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  1. I was very excited when I heard JG singing this song. This video of the two makes me believe that their friendship is deep. For me it's a feeling that comes from the heart. I really love this couple. I am prepared for the positive and the negative. I hope the positive hahahahaha
  2. You said November of what year? Because I read some of the JG interviews and he mentioned that he had depression, not just him, but other Korean actors have already gone into depression. The life of a Korean artist is very depressing from overwork, having to live his hidden love, also has the side of success that many end. JG was not happy last year, we know the reason. This year JG and Jieun are so happy it conveys to our hearts the happiness of both. I'm happy for both of them and I hope from the bottom of my heart to continue so they deserve.
  3. Sorry Xingu, I agree on parts .I'm sure Joonu's fans were voting because they wanted to see them together in the pemiação. In my opinion, some fans who are not Joonu may not have voted not to want to see them together. I have a vow of dawn, due to the agenda of my country. And if you check my instagram (Joongiiu) you will see that I posted to vote for JG. Sorry for the late reply, I was out of connection with soompi.
  4. Chingus, the queen is in the first place in the AAA vote, I really wish the two would win this award. So we have to vote more at JG. Let's vote, just download the application - (TUTORIAL) How to vote for IDLE for Asia Artist Awards (AAA) 2018. ...........let's vote JG every day, you get 2 votes, click on the 3 vote, go to a page by clicking on the second option to watch 10 videos, you get another 10 votes to vote for JG. We can not leave it at the last minute, vote.Please.. -
  5. I also really want the two of them to do a drama together and to appear one in the concert of the other, if possible with a duet.
  6. Fluffy, he practices Jiu Jitsu - she Yoga. JG is so concerned about his queen, the moment she went to practice her Yoga, he asked her if she was not going to fall, then he stands behind her, in case she falls he will hold her. OMG is beautiful JG and JIEUN.
  7. IU went to watch the play at KHN at the army theater. I heard from some fans that she and KHN in the army that the two have already been seen several times. IU celebrated its 10th anniversary with KHN. Chingus Is it true? I was saddened by the news (excuse my sincerity). And the night I dreamed about that iu and jg took over the novel, but I can not remember the rest of the dream
  8. Chingus - I want to change the name of my profile soompi to the name of my profile instagram (Joongiiu) how do I change?
  9. I'm glad to hear that the old stargazes are coming back, I hope the captain shows up too, have the pleasure of knowing you. After the posting of the king and the queen enjoying.This ship is sailing with the table full of cakes of the second anniversary (Moon Lovers).
  10. I'm happy, King thanking the fans the posts of the second birthday Moon Lovers, soon in following queen liked the king's post. The two connected in the same minute. Recalling that the King did not post anything on the anniversary of his other dramas which was also in August. We can consider friends as crumbs?
  11. 1º scenes - one of my favorite scenes. The looks it is deep . 2ª scene favorite - I LOVE
  12. Just to remind Wang So and HaeSoo. Analyzing everything I read here soompi, until page 800, I believe in the chingus in its analyzes, information and its investigations. Honestly, I believe Joonu is together. God bless.
  13. Does anyone know the meaning of the emoji that the king has posted?
  14. Thank you all for this ship that loves and supports Joonu like me. My instagram is Joongiiu. Thanks @ summer2017 for sending my post above. I'm glad that both the king and the queen are happy, let's sow love like them. Discord and hatred get nowhere, the worst remedy for the spirit is hatred. I am on this ship because I have met people who truly love JG and JE, who wish the best for both and mainly believe that there is a relationship of love or friendship, but it is real and sincere. Chingus, we're going to stay on this ship until he sinks or we go on a new cruise with Mr. and Mrs. Lee (married). Once again thank you to all the staggers of Joonu. Let's post and celebrate with praise the second anniversary of Moon Lovers.