
  2. I also watched 1% of something. The kissing scenes were really intense in that drama but I also find that JSM has better chemistry with KJS..
  3. Wow! Really a lot of translations here. Love it! I'm at episode 8. I just had to write again because of the fireworks kissing scene in ep 5. That scene really really made my heart flutter so much! Actually, there are a lot of scenes that made me giggle a lot. I just can't name it all. I've never felt this way about a romcom for a long time. Their chemistry is just.. WOW! BTW, how long does it usually take for subs to come out? Coz I'll be reaching ep 10 soon. I hope it doesn't take long. Gosh, it will be so hard to wait for a week for the finale...
  4. Wow.. I didn't know this.. Thanks for the info now I find him even more attractive. Handsome, sexy, and intelligent.. just.. WOW! I also had a problem with the subtitles. Had a hard time understanding what they say but still I continued to watch because I am really loving this drama.
  5. Will definitely check that out. I was pretty surprised when I heard him speak good english. Especially when he says "Espresso" and "Scrambled Eggs". I really don't know but I find it very attractive, sexy, and funny at the same time.
  6. Thank you... I thought it was 10 episodes only so I started watching last night and now I can't stop. I'm usually a binge watcher and now I am doomed. Well, it's just one week anyway. It's fine. Anyway, my least favorite genre these days is romcom (can barely finish a drama with this genre) but I think this will be an exception. It's funny how I ship both KJS and LSY with her. This is the first time I am watching KJS as the male lead and I am really loving him. I am at episode 5 and still hooked coz I really love their chemistry. This is my first drama in 2019 and I just hope that this will heal me from all the sad endings I've watched for the past year.
  7. Hi everyone, how many episodes does this drama have? 10 or 11? If it's 11 episodes then the finale will air on January 25, 2019? Is that right?
  8. Well, there goes my wish - Hyukie in a sageuk! It's alright if he's not the main lead as long as he is happy with what he's doing. I just hope the writer would not waste his talent. But nothing is confirmed yet anyway.
  9. Happy birthday to the most handsome and charming man I've seen. No longer a fan of romcom but i've been watching Hyukie videos on youtube and came across some scenes of Lee Gun and Mi Young. This made me realize that I really miss him doing a romcom. Hope he does one soon. Can't wait for City Police!