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  1. Now we know what the ball was originally intended for when they were playing with it during the one day trip.
  2. @_gillianne19_ I think you need to copy the status link, and it seems that the forum doesn't auto embed mobile phone sites. I used the normal twitter site link for this.
  3. Hojin pd did a special hoping for peace previously. Almost 3 years later, the members are one more step closer to witnessing that goal being accomplished. A baton pass from Hojin pd to Ilyong pd lol.
  4. Feels like a countryside trip overall with the rice field and school. Maybe they are going to play the lunch game by having members giving a lesson and seeing who gets the most votes from students lol.
  5. The scenery is really good on trips they have like this. Agree with DG-JM interactions, for example, you can see the "..." caption for the moment of pause when they asked if DG really wanted to get along with JM. DG is too confused to make a decision straight away lol.
  6. I guess the trip will likely take place in hot weather. Hopefully, there would be classic water games lol.
  7. Just watched the episode raw. The theme for Jung pd's trip seems to be member focused, each section having a theme based on a member.
  8. Off-topic slightly, Hojin pd's new program was broadcast yesterday, for anyone who's interested.
  9. Since the usual grouping in 1n2d is 3 to 3, it's really rare to see pairs in the episodes. Pairings like JM-DG and JH-Defconn haven't really appeared before. Won't be surprised if Ilyong pd decides to shoot a trip based on this next time lol. It's possible the awkwardness only happens on camera for unknown reasons (variety purposes?). If it isn't, I'm sure it will get better with time. For JH-Defconn, they really like to trade comments about each other all the time. If Ilyong pd plans a special whereby they can't say bad stuff to each other in the pairing, I wonder what will happen lol.
  10. In case anyone missed it, Members answered a question for the most awkward member pairing you wanted to get along better for a game. It feels ironic for me that though our members get along so well like a family on screen, it's true to a certain extent that we don't really see these pairings interacting lol. Hoping to hear your thoughts after watching the episode.
  11. Lol seems so, since Ilyong pd is sitting beside him and listening. Fits Joonyoung's personality well to ask the members to dress up in style like that previous photo. Edit: Was just watching the raw, but it seems Jung pd special would be this week's trip? The attire seems the same in the preview and in the photo, but it would only be for a segment I think.
  12. The new show should have its first episode at the start of June. I'm not sure if it will be a long running program since the filming format feels like LOTJ, whereby you take the trip quite early and spend the remaining time to edit footage for the rest of the weeks. My guess is that Hojin pd's main focus is still variety, though he probably spends more time to prepare for shows like this so he isn't seen often. If his new program turns out to be long-running, then we will see him more lol.
  13. 2d1n filming? Going by the outfits though, feels like some sort of red carpet special lol.