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  1. It was so great. I don't have pets, that's help
  2. I get that, once I travelled for 6 months. It was amazing but I was glad to come back home, but after a short time, I want desperatly leave again ...
  3. I clearly didn't... That's a big change But I saw a lot of pictures/videos with animals I wouldn't approach
  4. i just knew he was him for Sun-In and Mork-Tee, that's even better ... Thanks!
  5. I forgot about the slap, it was so ridiculous, I call the cop or bring you to jail!!! I never get that in Thaï drama, I know it's drama but according to the series there is no police and no justice's system in Thailand??? And to focus back on what I'm waiting for yes they are
  6. I'm watching both TWM3 and MyDream every wednesday and it's really bad for now! Something shock me in MyDream and hopefully I wasn't the only one! But I'm still watching, don't ask me why I don't even know... But tomorrow start Our Skyy and I'm waiting for the InSun episode. It will kinda filled up my fridays, it was a little bit (a lot) empty without LBC weekly episode. It's the serie where I saw Chimon for the first time and he get me! As I don't know where you are I will put spoiler alert I hope so even in the last part of My Dear Loser- Happy ever after, we get a little more in ep.8
  7. True I wasn't at all in this scene! I even forgot about it! 5555 well done, I didn't think about that possibility.
  8. I really was into the serie since the first episode. It's rare for me in a serie to like almost all characters, normaly I ship one couple and that's it, here except one couple (Tarm/Tum) I didn't like (not about the actors but the story), I like all (even if in the begining I wasn't into Tin/Can's story). Type, I like the way he is always there for everyone, and give advice without really giving them! It's really difficult. Handsome : Kla Cute : Ae Memorable : the locker scene Touching : Pete's outing to his mom When Kla/Nic broke No's motorcycle for Kla being able to bring No home. In this show, only one is hard, but I love the second one in the car, just after the peck, when Ae didn't ask and ty to figure it out his own feelings. Pond-Aim for the way they talk to each other. The morning after Kla-No because I was expecting this Boyfriend, none, all are definitely too young. Friend, Aim, she is a strong and independant woman ... Yeah just one tear's drop when I saw Tin-Can's faces after Can's rejection and Tin is leaving. I think I will follow a lot of them. But I'm into BL so if they do only BG stories, maybe I won't be into it. But I'm curious to see for a lot of them in others series, so I will try. No, I love this show too much and my friends are not into BL stories so I don't want to hear more critics than I have. I don't think so he wouldn't be able to ride him!
  9. A part of Khun New's speech subbed by Lazy Subber
  10. I find the cut version of KK-No subbed while waiting for the uncut and the real one ...
  11. I'm a little sad for all the work she has done for almost nothing
  12. ok it's out everywhere SPOILER ALERT It seems that the uncut version will be online at 19:00 (Thailand time) I hope it's true ... OMFD SPOILER AGAIN