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  1. I, for one, am SO GLAD to see those “ear tails” go (along with the beard)! I agree with everything you said. In line with the book, this DH is more approachable, likeable and i can actually imagine him chasing after FJ. He will be teasing her, flirting with her, caring for her and feeding her his blood - to do all that in silk robes would be SO WEIRD! The silk-robed DH in Eternal Love always stayed in Tai Chen Palace and spent most of his time pushing FJ away, giving off much more of that cold and untouchable godlike demeanour. This DH is still very godlike and dignified, but has a tenderness and warmth about him.
  2. Has anyone noticed that DH in all the released pics no longer wears silk/satin purple gowns? He’s now wearing more of a muslin/cheesecloth kind of purple fabric with inner gowns being white. It looks a lot more like in the book! I don’t have a preference, but i do like that this new drama is putting in extra attention to detail to emulate important aspects of the book, as well as distinguish itself from Eternal Love. The differences are what i’m excited to see!!!
  3. WOOOOOOOOOOWWW!!!!!!!!!! The first pics of Vengo & Reba finally surfaced & they are soooooooooo cute & sweet!!! It really is our lucky day today! Happy V Day, everyone! Thanks for posting, @Kimberly Amor! My first thought jumped to the week FJ spent with “Xize”(DH) after they made love. It is exactly as the book described - them sitting under a tree as he holds her & she falls asleep...
  4. Am i the only one who DIDN’T imagine Vengo & Reba as DHFJ when reading The Pillow Book? I mean, i LOVED watching them in Eternal Love, and of course i’m super happy that they’re acting the leads in this drama... But i didn’t have them in my imagination. I imagined... well, other people. And i think i’ve written about this to death in previous posts, but it’s because the DHFJ in the book is so very, very, VERY different from in Eternal Love. This is actually one of the many reasons why i am sooo looking forward to watching Vengo & Reba in this true adaptation of The Pillow Book! I know they look great together. I know they have insane chemistry. I really want to see them act the REAL DHFJ! It will be much more serious, much more intense, much more passionate and also much more heartbreaking. DHFJ in Eternal Love were sweet but also kinda... silly, iykwim. I’m a book purist - don’t flame me!
  5. Oooh kiss scene?! <3 FEEL THE HEAT!!! Never got to see them properly kiss in Eternal Love so all those steamy scenes are EXACTLY what i’m looking forward to! They’d better not disappoint!!! I’m so glad that Tang Qi gets to be one of the scriptwriters because i’m sure she wouldn’t want them to butcher her story! Did she have any scriptwriting role or other creative input in Eternal Love? And OMG YES i agree with you about Vengo’s beard! My husband says his beard looks like armpit hair, or even worse, hair from further down... LOL i found his beard as cringeworthy as Mark’s tranny-hair whenever Ye Hua had to have it long, straight and untied... SO. NOT. APPEALING!!!
  6. @TVN Thankyou SOOO much again for the updates! We can always count on you to fetch all the juicy leaks for us! I check this forum continuously because i have to rely on amazing fans like you to get them! My chinese is not up to standard to search for anything myself. I am super curious and super anxious about this completely brand new and unknown mortal realm arc!!! It literally keeps me up at night (it’s 3am ) thinking of all the possibilities of how they could add a mortal realm layer to this already perfect book!
  7. Oh, it IS Dylan! That means this is either Aranya or when FJ returned to her own body but still pretended to be Aranya. I say this because FJ only has scenes with Su Mo Ye when she is in Aranya’s Dream, unless they added scenes of them having tea with 4th brother in the past. If this is Aranya/pretend Aranya, then i’m a little wee bit disappointed. According to the book, she should be wearing blood red robes, because that was Aranya’s favourite colour and what she wore all the time. I really, really like seeing FJ in red! DH also says at the end of Book 1 that he doesn’t like her white robes, and that he prefers FJ wearing the blood red of the Saha Manjusaka flowers which he thinks suit her beauty and personality best. In my mind, she is the heroine in red. Even in Eternal Love, they only put her in red twice (at the beginning when she stole the lamp, and at the end at her coronation). She is supposed to always be in red, besides during the time she mourned Qing Ti in white which is Book 1. But in Book 2, starting from Aranya’s Dream, the book describes her as dressed in red. She continues wearing red when she returns to Tai Chen Palace as DH’s wife, at the Bing Cang ceremony, at their missed wedding, and presumably for the rest of the book. The original traditional Chinese book covers i have depict FJ in this way too: Book 1’s cover she is in white, and Book 2’s cover she is in red. I don’t know why both dramas seem to interpret “red” as “salmon pink”... :/ On a side note, the colour of Feng Jiu’s clothes and what’s happening to them are very symbolic in Tang Qi’s books. FJ was in white mourning robes when DH first met her at BQYH’s wedding. At the very beginning of the book, she rose out of the river, like from the dead, in white robes as DH was unexpectedly present in the wedding processional, but he hardly noticed her. A scene soon after that, her white robes were all soaked when she fought the Fire Bird and DH threw his OUTER robe on her to cover her. Another scene soon after, this time she was completely disrobed and naked when she was with him in the hotspring, and this time he removed his INNER robe to cover her. Another scene shortly after, when her white flower hairpin fell out (when she was drunk), he turned the flower PINK before sliding it back into her hair, her first bit of colour in 300 years. <3 Symbolically, DH was step by step lifting FJ out of her mourning and healing her despairing heart because he was finally returning her love and falling in love with her. <3
  8. Oh, thankyou! And you’re very, very welcome. It really is my pleasure hahaha! No need to thank me. I can’t stand it... just CAN’T STAND it... when people keep insisting DH is the mortal emperor in the book. It just means they misunderstood the most important twist that Tang Qi took 2 books to set up. And that’s sad because i think the story is the work of a genius! <3 I’m surprised how many mothers are on here! I added another DHFJ fan from this forum onto Facebook and she’s also a mother. Us mothers need a fantasy place in our heads hehehe! Your English is fine - i have absolutely no problem understanding what you mean. It doesn’t need to be perfect! What are your 2 other languages? You’re trilingual and that’s amazing! :O
  9. I so agree! I hope they don’t do anything to mess it up! I guess they have to add some surprises in for the booklovers to make it fresh for people too familiar with the story. But i’m always anxious when dramas want to change things or add things! :| They did it in Eternal Love too to varying degrees of success. I liked how they fleshed out Ye Hua’s POV in his relationship with Su Su (since the book is all in Bai Qian’s POV), but gosh some other things they changed were so inconsistent, illogical or just plain boring! For eg. they changed the timeline and made Ye Hua’s age from 50 000 to 70 000, yet maintained that Bai Qian was 140 000 and “90 000” years older than him. Something so simple but they got it wrong. They gave Su Jin 2 different ages. They mixed up “it is forbidden to use fate-altering magic in the mortal world” to “no using ANY magic in the mortal world” while they are all using magic anyway. Minor complaints but these things bug me so much when i’m watching and pulls me out of the moment. Don’t worry, i’m just the same. In addition to writing several lengthy word-vomit posts in here and checking for updates constantly, i still have more analysis to write in my own DHFJ blog. I JUST. CAN’T. STOP. And people might think i’m young and got nothing better to do... but actually i’m a mother of 2 young children and have a very busy and fulfulling life and i just moved house last week. Doesn’t stop me from taking breaks and coming on here to fangirl the SUGAR HONEY ICED TEA out of DH & FJ!!! <3
  10. Just to throw more confusion in, Chen Ye in the book is always in black robes, like Ye Hua. The leaked photos of Vengo in white robes & long black hair is rumoured to be his 4th persona, a mortal crown prince (different from the mortal emperor) which they made up for this drama. And don’t worry - Vengo has to play Xize (the fake one) because, in the book, it IS Dong Hua - he only stole Xize’s identity so it can’t be another person.
  11. SUGAR HONEY ICED TEA!!! :O Don’t tell me that! I’m gonna die imagining all those scenes i can’t get out of my head anyway!
  12. You’re amazing! Thankyou SO much!!! <3 Could it be because 10MPB had a female lead director, Lin Yu Fen? I remember in behind-the-scenes footage, she gave very specific instructions on how Mark Chao should hold Yang Mi, and even demonstrated the angles and expressions she wanted. Yang Mi herself also contributed a lot to how she wanted Mark Chao to approach her and kiss her. It requires familiarity with the source material (the book) as well as talent for cinematography. Is the new director, Yang Xuan, a man or woman? Tried to google but no information. I just feel maybe a female director would have better personal knowledge of what gets our ovaries exploding, while a male director THINKS he does...
  13. Yes, same person: Tang Qi Gong Zi is the full penname of Tang Qi. The title “Gong Zi” means young gentleman. Weird because she is a young lady, but that’s indeed her penname. Aw thanks for your comprehensive answer! I’m really just after the best resolutions of the new posters for this Pillow Book drama, and really just the ones of Dong Hua, Feng Jiu & them together. If you do dump them onto your albums or pass me the links, i would be eternally grateful! <3