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  1. There's definitely tougher competition, since master in the house gets big name guests that rarely appear on TV consistently. The audience draw factor is there. However, 1n2d is one of the last few outdoor varieties out there, so I really hope it continues. Next trip is a season 2 of their fall trip for food, looks fun lol.
  2. I think Jongmin got asked about his date on the other variety show too lol, but I'm not sure about the exact question, so I will have to wait for subs lol. On another note, JH did a live broadcast with his sister a few days ago, so I watch the snippets that were subbed in Chinese. It's about that legendary phone call from the Bal-ri trip. According to them, his sister was with her boyfriend (now husband) on that day (it was already midnight). His sister laughs a lot when she's drunk, though she doesn't usually drink. Mijin thought that JH called the wrong woman when she received the call lol. Edit: JH could be back on gag concert around Oct-Nov (according to the interview). Regarding Daesang, his thoughts were that even if he got it, he will feel uncomfortable, so it's better that others who didn't get it have a chance at it.
  3. I saw the screencap from another site too. Joohyuk was really remembered fondly by many people.
  4. Global viewers Fall at Taebaek Filming at Busan, seems like a team battle, maybe 3rd installment of route X trip.
  5. This is Yoon pd's insta account, a lot of pictures from behind the scenes. Do check it out when you feel like it.
  6. Thanks for the information! It's kind of a pity Ilyong pd wasn't on screen when this week's episode is full of laughter from start to end. I'm not sure if the guest will stay till the end of the trip. It was really fun to see her reactions this episode lol.
  7. Think this is pd's first break in 3 years, and given how tiring outdoor filming is, it's been long needed. No news or indication that DG is leaving so far. Ratings wise, master in the house is being a stronger competitor than its preceding program and overall ratings are lower for all programs compared to previous years, so it's reasonable to see lower numbers. I don't think kbs will go after ilyong pd after they just got the commendation. Guest this week is from DG's recently ended drama.
  8. Ah, I was wondering why kim pd was in charge today. Any mention of whether if it's a long rest (multiple trips like Hojin pd)?
  9. Next week's preview, it feels really funny to me, looking forward to next week. Edit: The sharp contrast of the start and end compared to the middle really stood out haha. The scenery in 1n2d is really one of the best I've seen. They truly deserved the president's commendation. For this trip's morning mission in spoilers (in case you want to watch the episode fresh)
  10. The cast on the program haven't really touched on the topic of marriage. JH mentioned on the program that his happiness for the trip would be to meet the person of authority in the area, kind of like how he was happy to put on the station master hat for this week's episode. (Possible that the pd was making a reference to that for 1n2d editing) And they did went to see the mayor in the overseas trip. It really feels sad to see him talk about his daily life though haha, so it is good that he has a band of brothers who go with him on 1n2d trips.
  11. @_gillianne19_ I watched the show in Chinese subs. The context of the show is something like dating for 100 days. The other casts on the show are also bachelors who are not that young anymore. (I think they also haven't dated in a long time). I can't really say if real feelings are involved since it's variety. The news itself is just describing developments on the show. I did enjoy JM's segment. He has his usual big smile despite a slight awkwardness. He did put in effort to be proactive and the panel liked him a lot. If it turns out to be real in any time in the future, I'll be happy for JM. JY mentioned that JM is too kind and he's the top single 1n2d member I'm worried about for his marriage since he mentioned it so many times on programs. (He went to a matchmaking agency with the cast on ugly duckling). Hopefully, all will end well for him. On the other hand, JH is on another program with members that are mostly divorced with the aim being to look for your happiness. There will be occasional moments when they share their thoughts about life so you can look into it if you're interested.
  12. Lol today happens to be JM's birthday, and DG's follows 2 days later. Happy Birthday! It's really been a while since we had a trip with good scenery. Taebaek mountain is always a great sight to watch. I'm eager to see the morning mission next week.
  13. This is the other unaired footage. Since TH's team had less money, TH came up with a brilliant idea. After DG's team ordered their food, TH called over the waiter and asked for the noodles refill for DG's food (kind of like your drinks refill). The side dishes that the restaurant puts at the side were also free of charge fortunately. After some negotiation, TH's team were allowed to use DG's team's soup to cook their noodles. Near the end, you can hear sad music playing in the actual venue which goes well with their pathetic state. Ending comment from TH was just to ask for another packet of noodles lol. (based on Chinese fan translation)