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  1. Does anyone feel like they've gone through an actual breakup this past week? Like, at first, I was super angry. Then I was in denial. Then I was so sad. And finally last night I decided to watch episode 12 with subs and accept it. But of course I don't want to accept it for too long. Like, till the end of episode 13 works well for me. As for the spoilers for the web novel...some people complained that it looks like JS moves on just fine after the break up. But from the spoilers we know that it's opposite. She is actually the one to keep pursuing him to reconcile. Personally, I give mad props to her. If my boyfriend told me he'd always be there for me, took me to see my favorite movie in a rented out theatre, then dumped me?? I'd be like.... And peace out on his a**. Jus' saying. As for the rest of the spoilers...there is a LOT to cover in just 4 episodes that we have left. I say let's cut out like half those legal woes for poor JR. And then I be like, HEY PRODUCERS: And we all know what that is
  2. Outside restaurant, JS is calling him. She hears the ring. He is running up to meet her. Well , he is smiling at least. He picks her up. They go to an empty movie theatre. To watch Roman Holiday. During the movie, JR watches her. Mood still seems sad. Ugh!!! Take her to a movie then break up with her, really ?!?!?! I'm done . Yeah he dumping her . Stupid !!! Preview - they are separated. Doing their own thing. But thinking about each other lots. JS crying while filming cuz she misses him.
  3. Cut to what seems to be a farewell party for JS. Everyone is there, except JR. They are all looking for him. JR what are you doing! You better show up for her farewell party. I am getting upset y'all....... JS texting for JR. There's some awkward stuff between mama's boy and Dan but I can't enjoy it. I'm too upset. One of the interns reads an article out loud about her new drama. Boss starts crying from happiness . She's explaining it's a romantic comedy. Dan goes into bathroom. Runs into mama's boy on the way out. They keep walking into each other. Suddenly she pushes him against the wall and says something. Sexual tension.
  4. Morning at law firm. They are reading about JR and JS. Oh when did they find Out? When did the news find Out? Lawyer Boss confronts him with the article. He admits I think to everything, that they're dating. I think he does don't hold me to it. JR goes into his office and JS is there on the phone. Maybe cuz the news about them broke, there is going to be a problem? JR seems down. I hope he's not thinking of being stupid! Why he acting so cold? Now he's in the break room. Boss tells him to come to my office. In his office, they are looking at videos of JS. Her chocolate commercial, her at awards show. Is he gonna try and convince them to break up too?? Grrrr. JR looks sad some more. Now he's on the rooftop. Remembering their times together. Ok think he's remembering all the times she talked about how much she loved acting. But why does he have to break up with her just cuz she's an actress ?
  5. Cut to her ceo and manager meeting with Always boss. Guess discussing everything. Whatever law boss is spewing about is confusing her ceo. He's mad about what happened to JS and I think is telling at her ceo about it. Now her ceo is spewing off some stuff. Manager is just sitting there and sighing. Cut to JR driving JS home again lol. It's there favorite spot. He waves her in. And gets a call. From her manager. Here comes the stupid, y'all! Don't fall for it JR!! They are meeting and talking about JS. No translation needed. He gonna tell JR to break up with her ... blahblahgrrrrawwwrrr I get the manager really does care about JS but he needs to understand how much JR cares about and loves her too. They playing sad bg music. JR is responding. Not sure what he says though. Cut to JS in her bed playing with her hedgehog. She texts JR who is sitting in his car thinking things over. Now he's in his bed thinking things over. Stop thinking JR this doesn't seem good. Commercials.
  6. SW and YR out having dinner. When they paying the lady I think she's making cute couple comments. To make them all awkward ofc. Well whatever was being said it made them laugh after. They are talking out in the street now. SW opening up some. Guess about his feelings for her still. Cut to JR and JS eating at his place. Cuteee they play jenga after they eat. Each block has a date written on it I guess. JR had to make a cute face. He distracted her before making it. Then she had to take a cute selfie together with him. They are being sooo cute right now!! Omg so cuteeeeee. They even doing a cute pinky promise about something. JR loses eventually and the tower falls down.
  7. Cut to JR and JS sitting on the couch trying to figure out what to do. Her stomach growls. JR seems to say something surprising. Is he gonna cook? She follows him to the fridge. There's like no food at all lol. He calls SW about something. Oh he's looking for something in particular. He has to ask SW where it is. Lol I dunno what but JR is flustered about it. Guess they're gonna go out. She goes to his room and picks out a jacket to wear. She sees his lipstick. He says lip balm and puts some on. She says I could use some and reaches up and lightly kisses him. Cute. Cut to them at the market getting food. Cute date. They end up at a stall where the lady seems to recognize her. Her poster is up at the stall. JR quickly pays her and they scurry off. Commercial
  8. Manager and JS are driving now. Talking about drama I guess and maybe JR. Think manager is gonna start planting seeds of doubt in her head about her relationship with JR. Grrr. JS sends JR a text. Everyone at law firm is heading out to the elevators. I suspect it's time for all the reporters. Yup, they go down and there are all the reporters. They crowd around asking about JS and her new drama. JS walks in. JR spots her and gets her out before the reporters notice. Cut to prosecutors office. SW is there, talking to one of the assistants about something. Out walks YR. She seems in a good mood. Cut to JR and JS going into JR's place. Guess time for JS to confess and apologize for not telling him about the drama. But he hugs her and tells her it's ok. Aww sweet JR. But JS doesn't seem happy. Maybe she thinks she doesn't deserve it. JR being sweet though. JS gets a phone call. Now JR gets one. He answers. It's the boss I think. Guess just checking up on them. Cut to some of the law firm peeps minus mama's boy and Dan eating lunch talking about JS. Boss seems to be staying some awkward stuff lol I dunno.
  9. They are out eating. He is pondering to himself over her. She actually seems calm and collected compared to him this time. She stands up and walks off suddenly. He is talking to himself. Maybe she rejected him lol that'd be funny. I dunno. JR pulls up to JS place. I'm surprised she wants to stay there after everything. She starts kissing his hand but there's the manager watching them. She admits that they're dating. She is like a 15 year old being pulled away by her father lol. She looks at him from behind the gate like she's being imprisoned from seeing her love awww. Manager is scolding her inside now. She is insisting she likes him. She's getting a little pouty. Manager not happy. Don't be an a** manager. Next day, she's meeting the drama people, along with her ceo and manager. Guess this is where they're gonna offer her the role. I think JS thought she was gonna be dropped so she seems surprised to be offered. She's smiling. Her CEO seems hesitant though. Seems like she wants to do it. Ceo still seems confused that she's agreeing.
  10. Cut to rooftop. She's reading the article again on her phone and tearing up. Cut to the two of them walking in a park. JS talking a lot. They pass by 2 guys who recognize her. More people come up. They are all like you're awesome, fighting. JR steps in and is spewing lawyer stuff. They are like who are you and push him out of the way lol. She signs autographs for them. Now they are having their subway date. They seem to be talking about what happened. I dunno something cute is happening. Lol what are they talking about dang it it seems cute. Cut to law firm at night. Mama's boy is working alone but then he sees superstar Dan there also. Whoa is he totally getting the hots for her now. He's eating a rose petal when she looks up at him and he's all flustered. Now she's talking to herself about him I think. He comes out and I think asks her to go for drinks right now.
  11. Everyone ready? I repeat, we better be ending in kisses and not a break up!! Gotta admit, this OST has me nervous but we'll see.... Begins with JR in his car after seeing JS in, and receiving a call from SW. They talk. He drives off. Sees stalker henchman. Quick races back. Tries calling JS but nothing. Now we see him superman run! Run run JR! He makes it and punches the jerkbag. Don't touch my woman! Cut to police and SW there. Taking away scum in handcuffs. SW asks JR if he's ok. JR goes back inside and sits with JS. She still seems in shock. He takes her hand and reassures her. Next morning, YR watching news about it. Her CEO and manager watching news about it. They are happy. They console each other. Silly. JS arrives at law firm next morning. Everyone comes to talk to her about what happened. They are all concerned for her. Guess no one knows JR saved her. She goes and sits down. JR was already there. He comes out and brings her print outs it looks like of internet comments. Seems he has highlighted all the positive comments and also showing her an article on his phone. Think he wrote comments on it? Not sure but he has made her happy.
  12. I guess I should stop pretending like I have any idea what's going on when I recap lol. I thought for sure JS' drama secret had been revealed to JR and the entire Always staff. Ooops. I hope no one who is reading actually thinks I know what I'm saying From the preview, I think JR finds out when the reporters show up. He has a bit of a shocked look when they are all gathered around screaming questions. I'm torn about whether there will be a separation. At first I'm like no, no way, their relationship has been mature and they have always talked things out. But then I remember other dramas which veered into the land of stupidity in the last few episodes. If it does veer into stupid land, don't worry I have plenty of gifs ready to express myself with. Hopefully we end tomorrow with kissing, not angst *fingers crossed* @Yeojachingudeul I thought the same thing when I didn't see JR doing his superman run. My first thought was there will be another crazy scene tomorrow. But then I remembered the director has cut quite a few scenes. First, the construction cones which I'm still bummed about by the way. Then also wasn't there a preview clip of JR saying to the stalker "JS' problem is my problem now..." ? I don't remember hearing that. So hrmmm guess we'll find out tomorrow. One more thing, it was mentioned that maybe stalker dude was in collusion with someone since we know JR/JS were being watched while stalker was still in the States. But now I think maybe it was just one of his cameramen/henchman who was watching. I'm still awful confused about the case SW is working on and its connection to stalker dude. Is anyone else having trouble following what's going on there?
  13. Cut to JS in bed. She gets up and goes to the office. What is going on? Maybe now she is telling everyone everything herself ?? Or wait...shes going to JR as a client ?? She's handing over a phone and memory card to JR. He drives her home. She's wearing white suit. Is that what she was wearing in the preview when stalker broke into her house? I don't remember. Well we about to find out.....yup she walks inside and he is there!! Oh no!! JR driving off when he sees stalkers driver waiting down the road. He quick u turns back to her place. In her house, stalker is getting closer and closer to her. What a sinister laugh. And he kind of limps too. He starts breaking things in her house and grabs her. Oh whew!! JR comes in last second and saves the day!! He punches stalker and says something , what though ??? Ends! Preview ..... Stalker drama. JS back at law firm. All the couples getting closer. Another date with our cuties. Please be lots of kissing tomorrow, drama gods! Please and thank you! Another great episode! A little melo but also lots of cute scenes still. Can't wait for subs !!
  14. Sorry I hoped for romance scene but it turned kinda sad. Don't be upset with her JR please. Cut to next morning her ceo and always boss meeting about JS and the drama. Guess the news is gonna get dropped to everyone. Yup, boss is telling everyone about it. JS is not there. JR is looking sadly at her empty desk. He's saddddd without her awwwwww. He's meeting a client. Not sure about what. Hrmmm what is going on.......the client is talking a lot and kind of shocking JR. Some intense music playing again. Hrmm cut to SW at prosecutors office. Seems he has uncovered something big....knock knock, JR shows up to see SW. Guess they are teaming up now. Something big is going on and it involves JS too. Dundundun what is going on???
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