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  1. You are right in the sense in terms of education he is quite different but that is because i think the sheng is a scholar family so even though they might look down on female's somewhat its not as harsh as other families they do give more freedom at least from what ive seen. SO sure during that time doing this he was a decent father but that is as far as it goes sure he was not as bad as he could be but he was still not good. I actually feel quite sorry for GTY's brother hes been sick all his life , will leave his wife and daughter once he dies . He most likely got brainwashed early on against GTY by the step mother so hes quite pitiful. Is it a full blown power struggle between emperor and empress, will GTY be forced out by the emperor or will dowager force the emperors hand i wonder.. It does look like he will go to the dowager's side now but going against GTY family who were involved not a big enough certainty yet. If he really goes against QH its sad for his character but i still think it does suit what we have seen from show QH so far so still in character to me.
  2. She tattled about Dr.He though so how does that have to do with the doll's, i meant how did she find out about Dr.He.
  3. Views can be manipulated aka the best viewed drama is 10 miles of peach blossoms with over 50 billion view's.
  4. Agreed. Monday 2019-01-21 1 The Story of Ming Lan (Hunan TV) 1.803 - Highest episode so far . Its online viewers are like 250m now down from 350m due to Youku removing views.
  5. Boss & Me is the other name for shan shan right? thats on my Plan to watch list and i made my self forget about Princess Agent.
  6. Im glad Gu elder brother is finally waking up. GTY promised her a peaceful life now look whats happening lmfao.., also who are Chu Qiao, Lu zhen is from empresses in the palace but who is shan shan.
  7. You make a good point about Molan's family they are supposed to be 1/2 richest but dont care to flaunt their wealth.. all Molan's husband cares about is sex not showing off. He just likes alot of sex but i dont think hes a bad person ;p
  8. They are so damn cute hope it gets subbed
  9. Yanxi was long winded and not fast paced at the start either ;p