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  1. Hai NamJi shipper Chingus. Mianhe, hope it still not to late to wish Happy New Year 2019!!! Hope that our 2019 will be more blessing with so much love either from your family, friends, significant other and our very own NamJi's circles Let's our friendship get more stronger with all obstacles that we've been through (fighting) started from the Day Wook was enlisted until now, either we believe or not YES!! we are in D-101.. Yeay!!! I can't believe that im still here, writing up to celebrate 101 reasons in this precious MT which i met great friends because of NamJi (can i said this is my 101 reason i love NamJi? Namji had brought me here, from silence lurker, to active participant, present I am a NamJi goners haha) OK my 101 reasons of my NamJi goners starting from this: 1. Authentic fun when they are together
  2. Hello Namji chingus, its been awhile i wasn't present here, I miss a lot of things to BR i had bookmarked @excitedgal post of her journey in SK during the precious month of Hyunie i want to properly thank you for your time writting your journey and view of wookie's musical and shared with us it was so much appreciated, reading your post make me having 2nd times "happy goosebumps", how you were blessed to see wook performed on the stage, devoted your precious times flied to SK to support his military musical performance eventho how busy you are and coincidently met him during your 0917 operation., wow you are truely lucky girl and been blessed by heaven and last night we are able to see wook on the day you had gave us the "heart attack" remembering 17 Sept 2018, how you had pictured him to us, seeing his photo shared by Mr Verutum, gosh girl i dont know how to describe it, i just want to scream!!!!!! Thank you HY for gave us the live update of operation 0917... kyaaaaa and thanks to Mr V for sharing with us his photo which im still finding my rationality with the time stamped on the photo, and we are actually in December 2018 already #throwback i guess love to see his brotherhood with non-celeb my attendance checked on Friday 14 December 2018 - D134 Ig credit to rightful owners
  3. Wahh Laughing before serious a scene.. LOL.. salute to hyunie & wook, both look so happy while filming SP, eventho the scene require a serious mood but them gosh how can they be so comfortable & happy in this scene.. opps the 1st bts i shared for this scene.. shoulder kiss, swooning Oh Oh before the bed scene.. credit to sbs
  4. yeah agreed with you, oh ya they have so much time to lurk here & being salty that we are still here. mybe they feel like below gif when they saw our MT had become hot topic again.. We are being happy here to warm up our MT, sharing to each other that how much we miss them, congratulate hyunie & wook and celebrate our successful mission 0917,.. what else we can do becoz we had much to spazz actually from the dcut, it just the matters we can't & yeah we are tolerate enough not spamming the other reasons why we can't move on after the dcut.. Happy Shipping NamJi shipper!!! all gif credit to owner
  5. Thank you @excitedgal for sharing ur precious & memorable journey with us, from JCW musical, down to mission 0917 which was successfully delivered to Hyunie AND super happy about the reward God had repay your kindness to us (Salute) Thank u everyone for the support & hardwork to make mission 0917 happened & it is a blessed that i had meet u guys here since @masthu asked me to unleash the inner ghost we need to warm up this MT Hahahahahaha i love their playfulness & how they remain connected before or after close or far shot *cough Pic & Hot gif credit to owner @excitedgal @masthu sorry girls double tagged, mianhe
  6. WOW our baby girl is doing great in her new drama which i enjoying very much, all the casts had nailed their characters perfectly & Yes our Hyunie is simply the best & exceptional beautiful in HDH Glad to see her talent being recognised, getting much praised for her acting & her hardword getting paid off, the drama hitting double digit & hope will going to continue rising, love how u guys very much supportive in her new drama.. Yeay we nearly going to see Hyunie dance again.. I love her dance groove, so cute, never been forgotten wookie dance that man just simply cute with his dance.. Look it just took a couple of hours, her followers rapidly increasing.. You go girl, we will cheer u up with your next project in the future!!!! All gif & ig credit to owner
  7. HAI GIRLS!!!!!! Wahhhhh its been a while we didn't ROCK this MT, i miss u girls all your gif, pictures, videos, rational & logical thought without biased that well written in this MT .. u girls are doing great in making me blushed with NamJi kiss (LOL playing innocent meanwhile my inside "ghost" was thinking the 27minutes++ of Xcut opps Dcut that been watching for Nth time for science ) & giggled while reading that "some" thought we had jump ship?? (rolled my eyes) that deserved my big laugh How can we jump ship tho? after we had bought SP's Dcut cough caugh XCUT, Well excuse me there is no DCut or BTS can make me give such attention & invest my precious time & money like SP (such a NamJi goners i am after possesed DCut) This is me while watching the DCut THE SATISFYING FEELING!!!! One of the favourite.. Haha.. Gif credit to owner
  8. its 17 September!!! Happy Birthday to our Lovely Nam Ji Hyun Anticipating of her birthday today , it was such a bless she was update with her new picture & she look absolutely gorgeous & can't stop falling in love with her Wishing her all the best! I hope she will having a fantastic celebration with her love one, she deserve the best and nothing less. cto
  9. It 14 August 2018 all!!! .. its been a year JCW had enlisted in MS.. gosh time flies so fast, in another 8 months we going to see him as Ji Chang Wook the actor instead of now as Ji soldier, eventho he is in MS, we did got a lots of his update, & yes again we going to get his update today.. the press conference for his military musical titled “Shinheung Military Academy” (literal translation) will be held at 2pm KST.. Yeay we going to see his handsome face again.. Lets not forget the cute Apple & the bangs to be cut by uri Hyunie, Same day posted on His military enlistment day 14 August 2017.. Say Hello to cute little apple with grumpy expression.. WHY SO SERIOUS? Yeah did you actually cut your bang Ji Hyun yang ahh.. These two posts can be just her random post or it can be some subtle meaning & pretty sure both pic were taken on different day & its all about hair..never take their post so serious but yeah if it for fun & lets not be serious today coz i would love to use words on wookie's shirt again "WHY SO SERIOUS?" Mermanent & Rebellious white shirts look cool for couple wear (im just curious what is the meaning of Mermanent tho) Wookie's picture & Video credit to owner Hyunie Pic credit to Soop IG credit to Nam Ji Hyun
  10. throwback 1 year ago, The Captain got his haircut for his MS. in whatever haircut or hairstyle his handsomeness is undeniable and this update from co-captain on 13 August 2017 1 day prior Captain's enlistment.. (love to see her chubby cheeks) Just becoz i miss both of them individually & as OTP Cto at Ji Chang Wook & Nam Ji Hyun
  11. Fully understand.. Hyunie yaa!!! .. why u make us fallen hard for u with your beauty, indeed u had unmasked the beauty that you are born with to the world dear.. i don't know if Chang Wookie oraboni was a part of your energy/vibe that give out the aura that serounded yourself by making yourself insanely beautiful.. IG Credit to owner
  12. Hahaha, i checked my youtube playlist, i had save 66 video from SBS catch its included all the scene recap, SP's OST, their BTS i think mybe around 20 video.. Yes i think SP also have the most BTS comparing other SBS drama & most viewed, our restricted kiss bts still in the lead SBS catch most popular uploads.. Yes Yes i like that BTS too even in actual scene felt the same tho, the realness, Jagiya!!!! let us rest in Namji's heaven, all their bts was my favourite, each one gave a different feelings, how their chemistry, their closeness get unfolded from time to times. even at the beginning, without looking he knew where is her hand, grabbing her wrist when she was behind him, arghh this bts was lead me to continue checking on them, SP's bts everyweeks.. Video credit to SBS catch..
  13. @ashwini93 Its from SP's Director Cut DVD/BD which had been closed to purchase from the official site, if do have available in other website it may double up the actual price, and due to copyright issues and also to respect others Namji shippers, individual fans of them who had purchased it, hence we are obliged for not sharing in this MT or across social media. Had you watch their bts in SBS catch? if you haven't yet, you may go ahead you will find their off screen chemistry way more interesting Let me share with you one or two of my favourite BTS of their.. Hai Dear, mybe you new to soompi thread, im really hope you can remove the gif from the my post that you had quote earlier, here one of soompi general rules about quotes the post If you'd like to quote a post, remove images / gifs / videos (if applicable) and quote the text by itself. This is to preserve the bandwidths of images / gifs and to make a thread as simple to navigate through as possible. Im sorry dear can you delete the gif, image, video when you want to quote.. Video credit to SBS Catch
  14. Hai, welcome to this thread @ashwini93 good to know that you are hooked with Nam Ji Hyun & Ji Chang Wook chemistry pairing in SP, yes we still hooked with them even after a year & perhaps counting for more years to come , Regarding if they are dating in real life wooohh, that was our hoping & wish if someday they announce it to the public they were dating & perhaps getting married in near future (fingers crossed if Almighty will), for now, We don't know if both are dating each other or not, here in this thread, we find our home that we can do some analysis, read other chingus POV about their behaviour during SP, some from their past drama's bts, from their interviews, some of our post may sound delulu just to feed some happiness in this MT, but we have a bunch of rational chingus here to pull us back to reality & what we are doing now was praying for the best of both of them, either in future they will be together as a couple or they may choose other as their significant other, we will stay support them individually.. I would suggest, you may want to read this MT from page 1 till this page you may hooked up more with them & this MT, perhaps you can get some info about both of them, and you may want to share with us too your POV about this two, what you see in them in SP, and just a gentle reminder, please do not bring other OTP to this thread or mention about others celebrities that may link to either one of them here.. Yes, The male lead Ji Chang Wook currently was servicing in Army, he will be release on 13 May 2019, South Korea requires all their male citizens to serve in the military for two years. Haha i may blabbering much here, Mianhe chingus im suppose to join you guys celebrate the past few week our celebrations!!! Thank you for making this MT alive.. virtual fist bump Here some juicy from their first kiss.. want more go watch your 27minutes Xcut chingus Gif credit to owner..
  15. start around 1.40; she was reading a comment, "on 6.40 Ji Chang Wook also doing vlive" then she said "oppa said he doing a vlive for his concert rehearsal" oh i love this vlive so much, its like she gave in a little bit "baits" to my shipper heart.. oh i miss her talkative presence Video & sub credit to owner NamJiHyun Fan