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  1. I so prefer the character JW at MH. The adult over the child : -On one side you got JW who didn't grow as character but tried to change to be better for BY. He was always someone who try to do better and he did it in today episode again. He truly wanted to understand how BY was feeling to be better with her. I find it rare to see a character who truly reflect on himself (and he say that what's important is what BY feel). -On the other side, you got MH who is a failed character for me. They could have given us an arc about him confronting his family and growing up because of it but they never gone that way. Instead, he was abusive with BY from begining to end. In a way, it was a perfect MH episode. You begin with him not considering BY feeling at all (telling her he won't let her go to JW). Then you have him not reflecting on himself but needing someone to teach him (NW about what love is). After it's him being childlike with a "it's bad what you did" without considering that he was like that too and seeing only what he what (not wanting BY to see his bad side and thinking that BY feeling free with him was love). Followed by MH doing whatever he want without caring about BY (forcing her on a "date"). And you finish with the writer having BY "accepting" everything that he did without taking it in any bad way and wanting us to believe that MH has grown. The part that disapointed me in this episode is DB and JY. Until now, the writer had amazingly used them for showing us what it's truly like to work in a hospital (when they lost a patient and the flashback about the fact that people could die if they can't focus of the next one while working was amazing) but in today episode, I didn't feel it. The separation didn't feel sad at all for me. I don't know if it's the acting or the writing but it didn't work for me. The realism in this drama is really great. You look at every side character and you realise that nothing really change for them. They weren't bad person but flaw people like everyone else. They were just in hard situation and no magic wand apear to save them all. SW still got money problem, YJ still love her ex-husband and can't have a child, NW got money problem too and still think a little in the past. That's so more realistic than having every character in a perfect place with no problem at the end of a drama. The most unrealistic character at the end is BY finally. She got two guy who like her and found an amazing one to date and finally got her job (it's not even that unrealistic). P.S. : Just remember that in hospital ship, we got a little bit of poetry too with KH teacher but that's the only drama that I remember with poetry (I have that mutch of a poor memory ?).
  2. @Nodame Well MH and BY know each other for years and before she dated JW, she was considering him her friend and confide in him. Like you say, she is at a stage where she want to look good in front of JW but what MH fail to see is that she doesn't care to look good in front of him. They are not dating for that long (less than 3 weeks I think) and they need time to know each other better and begin to share everything and they are things that she share with JW but not with MH too. MH cannot let her go to him ? It's still not his choice. BY do wwhatever she want. What right does he have to decide what is good for her ? I hate MH confession today, I feel it's really selfish. He say he want to be her friend again then just after confess. As always he only think about himself. She is in a bad space and feel bad and he used it at a chance like always. His confession only do good for himself and make it harder for her. When she reject him, I think they should stop seeing each other because of that. @stroppyse as always thanks for the help. Because of you we suffer so mutch less than waiting for the sub.
  3. The fact that she is not looking at him at the end give me hope. If she has said yes, she would look at him a little shy. That would be even more weird since she is in a happy relationship with JW and didn't think at MH this way or misunderstand him in that way for very long. The last evidence is that JW and BY already kissed. Generally when two characters kiss, they are endgame. And I think it would be the best if MH and BY stop seeing each other after the rejection.
  4. @jellybing2009 It's weird because in my country it's the 27 mother day. I love that as soon as JW learn about BY, He try to find her to confort her. Like she say in episode 13, just being with him make her feel better. Even if he don't know what to say or music to choose. I am afraid to hate even more MH after his confession. I feel like he waited until she was at her "lowest". I don't understand korean so I can't be sure without sub but if you take the preview and what I think I saw, did he say she should be with him more than with JW because she don't want to look good in front of him ? She may feel confortable with him but all the time she is with JW, he see her all smile. I don't think they are dragging the triangle but ending MH story. I think that they want to make us think that MH finally grow by confessing to BY and then he can move on after being rejected. The weird part is that they still didn't show us growth in MH.
  5. @oneandthree I don't have problem with people who don't ship the same person as me at all. It's generally the oposite especially when you got two amazing guys (generally when it's the case, the girl isn't worth it). It's just that here, the part that you don't mention is what MH did with episode 14 the worst where after forcing her to go on the buggy with her, didn't care that she was scared and didn't stop, hit her and trow her stuff because he is angry at her. The drama made me angry too because they didn't make a big deal of it. I don't think it's good that they don't care when a guy abuse a girl (what he did in the first half of the episodes before realising his feeling doesn't make me happy either). Did the hospital stop her for doing the video because she is not a permenant ?
  6. @RPM I don't think we need to ask who you want with BY. It's just unfair that you show only "good moment" and not those where he was mean to her exxpecially since there is more bad than good.
  7. What milolava mean is that it sound like you like JDY very mutch and that make you prefer him as MH over JW. You are saying you aren't biased but it sound like it. Personally I am not biased against MH because I like JW but because I don't like what the character MH did. If the actors played each other character I would still be angry at MH.
  8. Stop talking like I am okay with anybody hiting anybody (you are when MH hit BY). He started being nice after realising his feeling. He come to her little by little. She has other friend but only him acted that way. Why ? To date her. If he didn't realise his feeling, he would still have been mean. And if he was sure to have a positive response to his confession, he wouldn't have wait. That's selfish. He wasn't being a gentleman or an amazing friend. Just a guy trying to seduce a girl. Didn't BY ask JW out by mistake ? Why was she being opportunist, they both liked each other. He just was scared. No. Stop saying that. He was mean again and again to her. No it's you evade it. She has the right to like whoever she want. She has a right to want it to be a secret. She don't own him an explanation. He has the right to be jealous but he doesn't have the right to make BY pay for it. He don't want her to date JW but him and that's all. I will say it again but JW was right. MH said that he don't aknowledge BY and JW dating (like he must aknowledge who she date or she doesn't have the right) because JW hurt her. Unlike MH, JW admit he did but he also say that BY can make her own choice and that MH hurt her too first. If he was just against JW, why did he talk about his feeling. He could have say that he just doesn't want her to date anybody who hurt her. He didn't. So what do you want her to do ? She like JW, he treat her well, he is a kind person and she is happy with him. Should she choose MH ? If she doesn't she is selfish. She is even so self-absorbed to think about her and JW hapiness more than MH. She didn't feel guilty at first but happy. It's selfish MH who wanted her to feel bad like him. If he was trying to find space, why did he make her go with him on the buggy ? Why did he stop her for siting with JW. He is the one to tell her that she made him wast his time. He is the one to make her feel guilty. She feel guilty and think of him as a friend so she want to apologise and make him feel better. She didn't do anything wrong. Why would you leave a friend who feel bad alone ? She didn't know he like her. It's his fault. She didn't do anything wrong with starting to date JW. You ask who is SW twice. In your mind, a guy who try to learn and do his job should be fired ? For me no. But it's unfair for this guy if a guy who his lazy and don't do his job seriously should be. The permanent are competent at least and have work hard to be permanent at some point. About MH school, he has gone to a bad one and I think everyone automatically got into the training because everyone found his score very low but he is still there. I said them many time so I will only tell one, when he make her fall whith the chicken. She lower her head thinking it's JW (MH make her believe that) and he put his hand on her head and push it a little and made fun of her. If it's only one episode it's not an arc, it's a normal episode. Take one of the bigest us tv show NCIS. One episode is a case. It's not an arc. If a case is on 3 episodes, it become one (the episodes don't need to follow each other). For seinfeild, goolgle seinfeld documentary and first youtube link. It's said at some point. An episode of seinfeld was writen from the life of the writer.s They were always things that could happen to people (exept the final). An episode was puting the character in that situation and seeing what they were doing and how they react while being funny. You take the episode when they go to the chinese restaurant and wait all the episode for a table to end up leaving because it's too long and just there they got their table. It's realistic. It can happen to anyone but no character learn anything or grow. Seinfeild was always like that. P.S. : The fun part is that you keep saying that BY is the "worst" and MH the "best" but you want BY to "choose" MH. It's weird. P.S. 2 : We must really make shorter post.
  9. He was petty not jealous. She didn't get him labelled, other did. Isn't it episode 4 ? Waiting because you know you will get rejected is not an amazing thing you know. He know it would have fail at that moment that's all. A gentlement would have been nice all the time and not after wanting to go out with her. But it's not BY or JW fault. He doesn't own BY or has the right to tell her how to think. If it was truly a friend he would have try to understand BY. He could have ask why she finally decided to go out with JW. He was just jealous to have failed. The better exemple is when JW tell him that he hurt BY first. He has the right but nobody else. She doesn't do anything bad. She has the right to be happy. She doesn't know is feeling because he choose to not confess. If he did she wouldn't have acted that way. The difference is that unlike BY, MH knew that BY never did anything wrong but he still is mean after all. He decided that he love her more than he is scared. Doctor with glasses. I said that it's MH job. He do it poorly and should het fired for it. That's the truth. No need to talk about BY there. Watch begining of episode 4. In the end of episode 3, BY say something drunk to JW and is embarassed. Then she want to apologise in episode 4 and it's there. Many things don't teach you anything. The better exemple is jail. Some people go more than once. That mean that they didn't learn. No destiny, chaos. You can be the smarter man in the world, the most hard-working and everything and get hit by tunder0 It's litteraly the show about nothing. Seinfeild and david had say in interview that at the end of all episode, the character must learn nothing (take kramer with his lawyer always taking a bad deal for exemple). An arc is more than 1 episode and they did only one I think with them trying to sell a pilot to NBC.
  10. She was screaming because she was scared. She didn't realise why he was angry even now. He don't know he like her. I didn't say anything about BY and she though he was a friend and he was happy to help to win point to win her over. She didn't used him or forced him but he proposed himself. And he feel betrayed because he think that she gave him hope (witch she didn't) he say it himself. At that point he didn't know that MH liked BY and just though they were friends. He wasn't jalous or anything but just saw her screaming and wanting to help. I don't say he should tolerate it but he shouldn't hit her and that's all. If at some point in a argument, a guy hit a girl, whatever the argument, the guy loose. She see him upset and wanted to confort him as a friend. That's not wrong. It's him who was acting strange after wanting to be her "friend". Never said that it's completely his fault but the just kiding when you just meet someone is doesn't really wirk. I always said it was unconscious but that what kind of person he is. He never though it was wrong even when everybody else knew. I think he rejected BY because he is a little boy who can't assume his feeling. I am sure he already liked her then. And he has the right to reject her Nobody said other
  11. @enigmatic_zephy I think you post a part of you post twice It wasn't a race. MH wanted to get away from JW and JW wanted him to stop because BY was scared. Yes, clearly. If he wanted to race, he could have let BY go and ask JW for one. a)She fail to understand why he was angry. She though it was because he regret making her feel better because of JW for them dating him and not telling him. She though he was right for that. Not because he wanted to confess and was hurt. b)-On the buggy, as long as BY was scared, he should have stoped. He could have stoped anytimes and he didn't. It wasn't like it was in the middle of the road and car were coming and it was dangerous to stop. He didn't think about BY there. You can't say BY is wrong to be scared and you can't say JW is wrong to want to make MH stop scaring BY. -He could have open the door slowly and walk away. What you basically just said that it's okay in a argument for a man to hit a woman in anger. He didn't hit with his hands but he hit her. There is never any good reason for a man to hit a woman (and otherwise). He is the only one wrong in a case like that. -In what way BY is wrong when he trow her bracelet ? c)In college, MH told BY that if he take her in time to work they should date then the just kidding as always. The first time that she does is homework, she proposed herself. Then he keep using her so it's his fault from there. He tell her she is cool and admire her passion. Then one day he rejected her. Then you got the misunderstanding. It's true that she was wrong to hit him (always wrong to hit someone) but she was still under the misunderstanding. Then it wasn't nice to not clearing it from MH. If he did, the two could stop being "ennemy" and could concentrate on work but he wasn't. It's not nice. Then you get MH, he rejected her, keep being mean to her even after she did truly nice things for him (his birthday), he called her a love terrorist, tell her to not like him. Then he realise he want to date her. At that point he begin to be nice. It's not to be friend but to get closer to her. When he learn that JW rejected her, he want to confort her for her to like him. Not a friend thing at all. At some point, he misunderstand BY because people like NW telling him things like BY was worried for him all after he got hit by a scooter. At some point, JW and BY start dating and he learn of it. He feel betrayer but BY doesn't own him anything. If he was truly just being friendly, he would have been happy to confort her and don't feel a waste of time to have done it. Being friend doesn't mean telling everything to them. It's her private life and she choose what she share. She never act more than friendly to him and give him mix-signal. At that point, there is no misunderstanding. Everything in episode 14 is after a cleared misunderstanding. They are not the same. JW was hurt because of gossip and his first day spot the staff gossiping about him (exept BY). With his past and that moment, I found it understanding to be a little worried to get close to them but he did. Even before dating BY when he go drink with SW and the chied. I don't understand the point of you second sentence. I didn't say bestry or friend but friendly. That mean they talk friendly to each other and don't try to hurt each other. I didn't talk about SW. We were talking about HR and I said that instead of MH reporting BY (like you said) it should be the opposite and you confirm my point so thank you. Never said otherwise. Actually it was JW being professional and YJ on his work place asking him if he had a girlfriend while hiting on him then telling him she doesn't have a boyfriend. I say he can see why and to stop asking him personal question at work. It was being professional. She draw a line and I was telling you how. I didn't say he would be hard working in front of other doctor but still he would act diferently around them. When JW reject YJ, he laught at her with NW and she scold him. If BY has done the same he would have laugh. Same at the dinner when YJ scold him he shut up. He treat her diffrently. We got now so your argument doesn't work. The background exist even if we don't see it and now we saw it. And we didn't ask him to be him love with her but be profesional. When he rejected her she stoped. Same with JW. She didn't act ultra sweet with him but decided to let go. Begining of episode 4 when she think she is apologising to JW he put his hand on her head and push down. He even wrote the not pretending to be JW to make her go down to talk. For exemple. When she is working in the country and he make her fall and because of him all chicken escape. Another exemple. You don't give me a slice of life as exemple so doesn't really count. It's not realistic so it doesn't count for me. I said that in real life, things don't magicaly happen to teach you the lesson you need at the good moment. Imagine you loose your parents tomorrow. If life were to teach you magically a lesson, two days before you would meet someone who lost his and learn a lesson and taugh it to you. But that's not how life work. I never say that hard work is the only virtue. In one person work 1 hour and another 10, you can guess who work harder and if you see them working and the one who work 10 hours is serious, you know even more. I basically said that if 2 people do the same amount of work, they won't have the same result forcibly. That's because there are other factor that we doesn't control. And I even say that if someone do twice the same things, he won't necessary have the same result. None of them change there. But it's not realistic. Life doesn't happen in order. I don't mind it in a drama as long as it's not a slice of life who is supposed to be realistic. It's like seinfeil, the story about nothing. You got character and normal things happen to them but they stay the same like everyone else.
  12. The only one who never say annything bad about MH and only bad things about BY is you. Why was he doing a race ? He kind of forced her to go with him. He knew she didn't want to tell she was dating JH yet so he made it that she couldn't say no. When the person in you back keep screaming you at least slow down. He could have even stop without anybody being in danger and ask at least what is wrong. When I was a child it happen to me and even if (it wasn't exactly the same condition). I was forced to jump on the road and I hurt myself. As someone who experienced something like that, I tell you, MH was wrong. Like they said on dramabean in their "recap", BY at no point act more than a friend with MH and she is not responsible for his feeling. And it's not okay that he think she did something wrong (he say it that it's her fault) and even at least tree times, he was more than borderline for me (the buggy screne, when he make her fall with the door and doesn't care and when he trow away her stuff). Wanting to hurt someone because you feel hurt and doesn't care at the domages is really bad. He got issue and should see a psy. The first time they meet (in the present in episode 1) she tell him they should just be profesional. She tell him again after finding that's it's not him who tell people about her past (she even apologise for the mistake). It's him who say no twice. And it's MH who say at the begining of episode 2 that he doesn't want her to know the truth and that's he will not like her anyway. When saying you want a friendship position, that doesn't mean you want to be all the days together but in korea, passing time with your co-woker like drinking after work of on off-days going in group having activities (like in episode 14) is not weird. Thinking they should be on friendly term in so wrong of her. She is friendly with the to girls and like MH, they don't listen to her and that's all. MH doesn't care about his job or failling it and don't involve himself in it. In the end, it's BY who get reprimanded because of his mistake. If after that she reprimand him, it's normal. In episode 2, she warn him to act well in front of the patient who lost a leg and he doesn't, make him feel bad about it, make one people fall and the chief get embarassed. Then SW, her superior take it on her without even asking what truly happen. She go confront MH, nstead of apologising, he tell her some excuse. Then she explain to him what he did wrong and he get angry and hurt himself in the process and the other think that it's BY who hurt him and tell it to everyone. Then she got scolded again because MH who doesn't care about this job and she found him sleeping in the stair. Then she make him work and he find it beneath him so trow a tantrum and she tell him to quit if he is not happy. He stay only because his parents forced him. She just didn't. In episode 1, just after their first reunion since college. She start to teach them about ICT (a machine for work), MH yawn. Do you think he would have done the same with the YJ, SW or the chief or he act that way because of his past relationship with BY. She reprimend him for that and NW say that MH should call her doctor BY and realise that it's work. She tell them that as long as other doctor or patient are here, it's not necessarie and that's all. Then, just after MH go away, NW act friendly with her. Not the opposite. He do that expecting to get a better grade and she just tell him she doesn't grade him. Just after that,mh is working with YJ and even her is not happy with him. Then, while walking the stair, BY hear MH and NW talking and he say he will never try to get along with her (we don't talk about being friend her but just work colleage). Then she confront him and say that she won't care if they dislike each other and she will be professional. Again, no one talk about being friend. Then at the dinner with co-worker, he want to leave so lie but made a mistake and everyone learn about it. I will stop there because then it's BY who did one thing wrong outside of work (the thinking it was MH fault and attacking him). She act friendly with NW and they kind of were. It's him who introduced MH to her. And NW act friendly with her too. I said that in real life, the patient in a hospital don't appear the moment you need to learn exactly the same lesson as him and that's the truth. I don't mind if storyteeling do but it's not realistic and for me a slice of life shouldn't have that. That's why when SW begin to have back his will to fight and then learn that his wife got fired, it's realistic. Life doesn't spare you or care about you. Things happen and sometimes it's good for you and sometimes it's bad. The proof that life doesn't teach a lesson is that life is not fair and that hard work is not always rewarded. It is only in unrealistic fiction. That's why, BY who is hard-working suffer until JW arrived. If life were to teach you a lesson, things would always have the same result. It's like you create an entreprise and it work. If like were to teach you, you could do it again and again or told people exactly what you did and it would always work but most of the time it wouldn't. I literally said most people. Generally people don't change. I never say it never happen but it's rare. Two of the most impressive change for me is when people realised that homophobia and racism are dumb and being from a different colour or liking someone of the same sex (both, none,...) is not wrong at all. It can happen. But most of the time, people don't change. You will tell me that you don't know people who cheat on another, then them they will never do it again but have done it again ? You never a guy hiting his wife/compagnion, saying he will never do it again but doing it again ? Some people change but most doesn't. @ck1Oz You are so right. P.S. : be carefull @enigmatic_zephy most of the time when you say something happen in the drama, it didn't happen like that. I rewatch the episodes and the part that I talk about just in case personally.
  13. I personnally am not a fan of MH but like many here, I talk about other character too. Stop saying we only say bad things about him and only him, it's untrue. Again, I say it and if you talk about HR, MH should failed his training and get fired for not listening to BY his superior0. You can say whatever you want but when on the buggy he don't stop while she is trully scared is unacceptable. It make me remember House M.D. and House alwayss saying people never change. Since it's a slice of life, it must be realistic for me. Real life is not something that happen to teach you a lesson. If you take grey's anatomy, a episode it's a doctor having a lesson to learn and at the same time the perfect patient teach him. It's not realistic. ER (at the begining) was because it wasn't likz that.
  14. Me, I personally think for a while that it's at JH with poetry meaning love. Witch character truly change/grow in this drama ? And the fact that they don't is kind of realistic for me. Most people don't learn in real life. I think in real life, when bad thing happen to people, they mostly endure of break but that's not growth for me. The chief was always a good guy (when he learned why SW was trying to sell cards he buyed one) and from begining to end is nice to everyone. That doesn't mean he is perfect like when he believe in rumor and is kind of angry at JW (in the end he try to protect his staff). YJ was a little hard on BY at work but she was kind of protecting too (a little like a big sister outside at work) and she stay the same. SW try again to sell credit to help his wife. ... I think it's not the character who changed but how we see them. At first we were angry at SW but he is in a bad spot and don't have a choice. YJ we learn that she got a hard life (can't have a child). For MH, JW and BY, they didn't change either. -MH was nice to his friend but could be petty when he don't get what he want. He still is. Always a little narcicism then and there (you can say what you want but when you best friend feel really bad and instead of conforting him when you are with him you only think about using it to test place where to confess is selfish). -JW was fair to everyone (in episode 3, he didn't do thing because of BY but because it was right) and he still is but on another side he can be petty like when he talk about MH school score and he did it again when he compete with MH at dodge ball. The thing in both case that he doesn't like that part of him but that doesn't top him for being like that. -For BY, she always invest herself in everything she does. She always try to help people. You talk about vanity and narcicism but I believe wanting to not look bad in front of people and being happy to get compliment is not enough to be that. While she was happy with JW, she still go see MH who was a jerk to her and try to apologise and think of why he is hurt. She may have fail but at least she tried In what way did MH and BY relationship make her grow ? In episode 1 and 2 before she knew he was innocent, she confront him. The different is that this time he was guilty and she still confronted her. And with reading emotion, she is better than MH, after all JW trully liked her but was scared. and MH keep telling her to not like him. She kind of listened. The only way I kind of think at BY having groth is that she stop having her fantasy in her head. I think it's wrong for us to like a character because of the actor who play him. If it was another actor, we may hate MH. I don't know if it's because he is like you say to "charismatic" or not good enough to pull bad. MH is not a bad guy but even when he does bad thing many are behind him an defending him.