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  1. Third wheels and agnsty last scene in episode 6 be dammed!!! I remembered some of you posted BTS still photos of SH and JH holding hands(while on a date?) and I really hope to see it next week! Although I feel that that scene might be a "for show husband and wife", atleast there's a skinship, and if there's skinship, there will be fluttering hearts. Haha!
  2. I thought I was the only one! Watching Return of Superman while in delulu mode would make you think that way! How can you resist if he looks good while holding a child?
  3. Now this is lit! Glad I back read the lutyn thread. Thank you @vangsweetie637 for making this possible! I may not post anything from time to time, but i'll be sure to lurk around here for our GUM couple! Let us not let this ship drown!
  4. I don't mind losing the bet though, a forehead kiss is enough for me—at least a forehead kiss please and lots o' hugging!!!!—
  5. Omomomomomo!!!!! My prayers are being answered!!! PLEASE BE A HAPPY ENDIIING!!
  6. @bluehopeatm nothing works for me, i sang, danced, re-watched eps and counted, still, the overwhelming feeling of emptiness seeps me! eotteokhae??!! I need BokMan right now! I want to pet him atleast.
  7. I already counted from 1 to 200 but stil no bts or previews. I did the YK-happy dance, to only make me more sad. Decided to go to the beach to make my own 임 경 only to get rained at before getting there(yes, I live near the beach). I decide to just read all your comments today and wait for preview or bts but then, @flin suggested/speculated a MLSHR-like ending, so I had to post and pray! Lol! In behalf of everyone here, I ask the GOD OF KDRAMA, ROMCOM AND HAPPY ENDINGS, to save the hearts of everyone in the GUM family to an empending MLSHR-like ending. Oh please enlighten the cast and crew to deliver a satisfying ending. No, we are not asking for a season 2 but a two-episode special(a 1ep special is enough too!). After the series ends, give us all the strength and courage to carry-on each days of our life with a smile in our hearts and soul AMEN! LOLOLOLOL
  8. @vangsweetie637 your seungri gif remided me of this scene: Always, always get's me out of my stupor! Hahaha Right now, bracing my heart with metal. No accupuncture needle can pierce through it right? I hope so.
  9. I thought i read: "Looking forward to babies next episode" Lol! How imaginative can brains be! Haha. BTW, you're right! LUTYN really got us all spellbound! @bluehopeatm glad I'm not alone! Haha rewatching it surely gives me calming effects haha
  10. With all this long wait for episdoes 15 and 16, I am Already having some pre-withdrawal symptoms... The whole day from yesterday and today I am only thinking of what ifs and whatnots... lurking here for updates... and even re-watching LUTYN from episodes from 1 to 14! Please tell me I'm not the only one lol! My daily activities are sooo affected but atleast I can still perform them in time hahaha All I want to ask from the show is: if our OTP would not be together at the end of the series, atleast give us a proper cliffhanger or whatnot that would quench this thirst of mine.