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  1. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7CZN0v1xgy0 Actual performance in the program, song is addictive haha.
  2. I think JM and Mina can meet off camera, so we definitely won't know what happens off the program. TH's new song from that episode is released on Sunday, so I'm not sure if they are planning to actually perform the song during the episode like in the preview, but the dance already looks fun haha. Koyote is on Knowing Bros next week. Supposedly DF and TH will also be appearing soon on separate episodes? Nothing confirmed yet though. JM on LOTJ should be next week onwards, though I don't watch the show.
  3. I remember seeing Samuel in the fanpic with Koyote, so it's possible to see him in the upcoming trip.
  4. I guess by now it's confirmed that we won't see both Hojin and Ilyong pd at KBS anytime soon since they have moved out from there, though they definitely have worked long enough at KBS to go for a change of jobs. I think there's news confirming Hojin pd at tvN and I didn't see one for Ilyong pd's next workplace. For the members' appearance in other programmes, JM's trip for Salty Tour and LOTJ hasn't aired yet. The Gag concert skit has been posted above. JY appeared for 1 second on another skit, though I have no idea which one since I only saw it in a post (someone diligent enough can find it and post here when the video is up in the future haha). DG is in a new MBN show airing next week as a cast member, which looks like an on-site dating/matchmaking show from the teasers? JH is still part of the second season of Seoulmate but this program isn't subbed and I think it would be the same case for DG's new show. English fansubs really aren't that prominent compared to the Chinese counterpart. As for JM's date and the dating show, his part hasn't been aired for close to one month now. Supposedly, there's been clarification from the program that they haven't left the program yet, but seeing as how his Chinese fans are slamming the tv station online for using JM for mediaplay and what not, there's really nothing clear about the couple now. I'll keep a lookout and update if there is any confirmed progress for JM's love life on tv.
  5. This seems to be a fanpic of 1n2d filming this week, so the full Koyote team will be making an appearance on 1n2d. I'm not sure if it will be the full episode (I hope it will be, Shinji vs JM is fun to watch everytime). Koyote is releasing their 20th anniversary album soon so it feels quite meaningful for their appearance this time.
  6. JH and JM's morning mission punishment There are already fanpics of JM and JY filming Salty Tour together with Shinji and others. Predicted broadcast date should be somewhere around mid-March? JM guested on Gag Concert last week with JH, will post the video when it's up. and 3 members in one video for JM's channel with special appearance by DG
  7. Yongjin is in the next trip's preview together with I think the 1n2d fb page now regularly posts high quality pictures after airing the latest episode, so you can check out the page until they stop doing it I guess.
  8. Lol I'm really curious what kind of character setting by JH is a uncle who left home. And as always, beautiful snow scenery in 1n2d.
  9. I looked through the time period of the different cast members for season 1 and could only find a 20 episode period after JM came back that the program worked with 7 members. By the sypnopsis for that time period, there was pretty much no team games. Season 2 consistently worked with 7 members, so that would actually be the better reference. Going by this, season 2 doesn't really have a lot of mentions when you see topics on 1n2d as a whole. I don't think the number of members is the main reason for this, but going through season 2 would likely give a better perspective of the pros and cons of working with 7 members.
  10. Yongjin is not in the preview next week and they are doing a 3v3 for the new trip. There's no mention on the future of Yongjin's internship for the whole episode this week. They probably will address it next week since he's missing. I think Hojin and Ilyong pd's advice to Sung pd was really spot on. Do what you want to do. People may have a preference when styles are different, but the main pd should definitely have his own ideas and style that he wants to show others, so that people will know that you are not blindly following what works and actually thought things through. There were people who posted hate comments for Ilyong but ratings didn't suffer drastically during his 2.5 years term and 1n2d maintained its top spot for the time slot. So, I'm definitely looking forward to how Sung pd brings the show forward and really thankful for what Hojin and Ilyong pd had brought to the program with their skills and talent for these 5-6 years. I'm curious about what Sung pd talked about with the members. Since it looks like it was recorded, hopefully we will see more of it in future episodes.
  11. I didn't see Yongjin at all in the next trip's fancam. We will probably know more maybe at the end of this trip or the start of next trip. I'm watching Yongjin on the guest panel for JM's dating program. He seems to be a good fit as an observer with his comments, though we don't see much of this in 1n2d when they are busy doing games. Well, we will see what the final decision will be soon. JM called JY in his dating program to ask for a good spot to watch the sunset since they are in Jeju. JY has his usual wits (asking JM to go to the west side of the island for the sunset) but was quite shy when JM passed the phone to Mina.
  12. In addition to Ilyong pd, Kim Sung pd also mentioned that none of the 6 members are leaving. So the remaining immediate question would just be whether Yongjin will join. In other news, DF is on Let's eat dinner together this week, for those who are interested.
  13. All the best for the 3 pds! Hopefully Ilyong pd can take a rest with something indoors. For Hojin pd, outdoor programs may forever burden his body (that camel ride on his last program), but he knows that and his next one could still be outdoors lol.
  14. Yongjin was on the guest panel for "Taste of Love" last week so I thought that he joined the program as a member of the panel since Hanhae is enlisting soon. I will be surprised to see him join the actual dating part since program just added or teased 2 new pairs since one pair likely will appear less since they are preparing for their wedding. I think Hojin pd mentioned before that there will never be any staff that stay at 1n2d forever, the passing on of the baton is essential for the program to continue. I guess Hojin and Ilyong pd saw the time has come to step down and this is probably a coincidence that they announce their next moves at the same time. For more context, Monster Union's internal decision was that they don't do any more variety shows and focus on dramas, so Hojin pd likely has to go to a better place for his job.
  15. JM's cafe dream but mainly featuring the 2 handsome part-time workers There are fancams from the filming this week but I don't see Yongjin in it, all the members are in the photos.