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  1. Hi everyone! I would like to buy the cd ost of kdrama Bridal Mask - maybe someone has one?.. Can pay a good price, also shipping.. Also can trade for some other cd or dvd in very good condition.. Please consider it - I really need this album!! Thanks in advance!
  2. Too bad, people post things like that on youtube, it will only create rumors, and can bring problems to our otp.. All those are speculations, nothing is for sure..
  3. Guys, can I say? Sorry, I know I'm not very active here I just read your last posts and I just want to encourage you a little... Just remember that it's not been a while yet since king's separation, that's why every step he makes now, he has to be double extra cautious, especially with everything related to queen.. I think he learned the lesson with all the haters during the storm very well! And that is the main reason he cleaned his following list - he wants to keep his personal life private for a while.. We don't want queen to suffer from haters, right? And unfortunately that's what going to happen if something is revealed now - it's still very soon! I do believe that something's happening, and actually more ninja he is more I believe this! Remember - in current situation the lack of crumbs is maybe the biggest crumb! As for his pictures with dogs I don't find it suspitious in any way, as well as queen song issue - I think is pure professional! So let's take every crumb we have and stay positive - at least for now I don't see reasons to be worried