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  1. I am not at all disciplined, I just know myself too well! I know I won't be able to control myself once I start and I would hate myself for it later coz I have two assignments due early next week and a bunch of deadlines at work. I get by with whatever Namji's love potion that had been shared on SNS for the time being.
  2. My DVD arrived today and I really wanted to start binge watching but real life is pulling me back real forcefully. I currently have too many assignments, projects and deadlines to indulge myself. I didn't even open the package to resist sweet temptation.
  3. Hi happyheart1 & luvforever, thanks for the advice. I completely forgot that I did not register an account but did a guest checkout then. I was able to retrieve my order history with my order number which I remembered taking a snapshot of. I totally did not received any order confirmation from Innolife when I placed my order last October. Neither was I issued a delivery notification when they shipped. But I am just glad that the DVD arrived this evening at the postal service so hopefully I will be getting hold of it in the days ahead.
  4. Hi heartstringvb, thanks for letting me know. May I know is your order number something like "YearMonthDate"-00000XX? I had a charge on my credit card for this purchase but I can't seem to locate my order now.
  5. Just checking did anyone order their Director's Cut DVD with Innolife and received delivery notification? I ordered with them but still have not heard from them regarding my order. I hope everything is in order.
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