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  1. Is anyone else also really looking forward to watching Liu Ruilin as Yan Chiwu/Xiao Yan? I thought he was really cute as Sixtheenth Disciple Zi Lan, and he was also cute in The Flame’s Daughter (only watched bits). I’ll be honest - in the book, i sometimes found Xiao Yan annoyingly dumb so i didn’t care much about him. But with Liu Ruilin casted, this changes things! Not only do i think he’s perfect for the role, i also think he’ll make Xiao Yan cuter, sweeter and less annoying. I think i have a little soft spot for him because he’s always playing a sweet male side characrer. I’m already sad that he’s going to get his heart broken by Ji Heng!
  2. OH MY GOODNESS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! The drama gods must have gotten sick of my complaining! They have granted me (and us all) Feng Jiu the heroine in RED!!!!!!!!!! I love that you are all SHAMELESS ENABLERS here whenever i’m about to ***think very sexy thoughts about DongFeng***!!! You’re all so naughty like me... I LOVE IT!!!!!!!!!! AND REBA LOOKS LIKE AN ACTUAL FREAKING GODDESS IN THAT AWARD REVEAL VIDEO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I’ve been so busy the past week with organising my childrens’ birthday party and baking cakes... i can’t believe what i’ve come back to! Red heroine Feng Jiu, golden goddess Reba... you’re all amazing! I gotta say some of these pics/videos are LITERALLY KILLING ME because i am DYING to know what the drama’s mortal realm arc is about... They are HUGGING! They are IN LOVE! DH is some mortal prince with BLACK HAIR! Far out i know i’ve asked sooo many times but HOW THE HECK will they weave THAT into the book’s story?! AHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I can’t wait. But then i can. But then i can’t. December 2019 can’t come soon enough!!! But then i’m enjoying the slow tease with all these leaks... and i also don’t wanna keep aging... why can’t i be like Feng Jiu so that i can be a goddess who doesn’t age... and lives forever... and can turn into a super cute flaming red fox... and gets to make babies with Dong Hua Di Jun... (Kidding! I love my husband... more... actually he watched Eternal Love with me and he loves DH too ) Sigh... bring on the 30s!
  3. Yes, in Aranya’s Dream FJ is always in red because that was Aranya’s favourite colour. Then after leaving Aranya’s Dream and going back to Tai Chen Palace with DH, FJ continues wearing red robes as she designs her sword case (i suppose it means her favourite colour is red too, since Aranya “is” an embodiment of her). The white mourning clothes were supposed to be temporary - she ditched them because she got the Saha Fruit and because she’s with DH now. The book also says she wore red at their wedding (her tears fell on her red skirt or something like that). So i always imagined her as the heroine in red, like in The Flame’s Daughter! And in these scenes from Eternal Love!... Like this generally: Like this at Coronation/Bing Cang Ceremony: Like this when she prepared a sulky DH a bathtub of water and then he dragged her inside as well: I’d better stop before my imagination runs wild again... *think unsexy thoughts*think unsexy thoughts*think unsexy thoughts*...
  4. Ahhh so many gorgeous photos ~ it’s driving me crazy!!! I, for one, love DH in purple with silver hair. I don’t mind the white robe and i don’t mind the black hair, but DH will always be purple-robed and silver-haired to me! A little bummed that FJ keeps appearing in white! She is supposed to be in RED in the whole of the second half of the story beginning in book 2.
  5. Only the Epilogue is in YH’s POV. It’s just a few pages. Pm me your email address.
  6. It’s not. In Hamster’s version, the English is not good. Stick to the Amazon official translation. When you’ve finished reading it, let me know and i’ll send you Ye Hua’s Epilogue (which is not in the Amazon one).
  7. Please don’t take this personally - i’m definitely not having a go at you, and we love the diversity of interpretations and opinions we all bring - but i really don’t agree with this! I get what you’re saying about chinese mythology - about the seducing and enchantress role/nature of typically female fox spirits - but as you have said, TQ didn’t integrate this into her stories, and in fact, i think she went quite the opposite way. The notion of the “huli jing” has been explored in so many stories, but Tang Qi’s xianxia universe seems to have a different take on the fox spirits. She also differentiates between the Nine-Tail-White-Fox-God-Tribe of Qing Qiu, and the lowly Fairy Fox Clan which is mentioned in The Pillow Book. In Tang Qi’s universe, the Celestial Tribe are not necessarily “good”, just legalistic and maybe even arrogant and hypocritical (since they have been placed in administrative power by Dong Hua). The Ghost Tribe is not necessarily “scary”/“devious” and the Demon Tribe is not necessarily “bad”. In fact, all have been at fault, all have participated in wars, all have been unified in peace by Dong Hua. I think Tang Qi has intentionally turned a lot of traditional notions on their heads. Bai Qian and Zhe Yan does mention (in the books and in Eternal Love) that the 9tail white foxes are very good at their enchantment (seduction) spells, but it’s not necessarily painted in a bad light, maybe just how they “woo” and “court” their lovers, not for the traditional sense of mischief and personal advantage. Qing Qiu foxes are known for their unwavering faithfulness and stay with their one mate for life - they have no harem like those in the Celestial Tribe. This is very different to the kind of “huli jing” mistresses and seducers you described, who use their beauty to get what they want. I also disagree that YH and DH fell for the stereotypical beautiful woman/damsel in distress. BQ and FJ, although the 2 most beautiful women in the 4 seas and 8 realms, are definitely NOT dim-witted, mary sue or the cliche damsel in distress. BQ is strong, independent, brave, loyal, badass and is the heroine of the story. The drama makes YH seem like the hero/protagonist and dumbs down BQ’s voice, character and presence, but the books are all about BQ, written solely in her POV as the protagonist, and she is a powerful woman. BQ is admittedly self-centred and have all the flaws i listed out in previous posts, but i think her greatest problem is her social issues and hermit/recluse personality, not an innate selfishness or self-centredness. As i tried to explain, she puts on Goddess airs to get out of awkward situations, not to get praise nor use people for her own advantage. She never used her beauty, and she got away with things because of her respected 9tail white fox godly lineage, being daughter of the Fox King, and Goddess status, NOT her beauty. She is kind but disengaged with the affairs of the world, and has poor maternal instincts. I found that most of her flaws were actually plot-driven and the books were more forgiving because her internal dialogue demonstrated reflection and self-awareness. YH fell in love with her definitely NOT simply because of the notion of her being a beauty/he collapsed at her feet. No way. He had a connection with her way back to when Mo Yuan died and she woke YH up into his child spirit form. As Su Su, he recognised her “back”, the back of a figure that appears in his dreams. As Su Su, she showed him kindness and made him feel happiness for the first time, AND she was incredibly beautiful (but she had no spirit essence and appeared like a mortal) - all this is explained in Ye Hua’s Epilogue. I even further disagree with putting FJ in the self-centred and dim-witted category (if you’re talking about Eternal Love’s FJ, then that’s not written by Tang Qi). FJ in the book is AMAZING! The only thing i agree with is that she is exceptionally beautiful, but again, she never ever used her beauty or her lineage for anything. Unlike BQ, she doesn’t put on airs to get out of situations. She is friendly and down-to-earth, willing to deal with all social situations. At the equivalent age of only 16-18, she’s naive and innocent, but it makes her cute - she’s definitely NOT dim-witted nor self-centred. She is also VERY strong, independent and has a lot of talent. She doggedly lowered herself to a servant and a pet to pursue Dong Hua for 400 years. Even after that, she suffered time and time again and never once complained, culminating in her sufferings as “Aranya”, the torture cage, etc - after which she breaks down and reflects on how her many years of perseverance and heartache has made her very strong. Many previous posts written by many people here have praised FJ’s character in the books - her integrity, her humility, her faithfulness, her kindness, her fighting and cooking ability - and all the qualities that DH also praised her about (when he told “Aranya” what he loved about FJ when they went to see the Yue Ling flowers). He said he loved everything about her, and knows why he chose her. Yes, he said she was the most beautiful. Yes, he also joked with Liang Song about her being “gullible” which he found endearing, but he also said time and time again she surprised him with how smart she was. But he is definitely not one to have merely collapsed at a beauty’s feet, nor did FJ cause his hero’s demise - in fact, she saves him (eg. heals his hands, helps him in the Wicked Lotus Sphere). DH talked about how in his hundreds of thousands of years, countless so-called “beauties” have thrown themselves at him, but he neither looked at them nor wanted anything to do with them. Only Feng Jiu was able to capture his attention, who at “first sight” already gave him a sense of warmth and familiarity (unbeknownst to him, because she had spent 400 years by his side and IS his beloved missing pet fox). DH also talked about her talent, restraint and humility which he felt made her fit to be his queen (when he realised how deeply in love with her he was after the Saha Fruit Competition). So, in conclusion, i think Tang Qi really challenged the helpless beauty/damsel in distress cliche, as well as traditional mythology about the fox spirits. In fact, she spun all these notions into something new and created progressive, countercultural and highly admirable characters in BQ, FJ, YH & DH. Yes, they all have their flaws, but not the ones you mentioned and not for the reasons you mentioned. And they have much more praiseworthy characteristics than flaws. We enjoy their romance because they are meaningful and refreshing, and because the characters are so admirable and the chemistry is so intoxicating. I definitely don’t think it’s another fluff romance piece about heroes falling for the beauty/damsel in distress.
  8. 1) From what is known/leaked/widely assumed, the 2 books will be made into 50+ episodes, just like the 2 books of TMOPB. 2) No, pretend the DHFJ story in Eternal Love never happened. 3) I don’t really understand what you’re referring to. There’s no modification as to who is courting who. In Eternal Love, FJ chases DH. In this drama, it will be as the book, mainly DH chasing FJ after she chased him in the past. 4) But we know FJ wakes up because of the post-waking-up hilarious short stories in the official pictorial book, written by Tang Qi herself. So no surprise if they don’t end with the book’s ending. It worked well in a book, but would be way too abrupt and incomplete if it ended that way in a drama (unless they wanted an open ending, but i doubt that, as that’s not in the spirit of the book).
  9. WOW!!! This is super exciting! If that is BGG, he looks WAY older than 2 years old (i have a 2-year old). He looks even older than my 4-year-old. Maybe it's too difficult having a toddler on set? I was looking forward to seeing BGG as a super cute little toddler though...
  10. I’ve answered you on the TMOPB forum, but will write this here for anyone else wondering too. Please buy “To The Sky Kingdom” on Amazon, translated by Poppy Toland. There is NO free translated version of this book because the fan-translator deleted it and does not want it circulated. It wasn’t a good translation anyway. Spend a few bucks and buy an official copy on Kindle or whatever, and give the author her dues. The free translated version of The Pillow Book was commissioned by Tang Qi and had 3 translators, so it was done well and with permission.
  11. Please buy “To The Sky Kingdom” on Amazon, translated by Poppy Toland. There is NO free translated version of this book because the fan-translator deleted it and does not want it circulated. It wasn’t a good translation anyway. Spend a few bucks and buy an official copy on Kindle or whatever, and give the author her dues. The free translated version of The Pillow Book was commissioned by Tang Qi and had 3 translators, so it was done well and with permission.
  12. Thankyou so much for the correction! Oh, you have made my day! I LOOOVE that line from DH! He basically fell in love with her at first sight (sort of, in a DH way) and believes that he would have instantly fallen in love with her if he had seen such a beautiful “maid” in his Palace, and his mind went straight to having children. I REALLY hope they include all these precious lines and moments in the drama!!! My favourite DH/FJ interaction for today: Fengjiu’s eyes twinkled, her sadness instantly left behind to the nine levels of clouds. She tiptoed to Donghua. She knelt before his face and quietly gazed at him for a time. When she decided he was soundly asleep, she closed her eyes and stepped closer, wanting to kiss him. She had wanted to do so for a long time but Donghua had been meditating these past several nights. She could never wait for him and always fell asleep first. Heaven took pity on her tonight and finally granted her this chance. She was overjoyed. But she was only a fox at this point in time. Thus it was a bit problematic to kiss him on the lips. She hesitated for half a day and finally licked the corner of his lips with one quick stroke. Then she lay down promptly and pretended to fall asleep. Donghua remained still. She waited a few more seconds, nudged him a few times, and licked his cheek twice more. Seeing that he still gave no response, her courage grew and she placed her two front paws on his shoulders. She licked his brow and nose, but was too shy to touch his lips. How beautiful his lips were, pale and cold at first glance... would they feel just as cold as they looked if she were to lick... no, her action was holier than that, if she were to kiss him. She hesitated momentarily. “This is my first kiss,” she thought. Ceremoniously, she lightly brushed his lips. In that instant, the King who was supposed to be fast asleep suddenly lifted his eyes. Fengjiu's own eyes widened. She had thought this could happen and had prepared herself for it. Only... how bitter it was that her first kiss was also the shortest this world had ever witnessed. Starlight twinkled like countless gems. Emerald raindrops fell above the clear dome, bubbles bursting here and there making musical sounds like those from a seven-string zither. Donghua's face was covered in her saliva, yet his expression remained unchanged as he steadily gazed at her. Fengjiu paused and demurely retreated her tongue. Then she raised her paw to wipe clean the saliva on Donghua’s face and acted as if nothing had happened. What a fox she was. And then later... Like cold snow on a foggy night, Donghua massaged Fengjiu's bruised limb and added in his deadpan way, “Didn't the fox elder tell you? Your clan has a very strict regulation. You can't be naughty with others, for once you cozy up to someone, it's very easy to...” And then FJ names her imaginary baby with DH Bai Gungun. She’s so adorable! And then later... It was quite embarrassing, truth be told. After one whole month of being fooled by Donghua, she finally realized there was going to be no happy seed just because she had kissed him once. After Donghua brought her to Jiuchongtian, she went to see Siming to ask for his advice on prenatal care. Fengjiu still remembered Siming had scoffed then and pointed to the sky to vow: “Your Highness, Donghua got you fooled. If you suddenly have a little Donghua in your stomach just from kissing him, then I’ll have a little Siming in my stomach from not even kissing anyone.”
  13. My favourite isn’t a spoken line. Below are my all-time favourite few lines from the book. This moment is so beautiful, emotional, tangible and the language reads like poetry, especially that last sentence - gives me goosebumps: He planted a kiss on her bare shoulder, straying down along her neckline. She could feel him close to her, bringing with him a white sandalwood breath. Although the room was pitch black, his hands were deliberately sliding toward her. He untied her robe, slipped into her undergarment, then with the unique warmth after a bath, stroked her sensitive skin. His fingertips were soothing and elegant. It felt as though he was writing a word, painting a picture, or playing a song.
  14. It’s the writing style of Tang Qi. People either love it or hate it. It’s like the director Chris Nolan... flashbacks, parallel timelines, numerous characters, complex plot, etc. To The Sky Kingdom is the better translation already as it was officially commissioned. I know exactly what you mean though. After reading it, i spent weeks searching for answers and also tried to read bits of the novel in Chinese to try and resolve all my confusion. And i think The Pillow Book fan translators - all 3 of them - did a magnificent job, given the complexity and length of the book! Even if The Pillow Book was officially translated, i think it’ll still be complex and a bit confusing. When i finished reading it, i also had a lot of questions and it wasn’t a translation issue. I wrote an earlier post that was essay-long where I noted the number of inconsistencies and plot devices Tang Qi seems to have forgotten about. But nevetheless, she’s an amazing thinker and writer - i just think sometimes she gets too many ideas and forgets to revisit them, and the sporadic releases of parts of a novel means she can’t go back and amend things. She doesn’t finish a book, proof-read it, then release the whole thing. She releases chapters and segments at a time.