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  1. I love this show! And I feel like nurse Park whenever I see YSH. @dvrles, that's my favorite part too. ".....I'll show you who's crazier" I love it!! I like that she's a strong character, but we also get to see that she has to coach herself through things as well.
  2. Happy New Year! Just finished watching episodes 13-14. The Kiss came a little bit early. No complaints though. Let me just say that Yoo Seung Ho is One Handsome Guy! He is so mesmerizing to look at, and listen to (love his voice). I think I would be putty if he looked at me the way he looks at Soo-Jeong. I know there is going to be drama and angst coming. But it would be nice if their relationship could stay strong like the OTP in Love 020. I love seeing Bok So in his happy and puppy love phase. And not to take anything away from Jo Bo-Ah, because she's as cute/pretty as she can be - a perfect match for YSH. The two of them should get the "Eye Acting" awards Too bad not to many people are invested in this one. I'll stick with it because of the Leads.
  3. Just finished watching with subs, and I'm a little confused with this reincarnation thing. So it seems like the professor is the boy's and Izy's reincarnation. Do I have that part right? In the story with the subs, it seems like Izy was also taking revenge for the boy who was sacrificed. Was or was not Izy also the boy?
  4. Forgive me if this has been asked before, but even though Geum is the husband, isn't it Izy that knows where Ok Nam's robe is? Curious to how they resolved that in the webtoon. I welcome any spoilers in spoiler section
  5. That's what I was thinking towards the end when YJW went to bed in the hotel- that somehow he was still in the AR world. I kind of feel like the whole thing is an AR world gone wrong, like it was hacked into. (Someone mentioned the buffering before - I caught that too). After watching the first episode, I felt like Se-Joo was trapped inside as well, where he couldn't distinguish between AR and reality. MOA reminds me of the anime Sword Art Online. Where the players get stuck in the VR world, and if they die in the game, they die in real life. In SAO they had helmets (nerve gear) that connected to their brain and they were not able to remove them - if they did, they would die. (Don't think this is spoiler because it's all revealed in the first episode of the anime) I guess in the fantasy world with MOA, the contact lens could have a deeper connection with the brain, especially since they are able to feel certain things. So maybe as a result of a hack, if a player gets killed by another player they will die. ..or is it possible that someone is actually hacking into the brain... Or the hack could be like they think that they logged out of he game, but they are actually still in it. (Kinda like the movie Inception with the dreams)..... I know I'm just rambling several theories here, but my brain is blown by this drama so far. I don't think I was ready for how intense this was going to be. I came into this drama thinking it was going to be one thing (simple romance, love story), and totally get something else, as revealed with the very first scene. P.S. Hello everyone!
  6. Interesting! That would make so much sense. Because when Izy was being banished from the fairy relm she was looking at Bausae accusing him of betraying her. That would explain why Izy, in deer form, told Ok Nam to be careful of the person she was living with because she felt he was a betrayer! Thanks Jeijei! Now need to figure out how Izy got reincarnated from deer to Prof, and if there is some plot to get back at Bausae (Geumie). I hope it won't be too bad when all the memories come flooding back, because the Prof and Geum have such a bromance going. You can tell they really care about one another.
  7. Watching 11 with subs. I think I would rather watch everything that the dude in white says without subs though, because everything he says is irritating. I have to remind myself that in this story, this god that they claim themselves to be are little "g" gods, like the gods in greek Mythology. Certainly they have nothing to do with the one and only God, my God. I want to go through all the subtitles in Viki and replace every capital "G" with little "g"s. Basically most of these stories are like this including the beloved Goblin a great and lonely god. So I think if people watch it in the frame of mind comparable to greek Mythology, they may be able to get through it.
  8. I like everyone's theories. Now I think I need to go back and watch again from the beginning with a fresh set of eyes. Just might do that this weekend p.s. @aoikarin , l agree with you. I too wish that the production company would have blurred the face of Ok Nam's husband as well.
  9. Just jumping in here.... I just finished watching episode 8, and can I say ugh! Or ack! I'm TOTALLY confused. I don't know who to root for and not be disappointed in the end. I don't like this feeling! At first I really liked Kim Kim, cause he's so doggone sweet, (and his celestial self is quite handsome too), and then I refocused myself because MCW & YHM are supposed to be the leads, and in kdrama land 99.9% of the time the main leads are the OTP. But ...now confused again. The drama is really cute, but I don't like not knowing who she's going to end up with for sure. BIG SIGH..... :/
  10. @Warren Lauzon "Drama cliches 2.0" Lol! I agree with you though. Nothing to really grab onto yet for me either other than KHJ. I get the same feeling as I did when watching "That man Oh Soo" and I ended up dropping it midway through. I'm going to try an hang on through this one though. @guinearoyal Interesting theory! hmmm.......
  11. Wow! There's no love for this drama anywhere! No reviews, no recaps, no nothing. I admit I'm only watching this for our boy Kim Hyun Joong. But I have a feeling that it may get cut before finishing all the episodes. I feel bad that he got the short end of the straw on his come back drama. That girl (his ex) really did ruin his career.
  12. @flake I hope that they don't drag the love triangle thing on too long also. We are just getting to the good stuff with our OTP . (my dream is for them to stay in that romance pocket for a little while with lots of cuteness), Hopefully once Mr. Dimples realizes that our OTP actually has developed feelings for one another even though it was a forced marriage, he'll back off. (as much as I like you Mr. Dimples, I'm going to be really annoyed with you if you keep pursuing HS once you find out). But it will be up to HS to make it clear to him. Like someone else said (I'm sorry, I can't remember right off who you were), I don't want our WD/CP and Mr. Dimples to be rivals because of HS, I am looking for a bromance. P.S. I haven't watched this episode yet, I've only read the live recaps from Dramamilk. Here's my question: What is an unmarried hairstyle for women back in those days?
  13. @celebrianna, @bebebisous33 I too would like to see the consummation before he returns as CP. I'm now going to bed and dream about their sweet kiss (he's doing it right).... .....their sweet kiss that we probably won't get to see until EPISODE 10
  14. Omg, I'm in the middle of watching ep 8. where the King and the LPM are talking. (I stopped at the part where KME says that's not all that he wants). That fool done made a deal with the devil. Its not like I didn't know it before, but it's just bad when you see his horns come out. I'm so disgusted. And then from an earlier scene with the king and the counsel - it almost seemed like the king was slightly bowing his head to the LPM. What tha .....? I'm going to resume watching now. Just had to get that off my chest. Ugh!
  15. Count me in on the "no consummation train". ..They wouldn't be so kind to give us THAT satisfaction. I'm going to be sooo disappointed if we don't at least get a kiss in this next episode. This is the only kdrama trope that I would like to see happen. Can I call first kisses at the halfway mark a trope?