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  1. I love uri Jiyunnie’s hanbok hair!! It’s curled or flat depending on the occasion. Just
  2. Wow.. both image and caption... so true btw, have they finished filming? Uri hyunnie going back to school?
  3. I had to drag this post in... it made me understood what Hyunnie said, “because you looked at me beautifully”.. wookie’s expressions are really powerful i miss them
  4. It’s world cup season ladies.. i wonder how our captain will be getting access to the matches but i’m sure the army men have their ways.. any chance he will be getting another break?
  5. @ptp321 yes.. the words over says bangchigu.. poor thing *emoticon* there was an instagram acc who captured their conversation.. bang complained on wookie’s inst - 32 yet still behaving like that, could you pls live more up-rightly? yv replied that jcw is really a naughty child, joking like that. And yv also to bang, that the soldier’s legs are strong. Hahaha looks like they had a soccer game last night and this happened..
  6. Took a peek at Tae Joon's Exit. Bang-gi-chang nim is there too!! only as an extra. In the DVD-cut, PD-nim said in the casting interview that Bang-gi-chang was supposed to die. But the audience and everyone loved him too much. He really had a lot of love with our changwookie.
  7. @achinawa i just watched the commentary too.. and I swear banggichang the actor is on a shipper. He has the grin plastered on his face throughout the entire screening. The same silly grin i wear when i’m watching Sp/bts/fanvids for the 2689th time.. *hopeless*
  8. I cannot. I cannot believe our captain is out. And only a post on rain. Need to see a face....
  9. here's my contribution to the BTS writeups. I really understand our chingus who said the couch scene BTS is gold. There are lots of skinship here. Perhaps "shameless" started here, because PDnim was prompting "thick skinly thick skinly" to Hyunnie, as required by the script. Hyunnie took a lot of initiative with the setup of the whole scene, and was always laughing with the PDnims throughout the BTS. She's also very aware of her surrounding people.. She'd be talking to one PDnim, receiving comments or instructions from the other PD, watching out for Wookie's reactions and suggestions. She's like an octopus with many communicating tentacles. Wookie, on the other hand, was initially looking serious, subdued. It almost feels as if he was not used to Hyunnie's way of going in and out of character every other second. Hyunnie would be rehearsing then laughing then rehearsing then laughing.. like have a split personality.. but of cos during the shot she will get it right. but towards the end of this BTS, it seems like Wookie was completely at ease with that style of that and going in and out of character laughing as well, trying out new moves. Hyunnie was having a cough and Wookie asked if she's ok with a very gentle voice (not 100% sure since it was very soft) It's here that I saw the beginning of Wookie pulling Hyunnie up. To pull her up he had to reach for her from her arms to her elbows then to her palm... *evil grin*
  10. but wookie was not there? unless they really know how to keep to the script