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  1. I love that JE is angry at HN/HK because HK defend HN. HN is right and JE is wrong but HK should be behind her. A good mom would force JE to do the right thing. I think she was hurt because of JE and want her to tell her aunt. DK just saved her life. I think that part is normal. He don't know what bad things JE did. He just think she is angry at HN for "stealing" HK. I think that if he learned that she is destroying HN dream, he would be angry at JE. P.S. : I love that the first thing that HK say in front of HN in her dress to go meet his parents is pretty. I love that she defend "her man" in the preview too.
  2. Leo will help us with HN/HK I think. He is HK brother-in-law so they must pretend to be a couple even after the introduction to his mom thanks to him. Leo might say something HC (the third member of her work-team) and DK. They may try to put them together the more possible.
  3. As always thanks (I wish you were on other drama that I like to translate some preview). You are her boss and you don't leave her alone. It's harassment at that point. At least she tell MS that she like someone (I was so afraid that she would break up with JH by telling him that).
  4. I love JE smile in the preview. Just after doing something bad that made HK angry she smile in front of him and he won't see it. I would love that just after the smile he look at her, ask her why she smile and tell about her bad deeds.
  5. The preview scare me so mutch. I need sub. I don't want MS to hurt JH/DY in any way. If I could choose the next couple to been show to us get married, that would be them.
  6. HK is so amazing. If it was me I would have scream at his mom so mutch. She want to sell him so that she got money, why never anyone tell the mom that she only think of herself and not about their child happiness like they always say. At least he got a good relationship with his dad (all son/father relationship are great in this drama). I hope I won't be disapointed with his sister in this episode (I kind of liked her until now) but I think she tell him to listen to his mom (if she truly said that, she should get a divorce and marry for money too). HN is so great to say no to JE but JE so mean as always with her blackmail and DK listen outside and don't say anything. I don't know that if I want him to do anything or not. Not like any woman need to be saved just because he is a man. It is great from JE to be cold to DK ? She isn't interested with him so she is really clear. At least we got our op time today (not enough). It's sad for HK, he doesn't really have anybody who he can be himself without putting aparence. Only a little his dad when they are alone and HN little by little. He even open about his dad to her. He was angry at the end when they talk about JE ? Why arent they sub in korean stream ? I love that he got her coupon and keep it. He could have found it just dumb and delete the picture but he still got it.
  7. Did you realise it was a joke ? And I love that you think that your husband represent men in general. If you go this way I will give you name of some woman and say that since they are like that, all women are alike. The true differences between men and women personally speaking are some hormones like testosterone and what they see growing up (women see other women and think acting that way is "normal" and same for men). But there is women who can do many things at the same time like some who can't and same for men. There is women who can lead and some who can't like men.... Then coming back to the subject (I was just joking after a sexist remark), I more and more feel that JE will keep having people get away from her. At some point HN will start to feel for HK. DK will think that maybe HN is not a little sister anymore and give her a "chance" and she will have to choose between the two and might choose DK then they will both realise it doesn't work then she go back to HK. That family might be weird anyway. If HN bio mom and DK dad get together/married, HN and DK become step-siblings, DK and JE become cousin, HN bio mom become DK "mom". It may be kind of weird at family dinner. At least if DK and JE get together, HN bio mom will become JE mom(in-law) like she wanted. In that case, HK is the only one with no tie to them. HN adoptive mom start to think he is a great guy and he doesn't have a "bad family" (just bad mom), HN bio mom would be so happy to find her long lost daughter that she won't say anything. The only problem would be HK mom there.
  8. That sexist. In damaland, it'sgenerally mother-in-law the problem and not father-in-law. In this drama, the problem is JE, her mom, her grandma, HK mom, HK sister (sometimes). When you got a triangle in drama, if it's two guys one girl, the two guys are amazing and the girl deserve generally none of them. If it's two girls and a guy, one of the girl is the worst. Now, since you were sexist, it's my turn (I must defend men). Women do many things at the same times but they are all easy like cleaning and cooking. The thing men do involve thinking so they can't do as many as women.
  9. Did "blackmail" her mom to hide the truth ? Stream was buged today so didn't understand all. And our otp nothing as always.
  10. Today episode is gonna make people mad. JE is a b***h and her mom at the end who found the logo of HN entreprise and HN child draw but won't say anything if you see the preview. DG wanted to help HN and JE make up by getting her to give JE his book completly failed too.
  11. I don't understand how people could have a problem with DK. I don't really like the actor from lover in bloom (something done in the drama really wrong for me (and other people)) but his character in this drama is really good. About HN, he treated her like a little sister all the time they know each other and was truly nice to her and her family. He though she was feeling the same then she dump her feeling on him. It must be hard for him to think about what to do in that situation. Can he just reject her and they go back to before, can he do it in a way that won't hurt her to mutch. The guy just got his heart broken by the girl he like (and she don't want to see him anymore), got the pressure to start a company and make it succefull. In all of that he must deal with HN feeling. In that case, she changed the rule. He has the right to take his time. I personally believe that she doesn't love him and hope that he know it so he just wait for her to realise it. About him and JE, he didn't betray HN at all. She told him she has a problem with HN but not what she has done. In life, there are people you don't like but don' try to destroy their life. Taking her to a safe place after she pass out drunk is great too. He didn't profit of the situation but just make sure she was okay. When you compare DK and HK, you assume that DK will do what you think but he didn't at all. I just would like him to go see DK and talk. I think that him, HK and Leo bromance could be amazing. After all, if (when) DK dad and HN mom get together and HN and HK get together too, they would all be kind of brother.
  12. It's not like HK asked HN because he love her (I don't say he doesn't) but because he doesn't love neither JE or the idea of being forced to go out with anyone. I don't see in what way HN dating someone will make HK go to JE. They may know each other for 10 years (maybe less but college + work must be long) and he never fell anything for her and saw her in this way. Maybe HN dating someone would make HK go to someone but that would be someone else (we know that end game it's HN and HK).
  13. Personally I regret that she must give up on a job she begin to like and feel good doing (it's a form of empowering for her, she begin to become more independant because of it too and started to make her own choices) because her superior confess to her even after she clearly told him she doesn't feel anything for him. She even know that she must protect JH from him (that's the kind of guy he is). I realise with that many drama doing it that the way her parent act must normal in korea and we judge it from an outsider view so in a way we are disrepectfull.
  14. He told her that she has work enough and she should stop and just date MS. She tell him that they are not dating and she doesn't like him. He ask her reason for working here and assume she can't like the work. He tell her that MS really like her and she shouldn't pretend to like him then ignore him (like she play some kind of game). Then she told him that she will make MS understand that he should stop hoping for anything and her father told her to pretend. I hate her father and mother, they are truly the worst. They are kind of prostituing her. She should only think about money.