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  1. Coincidence, I asked the queen to appear at the ig, a few hours she posted. Seems her work schedule does not permit her to go to China. And also take time to stay with the king. My delulu Beautiful and sad story ... Congratulations Jieun
  2. Chingus, the queen has disappeared, I'm missing her. Does anyone know why the queen did not go to China with her team?
  3. Not sure, it seems that the event that JG was in, is in the same place as the fanmeet IU. Someone has how to search
  4. Obviously the celebration is with her, while she is with her fans, he does exercise, he is not inconspicuous, as I am happy, the angels say amen ... Thanks JG for the piece of Jieun birthday cake.
  5. Imagine if you do crossover My lord and lawyer without law, OMG.
  6. chingus, I stayed jealous the king praising his co-star, l thought as the queen was feeling. Queen still disappears Queen where are you?
  7. JG with sore throat. hahahaha...King is smart, knows everything. knowing that her queen advertises remedy for pain, was soon anticipating the queen's announcement.Advice for your sore throat, kiss the queen a lot.
  8. Chingu, sometimes a bucket of cold water is good, when we are not realistic. I thought about the possibility to happen to JE what happened JHB (referring to the fans), just for me JG never dated JHB there is evidence of this boyfriend? For me it was an invention of JHB, I found JHB opportunistic, although I did not know, I met this person after the publications. Since JG has confirmed nothing, just a supposed letter. Would a person who confessed their relationship in a letter be sad on their birthday? flirted and praised his co-star? Would you be upset when the reporter asked about your girlfriend at your conference? If it were true, JG would be in love, after all the dating was revealed, marking the wedding. I laughed a lot I think a JE woman standing on the floor, read the interview that was quoted above (tumblr)> As I said above JE is a woman who has no reaction, is not spreading her love, will be why? If JG is just wanting to please Joonu, he will lose. He is an adult, an adult, to know that every action has a reaction and every cause has a consequence. Of course, if this is not true, or if it is true and nothing happens, we, Joonu, will feel very sad. I'm going to get off the boat and get out of the doramas. Sorry for my English . Sorry everyone.
  9. I got to comment here about what they were talking about chemistry JG and the co-star, I was very worried and heavy heart. Talking to other Joonu shippers and analyzing the situation. Seeing the photos of JG and co-star, I saw that JG does not look in the eyes of the co-star, his eyes are only professional cold. I think JG saw that his Joonu loaders were worried about this chemistry, and also worried about JE. JG sent the food truck to SK's JE, FM sang Everyday with backup IU, FM Japan sings For You with the filming JG and JE (SHR), wears his brand, JE-like vest. What JG is saying: you can talk about chemistry is my profession, but the woman I love ardently is JE. People! JG screams all the time the woman he is in love with (I can be wrong or being delulu) . We do not know until when JG will be able to handle, maybe JE is still insecure, JE does not demonstrate anything. I think that's what we shippers are still indecisive. I'm sorry for those who do not agree, it's just my heart speaking. We continue to pray for the anti-fans to accept JE as JG together. Kisses Kisses...
  10. Thank you for the strength, I was needing, my heart was very tight.
  11. I'm happy now . I confess when JG posted her photos of Marie Claire along with her co-star, I was very sad thinking how the queen would be. Sorry the outburst was what I felt.
  12. Does anyone know the meaning of hitting the person's head in South Korea?
  13. 96/5000 All dramas JE had chemistry with its protagonists. video I watched and fell in love, he looks at her like a little sister.video 5 the actor KH fell in love with JE, his look is a boy in love but not sure. lol . video 6 - the look was warmer. JG fell in love first, his look and his expressions were strong and striking, JE did not resist this look of man and fell in love (still undecided with his feelings), currently I do not know. video 7 - are like father and daughter, a man who protects a helpless orphan. My look may be delulu, my heart is not, I still believe there is love in this couple (JG and JE). I wait time to say, even with a tight heart. Sorry about my English 72/5000 72/5000 72/5000 72/5000 96/5000
  14. I also think so. 2017 was a year of turbulence for JG, How he said this year is from the dog. Many blessings to the Lee Lee couple.