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  1. I wonder though, will the stalker story be resolved so quickly? I think in the preview when he gets hit over the head, it will be for a different reason. But nevertheless, can't wait for our lovely JR to save the day, be it once (like he's already done), twice or more!
  2. Is there a way to attach an mp3 file to a post? Thank you!
  3. Nighttime, JS at home in bed. Texting JR. Texting Back and forth they are soo cute. I like the song playing right now too. Uh oh...something sinister is brewing. There's a creepy man and I think he has her phone hacked and is reading their messages. Uh Oh! Preview....JS trying to get JR to make a move lol. And this creepster I think hurts JR, gosh it looked like he got stabbed or hit in the back. Oh noo. JS will have to nurse him if that happens.
  4. JR gets home. SW starts talking to him about JS and her scandal. Whatever he says gets to JR. JR is looking stuff up about it on his computer. He's remembering what happened in his office earlier, how uncomfortable she looked. Next day, JR says something that makes JS a little upset. Maybe about this new case. JS is meeting with the lady. They go into her apartment. JS sees a water bottle tipped over. The creepster is there hiding under the girls table!! He pushes JS and the girl. Suddenly JR is there! He saves the day! Whew!! At the police station, JR takes care of everything. Comes out to JS waiting in the car. JS very concerned. But JR is reassuring her. JS sees the cut on his neck. Back in the office she is insisting on cleaning the cut. He's like it's fine but she insists. Dang you two need to be kissing you know you want to.
  5. Lady walks into always. Shows them a pic of JR on her phone. She wants JR to represent her. When JS comes in to bring them tea, the lady requests JS stay with them. I hear her mention stalking. Ok we are getting her backstory. She was dating this guy who took her out to eat and bought her presents. She thought they were soul mates. Uh oh but she was drunk and he took her phone and secretly looked thru it. And guess he found some stuff that made him mad? Not sure but seems like he broke into her place and was threatening her. JS is shocked. JR just being his cool calm collected self while JS is flipping out about it. Ok whatever the lady says now , they are playing some spooky bg music. Uh oh. JS is having a flashback to her drug scandal. We see someone spike a drink. JR notices she's a bit out of it. Cut to EJ, the older office lady, walking home alone thru a dark tunnel. Someone is following her and grabs her. It is the paralegal/plant watering guy. She was really scared. They walk to a bus stop and get on. She's falling asleep and rests her head on his shoulder. He sees her shoelace is untied and manages to tie it while she's asleep on his shoulder. Yup he likes her.
  6. The always staff is out to lunch. Mama's boy and subway auntie are bickering a bit. Think subway auntie spoke badly about boss and boss was right behind her. Mama's boy is winning. He's outside the restaurant on phone with his mom and crying. Subway auntie overhears him. She is giving him stink eye. But he walks away victoriously anyways. In office, think JS is still pouting over YR. She just leaves JR standing there at the end of the day, looking confused. JS is riding home with manager. She's ranting and raving. Think manager is calling her out, like clearly you like him. She seems shocked to hear this news. C'mon girl ofc you like him. Who wouldn't? Next morning at office, they turn on some tv program on the computer with boss on it. Think mama's boy was supposed to be on it too cuz he comes into the office looking despondent. Everyone feels bad except subway auntie who is smiling ear to ear about it. Not sure what boss is doing on the show but think he's super nervous and making a fool of himself. Mama's boy is in his office whining to mom on phone. Subway auntie comes in. She's teasing him. He isn't happy. Commercial break.
  7. When JR gets home, he's holding some card not sure maybe it was the movie ticket. SW pulls it from his hand and is teasing him. JR and JS are cutely texting each other at night. JS is remembering the car accident incident, the scarf, his smile in the car. She's talking to herself in her mirror. Girl got a crushhhh. Next morning, JS wants elevator just for her and JR but boss comes in. Think boss is complimenting JS and making JR a little jealous or upset. Boss gets a call. Now the whole always team is meeting in the boss office. Not sure what it's about though. The younger office lady pulls up a video of boss on her phone. They laugh at it. Gosh I wish I knew what they were talking about. JR gets up and excuses himself. JS follows him. Looks like mama's boy and subway auntie are having a little rivalry for cases. They both raised their hand for something at the same time. JR and JS leaving when YR comes and interrupts them. The three of them are meeting. JS jealous time heheh. She's kind of chewing on her scarf. Think YR knows who she is. Now I think YR and JR are talking about how they used to like each other. I dunno JS is set jealous. Outside she is pouting. JR looks a bit taken aback. There are 2 girls gossiping in a bathroom. I don't know who either of the girls is. But YR comes out of the stall. Guess they were talking bad about her. One of the girls is working for SW. She goes into the office to talk to him. Not sure if they are talking about YR or what. Sorry i haven't watched ep3 yet with subs so I'm still lost on this storyline.
  8. Good morning! Let's let this lovely couple touch our hearts this Valentine's Day. Repeat of yesterday's end. Ooh someone is spying on their lovely moment it seems, but it didn't show us who. They return to the office. Think the office girls are like "wow, JR is really opening up to you", they suspect looove hehe. At end of day JR is about to leave but JS stops to ask him something. Whatever he responds gets her blushing and giggling. At home JS is with manager. She gets a text from JR. Makes her smile again. Manager and her are talking now about something but not sure what but I think JR. Whatever manager says makes her glare at him. Next morning she's trying on all different outfits and planning herself up. They meet outside for their campus date. JR looks nice in his street clothes. The scene where they're sitting in a classroom and he brushes her hair from her face is just her imagination. Instead he's in the classroom standing at the board spouting off all this law stuff lol. She just wanted to be loveydovey with him hehe I'm with you JS. Now it's nighttime and they're in line at a fast food drive thru. Oh no it's not a restaurant drive thru, they are at a drive in movie theatre, cute. They are talking in car. Oh I think JR mentions YR. Now they're watching the movie, well not really cuz they're talking. They must be watching a law movie for more research I think? JS seems confused by whatever he's saying. Lol she accidentally put her hand on top of his. Now she's acting all nervous. But JR is just acting cool calm and collected. Except I think he's a little nervous underneath. Cuz he kind of crosses his arms awkwardly. In car heading home she does something that makes him smile real bright. She's like wow look you smiled hehe. Yeah he's starting to get the feels too you can tell.
  9. Happy Valentine's Day!! I have no Valentine so I will make KJS my Valentine and let him look at me through the computer and speak to me over the phone all day. Lucky guy.
  10. @triplem is another miss oh worth watching? Those clips were pretty funny but whoa they were about to do it in the elevator in front of those perverts who kept pushing the buttons. But I can't talk cuz I'd prob be doing the same hah anyways I spotted NJ and the lady was Jennifer in 30 But 17 right? @joonminfan good idea about changing your phone - KJS sexy voice is worth it I hope work slows down for you eventually and you can join us on the forums for future shows (hopefully TSYB pt 2 hehe).
  11. Hey y'all I'm out of my meeting so I can discuss more. You're welcome for the recaps. It's fun, I even have a little cheat sheet notebook now to help remember names lol. Agree with everyone that their chemistry is daebak. The last scene today was super cute and sweet. I'm really curious what the case with the school girl was all about. I don't think I got the recaps correct. I think JS was trying to help the girl the whole time but JR maybe wanted her to plead guilty. Does anyone know what was going on there? Also really curious about the older office lady's teen daughter. It was a very quick scene but seems JS is gonna help with that too. Chansung (from 2pm) is going to make his full cameo in tomorrow's episode, is that correct? He was my favorite in what's wrong with secretary kim. Can't wait to see what he's going to do here. Ok. Now I really need to know. Did anyone see the construction cone scene?? Did I miss it or did it not air? It's driving me a bit nuts. How did I miss it? Lol oof.
  12. JS is comforting the girl who is crying when JR walks in and sees it. Touching. Courtroom next day, JR is with the girl. Says something that shocks them all. He is speaking very strongly to the judge and courtroom. It's a good thing. He's standing up for the girl. So maybe he wasn't standing up for her earlier and now he has cuz of JS. JS and JR walking outside. He turns to her and apologizes. Cute scene where her scarf flies off and he picks it up and puts it back on her. Not sure what they say but I think they exchange sweet words and smile at the end. Preview was very long. Think we gonna get some more intimate scenes tomorrow. Like 2 scenes where they were face to face looking like they were about to kiss. And one scene where they kind of accidentally hold hands. Preview def got my heart beating! But what happened to the construction cones? I must have missed it. I hope they didn't delete it lol.
  13. Sorry had some issues and missed some stuff at Always law firm. At prosecutors office YR is being intimidated by a bunch of guys in the lunchroom. In her office she received some meds I think from SW. But she meets him and gives them back to him. Def tension there. JS and paralegal doing research about a case involving school girls. JR is meeting with a school girl in his office. Wants her to sign something. JS barges in and is lecturing the girl about something. Her scarf keeps falling off her face. Then JR scolds her about something. I have no idea what's going on sorry. JR and JS go out on roof top. JR scolding her some more. She's def defending herself. Think she knows something he doesn't and is gonna prove him wrong or something. For now though, he's making her feel bad. Older office lady EJ has a teen daughter. Short scene at her house. Think she gives her daughter meds but her daughter throws them out the window and she sees it. Not sure. Back at office, JS is annoyed with JR and scoffs at him. Now it's night and she's in bed. Think she's reading law books. She's frustrated. JR is in his office looking frustrated about it all too. Next day, everyone is sitting around talking. They notice JS give JR the stink eye from afar. Think they ask what's up and now she's going on about it. Mama's boy wants to defend her. Guess they are giving her all sorts of advices. The school girl comes in to meet with JR. JS brings in tea. She wants to interject in their meeting but stops herself. JR seems to be trying to reason with the girl but she storms out of his office. Think JS is like what is this girl doing. In the break room EJ is on the phone maybe talking about her daughter to someone. JS overhears. Cut to JS meeting with CEO at entertainment co. Think he knows EJ and they are talking about her. Not sure the connection there. Oh construction cone scene coming. Manager is returning with that other actress and JS sees. Uh oh she's scolding the manager and JS isn't having it. She pats JS on the chest and pushes her. Full on cat fight now. Ppl taking pics. Manager is like nooo stop. Where's the cones? It suddenly cut to manager driving JS to a secluded spot by the river. JS is crying when the manager leaves. Awww. But what happened to the construction cones? Maybe my feed skipped? Not sure. Hope we still see it later. Or else I just missed it. Instead it's kind of a somber moment in the car with JS talking to the manager. But there's a slight smile at the end. JS arrives back at law firm just as JR is leaving. He was on the phone with someone. Think he's heading somewhere and JS is gonna follow along with him. Think they're at a police station. JR gets out while JS stays in car. The school girl is in the police station. There's an older woman scolding her. But JR is spitting off all this stuff, prob law stuff. The lady is real nasty. But JR still spitting off stuff. He gets the girl to be let free. They walk out of the station. JS greets them. The three of them go out to eat. JR excuses himself to take a phone call. Just JS and the girl. Think JS is giving her advices. She takes off her sun glasses. She is def giving advices to the girl and helping her. Nice scene. Look forward to seeing what she's saying to the girl.
  14. JR and JS are eating this huge meal at a nice looking restaurant. Making me hungry even tho it's only 8am here haha. JS is back to dress clothes. Not sure what they're talking about. JR doesn't seem that interested in eating. JS is eating some. Why aren't they eating that yum food? Michum (that means crazy right?). Well JR says something that makes her upset and scene ends without them eating *shakes head* Boss brings back macaroons that he got from CEO. Subway auntie is mad at boss for something. Oooh! A delivery boy comes in. It's the hilarious guy from WWWSK and 2PM. Love at first sight for her, again lol. She chases after him. JR comes in and boss says something to him. Outside, think we have some ppl from the prosecutors office walking towards a protest. Yeo reum was there. Real short scene. Back to JS outside a bldg. Think JR calls her. Now mamas boy walks up to her. They go to a courtroom. Guess he's trying to expose her to how it works. She has to take off her sunglasses and head scarf inside. She seems real excited to watch court in session. She's giggling when the judge comes in. Now seems like she's analyzing it very carefully lol. Her facial expressions are cute. There are a couple cases she's watching. Now it's time for mama's boy to go up and handle a case. But I think he messes up who the client is. He seems embarrassed. Think he got the case completely wrong too. JS is giggling about it. Outside the courtroom it seems mama's boy says something that shocks JS. Then he walks off. JS not call but not sure who it was. Night time. JS in bed and gets a text from JR. She sends him back a pic. Think she is working on stuff in bed. He smiles at the pic.
  15. I missed one little small scene btw. The paralegal/plant watering guy def has a crush on the older office lady EJ. K next day JS (imma call her that) is accompanying JR on some assignment. She's wearing street clothes, maybe as a disguise, not sure. They are in the car. I have no idea what they're talking about sorry. Looks like they're meeting a client at a restaurant. Client is giving JS funny looks in her pink tracksuit. Think JR told him there's something wrong with her face that's why she's wearing the face mask. Lol. Client is like why don't you take off your mask and eat but she just shakes her head. She's also still wearing her sunglasses haha. Whatever JR says makes JS like him with her chopsticks. She's in the bathroom and seems a bit angry lol. Hmm she walks out of bathroom and client dude confronts her. Oh think he's hitting on her and gives her his biz card. He was trying to touch her not sure why. JR intervenes and hands him back the biz card and leads her away. Back in the car she glances at her wrist which he had grabbed. At first she seems happy but then I think she starts scolding him for it not sure. Think he says sorry. CEO of entertainment co and boss at law firm are meeting at CEO office. They are cousins or something right? I have no idea what they're saying. But it seems like boss has some big plan. CEO gets a phone call. It might be that other actress. What is her name? CEO seems a little stressed. Think boss is trying to give him advice.
  16. I'm here! Some problems logging in but I'm here. So we had repeat of last week's ending scene. Now JR is at home at SW was quizzing him if he had gone on a date. Think he smelled food on him lol. YS at home gets a call from manager. Not sure what they talked about. At office, YS is very happy. Btw should I call her YS or JS? Lol. JR gives her a list of tasks and a planner book. Think she was a bit taken aback. List looks pretty long. She's trying to organize all these papers and he just brought it another couple of stacks. Think she's like what is this. The day has exhausted her. She imagines herself as a top lawyer interrogating people and everyone clapping for her. Oh it's her drama role she is practicing cuz she has the script on her hand.
  17. Thanks @kirby b! That's kind of what I thought it said lol. I believe that account is his official fan club.
  18. what does this say?? google translate says something about posting funny pics. i hope they post some good ones if that's the case!
  19. Love the video @triplem Thanks for sharing! @joonminfan I miss TSYB soooo much!!! Ya'll know now I have "chop su" as my message tone and his "scrambled egg, milk, salad, and maybe some espresso" as my ring tone Now I am begging people please text me hahaha. No shame I love this man
  20. The construction cones on their heads That's gonna be good. I have a meeting tomorrow, but I am still going to try and live recap. If not, I should be able to Thursday. I'm excited!