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  1. Unaired footage. This one should have taken place before the start of this week's episode. Next week with global viewers
  2. Ilyong pd made a recent instagram post that reminded me of this picture. Definitely a good picture for your phone wallpaper.
  3. Unaired footage from Shinhwa trip. Most of the footage is talking about Shinhwa's old days and Dongwan's travelling as he lives away from Seoul. Jongmin mistook Hyesung for Donggu in the beginning of the video.
  4. Just a note that JM would be on radio star as a guest this week and TH is still the host. More photos from Panmunjom special
  5. Lol we're going to have a series of guest episodes for the next few weeks. Feels exciting. Edit: Cheerful pranksters Edit 2: Spoilers for this week's guests, you have been warned
  6. The actual video linked in the instagram post. Junho's youtube channel has english subs lol. JH went to JM's shop.
  7. Photos from JJY pd special. Really grateful that we have a photographer behind the scenes who gave us such great photos And the series that Defconn will treasure for life (maybe?)
  8. Clarification from the guest who did the skydiving in JY's place Source: https://m.weibo.cn/detail/4263071638282709 In summary, the skydiving took place after the variety newbies trip, as you saw in the preview. (Note: the 1n2d episode did state that the skydiving was 2 weeks later, which is the interval that 1n2d films their trips.) So, JY's friend was in the new trip and later participated in the skydiving. Whatever happened inbetween will likely be shown in the next episode and will help resolve the misunderstandings. He also expressed thanks for JY's care to invite him to be on tv.
  9. Lol, I just saw this news pop up. https://www.soompi.com/2018/07/17/shinhwa-appear-2-days-1-night-full-group/ This is going to be hardcore. Donggu also was on law of the jungle with some of their members too. Edit: I'm ok with how the skydiving ended up, seeing as how JY was visibly shook by the challenge. I watched the episode the next day after reading the viewer comments, so the negativity did not affect me much and the episode was enjoyable to watch. The show made clear that a trade was involved and I think viewers should accept it since JY still had to contribute something. The guest was likable with his big grin and all. JY has good friends haha.
  10. Just finished watching part of the raws today, seems like the members would be doing casting like the struggling friends special for next week's episode. Someone requested a translation of the interview, so here is it (limited to the Q and A, since the first part doesn't really have much). There could be mistakes in the translation, so please don't take it word for word haha. Edit: I missed out a part and updated the spoiler.
  11. I read the Chinese fan translation of the members' interview for the Panmunjom special. Here's the link for anyone who's interested: https://media.weibo.cn/article?object_id=1022%3A2309404261096126034558&luicode=10000011&lfid=1076031933331821&id=2309404261096126034558 The first part of the article is a summary and introduction. The second part of the article starting with the "Q:" is the full interview. The things mentioned in the interview have been similarly brought up during the Panmunjom special. I tried google translate and the meaning didn't deviate that much overall, but I can help translate if needed.
  12. Group photo at Panmunjom They probably brought less staff along due to security reasons. Seems that they will be in an empty theme park next week, looking forward to all the fun they will have!