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  1. @lu09 I can't figure out much without sub today except that AR is beginning to suspect who NJ really is. I guess the writers are dropping a hint when they show the 2 cuties eating pizza with their left hands. I agree that Chan is the smarter kid. He understands the gross content of the video and backs away from SHo when he appears. DoRi doesn't seem much affected by it. NJ just irks me with his smirk. Wish he were killed by AR...or vice versa. Once AR confirms NJ is her son, I believe she will protect him, as a replacement for DK. SHo will be in deep trouble. Ep 53 spoiler: (use this link for all future spoilers)
  2. @lu09 @Ameera Ali I crack up seeing AR lifting the (hunting?) rifle off the wall. This drama is really unpredictable. Possessing a gun is either prohibited or restricted in S. Korea. What's more that it's loaded with ammo and displayed openly. On a serious note, AR finally gets to experience the misery of losing her child. She did that to her SIL by dumping SHo on the road without feeling remorseful. I wonder if NJ will tell AR he is her son at gunpoint? He doesn't look ready for it.
  3. @Ameera Ali I too feel that NJ's revenge on AR doesn't justify what she has done. Carrying a baby for 10 months isn't an easy task for a start. It's obviously wrong for AR to abandon him for a luxurious life but she might be suffering from post-natal depression then. NJ had his dad to love and look after him for about 10 years before he met with the worksite accident. NJ blaming AR for his death is ridiculous. His dad could die in an accident even if AR were living with them. NJ met AR at his dad and grandpa's wake. He didn't acknowledge her and she couldn't recognise him. If AR had known he's her child, she might support him in some way. But NJ didn't give AR a chance to make up to him but simply got jealous with DK1 and vowed to revenge on AR. There are many single parents on earth. It will be chaotic if everyone thinks like NJ...to revenge on the other parent.
  4. @UnniSarah @Ameera Ali I am left-handed too and I automatically learnt to write with my right hand in elementary sch because that's what everyone else was doing. It's the only skill I've acquired using my right hand. My old-school BIL forced my left-handed nephew to use his right hand for everything when he was a toddler. I disagreed but couldn't do much as we didn't meet often. Things seemingly point to SH & SHo having twins but SH's mum shows she has only one grandkid. Esther treats DoRi like her own as she risks her life to get him before escaping. AR also mumbles that if DoRi is Esther's bio kid, she will go for him before she runs away. Could NJ be the one behind the switches but what is the rationale behind? @lu09 I guess SHo will get to keep Aura Bio in the nick of time as he seems determined to bring NJ down. He has to prove he can be successful in Aura as NJ deliberately asks him if 'he can work with delirium condition' in the presence of chairman in the previous ep. Searching for preview too
  5. SH's mum is really a pain in the neck. She is always making major decisions on her own without consulting the family. Planning to marry SH off to NJ 'in the next spring' is also in her list previously. This ep, she is seen telling SHo off to prevent further mishap on SH probably. She is a very tough nut to crack as she doesn't listen and always screams to disagree on issues when she can't even make any good decision.
  6. SH's mum was behind the adoption and there's only 1 kid involved. She didn't collaborate with Esther but it didn't mean Esther is innocent. This ep is so 'verbal' and I can't make out most of the stuff they say. AR seems to make a pact with Esther, probably to keep it a secret.
  7. @O Hi & welcome O! What a cute nickname You make me recall SH mum's suspicion about SHo being the illegitimate child of vice-chairman and hence was abandoned by AR. She went to AR about the necklace and the note and the latter went to her shop to inquire about it too. This is a big issue so why is she not telling her family when she's such a big-mouth woman and there's SHo's lineage concerned? She can't be so nonchalant when SH & SH's dad have already told her about the possible switch of SHo & DK1. But this is a k-drama... shouldn't use too much logic in it
  8. Yeah, Lee Soo Ho fighting! I hate NJ smirk too, his looks, his heavy breathing, his cobra skin printed coat and everything! The slap from SH & the punch from SHo is far from enough, although better than none . I wish to see more of that coming and way beyond how Esther is slowly being punished and begging around for forgiveness.
  9. I've just watched ep49 with sub. SH's mum gets highly agitated when her family talks about SH's 'dead' child. She is definitely hiding something. She ever tells SH she hates SHo for his disappearance and to accept NJ. She may have thought the child will be a burden esp SH were to remarry. But why do Esther and that adoptive mum find each other familiar? Smart SH is able to deduce that the USB could be with Chan's adoptive mum. It will be quite a while before they meet again. SHo wants Esther back to slowly punish her and possibly to gather new evidence from this dumb woman. NJ knows SHo is aware of his crime but lacks evidence but he is unsure if SHo has gotten his memory back. NJ is a scholar while SHo is a doctor. It will be interesting to see how they plot and outsmart each other in the following episodes.
  10. The medicine container with the USB is now with Chan's mummy. Hope she doesn't swallow it accidentally as she looks like the dramatic kind. Maybe little Chan is the one who finally discovers it and puts the villains, who inflict the massive sufferings on his parents, behind bars. The voice recorder is repaired and DoRi itchy fingers open the box and play it. Now it is in AR's hand. (I will be puzzled if the housekeeper doesn't inform DK2 he has a parcel delivered to him upon his discharge from hospital so that he knows something is missing). AR will be in mourning stage in next ep after listening to the recorder and runs another DNA test with negative result. I wonder if she will announce it or keep secret since DK2 is her trump card to take over Aura. Game over if chairman knows DK1 is dead. Also, vice chairman might own up that SHo is his nephew when he finds out that his son is dead.
  11. @dulceres @shaking50 AR's dad was a former director of Aura Group. He was either framed or volunteered as a scapegoat for corporate crime and died in prison. Hence AR is determined to get Aura back & probably due to her own greed too. Dori & Chan are so adorable. But somehow I prefer the mushroom hair Chan more. He's very smart and independent. SH&SH will be so pleased to claim him back. The problem is what will happen to the mummy?
  12. The Chinese words in the paper is read as pawnshop receipt. Me too, and NJ actually let SH leave after the long convo.
  13. I am SUPER HAPPY that Soo Ho & San Ha finally meet in the library or bookstore where they keep their secret love message between the pages of a book. . Nothing else matters but that moment of hug and tears... I don't know what NJ screams at SH about in the mental hospital but he certainly needs to check himself in as he looks so psychotic. I am also very curious what Esther is up to when she brings a receipt found in SHo's wallet to a pawn shop and DK1 dad appears inside the shop staring unhappily at her. Like many chingus here, I really love the writers for the many pleasant surprises after experiencing some heartaches.
  14. Hi Chingus! I haven't finished watching ep 46 with eng sub coz it's loading at snail speed. But I've watched ep 47 without sub. SHo has regained his memory and he is in much emotional pain. He calls SH Hp. The boy picks up and later passes to SH dad. He addresses SH dad as father-in-law , I think, but the Hp battery goes flat. SH dad realises SHo remembers who he is now, I think. SHo also calls NJ angrily which I am hoping he will keep it as a secret to gather more evidence. SHo seems to be in a state of confusion in the presence of his family, NJ & Esther. I guess he thinks that pretending to be in amnesia is the best way to trap NJ & Esther? Not sure though. The security guard overhears the conversation between NJ & Esther at the stairwell and informs SHo. NJ henchman makes SH unconscious. I think NJ feels that she shouldn't meet up with SHo. I hope they don't send her to a mental institute to be locked up. @mel22 May I have the link for ep 48 preview please? TIA.
  15. I love this ep! Esther is trying to frame SH with AR's pearl necklace, I guess, but ends up being handcuffed and brought to the police station. I enjoy watching how she begs for forgiveness at home but is thrown out of the house despite using Dori as a shield. Yay finally! SH's HP has been swapped with a stranger. Will she miss an important call, perhaps from the surgeon or the voice recorder repairman? DK2 wakes up upon hearing SH's voice. Will he remember that he's SHo?
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