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  1. Unfortunately Lee seo won is reportedly enlisting today. I wish him all the best. It's kind of sad
  2. Sorry I've been off the grid guys, what is this I'm hearing about ha Ji won dropping out of her drama?
  3. I'm already missing minhyuk oppa, this is so sad
  4. Anyeong chingus, it's been so long I visited here, how are we, are we still on board our delusional ship or have we moved on, I missed everyone
  5. I have never missed someone this much. Damn
  6. Lol all this detective theories are making my head spin
  7. I hope this new administrative change in fnc is for the best
  8. Still patiently waiting for mh new drama news, fnc don't do me dirty
  9. I know this is not the time or place but can I shed one final tear for my ldw-ldh ship
  10. Is anyone in SK and planning to see minhyuk's movie, reviews would be so appreciated
  11. I am so ready to hear that minhyuk has gotten a new drama offer
  12. I'm not even gonna pretend I'm so upset there's no vip premiere for minhyuks movie
  13. Erm it's too early for this hotness madamoiselle
  14. Do we have anyone in Thailand here, anyways I'm loving minhyuk's happy vibe this morning but I really just wanna give him a haircut or brush his hair or something oh and fire shim eunkyung's stylist just to help humanity
  15. Kinda off topic but I didn't know jjh and ga in broke up, I liked them even though she seems like a very crazy person