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  1. turtlegirl

    [Drama 2018] Are You Human Too?, 너도 인간이니

    Try Instagram for clips. I can usually find some on there. Too busy @ work right now though. Thanks everyone for the updates, much appreciated!! Sounds like things are gonna get crazy! I just want NSIII and SB to be happy together
  2. turtlegirl

    [Drama 2018] Are You Human Too?, 너도 인간이니

    Reading the recaps from today, my heart is breaking for NSIII He's so sweet and lovable and perfect. So Bong you must stay by him and protect him and love him, please!!
  3. turtlegirl

    [Drama 2018] Are You Human Too?, 너도 인간이니

    Oh no. I finally started this drama and only 4 episodes in and I'm in love with NSIII. This is gonna be tough to watch if he gets hurt or worse in the end
  4. After seeing the clips from today, I am super frustrated just like everyone else. Did anyone here watch Evergreen? I had to drop that after Ep. 12 because the writer ruined it. I think the same thing is happening with this one I can't have any fun now with the OTP cuz I will be thinking YC is a jerk for staying with TR for so long if he really had feelings for BR. Grrrrrr.
  5. turtlegirl

    [Drama 2018] Come Here and Hug Me, 이리와 안아줘

    Option 1!! Muak muak, wedding, babies, I'll take it all, bring it on
  6. turtlegirl

    [Drama 2018] Come Here and Hug Me, 이리와 안아줘

    Just got caught up with the latest episodes and the thread. Will share some random thoughts. I don't think psycho dad has a chance of escaping since he is on death row. But I can totally see the older brother getting out. The older brother has definitely turned violent, but I wonder if there's still a bit of hope for him not to become as bad as his father? I dunno. I guess time will tell. Has anyone here heard or read about the Chicago World's Fair serial killer, H.H. Holmes? This guy was about as evil as it gets, yet the only indication from his backstory as to why he turned out the way he did was one incident of childhood bullying. The question of are you born with the brain of a killer is very interesting. I think it's kind of a mixture of nature and nurture. Like Do Jin tells the reporters, many of his father's own victims had rough upbringings or hard lives, yet they didn't become killers. I dont buy it as an excuse either. Another interesting case recently has been the Parkland high school shooting here in Florida where I live. After the killer was arrested, his public defender was seen giving him a hug, and she spoke out that he was like a scared little child and felt remorse for what he did. People thought, how can you show sympathy towards a killer? I don't really know because I don't think I could. But this lawyer obviously thought he deserved pity because he had a screwed up brain and a horrible upbringing which led him to commit mass murder. It also came out that the killer has been receiving tons of love letters from teenage girls who feel sorry for him because his home life sucked and he was bullied, etc. I think that is pretty sick and personally I don't have sympathy for him, but it is interesting to note how many people do. Also interesting that serial killers become so famous. Maybe some of them do it for the fame and attention. Going back to H.H. Holmes, he was able to lure his victims with his charm. He was described by many who knew him as the most charming man they ever met. I think step mom definitely got sucked in by psycho dad's charm. I feel sorry for her, but also anger when she left NM alone with the dad instead of protecting him too. And her words, "you have his blood in you" so I can't take you with me, like dang, a stab in the heart. I hope she can atone for her past mistakes and be part of NM/DJ healing. Can't wait for Wednesday to come and our OTP face to face meeting. It's going to be so heartbreaking but I also think relieving to see them have each other again.
  7. turtlegirl

    [Drama 2018] Come Here and Hug Me, 이리와 안아줘

    Hey guys! I want to jump in on this thread cause I watched the first 4 episodes last night and thought they were perfect, beautiful and creepy all at once. The children actors are brilliant. I have watched NDR's previous two dramas (Just Between Lovers and Radio Romance)...he is great! Really don't know much about our 2 main leads, but I'm excited to get to know them as actors! What scene has been y'alls favorite so far, or maybe I should say what scene has had the most impact on you? The scene in the basement with the dog locked up in the cage really shook me. The dad is so sinister and creepy, eeeeks. I hope nothing happens to the dog, but of course I have a bad feeling, even though he was saved this time. Really curious to see how their siblings turn our in the present day. You've got NDR's character (sorry I haven't quite got a hold of everyone's name in the show so far) who is sweet and caring, but his brother is a little gangster. Though with the brother, even though he seems like he could take after the dad, he also seems to have a good side to him, like when he walked with the little sister, even though she said to leave her be. So I wonder how he will be as an adult...a criminal or not, hmmm. Also, how much do you think the 2 boys know about their dad at this point? They seem to both have their suspicions, but I wonder how far those suspicions go. I don't think our main lead knows as much as the older brother, but he definitely knows his dad is dangerous. Does anyone know if we will get scenes with the dad in the present day, like with him in prison? Ahh, so much to think about!!
  8. I'm all on board the SP and DSW train, so long as the writer does it right. I agree that so far, something feels slightly off. It was a little strange how SP went from yelling at her basically saying I hate you, to suddenly running to her with the romantic music in the background. I feel like SP's character needs to be fleshed out a bit more. I don't like seeing only this bitter, angry side to him. Hopefully, he starts to loosen up, and the romance is slow in its growth. That said, I think they'd make a cute couple. So @icyphoenix you are not alone haha
  9. Just had to comment how cute this short drama was! Hope more people are encouraged to watch it! The little hedgehog is so cute too lol
  10. Man I had high hopes for the finale. But sadly it was just awful. Super disappointed. What happened??
  11. Haven't commented yet but following this show & absolutely adore Yoo Ri and Oh Soo together I think it's a good sign the final scene is at the beach. Because in ep 12 Yoo Ri said she wants to go to the ocean w/ Oh Soo I fully expect issues to be resolved and a sweet finale at the beach w/ hopefully some kisses and maybe even a proposal. That said, I sure hope they don't draw out the angst and sadness for too long...hehe
  12. Does anyone know the answer to this... So if I pre-order the DVD and it reaches the max. number for production, but then they decide not to add subtitles, can we cancel our order? I really want the DVD and am willing to spend the $$, but if it isn't subbed, I don't want to put that kind of cash down and not be able to get it back. what to do.....
  13. Is there a tutorial on how to preorder for English speakers? I really want the DVD!