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  1. Forget what I said about Mr. Jo yikes he's our next Coach Kim After her husband's breakdown in front of his mother, I honestly think HSJ is going to take those exam papers to the police station. Now she realizes that Yeseo's mental health won't get any better even after getting accepted into SNU. HSJ has two choices: either listen to her husband's advice or follow her MIL. I really want to believe that she will give up SNU and save Yeseo and Woojoo. Yeseo is losing it and she might not even do well on the exam with all that guilt on her shoulders. I think it's better to come out clean and repent rather than getting exposed and flamed. On the other hand, if she uses that stolen exam to get her kid a full score, then I won't have an ounce of sympathy for her. I hope KJS divorces her because of the bad choices she's made and takes the kids with him.
  2. Well, obviously we know this secret won't last until the end of the semester with Yeseo's dad hungry for revenge. I have mixed feelings about HSJ/KMH tbh. On one hand, she's cruel and deserves punishment for being an accomplice, but on the other hand I feel really bad for her. I can tell she really wants to help Woo Joo and his mom, but her daughter's future is on the line. I'm glad Yeseo's dad realized his mother isn't all that great. Yeah, he seemed pretty done with KJY and I think he'll be the one to unveil everything (or the one to testify against her in court or something), since he has solid evidence to prove she is the mastermind behind all this.
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