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  1. How do people feel about her getting dreams of her other life i dont really like that honestly. Does this mean when he returns his wife knows what happened in the other time?
  2. i agree i love this couple alot more what ep is that gif from?
  3. Viki are starting tomorrow? really where did you find that out.
  4. He can make her jealous with any other girl apart from SA. Also where ur sig gif from 4.5% on cable for a show this late at night is crazy good.
  5. This thread seems slower. DM going to Japan is not a good ending for me i want him to fight for Korea and side with Korea going to JP does not seem like a good ending for me. Exactly i agree with this anyone leaving JP is not very happy to me. Them going to china could maybe be a thing. Loved reading this and totally agree about that ending with the like 40 year time skip where they are older watching Japan leave or something i would be happy with that ending.
  6. Anyone else not started and waiting for viki?? i hope to see some discussions xd
  7. You say hes taking bribes but he is doing what he pretty much planned to do anyways. I think he will give up on that 1 mil and that will another issue for KH.
  8. I will never have sympathy for SH who let his brother go to prison and is willing to risk his brother's life, i dont care if he was bullied or abused or not loved i dont care what the dumb reason is family should not do that. I wont feel sympathy for SH at all no matter what ok maybe one way is him dying for KH. KH was never loved by either mother or son yet he does still care about both of them if SH told him what was going on you think KH would not help? KH is selfless both of them are Selfish. He should hate his brother and mother yet still want's there love. He had no love from his brother and got betrayed by him. His mother said she wishes he was never born(obv didnt mean it and still cares but still...) and treated him disgustingly. He is always happy as well which say's something about who he is. KH who was treated the worst is living the happier life even without his family's love.
  9. whyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy god hates us . oh my god no. THis drama.. NOoooo to every SA scene .
  10. Not many people can talk about rise of the phoenixes without subs ;p
  11. SA with KS.......... kill me now. I suppose it makes Mirae jealous at least. we would start cheering . He needs to tell SA that hes not interested in her at all so she can get it into her damn deluded head. If we have episodes focused around her ima need to skip these episodes and get the OP cut.