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  1. some more pics in this video, not sure if these are the actual OST but so hyped for this drama.
  2. I meant like spoilers i have missed but just looked and finally the Kang BISH is getting what she deserve's.
  3. Ill watch this if it's good so hope it is.
  4. Anyone got any good recap's for me of the last like 9 page's... Anything good happen.
  5. This is a drama im begging to be subbed
  6. Ok we need a new thread? The lead's of ashes of love are the lead's, people talking about it here. Noble Aspirations III
  7. I think that is different in the book then because im pretty sure she regretted poisoning the grandma and was deeply sorry?
  8. While i hate the dowager i do agree with what shes doing here its incredibly disrespectful and not correct to name someone other then the past emperor as your father, in theory he was only able to become emperor because the previous emperor basically adopted him. I also agree with QH acting against what the emperor is doing , where i disagree with QH is where he keeps going against GTY for personal reasons. Also hes naive and gullible and does not see the big picture.
  9. ForgottenSoulx

    [Current Mainland Chinese Drama 2019] Queen Dugu 独孤皇后

    I think this is delayed and wont air on tv at all if due to these new chinese rule's.
  10. Imagine how fierce she is now.. but when that happens to grandma she will go nuclear, also poor grandma when ML knocks that cup down nearly hit's her.
  11. Death i accept nothing else. Kang deserve's to die as well.. im not a big lover of death but these people really deserve it..
  12. Totally agree with all of you if she dies while in child birth ill be really damn annoyed why do all the nice people have to die, also what does ML say at the table at the start to make Kang and the others shocked. Omg whyyyyyy noooooooooooo always ML's friends or family. I hope so and get Zhang lady out of that damn house those vile people dont deserve her. Pitchforks are down for now...
  13. Im just saying if GTY step mum does not get killed after all this ill be incredibly annoyed with the writers, would not mind if QH accidentally slips either.
  14. I mean he cant be blamed for not taking GTY's extreme plan but he can be blamed for not fighting until the ending for what he believe's in and want's. When ever i see QH now im just wishing he disappears already watching some stupid clown is annoying, know's nothing about politics yet always at the front speaking to the emperor its quite embarrassing. There will always be new good drama's from china so dont worry haha.
  15. I think she can help her aunty and visit her if she wanted.. The problem is QH never think's things through he never plans ahead or really looks at the situation and hes politically stupid. He has no idea what power struggles are or politics. Thought this would happen with how little time we have left im super happy ;p
  16. I think that is it .. she wants her daughter in Gu Family was she accepted?? and i think she wants to harm Grandma because she knows what Kang is really like and is on guard/warning people. Was the Shu daughter accepted? if so i think shes the one to try harm ML during pregnancy.
  17. Does this mean she leaves ML or still serve's her?? I saw in one of the previews someone trying to stab ML is that the concubine or MN back??
  18. I actually agree i think ML would have opened up to Dr He as well he treat's women with alot of respect from what i have seen.
  19. Her bond with her maids is one of the best thing's about the show really love them.
  20. Totally agree it does not really make much sense for Auntie Kang to be this involved like wtf she doing.
  21. ML just sells her off its not really that hard ;p Does not look like Shitou was tricked seems like someone else
  22. I dont think his mother died at his birth didnt his mother die while she was pregnant with the second child? GTY was still young then im pretty sure or was that how the book went and im pretty sure she was like 7 or lower when she lost her mum .