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  1. Annyeong chingus, I've been enjoying this drama like the rest of you. Some of you I recognize from the "Father is Strange" thread, and it's my first post on this thread. There isn't a whole lot to add to what most of you have commented. I will make a couple of points though. I realize that to watch kdramas, suspension of disbelief is a requisite. However, the entire plot line with ES, ET, YH, and CSW regarding the little girl's illness and ET being her dad seems a stretch far even for me. It goes without saying that more angst will commence as the news continues to settle in all of the characters' minds and hearts. It will be very interesting to see how the writer wraps this story line up. As far as CSW, I consider myself a pretty forgiving person. However, he makes it very, very difficult with his actions. I can see how remorseful he might feel about abandoning his daughter. But, his attempted kidnapping threw away any currency he had with my sympathy towards him. And since it's now established that he's not even Eun Soo's dad, then that makes it all too easy for me to despise him all the more. Although I can't stand the behavior of all the money/power hungry characters in this story, I don't think that they're the worst bunch I've ever seen. But, I do have a suggestion - see if you agree with this. I'd have them each pick a planet, any planet besides Earth. We get a big spaceship to put them on, drop them off their chosen planets, and they never return here again. Well, I can still dream, right? I can't wait til next Saturday. How ET and YH process the news together will be telling. Keep up the great comments, everyone!
  2. @eyjooniesh@irisariadne There's nothing wrong with wanting to see these two crazy kids reunite in a future drama. If it's meant to happen, then it will happen. Remember, stuff happens in this world for a reason. I can definitely relate to you and everyone else who's still commenting on this thread. They were and still are quite the couple. I'm seeing that people are still reading my original fanfic (Love Conquers All Ways) which I look at as people are still invested in this couple. As long as we forums like this to discuss, then we can certainly help keep hope alive. On a side note, I really missed you all. It's been quite a crazy year. Keep the comments up!
  3. Anyeong chingus, Well. It looks like an awful false rumor has been spread about LJ. I mentioned before that I really can't stand paparazzi. But, I'm also leery of entertainment sites when it comes to news. Although they should be cognizant of making sure that their sources are both legit and truthful before announcing any news, it's not going to happen with these sites. We're living in a wonderful time because of the technological advances of today. Unfortunately, some people misuse tools that should be meant for good. That's why I'm not on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc. As far as LJ, we know that he's a strong soul. I'm also confident that he'll manage to get through his MS just fine. Also, he and JSM will continue to be happy together. So, there's definitely no reason for any of us to worry. The moral of this story - be careful what we believe as far as news. "The truth is incontrovertible. Malice may attack it, ignorance may deride it, but in the end, there it is" - Winston Churchill