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  1. I find it odd and interesting how Dohyun, while (obviously) looking younger, gives off the same weary, a-little-dead-on-the-inside vibe as Ki Choonho. His face tells me he's 30 but his eyes say that he's in mid- or late 40s and took one too many punches from life. Looks like it's going to be an entirely new role for him, different from everything he did before, and I'm really excited to see it happen.
  2. Oh no, did my broship just sink in this episode? Glutton lied to/ignored Worker Ant - why? Was he unforgiving because Mr. Gu fired LNE of was he deeply bothered by something else atm? Anyway, he only has his PA by his side now and I worry more and more about his fate by the end of the drama. My only hope is that LSY won't play the same card twice and instead give him a chance to win AND stay alive.
  3. Damn that preview spoiled a little too much. They should've stopped it at the handshake, and maybe GSH saying he's looking forward to working together - but without showing who he's talking to. On the other hand, I was glad to see a glimpse of the late director (sorry, don't remember his name). For a story opener he's been regretfully absent from the plot lately. His dead body is a big, mighty gun on the wall I can't stop noticing and so I hope it will indeed give a mighty shot later. Which also makes me think; LSY gave us the second dead body near the end of Secret Forest. I wonder if someone else is going to die/get killed here too, and who it could be...
  4. Ah, I was thinking about Sunwoo Chang but you're right, the puppy is now there in the list too
  5. It seems like, while he's thoroughly intrigued and almost enamored with her, she's still observing him, trying to figure out if he's a good person or not. And although she's not impressed with the pay-for-service deal he pushes down everyone's throats the preview for the next episode shows that she hasn't given up on him yet, yay! Even if they don't go into real romance, I hope she can become his second true friend.
  6. It was mentioned in the second episode that GSH had been on a scholarship, and the stares he got from the rest of the men in the room were like, 'yeah, look at that lowly scum', so I'm pretty sure his family had been poor indeed.
  7. Thank you for the explanation! Ah well... As long as it's going to be subbed at all, I guess we can wait. Since there's no other option but waiting anyway
  8. A slightly edited preview has been released today where San Seong is shown having an argument with Poong and storming out of the locker room. So he probably got himself fired (or actually decided to leave on his own, given how unhappy Poong looks there). Also, on these stills we can't see a single person from the original hotel kitchen crew. I wonder if they followed Sam Seong's example and rage-quit or something.
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