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  1. Oh boy oh boy. Waiting for this drama. Read the drama is dark. Another dark drama again? SIG And JSM will have perfect chemistry. She always do with her co stars.One of the few actresses I admire a lot. The trend now is that tvn is out to buy all the big hit actors. Almost all of them have one or two things to do with tvn recently. The public tv stations are losing big time. With the way it's going, if they don't sit up, nobody will be ready to watch their weekdays dramas anymore. Most of their dramas has been very disappointing recently. Kbs entertainment weekly even covered this issue. Big writers directors and actors are having swell time there.
  2. U know why I said Phillip is a luck stealer? He said so in the press conference. I don't know if I didn't read it well. As the press conference wasn't do serious and didn't describe the drama well. They were busy having fun instead of promoting their drama Like u, I don't actually believe in stuffs like that at all. Who knows, it might be working for those who believe
  3. And she will start getting lucky I guess Phillip is a luck stealer. He steals the luck of everybody around him to climb to the top. I have actually heard of things like this when they say somebody lures u in to steal ur lucky star through sharman way or occultic way. Does such really happen in real life? Hope the fun continues. I watched one k pop group BAP last yr or so go to a Sharman to have their future gazed into. They said they normally do that at the beginning of any major event and most of K celebrities are into that. So this may be true. Sports people, politicians are into this thing really. Is it scientific?
  4. It is frowned upon in most society including Korea. Korea is a traditional society. Eg, homosexuals are not illegal in Korea but the culture attack homosexuals like rabid dogs. Moral compass sees it like a taboo, even though modernisation has tried to outlaw some of these things, it's still seen as taboo. I'm yet to watch a modern k drama where such has happened. Is it not these Koreans that act like angels on tv? Where an old lady is seeking permission before she dates? U kiss a girl, she will zoom her eyes and remain frigid irrespective of the fact that she has fallen for u a long time ago? Society will crucify them but let's see, things might change here.
  5. I mentioned somewhere that in scenarios like this, parents always step back according to k drama and sometimes that's the best thing to do. I hope they haven't done the deed cos that's where it will become really very awkward.
  6. Thanks chingus. Maybe the drama knew i will be super busy today It can continue tomorrow or are they going to show the game every day till the end? Preview is already out even when the drama isn't airing Haaaaa, they too are eager to know what next Has JE trouble started already? This will be my best part, no her mum and grand mum downfall will be my ultimate joy. I want JE redeemed so the evil in won't pass to the next generation. Grandma should learn the hard way. Her husband was an adulterer and didn't treat her well. I can now see why she bullies her son in law. But everybody can't be like her late husband. She too have a story. But I had always said that because u had it rough or bad doesn't mean u should be bad. It's a choice. U decide which way to go. Grandma, her daughter and grand daughter are very greedy. Small push and we see their real colours.
  7. What happened? Are they doing national event? Till when? Let's wait it out. It can't be helped.
  8. Hahaaha. U are funny. I noticed that if I want to enjoy a drama from my point of view being very neutral rather than the norm from a discussion forum, I watch that drama after it has finished airing. My best dramas where watched after they finished airing. When lovers in bloom was airing, I angrily left the discussion page and stoped watching. I revisited the drama and put a lot of things into consideration and enjoyed it. The fact that the casts were so adorable didn't help either. Bora's husband, gush, that guy is so smouldering with his gaze. Didn't watch empress ki. Not a fan of historical dramas. They are very crude so I can't stand them. But healers, u will be on the edge of ur seat till the end. Didn't like k2 either so didn't go pass episode 3. I don't like yoona the actress. Prefer her as a singer. I'm very much into k pop.
  9. @Saja La, u got me there with the promise. That was the best daily drama I have ever watched. So matured and oozing with intense and explosive chemistry I haven't seen yet in short dramas. It introduced me to daily dramas and I thought others will be like it. Instead of k2, healers is my all time favourite weekday drama. It would have been I remember you but the romance in healer won me over. Weekend drama is my father is strange. I like this drama a lot also. It comes after lovers in bloom
  10. Watch it, it's a very good love story but the ending wasn't good. I was actually hooked till my curiosity made me check the review and I don't like a bad ending. I watched what's wrong with sec Kim and loved it, but if I should chose between the two I will choose this one as regards intense chemistry. And a drama I will wanna watch again and again and when u crave for something or someone. Maybe because I love the lead guy.
  11. I totally missed this drama during it's airtime. Can't believe I marathoner it. It gave me the healers vibe. I stopped a bit and read the reviews. So I stopped at 15. Don't want to throw away the feelings I got over the drama away because of the bad ending. LJH has improved a lot in acting. I love him lot. I can like an actor or musician generally but he and his band mate,KMH are two guys I love personally as men cos I love their lifestyles. This drama was oozing with chemistry everywhere. U can feel the vibe. Our leading lady is so good. Great chemistry. That means after military I should expect more from him. (This drama is more or less of LJH personality)
  12. Welcome dear, feel free to say any good, bad and smexy thing that is in your mind. I don't think so. Though if I rewatch I might see differently. U know, first watch isn't always as detailed as subsequent ones. Especially when we are rushing to see what next HK and HN are up to
  13. @Jillia, I'm always guilty of that thing u corrected. I know how to do it before but don't know again. I normally like posting concurrently. I'm sorry, can u explain how I should do it again,pls? When I edit, it doesn't add up. Thanks.
  14. Was it not how they were busy debating on his private life when his last drama crossed 40% rating, a rare feat in weekend dramas these days. They should take a chill please. I hate over righteous people. He eve apologised to Koreans during the press conference of his last drama so what do they want again. I watched this drama's press conference. Was so much fun to watch. I noticed something, the 3 ladies were very much aware of PSH as a man. If u watch it, u will see that playing out naturally. Who wouldn't be anyway. The drama is fantasy and they know how to interject the fun part with the horror to balance it out. Looking forward to more fun.