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  1. Welcome Another male? Waoh! We are breaking record left and right U are in the spirit. I have constantly said that these duo are not getting the desired emotional punishment before their sins will be uncovered. They still have time to wear the best outfits, make up and even drive Which means they are still very normal. And still has time to plot for more. By now, they should have been half Cray cray. A healthy woman fell and have amnesia while these two that's suppose to be sick are walking around healthy Writer-nim, what art though doing? We are really fast, 200 pages!!!!! A rare feast on soompi these days and record breaker in daily drama. We need our reward. A steaming kiss from our love birds
  2. It's not gone. Click new post and wait a little, it will appear. Any post u kept hanging will automatically appear. Just be patient. I think that's the only thing I can do correctly here. The rest, I'm too lazy to learn. I don't use my laptop for social media. Use phone only. Please @stroppyse, do come and explain this stuff to them. I'm not good with all these stuffs. Thanks.
  3. Click on edit and type anything on it if u have already posted. Leave that page and enter another page, then come back to it and u will see 2 questions at the right bottom asking if u want to delete your post and one other question. Just click the delete option and ur post will be deleted. I successfully delete all posts I don't want this way. Hope this helps.
  4. Amnesia isn't common cold and shouldn't be thrown in randomly. It has become a kind of national anthem in k dramas especially dailies. They always make caricature of the medical profession. Viewers are not only teenagers but professionals in various fields so they ought to be careful with how they throw in some professional blunders. I complained about something like this in the last kbs weekend drama I watched when one of the Dr said he is going on a health mission to Africa. I was like what the hell. Unless my memory is bad, is africa not a continent? So which country in Africa? None,except he is going on a mission to Africa. It's like saying one is going to Asia on a peace mission. Makes no sense
  5. But the truth is that Bon isn't that careful around AR and her environment. Every move he makes around them exposes his identity and he knew AR is one smart lady not forgeting the KIS team so it won't be long before he is busted. For somebody who was an expert at his job, I think he don't want to continue hiding. He has concluded his investigations and set off the motion already. Also I think that being around AR and her kids is making him very vulnerable that he threw caution to the wind. There is no doubt that he curiosity has made him fall for her unintentionally cos common, this lady just lost her husband and is still mourning, just that live has to go on. Hope this issue of trust will be resolved so I can watch Bon and the kids again. They are so cute.
  6. U are a man @jayakris? Why didn't l notice this before This drama really blinded me. So happy we have some balanced views on this drama. I do understand u perfectly well. Sometimes in dramas,there are issues left better imagined. Had HG mum ended up being a nice mum after her outburst in the hospital, I will quickly agree with ur viewpoint totally but this woman has been persistant with her priorities so we were left with no choice to imagine how she must have been after that hospital outburst. It's like JH, we didn't see much about her life after SJ disappeared till now but her little actions before then and now have solidified her as a warm hearted woman who loves her family dearly. I also have been complaining about the writer for ages and how he have been messing up what would have been a very beautiful drama with wonderful casts with so many plot holes. HG mum loves her children very well and is afraid that what happened to her will happen to Hanna that's why she was against her pregnancy. Her story line was not developed very well. I was actually in support of her until she went overboard when she took charge of her life and stood up to the husband. Her only problem was seeing her children's success as a reward for her wasted yrs. She transferred her frustrations with her husband to raising and seeing her children as investments. I would have wanted her to know that both she and her husband sacrificed for the well-being of their children and its the right and normal thing to do. And the man should apologise for taking her for granted.They have not yet set down to address that issue. Most viewers don't actually know why she is like this. Poor character development. Writers fault. I watch hello counsellor always and I will tell you that Korea is a patriarchal society. So mums transfer aggressions to the children. Forget what you see in dramas where they depict men as weak, they are trying to strike a balance through dramas. A typical busan man is very overbearing. Of course not all are that way but that is the truth. HG mum is exactly as real as it can be. Her problem started with a man who sees her as a housewife only cos that is her duty as a married woman. So I'm happy they are constantly addressing this. We have the return of superman. Some programmes encouraging men to help in raising their kids. Don't see it as we don't want to understand ur point of view as most of us didn't connect with her background story.
  7. I'm tired too. Writer is being very unrealistic these days. How can that fall cause amnesia? Why are they always toying with amnesia as if it's simple cold? Must she forget for the drama to progress? It's very boring I have seen people with major head injury and no amnesia. I had a head accident that put me off for few hrs but no amnesia. I lost interest as soon as I saw that. Makes no sense. Hanna is behaving as if she is carrying trophy pregnancy. It's not fun at all. The fake SJ and the rest. The ratings should be skyrocketing at this point. U can see I have already started summarising the drama and what i have learnt so far. It's fun in here else I would have stopped commenting. Decided to watch only the clips of the last episode.
  8. There are people I wasn't interested in the beginning but wowed me as the drama progressed. HG dad and grannie. In the beginning I detested their characters but I'm surprised they are not rigid. Underneath halmonie sassy mouth is a very soft and kind heart. Somegrannies can be unnecessarily stubborn for no reason. If u give her a good reason to swing your way,she will gladly do so. Patience is required when dealing with her. HG dad has less regard for his wife. He was a typical example of a masochist and practiced the patriarchal family system. It affected the wife and made her to shift all her attention to the children and as she didn't fulfil her life's ambitions, wanted to achieve that by living through the children. That's why he is sometimes seen as a weakling cos now he places himself in his wife's shoe whenever a situation arises. His character was solidly written. The character l liked but then later disliked is DG. He is opposite of what love stands for. HG is totally in love like him but his senses are intact. He was never of any use to JE except that he contributed knowingly and unknowingly to the devil she is now. True love admonishes with left hand and hugs with the right of which DG failed to do. I hope his character learns his lesson. Will love to hear the actor describes his character, character flaws and strength after the drama. My best characters are HG, DG dad and HN adoptive mum. Such loving and steadfast characters. Their goodness swallows any bad trait in them. HN and JH are indeed so lucky to be surrounded with such loving personalities.
  9. @jayakris, U are right in your own way but I wanna ask, is all mothers not like that ? All mothers carry and nurse their children too. (Go to some developing countries all over the world and see what mothers pass through so that their children will get the best in life. Live better life more than them) Most stay at home mothers did that because of their children. So it means all these children should live their lives solely because of their mum as a payback for raising and helping them channel their life successfully. HG's mum was also raised by her mum too, probably a stay at home mum. As soon as you decide to get pregnant and give birth, it's your 100% obligation,morally, constitutionally and financially to help stir the course of your child's life till age 18.(16 in some countries) Why dailies and some weekday dramas always add this part to dramas is simple. To let mothers know that it's not their right at all to dictate and control the life of their children to their own advantage. His mum feel its her right to reap from her labour. Let's compare her with HN adopted mum. That lady took in an abandoned girl and gave her all she has so HN owe her life to her, right?Why has she not told HN that her life is in her hand? Did she count all she did for that little girl as investments? She was simply raising her as her child with love. If she has the way and money, she will send her to the best school in the world. Now, it's remaining for HN to pay her back by being successful(even if the success didn't come immediately, she is always there cheering) and take care of her( some parents are very happy their children are successful,they are just ok with that) especially in old age. That is the prayer of all true mums out there but look at this wicked and selfish mum that HG has. Instead of taking her frustration out on her husband, she was swallowing it and decided to pinch her tent around her children hoping for a long time result. Her behaviour changed immediately she knew that HG won't provide the material succour she needed. What she should have settled with her husband during the early yrs of her marriage, she just started now. She is very frustrated things didn't go her way but she got it wrong from the beginning. (This reminds me of what I said about HN setting the coast clear from the beginning cos it might come to haunt her later on after marriage) Now her husband has accepted and corrected his mistakes regarding how to treat his wife, is it not time the wife change her assertion? It's not only her, when parents are pushing you non stop to be this or that, look underneath, they want want to live their live through u. That's not love. It's pure wickedness and selfish greed and that is what this wicked woman is depicting. Watch her dance to a different tune when she discovers HN is the sole heir of JH biz empire. I want to see the two mothers put her in her rightful place. That reminds me also of JH. I can also say that SH and her family owe her their lives as all of them are who they are today because of her? Love especially maternal don't count the sacrifices made for their children as investments. It's done out of love. If your child is doing well and happy. Be contented with that. Let the world and nature judge and punish the child if he or she fails to perform the parental duties required of such child.
  10. U know @stroppyse, what happens after marriage? If she can't set the table straight now, it will be very hard in the future and HG will end up doing what HN is afraid of in the first place. So why not nail it now respectfully. This is a proven nugget of life,when someone constantly harasses you, one day surprise the person . These two things will surely happen. Either the person leave you alone and mind his biz or he will make u his friend for life with lots of respect. I do understand where u are coming from as Korea is a peculiar country. HG dad can't control his wife. She goes about fighting and disgracing her family everywhere. She want an affluent lifestyle and feel that since she was a stay at home mum that her children should be her investment so they don't have a life except the one she carved out for them. So happy they disappointed her. I'm so tired of watching her scenes. She is kill joy.
  11. Are u asking me? This question still baffles me that was why I asked. Dramas aren't helping too There is another question that baffles me too. Why are stubborn people mostly smart? I think part of the answer to the first question can be found here
  12. That baffles me too. Writer is just making up things and adding them together without broad review. How will they remember all the bad things JE and her mum did from the beginning till now. I can't even remember half of them This only happen when u deviate from the original story. It was such a very realistic story at the beginning and we had fun discussing it. They are even making HG to look like a fool. I'm happy he said he want to pack out One point scored And HN is a fool to follow HG'S mum. Why must she follow her to an isolated place. Can't she tell her to talk to her there as she isn't going anywhere. Girl, have some pride. It still won't stop HG from loving u. For once defy that woman and let heaven fall. Oh, I forgot, she is JH daughter. Case closed (Drama that made the good guys look dumb and the bad guys smart. JE and her mum still look and dress good. Still eats well. Still smart enough to cover their tracks so the bad ones are always winning. Small penance to pay at theend of the drama.) So, I'm considering being the bad guy. What do u guys think? But, why is it that the bad ones always make it more than the good ones?
  13. It's not only u. JH character is the worst written. So dumb a lady. I wonder how she made it in the business world. When AE told her that she has the same button as her sis, it suppose ring a bell to the naivete of character but not JH. She can't think deep. Somebody that caused you great pain is back working for u already without a nod from you. Aren't u the owner of the place? I hate her character so much. I don't pity her anymore. She is simply lucky as regards business. Else she has nothing upstairs. Yeah, fake SH isn't remorseful. She is still her old self. She can show her remprsefulness by confessing to JH as atonement for what she did instead of this. She can still rill SH up but that should not be connected to JH. Will the fake dad that showed up ask to work for JH too? And when fake detective shows up,He Will ask for the same thing? Oh writer, u lost it big time from the second half of this drama. His biggest mistake was not making JH smart enough to detect some foul play and start a secret investigation. It would have made this drama so exciting to watch and skyrocket the ratings. Hope DG does something this time around or we will continue going in circle. So boring. @jimb, worshiping the ground somebody walks on is stomaching anything from that person even when u know they err. On some occasions, we have seen these two guys see the other side of their women but chose to remain quiet and still love them unconditionally. Daddy JE will not lose anything if he goes against his wife's way for once nor DG. The last thing will be none of them will be together again. Especially JE dad. If not for the love he still have for his wife, I don't think he will still be in that house swallowing the bitter pills halmoni is always dishing out. Anybody can make business mistake. He isn't the first. The wife hasn't for once encouraged him to keep his head high up but always ready to spite his face or is it halmoni and her humiliation? It's just love. He even abandoned his own mum in the village. The worst is that he will go back to the village.
  14. Finally, revelation time has started. DG and his wife. He suppose have a flashback to help him man up. There are some people unconditional love can't change. It's JE and her mother. Both has two men who literally worship the ground they step on but alas, that's not enough for them. I will be very happy to see these men walk out of their miserable lives. It's true grandma started all these but she still show love to all the members of her family her own way. As for HG mum, she will learn the biggest lesson of her life very soon. Her husband has learnt his but since Koreans love crazy ajummas very well in their daily dramas, we will continue to stomach her. I wrote her off few weeks after this drama started. Prefer the dog to her. So sad she is HG'S mum. I love this kiss. It's the best so far for me. Very meaningful. She didn't even resist. She needed that too.