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    Introduce yourself!

    1. See avatar pic 2. 30 3. SoCal 4. https://www.instagram.com/duongsdodisney/
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  3. Thank you for the breakdown and explanation! It helps to understand the drama a little bit! I’m totally into this drama! Victoria’s acting has improved a little compared to her other dramas. I definitely like the story plot. It doesn’t hurt that the main lead actor, Huang Jingyu, is a stud muffin! Can’t wait for the subs for episodes 5 & 6 to come out.
  4. mitchybits

    Long distance is rough. Should I keep fighting?

    LDRs are hard. However, the key to maintaining a LDR is communication. Lack of communication can lead to arguments, misunderstandings, and trust issues. I agree with what @CamelKnight stated, because the physical contact is missing, you have to replace it with virtual emotions. If you like her that much and can see a future with her, don’t give up! Try to work things out. If you can’t see yourself marrying her, you’re just wasting your time.
  5. So, I haven’t logged on to soompi for awhile! Now that I’ve logged on again, I wanted to change my email/login I have on file. I tried changing it under the Edit Profile section but it keeps saying “ERROR: Please fill out nickname”. I don’t see a nickname portion? How can I change my email?