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  1. It will also be good if she can work with Park Seo Joon, who named her as his ideal. With the latest news, there are so many possibilities out there.
  2. Hopefully then she get to act w LJK, who recently said he would like to work with her.
  3. Ditto, same feelings. Wonder how come nobody spot him too. We did not even know which unit he is posted to. HJW's drama also a mystery, supporting cast, script reading, fliming, etc are all unknown.
  4. Me too, missing our couple lots. Am so glad that my country is screening Hospital Ship on public TV channel. With good translation, their conversations make more sense and the plot flow is more enjoyable.
  5. Oh, really missed the both of them. Looking all the pics of MH in military, he must have felt sad not being able to see JW. How I wish these days past quickly so we get to see MH and JW together again. Wonder how come so little news on her new drama despite it being the most costly drama in Korea's history.
  6. Singapore's Poh Kim did sell the Dvd but it is without bts. So only the Japan version has it, is it? Does the Japan version has Eng Subtitles, anyone knows? Pls share thanks
  7. When they starting to film the drama? Any other news?
  8. They can start going home after 3 months basic military training is it?
  9. A pity that LJK's call to work with HJW did not come earlier, else it could be him for prometheus and I thought he would fit the character well too. Nonetheless, JG might surprised us!
  10. Does anyone knows how was the ratings like, did it come out first in the same time program?
  11. I do like JG as an actor but was hoping she can work with another single man so we can compare and confirm her with MH and another man. Lol.
  12. I was also hoping for a male lead who is single. However, to MH it should be good news. Lol. Hope to hear about the 2nd male lead soon.
  13. Hoping he is in a villa waiting for JW to join him. Lol.