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  1. https://www.asianfanfics.com/story/view/1326174/difficult-love-angst-romance-seungho-sohyun-yooseungho-kimsohyun-shyshycouple LadyW1 continues this ff again my shyshy shipper friends...just in case if any of you don’t know that.
  2. The wife of Sohyun’s CEO liked that post again. She doesn’t follow that ig account but liking two posts there means that she lurked into that account and read those shyshy posts. That says a lot about the status of shyshy imo. What do you guys think? I have not logged into my account here for a while and wow 68 notifications lol. Thank you Thu Le for liking most of my comments lol. I’m curious as to know what you think too.
  3. Thu Le, welcome to shyshy shipper chingu. I love your analysis and observations of shyshy. I, too, felt the same as you. I really believe that Seungho likes her and she also likes him in return. I want to believe that they could be secretly dating and we will never know unless they decided to reveal it to the public themselves or getting caught by dispatch lol. It’s nice to see new members and hope to hear more from you. Please don’t hesitate to share any new insights with us. The more the better lol. Take care and welcome to our shyshy forum.
  4. I agree with @YourHighness . As much as I want shyshy together, I would prefer another drama different from this one. I read there’s only 12 episodes for this Webtoon and it seems to be more of a high school drama so the romance would probably be light rather than heavy. I want shyshy in a drama with intense skinship and romance, hopefully bed scenes now that she’s over age lol. It will be shyshy’s first bed scene onscreen and with each other. I want a drama with more episodes and a good love line that can fill our longings from missing shyshy this much.
  5. I know right!!! It’s almost as if they are giving us hints. There’s just too many coincidences that I don’t know what it is anymore lol. But it sure does make me happy ❤️.
  6. It’s about time Sohyun changed her profile picture lol. She looks so beautiful and elegant in that picture.
  7. @izzri Your English is perfect chingu so don’t hesitate to share your thoughts and opinions about shyshy couple with us. I agree with you as well about everything. They were attracted to each other and fate brought them together again for Ruler. However, even then she was still an underage so anything Seungho do could have been used against him so he had no choice but to be cautious. Even with that, they couldn’t hide what they felt for each other. It is pretty obvious when they’re together because their interactions show how they felt about each other. While watching their Ruler vlive, I got the impression that they were dating and all the bts and Seungho’s infamous statement about them after the adlib hug seemed to support it but there’s really no knowing the truth about it because they’re very private people. I do hope they will reunite for another modern drama and then afterwards we get to hear the good news of them dating...(fingers crossed). My hopes about them are high due to the many coincidences and connections that link them together even to this day. So it is up to to them to decide and we will just have to be patient and continue to support them in the meantime.
  8. @rachel98 I agree with you chingu. I actually think there was attraction from both sides. However since Sohyun was still very young here, I’m assuming that Seungho may just look ar her and think she was very pretty, cute, and innocent but probably nothing more. I also think Sohyun may have a crush on him as well but due to her being so young, it may have just been an innocent crush. However, I do think this first encounter may have a long lasting impression on them because Seungho continued to talk about it throughout his time during Ruler and even after in various interviews.
  9. @MsSubak I couldn’t agree more with you chingu. Cable TV means less restrictions and the possibility of a reward vacation where they can be together sounds really good to me and Seungho as well lol. Seungho and all shyshy shippers would greatly be appreciated of that lol.
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