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  1. I dont mind romance but it feels way to damn rushed i hope its dream or something , i know romance was coming but that big of a jump? yeah this doesnt match the story i hope its a dream or something sure but they could have built it up a bit more.. not this much in a episode i mean holding hands?
  2. i hope it comes soon im hyped for this.
  3. I think BS uncle is his dad does anyone else think that. I think his mum and "uncle" were together but he got into gang stuff. She didn't like that so she left him but didn't tell him she was pregnant because she didn't want BS involved with that stuff. She only revealed it as she was dying because she knows that at least he will be protected and grow strong with his "uncle". which show is that.
  4. Episode 4 was the best episode yet loved the reveal and the end and how bad richard simmons Sang Pil was. Everything is working well so far love the music,action,humor its just all so good.
  5. I agree with everyone here that maybe she could be alive but then some think she might be dead and agree with that as well, both sides make sense. Also viki's episode 3 subs were pretty bad sometimes.
  6. Episode 3 was so good was shook at the ending when he grabbed the you know what , i didnt think i would this show as much as i am but his gang and the leads chemistry is so fun. This show has humor,sadness,drama, it has everything .
  7. Amnesia could be interesting idea but they would still kill her surely?
  8. Im unsure if HJY mother is alive because these people were trying to kill a child and mother why wouldn't they kill her?
  9. Just watched the first two episodes and im super enjoying this after my ahjussi i was really worried i would compare everything to that and get bored or not like show's but this show has really high quality entertainment. LJK still so underrated hes one of the best Korean actors he really deserves more awards. If TVN does not have a award show it really does need one after all these shows it's putting out.
  10. i hope it rises next episode or it keeps its 5% for rest of the season. Also viki slow as richard simmons on the subs .