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  1. Don't think there's anyone doing that consistently for 1n2d. You may find some song lists here and there but not for all episodes. This is what I found with google search but it's only old episodes. https://www.reddit.com/r/1Night2Days/comments/4pw3ku/1_night_2_days_season_3_song_list/ The closest source would be kvarietybgm, but that site does not do song lists for 1n2d so if there's any song you want to know, it's probably better to go on reddit. https://www.reddit.com/r/koreanvariety/comments/a59tbd/midweek_talk_181211/
  2. Both JH and JM had guest appearances this week. JH's Life Bar episode should have subs floating around soon. There were some mentions of 1n2d, including TH's savage comment that JH is only funny on 1n2d, how JH landed a toothpaste commercial after that disastrous "Your weaknesses" segment, brief mention of his lecture topic from Ewha, and ending the episode with the toast "Remember each member" (supposedly this phrase started from JH's programme Human Condition, can't find the source) JM appeared on Problem Children, kbs show. Subs should be up on kbs world youtube channel by next week. He recommended JH to be on the show lol, hopefully it is realised.
  3. Lol, the 1n2d team put DF and Hyungdon's new song at the end of the episode this week. Free promo, don't think there will be other shows that will put this song at the end except for Idol Room. DG is hosting the entertainment awards with Seolhyun and Shin Hyun Joon. Seolhyun happened to guest on the same episode with DG on Pajama Friends this week (DG was kinda on his Ewha lecture mode for that episode lol). And definitely, I hope that JH gets the daesang this year, even if he himself may not be that eager for it. Not only for his efforts in 1n2d, but also for the efforts he put in for his fellow comedians. Nowadays, you don't really see comedians on variety shows that still do programmes like gag concert (other than JH, probably the few comedians from tvN's programme that's similar to Gag concert). He still appears on Gag concert occasionally to help his juniors despite his seniority. If I'm not wrong, his current company was founded by him and Kim Dae Hee? It's a company for current and trainee comedians, probably the first of its kind on this scale for comedians. And don't forget Busan International Comedy Festival if you watched the trip when they pranked him when he had to attend the event. But of course, awards from tv stations likely don't take into account your achievements outside of their programmes and this year's worthy candidates for kbs daesang likely isn't limited to JH. From what I see on the web, TH is possible, but then there will be the awkwardness if kbs really gave it to him since he has already mentioned that he's not intent on getting it, since this isn't his main profession. Shin Dong Yup was also mentioned, but in my opinion, it's better that SBS gives him that since he has more programmes over there. The dilemma is that both him and Yoo Jae Suk haven't gotten a daesang for 2 years and SBS is the most likely station that awards either the daesang. But I'm still holding high hopes for JH getting daesang, since he's definitely worthy. 1n2d's been around for 5 years. After members gave it their all with their efforts, I think it was a good call by Ilyong pd to have a trip for the members themselves, especially for the older members who are past or going to be at the age of 40. The episode mentioned that they are at the age not to get tempted, but it could also mean that they have lost the desire to chase their dreams. This episode serves as a push to their backs and a thank you from the staff. It's definitely a meaningful one. Since there was no entertainment awards last year, it's been a eventful two years for the programme. A daesang would definitely be a comfort for both the members and staff. If it's too long for you to read haha, it just means I hope JH gets a daesang and this was a good episode.
  4. Lol everytime they go to Jeju, they will definitely appear at that fountain, the famous Han Hyo Joo spot. JH will be a guest on next week's Life Bar/Tipsy Talk. It's one of the few programmes currently having english subs consistently. A lot of programmes that 1n2d members appear on don't get subbed, with the exception of salty tour, radio star and idol room, so take what you can haha. JM and JH having fun JH guesting on JM's channel
  5. Seems like the members attended a event at JH's company. DF's instagram account
  6. Seems like there will be some guest appearances for the new trip. There were some near the end of the episode today and more in the preview next week. Possible touching moments too lol (JH's tears).
  7. JH got a daesang recently though it's not from the 3 big stations' award ceremony. Still, his last daesang was in 2013 so congratulations!
  8. He simply said DG is a psychopath, though I think there isn't really much basis for that since everyone was joking around.
  9. There's a new channel for JM's brainfficial, so far TH and DF's videos are up, JH's could be up next week.
  10. Lol there was a fancam of DG guesting on gag concert with JH. I posted the video from the same series so you can do a search of the name next time kbs world uploads it. It should be up maybe two weeks from now, seeing as the one JH did with izone isn't up yet. The izone episode was also quite funny since JH actually took photos using his own phone during the skit instead of just using it as a prop and posted it lol (he's still a girl group fan haha).
  11. I watched the episode but forgot to post about it here lol. Since there aren't much active threads in this subforum, I guess it's ok to post about 1n2d related stuff from other shows sometimes. I'm still waiting to see if JH will be a guest on salty tour since JY picked him over Myung Soo as the person he liked more (I think?). JY even got a video recorded by JH to celebrate Myung Soo's birthday in one of the episodes just to spite him haha.
  12. I don't think JY's restaurant has him as the sole person in charge though. It's likely a joint venture with his group of friends. JY is advertised as the CMO of the restaurant, the CEO is someone else. My personal opinion would be if JY ever wants to drop out of 1n2d first, he would drop out of his other currently airing shows first. Salty tour takes up more days of the week than one 1n2d filming. His other show on tvn asia also travels overseas. JY"s style of living is really total freedom. Professional gamer, restaurant owner, part of a band, releasing singles. He probably knows what he's doing since he already had a lot of work before adding the restaurant. I don't think him dropping out of 1n2d is that likely. There's a lot of fanpics from this week's filming and supposedly they did a live broadcast. There're 3 guests for 3 groups, JM-JH, JY-DF, DG-TH. They're probably popular online celebrities. I recognised one from a Happy Together broadcast as a host of a children's show. They were having a battle over viewership and cheeky JY went to comment on JH's post to ask people to go over to view his stuff lol. And we have 3 of our members featured on JH's channel in other news.