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  1. still unsure if ill invest in this so hard to decide suppose ill watch a few episodes and see..
  2. I have a feeling they will end up together at least i hope , i would have no hope if she was actually a commoner but shes actually a noble so could happen ;p
  3. If its due to the second reason ill be really annoyed because this is such a obvious trope and i hate it. I hope the Prince wakes up soon and starts the fight back against the horrible princess and her father.
  4. novel ending so superior why do china and korea love to make depressing endings.
  5. i have not finished this yet but i hear he becomes a chef? i personally hate that direction hes amazing as a judge.
  6. 78 episodes for a family drama i love her but might give this a miss , ill try a few eps but if i get bored will drop.
  7. his next drama is a web drama? i mean im happy hes doing something soon but a web drama in Korea? has that market took off at all.
  8. Just caught up and love it its a big reality check on the quality of Korean historical shows compared to the bad ones china been releasing. Please just be a happy ending though.
  9. 100 days my prince i just started but judging from the name i guess a sad ending? 100 days my prince is basically the girl saying they were together for 100 days and that was it?