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  1. I too joined the rewatching team LOL. Not super hardcore though, only on episode 2 right now hehe. My excuse is to learn more Korean. And what better way to do it from a great show and good looking cast Maybe CEW is also taking time to watch. I think he wasn't able to watch many of the episodes because of his schedule. It's fun to see his members mimic some of his lines I'm so glad they support his work!
  2. @icyphoenix awww thank you for sharing so many handsome photos of CEW!
  3. omo they're all so cute hahah. I loved the part when ISH was asking CEW when MR's bday was and he just smiled and couldn't answer..LOL Also his manner legs.. MDH is tiny next to CEW hahah Awww that was a nice treat to see.. it's Friday and there's no episode but at least there was a vlive!!
  4. Awww.. will it be reposted? Missed it.. was too busy studying Korean!! Dammit! Was literally sitting in front of my computer and missed all their live cuteness haha
  5. OMO how cute is he hahaha I love how he's dorky yet so adorableeee
  6. I watched that too and I think CEW really accomplished that. I've watched their YouTube subscriber count grow since this drama started and they're almost at a million now! More and more people are aware of ASTRO and I hope he feels proud of himself that all the hard work, lack of sleep, even missing events with his brothers wasn't all for nothing. That's so sweet that ISH said she's really liking Rainbow Falling lately, and even played it on her vlive. CEW also played it on his vlive hehe. I have no desire right now to even watch a new drama.. I'd rather just repeat this one!!!
  7. We aren't ready to move on yet.. and when we see photos of the trip, it will further make us harder to move on haha! I haven't been this attached to a drama for awhile now! I'm still listening to all the OST songs! I wonder when the vacation will be? Sept 30 CEW needs to be in NYC for the K Expo! I would have gone if all the ASTRO hi-touch group photo sessions weren't all sold out! And he also needs to be at the Worlds Friends Music Festival on Oct 9 which i kind of want to go to as I will be in S Korea during that time!!
  8. @JEMRIE LMAO I almost spat out my bubbletea after reading that IG post!!! Speaking on behalf of so many girls out there LOL!! @pad-hari OMO those gifs are too gosh darn cute. Their playfulness is so fun to watch, I wish we could see all of them!! The grosshopper one was way too funny! CEW is such a big tease. He's such an interesting guy to watch and I honestly love all the ASTRO vlogs because they always seem like they're doing something fun together. Can I work as their staff member? Slave? I'll do anything!! I wonder if ISH was this emotional with other dramas she's done.. I never bothered to follow bts stuff for her other dramas. I'd be sad too if I were her.. It's like when you graduate from high school and everyone goes off to various universities and colleges, and you don't get to see your friends as often anymore and your grow apart! Keeping in touch is also hard work so maybe she's also sad that this may be the height of the level of closeness she's gained with many of the cast members.
  9. YESSSS I think he could play a bad boy.. he just wouldn't be able to smile much otherwise the whole gangster look would dissolve into his natural cute look LOL. The scenes in Gangnam Beauty when he was pissed off (like when he was grabbing onto their coworker for talking crap about MR, or when he chased down stalker boy DW), I think he did a good job with his angry face! His flying kicks all looked so cool In CEW's vlive he was saying how he was so immersed in being KS, he wanted to make NGs towards the end because he didn't want it to end. He also said it feels weird now he's not filming, and that he thinks he'll feel empty for some time. So, he's with us on this one!!
  10. Awww was that supposed to be a dream or something? Due to the style of KS's hair (though I could be wrong) it looked like it was for earlier in the drama before they dated.. sooo.. another one of MR's daydreams? LOL. Maybe it will be part of bonus footage if they release a DVD! I'm not ready to let go either of this drama!! @JEMRIE thanks for sharing that!! I love how they had such sweet words for each other. I think they are all sad that it is over (happy and sad.. happy it performed so well, but sad because they did grow close in the last several months, and parting is such sweet sorrow!)
  11. @coldcucumber So true, he has no bad photos! How is someone this photogenic and beautiful?? @deez04 I agree with many that it can't be just one favourite scene, but rather, scenes!! The couch kiss scene + the lovey dovey scene by the mountains are my top ones. The first kiss scene, although I was knowing it was coming, I didn't expect it to be be so sudden (CEW really did show his namja da side lol!) so it did surprise me, and I literally screamed LOL. I like how he put his shotglass down with force to make a statement. He seems to have a hot temper.. is it odd that I find it hot? (btw, I fully enjoyed the flying kick scenes from him lol!!) The mountain scene in episode 16 was all sorts of cuteness and got my heart fluttering! Plus, any scene where KS was able to flash his big smile is naturally a fave of mine, because I can't resist CEW's smile I've been listening to the OST while doing some work, and I remember that CEW had put on an instrumental version of Rainbow Falling during his recent vlive. I hope they release that.. or maybe it was only for him for the purposes of recording the song Edit: nevermind.. it is available already! yay!!
  12. Slept only 3 hours last night but my tiredness went away as soon as I started watching the finale!! I loved how we still got some uber sweet moments in this last episode.. The mountain scene was soooooo sweet that my teeth started hurting!! I can see why Korean guys don't like K dramas.. guys aren't usually this abnormally sweet LOL. DKS wins the perfect bf award. ISH and CEW did such an amazing job with their chemistry. They're so sweet on and off screen, with their moments of handholding, blanket sharing, hair fixing.. and their friendly bantering! I can't imagine anyone else acting these 2 roles. You can tell that they've gotten close through this drama and I can imagine that they will remain good friends. It will be very memorable for CEW as there were many firsts as an actor for him in this one. I can't believe he is only 21 because he seems so mature when he wants to be (except when he's pranking around with ISH/ASTRO members--but I do love how fun he is!). Here I am thinking, what the heck was I doing when I was 21?? LOL THIS IS THE BEST DRAMA FOR ME OF 2018!!! Thanks for all the shared discussions everyone!! It was so much fun sharing our sentiments and opinions on this drama! I'll still continue lurking here but this drama was seriously so much fun to watch (despite the painful, lengthy Monday to Thursday lulls), and I'll still get a good kick out of it when I'm rewatching!
  13. Finally! His own thread where we can all marvel over this guy! I am sad that Gangnam Beauty is ending, but I know we will see him again soon. All eyes on this guy after he has really started to prove himself as a man of many talents! Plus, there's always ASTRO events/videos to see what he is up to! I love his voice and his super focused look when dancing, so I hope he continues on in ASTRO for many many years to come!
  14. I listened in too.. he was so sweet to do one while he was sick. Probably also probing to see his AROHA's reaction to the kiss episode hehe. Hope he stays healthy!! Looking forward to more sweet scenes in the last episode!! Happy ending for these 2 Maybe another kisseu too!!