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  1. Lol @stroppyse I don't care, I love how much they love each other! I wonder if KS is using Doc's office for added privacy. You know, we might only be seeing the "cutesy" parts in the show. There could be more x-rated phone convos, you never know
  2. She calls Ma Dol oppa so it might be a little weird if she called Yoo Baek that too. I really don't mind Top Star. He is, after all, the top star in her life. The new teaser, yaaay so sweet. That last scene though. Does she not see that they are filming a scene? Lol she's a bit oblivious to what is around her, isn't she? Can't wait to see what happens after her angry bull run So much to look forward to Friday! Wouldn't it be nice if we got like a 2 hour episode? Well, I can wish..
  3. Song from the kissing scene. It appears to be quite old (7 years). I looked up the artist. He is Korean, 34 years old. Not much recently, although I saw he did a remix of Jimin's (BTS) new song Promise. Anyways, I think this song is about to get a lot of views once CWPFN fans find out haha.
  4. Hi @mouse007! Yes you are in for a few episodes of pain and sadness. But do not distress too much! Glad you are loving the drama. It's so beautiful, isn't it? The story, the scenery, the dialogue, the love, the everything!
  5. KS needs to take off that outfit or I'll be holding in my laughs the whole time. She should put on that sexy bra haha. OK I know that won't happen, but at least change into YB's clothes again or something.
  6. I know! KS coming at YB to head butt him and he steps forward and instead turns her towards the reporters. So she headbutts them instead! Ahh sweet revenge
  7. @mushforbrains Yes I think you are right. I better stay away from Naver. I will only read YT comments because they are 99% supportive!! I just hope that YKS doesn't read the mean things and only receives all the love being sent his way. He is doing an amazing job as SK. I think he will land lots more roles after this!
  8. @tibba good catches! I wasn't looking close enough but yes it does appear YB is wearing a tux and KS definitely has the ring on her finger. So that must be the proposal. Awwwww. Didn't his stylist post a pic of him in a tux recently? We should compare the tux in that pic to the tux in the preview at the awards show and see if it's the same, cuz it could be 2 separate instances. As for the bed scene, yes, it does look like the same outfit! That scene was filmed a long time ago though and we all wondered what happened to it! Did they film out of order? Maybe? I hope we get it and I hope it leads to something steamy!! Edit: Look I finally figured out how to insert the dang IG posts. All I have to do is copy and paste the URL and it does it for me. Durrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr lol. Anyways, here's the pic his stylist took. I compared it to the awards show. It could most definitely be the same. Bowtie, check. At the awards show he is wearing a cumberbun (such a funny word) and it looks like he might have one on in the pic, underneath the one-buttoned jacket. What do ya'll think? Will he propose before or after the ceremony?? Hrmmmmmmmmm.
  9. @Jillia Yes! The show has a lot of heart & deeper undertones. Honest, I am clinically diagnosed OCD so I can relate to a LOT of what SK experiences, although thankfully not to the same extreme. And yeah, the show does poke a little fun at it, but I like that he's starting to confront his anxieties and want to be better to ease any strain on his relationship with OS. I only hope that they don't have him do a complete 180 and suddenly he can be super dirty all the time or something. Because OCD isn't really something that ever gets completely cured. You just try to ease the symptoms as best you can. Anyways, I was reading some of the Naver comments. They were google translated so I don't know how accurate they were, but some people were not being very nice to YKS, which made me sad. So then I saw he posted a new IG update. Let's all go show him love!
  10. I was being delulu in my head this morning, thinking it'd be hot if KS got on top of and straddled YB in his bed. Then I remembered her flexibility issue haha and yeah that might not work. So then I started thinking of other positions they could be in...and my mind fell down the gutter...And then I learned a new word to describe me. Byuntae! I am definitely a Byuntae!
  11. Even if ratings in Korea are not superb, I hope they can see how much love the show is getting overseas. Just look at those YT views and comments. Lots and lots of love.
  12. #heartflutteringpecks hehehe I hope we get something new soon, be it BTS or spoilers for our finale. Time is moving slow again, but I also don't want it to move fast cuz I don't want our lovely drama to end!
  13. @cantbreathe I'm with you dear! I am definitely contributing to the YT views hahah. I told my friend who has a really big TV that I'll be coming over tomorrow to watch YT clips on it. I'm not telling him what kind of clips though. He will just shake his head at me. I'm glad you all understand!
  14. have they released the song that played during all the kissing at the end? if not, i hope they do! i really like it! it sounds like a lot of english lyrics too, but hard to tell exactly.