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  1. May god bless both of you! Immortal images to us. Nothing can replace both of you. Waiting for your good news ~ Officially announce it please! Nevertheless we will back up both of you forever! Happy birthday to MinWon ~
  2. @17ncbm It's my pleasure. I am glad to have all of u stay in this ship.
  3. Have u smile today? Life is full of ups and downs. When u meet with setbacks, you may smile first, it will bring power to you.
  4. Let this month full of minwon & chi chi da da ~
  5. Hi, Icy. I want to join the birthday month celebrations, but I don't know how to do it. Can you post a example for reference? Thank you.
  6. chiana2017

    [Drama 2018] About Time / 어바웃타임

    Hello, everybody. I would like to share some comments. For DH, I think he likes Mika so quickly is rational. A little bit like love at first sight. Mika is charming and unpredictable for him. After he gets along with her, he becomes to like her. For Mika, despite DH's unapproachable, he indeed is a good man. And when a man not afraid of death to save you, won't you like him?
  7. Thank you for the preview and translation! I really hate ki young! Who the hell is he? Although the trio made mistake first, none of them should be beat. I truly hope SH & TH have happy ending!
  8. chiana2017

    [Drama 2017] Hospital Ship 병원선

    @ferily Can we change the avatar now since the preview is out? I just don't want to see the annoying bad guy anymore. I want my hyunjae back~
  9. He he..I had shipped PBG & KYJ before. It's not a bad experience..Although they seem to be like friends now. I think you don't have to force yourself to not ship someone. You just follow your feeling naturally. It will become good memory.
  10. chiana2017

    [Drama 2017] Hospital Ship 병원선

    Ha ha... I changed the photos. I really don't want to forgive him, but since there will be a back hug scene tonight. So ...
  11. chiana2017

    [Drama 2017] Hospital Ship 병원선

    @ferily I bet 33, at the end of the date, EJ may shy but to kiss Hyun's chin. And 40, at Hyun's sister wedding, when the bride and groom kissed, they also kissed for a long long time. I also want EJ dressed beautifully!
  12. chiana2017

    [Drama 2017] Hospital Ship 병원선

    I want to say if (only if) the ship(ship couple) sank, we can cry together here for comfort.
  13. chiana2017

    [Drama 2017] Hospital Ship 병원선

    I vote for ship couple.
  14. chiana2017

    [Drama 2017] Hospital Ship 병원선

    I want the BTS about EJ hold KH''s hand. Then I can watch this lovely scence repeatedly! Ha ha....