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  1. Just to remind Wang So and HaeSoo. Analyzing everything I read here soompi, until page 800, I believe in the chingus in its analyzes, information and its investigations. Honestly, I believe Joonu is together. God bless.
  2. Does anyone know the meaning of the emoji that the king has posted?
  3. Thank you all for this ship that loves and supports Joonu like me. My instagram is Joongiiu. Thanks @ summer2017 for sending my post above. I'm glad that both the king and the queen are happy, let's sow love like them. Discord and hatred get nowhere, the worst remedy for the spirit is hatred. I am on this ship because I have met people who truly love JG and JE, who wish the best for both and mainly believe that there is a relationship of love or friendship, but it is real and sincere. Chingus, we're going to stay on this ship until he sinks or we go on a new cruise with Mr. and Mrs. Lee (married). Once again thank you to all the staggers of Joonu. Let's post and celebrate with praise the second anniversary of Moon Lovers.
  4. My delulu says they hear and comment on the song together. hahahahahahaha
  5. Chingu, what are you referring to, becoming obvious? explain better
  6. Who will be this house with the initials of JEL (LEJ)? Is it a LEJ family home? my delulu hahahahaha
  7. I think JG knew she was not his queen because he just liked it and did not comment. He must have liked that a fan of the queen liked and commented on his ig. And, of course, the queen also knows the fan comment, the king showed the queen (my delulu). I also think the background music Moon Lovers, JG is saying something, maybe he wants us to make a request again for the second season of Moon Lovers, two dramas of him after Moon Lovers that he puts the same song, maybe he is asking the fans to make the petition for the second season) lol.
  8. This video when JG sings and forgets the lyrics, someone claps, JG says something and that someone says (huhuhu). Who do you think Chingus is? My delulu says it's Jieun. lol
  9. Of course I will not stop posting, after all my instagram is Joongiiu. I laughed a lot Let's stay on this strong and firm ship (either it sinks or we'll get to the destination we want, so we wait (MY DELULU)
  10. is what JG wanted more action. That's right, because the synopsis of drama is "action."
  11. I agree. I understand the queen because she is not posting on her ig, if she promote the king the antis will hate and attack her. I am sad that Joonu can not love freely. Some fans are selfish, without feelings (they do not love?) OMG sometimes I do not believe in certain attitudes and selfish fanaticism. I'm a little bit away from the instagram for having so many disappointments, but I will continue to send, loving and praying for our Joonu couple. Chingu, if you make a hidden group, I want to participate (because we can express what we think and feel). Thanks to all chingus.
  12. I agree, I think after the praises of Steven Adams praising JE, today JG posts thanking international fans (thus: I am still here I am the king, do not touch my queen, international fans defend me) hahahaha my delulu
  13. thanks chingus for the opinion of each one, sorry really was a silly and childish jealousy. In the background, I wish the best for JG and Jieun. I wish everyone would continue to support each other when a chingu is drowning (as it happened now). We will not stop posting at least when the time comes, post something for our ship to continue sailing to its destination. I've heard some comment that JG sometimes reads soompi, if he really reads what we posted, right? Thanks again everyone. I will be firm and I will continue to send my only couple.
  14. thank you chingu, I'm confused because many fans believe that it was only to promote the drama that JG posted this video. As it is the first time I shippo a couple in dramas, I was very upset - haha ha. I do not know what's going to happen now, I hope the queen is well. Now, if he does to the queen what he did to HB, he will lose. Looks like the ship is sinking no chingu seems to comment.
  15. I agree with you, shippo the two since 2017 thinking they were together, the two gave us many crumbs mainly JG. I do not know what's going on for JG to post this video, we can only know after the drama is over. Old fans of JG and IU believe, that JG is just promoting the drama.I'm confused.