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  1. Ok this drama is stunning and the best drama of 2018 easily for me. Such complex characters you hate one minute then sympathise with the next , No Seung Hye's household is my favourite at the moment. Also really like Lee Soo Im and what she will do for the rest of the show, also she has a handsome son ;o I thought Kang Joon Sang actually did mal practice but looks like hes covering for someone under him so made me look at him in a new light. Han Seo Jin is the only character i dont really sympathise with at the moment. Where is the damn ending song from i need it full.
  2. Maybe im not explaining my self well but people thought when he was playfully doing that stuff before this clip was cute did they not? Hes flipped her for-head before and people thought it was cute and funny, it seems im not explaining my self well. The thread is here for everyone sure but when someone else calls out my morals and tells me not to reply to them again and that same post gets likes what should i think? Im thankful that you think im not normalising violence or thought that violence is ok because its clearly not. Ill clarify before i leave the thread that i did not think any violence was cute or acceptable. I have been through domestic abuse with my mother and maybe i just saw it differently than others here. I also believe in equality etc.. so when people question my morals like this its better to just remove my self from the situation. Im ruining the mood of the thread so ill just leave have fun.
  3. I was replying to your accusations against me which are false, you were rude and antagonistic against me as well by accusing me of stuff i never said./ Dont Worry wont reply to someone like you again You cant expect to call me out with lies and not get a reply. That was barely rough play hes played with her doing the exact same things and people thought it was cute or did you all suddenly miss that?? So this is me saying that i thought violence was cute? Clearly not what i meant but w/e everyone can accuse me of richard simmons. Obviously i got questionable morals and think violence is ok so should just leave the thread.
  4. I didn't infer that people thought it was cute either maybe there was miss communication somewhere. I dont agree with fighting in general i just wouldn't class as what he did as man handling or beating her that was basically my point not that people here thought it was cute or that i thought it was ok or cute.
  5. I never said its cute either but lets continue to put words in my mouth. Apparently anyone who doesn't think its a beating or man handling is a sexist pig , whose ok with violence against women right?
  6. Thats a big downside for me i want to see more abilities actually being learned.
  7. That was barely rough play hes played with her doing the exact same things and people thought it was cute or did you all suddenly miss that?? I just read like 4 pages of negative comment's which ruin the thread. Your entitled to your opinion but its not the holy grail of opinions i can disagree with it. We have different mortals ? Based on what. I never told anyone anything either so stop being dramatic. Its pages of people speaking about the book and complaining the show is not as good, we get it already. If you cant handle any discussion on your comments why are you even on a forum, nothing i said is different morals its called different perspective. I never told you to think anything or to feel anything so you are delusional. Hes flicked her head and played with her ears before but because hes speaking aggressive hes man handling her now? Hilarious people here. I reported your post for making accusations as well , accusing me of normalising violence, telling people what to think and feel. I dont appreciate slander against me for no reason .
  8. You do know there is a second season and MSS is about to leave? i think your both nitpicking , MSS will barely be in this season and people here dramatic beyond belief. Your being dramatic in my opinion , you act like hes beating her or something . Do you not remember scene's of him doing this playfully before but because hes angry now hes man handling her and hitting her? At least you know whats going on. He barely touches her and has done stuff like this playfully before. I agree people were being overly dramatic and acting like hes beating her or something when he did stuff like that playfully before but because hes angry hes beating her? Might need to take a break from this thread, your comments keep me sane though. Spanking i would disagree with but the scene everyone here was being dramatic about i see no issue with he did this stuff playfully before and in these types of drama's there has been alot worse. Also i think sex is irrelevant male/female who really cares i disagree with rough stuff from either sex. If they didnt change the book it would 100% be less popular.
  9. I have not read the book so maybe i know nothing but from people here its a really close adaption and have not changed much. So maybe i need to be corrected as well , as long as this NQ and MSS flirting or w/e does not last long it should not be a issue.
  10. Why are people saying this when Ning Que does treat her like that? Hes someone who will die for her and die with her protect her vs the world , he saved her.. I dont think its that confusing? This is the show that is the book the show would go into the romance into more depth than on screen . I hate reading of stuff i already know about sadly. Omg i love them.. s2 will be so hard ahhhhhhh. Do you really think he doesnt care about her when hes always thinking of SS and talking about her even with MSS? If people really think hes rude and doesnt care about SS i cant help but face palm. so damn cutee. Yeah why doesnt she rule over him? She could make her son the leader and basically rule the Kingdom. Ruined it? Because they decided to keep to the book 95% of the time instead of 100%? They barely changed anything. So they didnt ruin the book? did something right ;o
  11. Maybe ill read the novel eventually i actually hate reading unless its Manga or a BL novel like the legendary masters wife xd. They Say I Was Born a King's Daughter and Empress of Another world are pretty good and sort of like Wuxia but manga xd
  12. I dislike the Princess and LQ, flower addict and all those light and religious people. At least i hate the characters and not the actors due to bad acting even though LQ is a little h. Yeah i liked drama's that are exciting and at least somewhat different.
  13. I dont think ill like MSS more than NQ but from clips and spoilers etc.. i dont see my self hating her.
  14. Im waiting to binge the drama but ill never skip scene's i dont think MSS deserves any hate shes not a evil or a annoying girl she just likes NQ and so do all of us.