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  1. I love the song! it goes well with all the kiss scenes hehehe
  2. i would appreciate it if someone can translate the part where S1 MLC meets S2 MLC?
  3. if there is S1 XT then S1 MLC has been cheating/affair with S2 XT. The question is- how will S1 XT feels about it? lmao
  4. Big THANKS! Now I can loop it because I am pervy of their kisses. First drama that has real kissing scenes hehehe
  5. omg you can’t leave us like that? where the next scene after that?????
  6. impressive and well deserved! i love watching the first season and loving the second very much.
  7. Hi! Can you tell me where you watch the latest episodes?
  8. what? why did the trailer stops at that crucial moment?!?!? thanks for the link by the way!!!
  9. thephamle

    HSALF couple-Yang Zi and Deng Lun

    more update please. hehehe edit weibo couple page is back!!!
  10. thephamle

    HSALF couple-Yang Zi and Deng Lun

    52k shippers are a lot. missing 1k is nothing hehehe. Perhaps international fans will make up or more for that counts! hehehe Too bad Yangzi didn’t win. To us she is the best actress so far this year!!!!
  11. I am waiting for the OTP picture as patiently as I can but I want one now!!!!
  12. thephamle

    HSALF couple-Yang Zi and Deng Lun

    DL wrote on IG- ‘Happy Mid Autumn Festival’ Google translate for once is correct.
  13. thephamle

    HSALF couple-Yang Zi and Deng Lun

    thank you so much for skimming thru weibo to gather the tidbits for us! i go there to watch fanmade videos and forget about google translate- too much headache trying to make sense of it. Please share more pleae!