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  1. Regarding no Marry me Now next Saturday - bummer, but at least I'll get an extra hour+ of sleep - I think. However, I still want the video preview. From my over 8 years experience watching kdramas what I have noticed for the dailies and weekend dramas is this - over 90% have the full family unit living together - 1st, 2nd and 3rd generation and maybe 4th generation (rarely happen). As a matter of fact it seems like a sin if there if one of these type of shows without it, hence the drama dynamics which although makes no sense/foolish to us makes sense to them especially when you factor in the cultural aspect. This is applicable to other countries as well e.g. India. There is independence but more interdependence and strong reliance on family. So @chdom, I do somewhat I understand and agree with what you are saying about HS/MY but would there be a weekend drama without this or WAM? Answer = no because this is a typical weekend drama, we have to adapt and get what they are saying though at times its annoying, frustration and tough to ignore. HH - right now it looks like the writer does not know what to do with her character, except to act as a cheerleader and support for her family and the cf girl for household products including food. I like HH and as for her changing her mind regarding MY due to wealth, I do not like it but understood it as her mindset is similar to what others are. However, for the most part HH has never made a monetary demand from MY, what she wants is power that the "wealthy" seem to have. When HH asked for a favor from MY to go to the exclusive section at her workplace, it was for the experience and then meeting that teenage jerk who was bullying her there, she had the satisfaction of being able to tell him off due to MY's support. She could not do so earlier as she is an employee without power and he is a VIP, her supervisor did not protect her when it is clear that HH was getting bullied by the teen. HH was being professional and if she was really herself she could have gotten fired. MY offered HH to buy her a gift but she said no and she told her why. You also have to think about their family experience with YH's ex family who abused their wealth and power making her own feel very small and unworthy - she wanted the ability to put them in place but for the sake of her family she could not nor was in a position to do so. I think that I have said this in a previous post but SH is not enough for HH as a mother, she is a sister and I think that HH no matter the age wants mom - even a step one who is nice as MY. Hopefully they do something to her character soon. HH for the most part relies on herself and her family not much on MY, she supports the relationship between HS/MY plus she listens to both YH/SH as to her behavior around MY, what is expected of her so she does not become leechy. @quandocuando I like the negligee too, but I can never imagine it being worn on that show, that is a X rating for that, so they will stick to very conservative wear. Though I wish they had more appealing negligee/nightwear that can be conservative and cute. Theirs is not. Gone for now
  2. The sub gave us some clues as to where the story is going. We are approaching 60% - ep 30 and there is conclusion, yet there are beginnings. HS/MY - decide to live together and I understand HS's mindset here. MY is not the only one who is feeling the pressure, pain and stress from their upcoming nuptials. Both of them have to deal with MS's strong objection to their relationship as well, HS has not mentioned it but he is getting tired of people talking about MY's wealth and the fact that he is likely to get something by marrying her. This has been the mindset for a lot of people, when they saw MY as a gold digger she has no appeal, the fact that she is wealthy is different, what is hers to them is now his so he and those around him should get from MY. WAM thinks she should collect from this pair once KS/SH got married. I like the fact that SH told KS that they should not let that happen, hence WAM rightly so will not get anything. The time period 6 months to 1 year is enough for new things to happen, resolve a good amount of them and adjust to the new living style for all of them now that SH has left the house. They did not break up but took a detour together, I wholeheartedly support this especially when we know what is to come. Also by this new action, MS is going to realize that he cannot bully MY to do what he wants because of their relationship, and what he will be losing. MY is taking her stand and as always will bet on HS because she knows he is steadfast. Plus its 2018, these 2 can definitely live together. = Beginning ET/YH - Once he is sure of something, got to give it to him he does not hesitate, plus he wants HS as his father-in-law who is his idol. To him YH has a lot of pluses for their relationship to happen, he has seen her struggle, fight, cry and won. He knows that YH is a strong hard working caring person, which is what he needs by his side when he feels like giving up, she does not once she know that its worth the fight. I like how he eliminated her bottlenecks :- she's divorced - he likes that; she has a child - he does not and it so happens that he adore yours; she has been hurt from the past and is not ready to date someone - he is a doctor as such he can heal her pain and is there to wait & support her. ET does not care about pleasing JJH/CK he is more interested in pleasing YH's family who so happen to like him. I like the conversation between HH/JH and how protective he is of YH once HH starts talking about ET being handsome and cool totally not like YH's ex. YH at times because of ET can be a bit contrary its a push pull with her as she likes him but is a bit confused as to the type of like that she has for ET. She knows that he is a good man to her, ES and her family, its just that she has been hurt before so her hesitancy is normal. It seems that YH's next assignment is that of a Research Assistant working along with ET, yippee more closeness. Next episode has ET going on the match-make date making YH upset, he is doing it to please his family and maybe to force YH's emotions in taking action where he is concerned. = Ending - ET leaving and Beginning - ET's return due to YH and wanting to be her man SH/KS - are now married, the closing of one door and the opening of the other - adjusting to married life with WAM as a mother-in-law. WAM is going to be upset when she finds out about HS/MY and what KS/SH has decided to do. I personally wish they had moved out because then KS will be forced to grow up and be an adult, WAM does not let him be one which is problematic. =Ending - no more dating, Beginning - marriage DY/JH - puppy couple - if someone has a gif or jpeg, pm me I would love to use it to describe them. The reason why I call them this is because of the notes that DY sends to JH to encourage him which is of a puppy, now that they are interested in each other its only right that we have 2 puppies to describe them as they are both new to the world of like like and dating. I find it cute that they are trying to get clues as to how to do so through the book naming I think its wrong as I believe it would be customized more to their culture somewhat. So they are now happy to see each other all the time and are trying to find ways to do so out of office. I keep thinking about MS and JH with his jealousy streak, DY is partially friendly to MS as she does not think that he is that bad just lonely. Can you imagine JH seeing MS/DY together he gets upset , in MS's face about it and JH loudly announcing that DY is his girlfriend all in front of her. Knowing DY she will fall for JH again, MS will be shocked and Mgr Yoo is likely to say that he knew this long ago. There are other surprises eg the connection between DY/JH and ET/YH likely to get a higher endorsement from ET as he know the family its the one he wants to be a part of. = Beginning Take care everyone, gone for now.
  3. Blah couple gets married, MY decides to live with HS Ep 28 MS goes to return the house deed to HS when MY sees him and orders him to follow her. MY asks MS about his actions, he first goes on the defensive but MY was not having it and they had their first true talk/argument to which MS says that since 2 people abandon him she is likely to do the same. MY gets upset and MS leaves in tears, HS being concerned calls MY and heard her pain. HS goes to her house and comforts MY. MS confronts the Director about his actions to which the Dir. more or less says that what he is saying is cr-p. YH has a brief talk with CK, it seems that the investment project is finished and they have a somewhat pleasant talk. CK mentions setting up ET with someone, telling her the woman specs. YH goes to her office where she sees ET who is trying to get her to go somewhere with him but she refuses. YH tells him about the matchmaking date in a somewhat annoyed manner. ET later tells YH that its JJH idea not his. YH is helping with SH's wedding preparations, she comes home and sees ET with HS having a good talk. HS is happy to see ET & he lets YH know it, she is finding ET's latest actions strange. SH comes in and greets ET where he is invited to the rooftop to have a meal. YH is trying to tell ET to leave but that's not working. ES is involved in all of this encouraging ET to stay longer. ET gets along with everyone who more or less says what a good guy he is, YH comes up to the roof and tells SH/HH/ES that ET has to leave. YH/ET went downstairs, she tells ET to be serious as to what his actions really means, finally he tells her that he likes likes her a lot etc. YH tries to put up obstacles but he says that he knows that etc but it does not matter and that she must think about it which she reluctantly accepts. DY asks JH out again but he says that he cannot because its the date of his sister's wedding. Though DY was sad at first she understood that it was not a rejection from him it appears that they made arrangements for another time, she's happy. MS comes to work in a depressed mood, he sees DY and talks to her briefly saying that people don't like him nowadays and hopes that she does not become one too. DY finds his behavior strange. There is a brief celebration at office for SH/KS's wedding. Its the night before the wedding to which there are well wishes from the family - the girls gave SH a honeymoon nightdress with some teasing, JH offered to help SH do something, SH/HS had their father/daughter talk which has them tearful. WAM earlier spoke to HS and finds out her plans regarding HS/MY are not going the way that she wants. Its the wedding day, YH spoke to ET in a rush, SH is pretty as a bride with KS very happy, and the parents are in tears now that the children are married. It was a nice ceremony with HH/ES doing a cute dance number along with 2 girls. Event ends, JH drives the couple to the hotel, SH is crying because of HS and vice versa on the way home. MY tries to come up with a strategy to help CEO Yang get reinstated, she goes to the office and had a conversation with the Director who told her more things about MS. Its not going to be easy removing the Director,, MS knows that MY stopped by, they meet and had a brief talk. MS has not told her that he is trying to get his father back in Korea, she on a whole is depressed about their friction. ET for the most part is wooing YH. JJH talks to DY about the person that she is interested in, JJH is playing strategy games with DY to get the information but no luck so far as DY is saying that she is not sure if its a mutual like like and is exploring her options. On honeymoon night, SH calls the family and goes in mother mood which amuses the family who hangs up on her. KS tries to get romantic but they got interrupted by WAM's call, though brief the couple finally had their night. WAM goes to YL Group thinking that she has succeeded. With exception to JH everyone knows that ET likes YH and are happy about it, HH teases YH, ES does not understand but knows that the nice man is back. MY being upset about MS cannot eat, the gossip wife calls HS and tells him. HS comes over in time to rescue MY from CEO Yang who is upset about being fired and not getting the results that he wants. HS asks CEO Yang to be patient and understanding with MY, who leaves. HS comforts MY, he tells her that they should not get married and why, he suggests that they live together, the benefits of doing so. The next morning MS stopped by, MY sees him but says nothing, she later meets CEO Yang and tells him that she did not succeed etc. I think she chose MS, CEO Yang is disappointed and more or less says that it is the end of their long friendship. I am disappointed with this because it makes me question the true depth of the friendship was there ever one in the first place? Or was it just loyalty? MY orders MS to come home, there is a standoff between them as to who should give up, MS walks away. HH comes home to see MY's car she wonders what's up. There is noise on the roof all went up to see MY with 2 suitcases telling them that she is moving in. Show ends Thoughts - Blah couple's wedding and honeymoon went as expected, I really really really hope that she does not get pregnant, I do not care for immediate pregnancy for married couples prefer a 2 year grace period. WAM despite her materialistic goals actually does like SH, but she needs to give the money back to KS and let him learn how to take care of it himself. I like how ET is courting YH, the interesting thing is their talk when he told her that he like like her, as he mentions things that a boyfriend or prospective fiancee would have done in getting in her good graces which is getting to know the family, those who she cares for and be on good terms with them. I get the impression that CSW did not do that. I also get the impression that YH will not be telling ES about the divorce until she makes up her mind about ET, I just hope that this is before CSW returns. For the most part to me CEO Yang appears to be incompetent and shallow, I understand his frustration but he should not end a friendship because of this. In addition, although CEO Yang was president he can use his brain and do a variety of things to make a living. Or is he that unimaginative? MS lets himself get used by both bio parents who abandoned him when he should have been 10000% loyal to MY and her happiness but he is not, he is loyal to an illusion of a happy family for that to happen he has to have the bio connection through his wutless father. When you think about it MS/MY has never really talked about the man seriously, even though she did tell him that she did not divorce the father due to his existence. MS has never asked MY if she still cared for the father but in a way its obvious as she dates other people and its not because she is waiting for the man's return. MS does not consider the fact that his father never once was loyal to him or MY. On a whole the faults that MS likes to point out in other men who have dated MY are the faults for the father for the most part HS is the best one out of all of them. A man that MY can sincerely love and rely on which she has wanted all her life, she did not love the father as it was due to her father that she married him and HS at that time did not have the confidence that he could protect the way that she ought to. This episode was not so bad, have a good week everyone. Take care HAPPY FATHER'S DAY!!!! Bye for now.
  4. MS is in trouble with MY and ET tests YH on the reason for his return. Ep 27 HS tells MY about MS and sort of rebukes her on her parenting skills. MY tells HS about MS not being her son and the past etc., HS is sympathetic but I think he is telling that its time that she gets firm with MS. MS is nervous and calls MY who does not answer the call, he came home but HS was not there, he asks MY about not answering his call, you can see that MY is tired but gives him a vague response. Later HS talks to JH about MS, his past and how to deal with him. ET returns home much to the pleasure of JJH/DY and partially CK as his presence means trouble for him. ET tells them that he will be here for a good while. They are trying to find out the reason for this but he does not say much, YH is at home thinking about what happened earlier she is a bit embarrassed. At work YH is thinking about the reason for ET's return and wonders what's next. ET is in her office where they sort of greet each other and ET tells her to think hard as to the reason for his return and to give him an answer. They went to pick up ES who is very happy to see ET while YH looks on. DY goes in the elevator which JH was in, they are nervous with each other DY sees a poster of a book she is reading (love/dating). DY asks JH for them to have coffee some time, JH gave an enthusiastic "yes". The "puppy couple - DY/JH " leave the elevator happy and could not stop smiling with each other when they reached the office, this was obvious to Mgr Yoo. SH/KS are talking about the wedding and living arrangements, they later meet WAM to discuss this to which SH says that she wants KS and her to live separately for a while. Further in the show SH changes her mind saying that they will live with WAM, which the family partially objects to, SH tells the siblings about the time she saw HS being completely alone in his room and how she felt about it. WAM needs to get a life. The new challenge with the blah couple is having children as WAM wants them to have a child now while SH/KS disagrees. DY comes home to queries from JJH as to the person she is interested in DY does some evasion. JJH tells DY that she is going to get ET married by setting him up with someone, later she asks CK if he knows anyone etc. JH is at home smiling reading the love/dating book that DY had trying to get pointers etc. Book promotion placement here. ET tells Dr. Kang that he likes someone which is the reason for his return, he is being coy in giving her hints. Dr. Kang went to YH to discuss this which I think ET is what he wanted. YH is unsure as to how to answer that, ET interrupts them and takes YH to lunch. YH is sort of moody with ET, while having lunch he receives a call from the charity that he is working on. After he ended his call, ET gives YH a big hint which makes her know that he is interested in her. At home, YH is smiling about this while cooking, HH teases YH about this and liking someone. YH talks to ES about ET who says that she is very happy but misses her father, she starts talking about him. YH, I hope realizes that its about time she talks to ES about the divorce, CSW and the fact that she is considering dating ET. This talk is beyond overdue, I understand wanting to protect your child but being ignorant can be dangerous. DY and JH leave work for their mini date which is so clear to Mgr Yoo who says he needs to get married. DY preps herself, while JH gets the drinks at the cafe. When DY enters its like she is the most beautiful person to JH who gets nervous and his heart beats. JH and DY had a nervous talk ending with he saying that he thinks that she is very pretty that is why he is behaving like that, DY smiles and the couple start talking. MY finds out about some of MS's actions, she talks to HS about this, in addition she is aware of the seriousness of the trouble that CEO Yang is in. For the rest of the show its the fight to oust CEO Yang, MS's actions towards ensuring that his father returns and the impact it has on YL Group staff. When CEO Yang gets ousted, MY is surprised as he called her about it and wondered as to what she did to which she denies. MY goes to the office and overhears the conversation between the director and CEO Yang, when Yang left MY spoke to the director who told her what MS did. MS comes home, finds MY absent and goes in her room where he sees the deed of the house that he gave to HS, he takes the deed with him where he sees MY coming from the elevator. Show ends Preview MS has an argument with MY resulting in him in tears YH sees ET just about everywhere, she asks him about this. ET tells YH that he likes her MS is in a depressing mood, its like he wants to talk to DY about this but no luck Its the wedding of the blah couple Thoughts It does not surprise us that ET returned because of ES/YH and after YH's actions last week to his return he is sure that he did the right thing. I think one of the things that guided him is HS a man whom he respects a lot as he sees how HS is as a father and a man which has always been his dream and with YH/ES he is sure that he can do this. The interesting thing is ES who does not know or understand all of this which is understandable as she is 4 but its time the family tell her to make her understand what is happening around her. We do not want a situation when CSW returns and this new relationship comes about with her not understanding why is mummy seeing another man when she is married to daddy. I like seeing the puppy couple dipping into the dating waters, liking each together, but JJH is likely to be a hindrance as she likes to focus on image, class, family heritage, wealth etc there is likely to be a problem in that way both she and CK match. To us JH has a good image, is a class act and his family in terms of wealth has it in terms of the internally/maturity and being good people, but that is not what JJH/CK look at. Its going to be worse when she finds out that her baby brother likes a divorced woman with a child - the horrors. I wont talk much about MS abandonment issues because I do not think for the most part he has never been really genuine to MY or people connected to her at all. MY has asked him several times if he is okay with her dating etc and he always says yes and sabotages the relationships behind her back. MS for the most part in order to hold on to MY has given her the impression that he is the good child for several reasons, possession being one of them, look at the flashback with MY first meeting MS and his actions (this episode). This all happen when people knows otherwise but in he has firmly earned MY's trust so its a bit difficult for her to hear different. MS is an adult, him no pickney so as far as I am concerned MS has no one to blame but himself as he does not see that he has more to gain by being related to HS with his children than being just with MY. Gone for now, until the next episode. BTW thanks @Cestbon for the heads up regarding the time, it almost caught me , please keep doing so as I need to be able to plan accordingly. I like my sports but I do have issues when it interrupts when I want to watch my show. Take care
  5. It's still about MS, ET returns - no preview as expected Ep 26 MS sets a trap for JH to break up HS/MY and in a way it works. HS seem to back up MS words, later MS point blank tells MY that he will not support her marriage to HS etc. JH gets upset with HS for not looking out for him. MS and JH discuss their parents. JH is being badly affected by all this as MS seem to have the upper hand and he feels like he cannot protect his father. MY meets with HS and they talk about MS and the impact that their relationship has on the kids. It looks like they are taking a break. ES/YH are at home with ES marking the calendar, YH wondered why she did that but ES does not tell her much. JJH/CK/DY all receive a video call from ET, so does Dr. Kang when they see YH they ask her if she has spoken to him to which her reply is no. It got to a point that in her office she is upset and wonders why he has not called her and if he has already forgotten her. It is clear that YH misses him a lot. The furniture show has started with MS giving a presentation to potential customers, he and Mgr Yoo looks on as there is positive reviews. At the end, the Mgr praises the staff for their hard work pointing out JH/DY especially most people seem happy but JH's mind is on his father's issues. DY takes JH outside to relax, they were enjoying themselves playing with water when JH "Sees DY" and his heart starts beating rapidly. To get himself out of it, he takes DY out of the water and sobers up. JH is acting strange like DY. At the get together, JH is distant towards DY due to the new feelings, Mgr Yoo goes to DY talks a bit casually and puts his hands on her shoulders. JH immediately gets jealous and uses the sexual harassment excuse to get his hands off and get out of the gathering. He sits at the bus station wondering what is going on with him. MS waits for DY and starts to follow her a bit, she sees him and tells him not to do so as she is uncomfortable. It appears that MS likes DY or could it be that he is lonely as he feels that they are somewhat similar with secret pains. DY has gotten over hers, he has not let go of his. I am glad that DY is not antagonist towards him but it has firmly been established that she has eyes only for JH and JH is having eyes for her as well. DY comes home happily when JJH brings up the fact that she knows that DY likes someone at work, JJH starts asking questions but DY somehow manages to get out of it. During the show HS/MY try to resolve the issue regarding MS's objection to their relationship while MS strategises and executes. MS had CK later go to HS's shop under the guise of getting a shoe and at the same time making HS feel less confident of himself and relationship with MY as he does not fit in the "upper middle class" circle. KS goes to the Park house for an official greeting, on his way he texts SH as to when he is coming. This text is seen by HH who replied as per SH's request, however a new text arrives saying that he apologizes for his mother's behavior to HS. HH shows this message to JH who gets upset and YH confirms that it happened she also warned them not to give trouble. However, the twins are united in making things difficult for KS, which they started to do and YH pulls them away for some talking. Its now a funny time as HS, SH gets drunk and their behavior changes, later KS leaves but not before getting a warning from YH in taking care of her sister. Its a lovely father/daughter moment when HS/SH drunk talk and HS tells her thanks for taking care of the family and the rest thanks her as well. The next day at work Mgr Ko brought the issue of where SH/KS are going to live to them, they start texting about this, and later start talking to WAM about this. So there is a new issue with the "blah couple- SH/KS" which is where to live. MY inadvertently finds out that MS bought HS's house based on her talk to him, she had an assistant look into the situation. YH is still missing ET, when she goes to work and is seeing images of him, she later has lunch with the intern. However, this day is special as ET had whispered to ES as to when he will return and it happened. YH is outside thinking about ET and then she sees him standing there but its like she does not believe it until she touches his hand. YH slaps him and ET teases her a bit, YH releases her hurt and hugs him. ET hugs her back. They wore matching outfits, stripes. MY finds out the critical situation of CEO Yang, MS makes a deal with the director who wants to oust the CEO by using his shares etc. MS backs JH in a desperate situation using the house etc allow the break up HS/MY. MS goes to HS's shop to do so and HS seem to accept what MS has offered, earlier JH called HS in surrendered voice asks him to stop this. However, MY now being aware of MS's actions, looks at JH and talks to him about MS. After MS left, he returns to work at his desk is nervously waiting for something. JH sees him after his talk with MY. HS calls MY telling her that he is coming over, she lets him in and starts to apologize about MS. HS shows her the document, mentions MS and something else. Show ends. Thoughts I am happy that ET is back because it seems that now the romance between him and YH can really start. ES really knows how to keep a secret from her mummy as it appears she is one of the few that knew. I am wondering about the family? Do they know? As for JH, it looks likes its going to be Mgr Yoo that lets him know what he is feeling for DY is not colleague friendship but more deeper kind i.e. like like like . DY has finally accepted her feelings while his are waking up so its flip time. I felt sorry for JH who feels hopeless in unable to protect his father due to MS's abuse of his power and making him aware of it. MS right now is being an overall a-s and I look forward to the subs to find out what exactly did HS say to MY because she is feeling sad about the whole thing and is fearful of losing HS. Have a good week everyone. Gone for now and take care.
  6. It's all about MS and truths Ep 25 MS tells HS that he is against him being with MY and tells HS to state what he wants. HS's response is thoughtful as he observes MS, who threatens who is MY's going to believe. MS left and there is a childhood flashback showing when he first met MY and how she welcomed him. MS starts his plans into motion, a worried JH comes to HS's shop asking if he met MS, he says no and a relieved JH returned to work. HS's is now wondering if JH knows how MS really feels about him. HS later meets MY asking about MS, she is of the mistaken belief that MS supports them, he does not tell her about MS's visit. DY meets JH at work where they had a brief but pleasant talk, as she was leaving JH had a dumbstruck like look on his face which he shook himself out of. ET is preparing to leave at home, he talks briefly to JJH who mentions marriage to him. ET tells JJH that he does not have the confidence to be a good father & husband. ET later meets HS and thanks HS for the shoes who shares some thoughtful words with him. HS tells YH that he met ET and she leaves the house to see him but ET was hidden, he sees her looking for him. YH tells ES that she was looking for ET but did not see him, ES tells YH that she does not want him to go, YH agrees with ES but says that there is nothing they could do. ES is growing, its obvious and normal. The next day, HH drops ES off at school. A little later YH is told that ES is missing she panics, starts looking and calling people. Meanwhile SH accepts KS's proposal, she is informed what WAM is doing, SH visits her and the women had a thoughtful talk as WAM was preparing a drink for the SH's family. SH got a call from YH about ES's being missing. WAM is buttering up SH ET also received the call and went to YH, he calms her down, they found ES sitting in front of ET's office. ES tells ET how she feels about him leaving and says that YH does not want him to leave either, he looks at her. ES asks ET to make a pinky promise to her to return (I think) but he does not do that, instead he whispers something to her and receives a hug from ES. All this while YH looks on. ET tells JJH that DY likes someone at work, she asks for details but he tells her nothing but to trust DY. JJH is somewhat reassured. YH talks to HS/HS about ES and Haea. The next morning YH meets with CHK along with the lawyers to discuss the terms of the contract which makes CHK upset and YH happy. A little bit later CHK got a visitor - I think CSW is back. YH happily goes to work only finding out that it was ET's last day, she chases but he drives away not seeing her, his thoughts are pensive while YH is slightly upset but she wishes him well. SH tells the family at dinner that she will marry KS, JH/HH are sad and leaves the table. WAM scheme worked. YH supports SH and gave her some advice. During this time MS secretly calls his father looking at the debts and is trying to find a way for him to return. WAM meets HS to discuss the marriage for SH/KS, HS contacts MY to have this talk. HS more or less tells MY that they will not get married for now but that KS/SH should do so first. This has MY upset and WAM frustrated because things are not working the way she wanted. MY tells HS that she will agree to his terms but only if MS lives with them. HS knowing how MS truly feels is hesitant to say "yes" which makes her upset again and leaves. Later HS meets with his gossipy friends asking about the type of person MS is. HH seeing that her father is perturbed asks him about it. HS mentions MS, HH tells him about their first meeting but HS does not get upset about that. HH calls MS trying to placate him but it does not work, he sees JH and calls him over. JH finds out from HH that MS had visited HS and that he is against HS/MY. It was a disturbing night for both MS/JH. The next morning JH confronts MS as to what happened between him and his father. MS is partially upfront about it and says that they are to meet somewhere. JH leaves and MS makes a call (he is preparing his trap) Its a confrontational talk between JH/MS where accusations are made, MS deliberately provokes JH who punches him. MS had left the door partially opened and MY enters seeing the argument. MS plays the poor weak son etc mentioning that JH knows that he is not her son etc. her relationship with HS and I think JH/MS's agreement. MY is getting angry at all this, JH looks at MS is angry but agrees with some of what was said. HS also enters the room, show ends. Preview KS meets the Park family in a formal manner and its not a pleasant one as the twins know about WAM's visit to HS's store MS/MY have an argument as to her relationship with HS HS/MY try to deal with the new challenge and be strong for each other There is a video of ET doing his work to JJH/CK/DY It appears that YH is missing him to the point that there are images. It seems that ET has returned, but cannot confirm until next episode Thoughts I think I have to watch the subbed to better able to state them because I am wondering if the show wants us to be sympathetic to MS when I cannot be as in reality there are children in worse situations than him and some of them are not as scheming/selfish towards that adoptive parent in ensuring that all the love is for him/them alone. Also I love ES's growth and honesty letting ET know that he is not alone as to who cares for him. Gone for now.
  7. Hey everyone; Preview looks interesting. From what I got MY lays out a condition that MS should live with HS and the rest of the family once they are married. ET seems to be leaving with YH chasing after him and HH meets up with MS about MY/HS. However I also notice that JH looks like he is about to hit MS and they got caught. So the episode seems promising. However, my issue is ET - has he told his family that he is leaving for good? I get the impression that he has not, especially knowing how his sister feels about the situation. Also kdramas seem to think that viewers like the fact that fantasy world and illogics all the time, we do not, give us 60-40 (illogics) and we would be fine-ish . This applies where travelling/baggage is concerned. How is ET leaving forever with a so called carry on? What about his car because it looks like he is driving himself to the airport, are they saying that he has paid a permanent car parking fee? These things do not make sense, make the man bring both a carry on and good size suitcase, that is realistic especially when in just about every episode we have seen him wear something pressed and new which would apply to where he is going anyway for the most part. Even if he has left some stuff at that location. In referring to realism and logistics - are you aware that none of the Park characters have worn any of the clothing seen in their locker? Why show them, if you are not letting the characters wear them especially claiming that they are somewhat, its another way of promoting the wardrobe. Also I cannot support a "broom" that HH use to clean the house when there was no dirt to begin with. How can you determine its true effectiveness, I cannot believe that the house with that amount of persons is so clean. There are other illogics in the show, e.g. the immediate availability of staff to make movements in the office when I do not think that is considered allowable or realistic per se but I'll ignore them for now. Take care
  8. YH wins against CHK, MS insecurities is on the rise. Its a good episode, there were a lot of phone calls. Ep 24 HS tells WAM that he will talk to SH, MY reminds him about their promise to talk to their kids about the marriage she is getting upset. As such WAM seeing the situation tries to backtrack and get out of it. MY leaves followed by WAM who is fake insincere to MY as her objective is getting rewarded in marrying KS to the family. Later, HS talks to SH about KS, marriage and WAM. SH told him what is happening, that she is fine and her reason for hesitating in getting married one of the reasons being WAM. MY informs MS that she is marrying HS, she tells him that the past has been difficult for her etc. and who HS is to her (I think). MY also tells him that she is giving some shares in order to have some power in the company. MS asks where would she live etc. MY response is that she will be living with HS and MS understands that he will be alone in the house which he does not like at all. MY reassures him. CHK tries another tactic in attacking YH which is ES. YH called SH/HH who looked after ES at home as she had received an earlier call regarding CHK's attack. YH upon hearing this went to CHK's office who stated her conditions, none are beneficial to YH who mocks CHK calling her childish etc. CHK thinks that she will win. Earlier CK is being very nice to YH about the work and her connections YH finds it strange. Its not, CK is always multiple faces to suit the situation. Not seeing ES, ET is worried and panics. He immediately goes to YH worriedly rush asking questions about ES, seeing the biscuits in his hand YH reassures him. KS is at home, WAM tells him that she apologized to HS, and tries to persuade him in getting married. WAM will not be getting the reward that she wants from SH/KS, HS/MY. MS meets CEO Yang to discuss the shares being given to him. Yang once again scolds and reminds MS of the gratitude that he should have towards MY. This upsets a silent MS. CHK is determined to carry out her threats against YH and the family, so she comes to HS's workplace demanding that she will take ES which HS's object to. WAM is there to see this, HS had sent her to the back, she calls SH who calls YH who instructs SH to stall until she reaches. SH comes to protect her father but she cannot handle CHK who has her lawyer making a statement saying that she has the right to take ES etc. WAM comes out and chases them out with her bluffing, antics, calling the police etc. After taking WAM home, KS/SH leaves after saying thanks. WAM says that SH is not easy. HS persuades SH to marry KS. SH calls MY, letting her know that she is aware of the marriage, not to worry about JH/HH and gives her approval to MY. MY is very touched and I think she understood what HS meant earlier. After the debacle at HS's shop, YH tells SH/HH/HS what she will do next they reassure her stating that they will look after ES. YH calls a confident CHK who changes tune when YH states that she is going inform (uncle - I think) as to what has been happening etc. This made CHK very afraid, she tries to persuade YH to do otherwise but YH says no to that. CHK then tries to block YH who insists on informing said relative. CHK starts her begging, pleading that she will do whatever, YH state her conditions which were to clear her name in the divorce and to leave ES & her alone. A weary YH arrives at Jahan who does not respond upon getting a greeting. ET goes to her office asking her what happened, YH tells him that its over and she protected ES. DY did not come to work as she is sick, this had JH worried a lot, his Mgr Yoo gives him a tip as to what to do. JH uses the tip which was call DY for some work matter, DY asks her mom to help out. It so happens that the person who will help out is uncle ET who went to JH. Seeing him, JH is surprised, finding out that its ET who has gone, DY with her sick self went to the place. ET gives JH a hard time, DY on her way tells herself that she mustn't fall for JH. However, when she reaches ET asks JH a question in relation to DY and JH gave them a very cool answer which has DY falling for him again. This impresses ET who gives JH his DY approval stamp, DY almost faints and ET takes her home. During this time MS had contacted DY but no luck. As ET was putting DY to rest she talks about giving up, liking someone and worrying she says that she must really like JH. DY's words had ET thinking and he heads over to YH. ET/YH talks about him leaving and not returning, YH's has tears but she does not cry. ET hugs YH and she does likewise, once he left YH is thinking about what happened earlier. ES tells HH about ET leaving, HH takes ES to meet ET and check him out for her sister. ES cries to ET not wanting him to leave, he hugs her while HH looks on. DY is back at office, she sees JH and is just crushing smile at him with the hope of not getting caught. But JH sees DY and smiles as well. I like a lot. HS calls MS about something, who sort of ignores the call. However, HS calls JH about MS, JH sees MS working so HS let it go. During this time HH called MY telling her about HS plan to meet MS so MY decides to reciprocate by meeting JH as she likes the idea of them getting to know each other's children. Unfortunately, MS insecurities come to the surface seeing JH meeting MY in the lobby happily talking with CEO Yang there as well. MS thinks that JH renege on their earlier deal, so he decided to visit HS. MS sees HS teaching, after class they go to HS's shop where HS is explaining his relationship to MY. MS at first is watching/listening to this and then he lets out his anger at HS with tears in his eyes. HS has a somewhat blank look on his face. I am wondering if this is MS's fantasy because I do not see HS's shock reaction to this behavior change. Show ends, no preview. Thoughts It took over 12 episodes but it finally happened whereby the foundation has been set for DY/JH and ET/YH. I think its because what had to be established is the fact that JH, ET should not have a "hero, rescuer complex" where DY, YH are concerned. These women had to deal with the hurdles themselves first prior to start dating someone. YH's battle focus for the most part has been protecting ES from Haea/CHK and she has done so. Good for you YH & ES. Apparently there is someone that CHK fears more than YH in order to get the win - I am going to replay those scenes a lot. She is starting to like ET but cannot tell him not to go due to gratitude, ES and its not fair for her to do so. That choice belongs to ET. I also like the fact that ET gave an unknowing JH approval to see DY because he gets an idea as to what DY likes about JH. JJH/CK are soooo unfortunate to be completely related to that family in the future. YH/ET are going to have new challenges which is CSW - ex, JJH - protective big sis. I think for MS's sake that he really listens to both HS/MY as to what they were saying about each other, being lonely etc. MS's insecurity lies in the fact that he is not MY's bio son and that hurts him especially knowing that he was abandoned. However, MY has never seen him in that manner to her MS is her son and I think he should talk to her about this to get that yoke off him. In addition, it seems that his father's debt is huge. What is that man doing in the Philippines, is he working, or is he using his son? Have a good week everyone. Take care and gone for now.
  9. HS proposes to MY, DY proves that she has come a long way from high school KS's mom - Woo A Mi - WAM Ep 23 PH demands all of ES's inheritance from Haea/CHK, who is stunned and then bluffs her way out of the room with threats. Upon hearing them, YH smirks at CHK. Seeing CHK angrily leaving, ET rushes to the office and sees that YH is okay. Upon realizing that DY is the one from high school, JH tries to contact her through their work colleague. DY answers the phone but an alumni recognizes her and starts being a jerk. DY at first denied who she was but reluctantly went to the bar with the other school mates. The alumni jerk 1 starts talking along with jerk 2 about the past to which DY called them out on their behavior and how hurtful it was. DY gave the room an earful as to their actions, jerk 1 gave an insincere apology but DY says she does not want it etc. and left the place. Flashback shows that it was jerk 1/2 who took the pictures and relentlessly teased DY. Upon leaving she saw JH who could not say anything, he tried to catch up with her but no luck, he returned hearing jerk 1 saying another snide remark about DY to which he started beating jerk 1 up. The fight was broken up. DY cries in her room CHK returns to office in a panic mode talking to her lawyer as to their next steps but there seems to be no luck. YH comes home and tells HS/SH not to worry much and that she can do this. YH watches over ES. JJH talks to ET about his "closeness" to YH and him leaving. CK eavesdrop being happy thinking things will go his way. The next day JH receives a call from his colleague about what happened that night with jerk 1, DY also received a call. Jerk 1 wants to sue JH for "injuries" received from the fight including a neck brace. JH refuses to apologize, jerk 1 left and is confronted by DY who calls him out on his crap, telling him to leave JH alone and she can sue him as well. JH sees her and DY runs away, he chases her to the place she hid. JH tells DY what it was like for him in high school, their similarities and how her encouragement meant a lot to him both then and now. JH sincerely thanks DY for all that she has done, DY is touched. HS is nervous as to whether MY will accept his ring and tries to find out in unique ways if she has done so. MY for the most part teases/flirts with him about this in different ways. SH is at the office with KS, they talked about her decision to date him and not marry. KS says he does not like it but he understands and will wait, during this time his mom tries to reach them but no luck, SH tells KS that its time for him to go home. CHK comes to Jahan with an offer to CK but the condition is getting rid of YH. ET later meets ES and tells her that he plans to leave soon. ES is sad about this but so is he. Things are getting intense at YL Group CEO and shareholder dynamics with MS watching & playing his chess. MS finds out from HH that HS proposed to MY and gave her a ring, being upset he left. CK tries to fire YH with some trumped up charge, YH accepts this but calls him out for supporting CHK/Haea. When she left, MY comes to Jahan to see CK, she starts to apologize to CK about HS with the start of an explanation when ET interrupts angrily about CK treatment towards YH, CK is rude towards ET & the situation. Therefore MY knows what is happening, ET goes by YH's office and tries to make her give up which she refuses. He indirectly confesses that he cares for her a lot. CK is on his way to YH's office with MY following him, he sees ET/YH there and starts. But when MY arrives he dismisses her first only to be informed that she is here to see YH as she is HS's fiance showing CK & all her ring. CK is blocked and frustratingly has to leave, both men are surprised with this info, ET is more thoughtful. YH/MY have their first talk which was pleasant. CHK finds out that YH could not be fired after being called to Jahan only to meet YH giving her a bit of advice. CHK decides to try another tactic. This was after calling MS who is rude to her and hangs up on her. JJH finds out from CK who YH is to MY/HS and the reason for his behavior at their meeting. YH tells HS that she met with MY as his fiance, and provides him support this gave HS courage to call MY asking that she brings the ring with her. When they meet, HS tries to put the ring on MY but she teases him as to the type of proposal that she wants, she is funny with it. But HS proposes anyway and puts the ring on her finger, they are happy. WAM contacts SH but she does not respond, instead she messages KS about this which is seen by Mgr Ko. Both Ko & KS met with WAM, where she tries to persuade KS to marry SH. KS tells her that he will only date SH, WAM is at a loss as to her next steps because she does not want to lose out on being connected to SH through HS/MY. HS/MY talk about their upcoming nuptials and when to inform the kids. While happily talking WAM stops by. WAM gives HS a sincere apology as to her actions in the past and tries to persuade him to convince SH to marry KS, HS does not care much about this as he was of the impression that they broke up. WAM tells him that they are back together, MY seeing this decides to act as mediator with their talk. MY says that she and HS will marry first and not SH which has HS pausing. Show ends Preview MS sees the ring on MY's finger, he later sees HS teaching at school CHK decides that she wants to meet ES through HS. More likely take her JH is feeling DY in a more romantic manner It seems that DY got ill with ET watching over her. DY's voice-over is heard as to liking someone when ET goes to YH and hugs her Thoughts - I am glad that they made DY do her own rescuing as it shows that she has matured since high school and is not one that can be easily bullied. She also made JH really look at her, he was seeing her before but now he "Sees Her", noting how significant her notes were to him in the past and how they are still important to him and is interested in her. YH also show that she has come a long way as well in dealing with Haea specifically CHK. HS, though I understand your kids are important, they are adults and you need to start putting MY first. There were more scenes of WAM today and I believe that its likely to increase in the future - bummer. Until the next episode. Gone for now and take care.
  10. Most of viewers want ET to be ES's bio dad through the IVF. So I decided to go somewhat logical here to consider the possibility. I looked into sperm donation from the banks and from what I understand the screening process is very intense, citizenship may not necessarily be required but the minimum requirements are one should be a certain age group, some has to be college educated, of a certain height, and to be legally working in the country for a certain period of time and that is just to fill out the application. There is also the screening and interview aspect that is no joke as there is a lot of information that candidate has to provide in order to be considered for donor acceptance. There is also storage for 6 months to one year of said sperm, candidate receives a contribution/fee for this as well. So for ET to be a possible donor, he has to be in school or actively working/interning at the hospital in the US close to that time. If I understood correctly from his juniors he was in Korea at that time being a crazy dog to them, one thing is not completely clear is ET's age - we know its mid 30's. Therefore he has to be in US around the same time as them which is est. 6 years ago to do this. The key is he being US state based. The thing to note is that CSW did the selection for the candidate - being Korean or Korean American, Ivy league educated as just the basics. Blood type, I do not think was considered. I also have to look into ET's personality and that is granted he is kind but based on his own experience with his father would he be the type of person willing to do this? He said he does not want his own family to suffer the way he did so he will stick to dating and not relationships. I am on the fence here - what would cause him to do this and when you know the sperm donation details which leans to rated PG 13/16 if his family found out - troouble and interesting. The reason for this is because ES is just plain adorable, from the time they first met and he rescued her doll, she had ET wrapped. It became more so after the blood donation as he got to know both YH and her, he got to empathize & sympathize with them. ES makes ET feel extra special and with what is going on, with YH/Haea Corp its in his unique way of ensuring that she is safe while feeling happy.
  11. Thanks @Cestbon for the written preview and the clip. Using the google translator, what I got from it is this. Due to the fight between CHK/Haea & YH over ES's inheritance, CHK decides to attack the other Park family members by putting pressure on them. DY went to drop off the souvenir and JH knowing her true identity followed and helped her out of the situation. MY now knows the crisis that YH is in. It looks like a lot of rescuing is going to take place this weekend. CHK's arrogance and hate has no bounds as it is beyond difficult for her to admit defeat to the Parks especially in her world that she is right and they are below beneath her. The woman is just awful and I really want them to be defeated this weekend. The Parks and MY are just going to have to show the world who they really are - which is hard working decent people.
  12. I watched the subs and replayed the last scene several times, there were several favorites that being one of them. As to the family dynamics - YH/ET, MS/HH, DY/JH it can become funny to sort out and as such i am reminded of this old western song "I'm my own grandpa" - google it. YH/ET - there will be no trouble on HS's & ES's side because they like ET a lot as he is there for both ladies. The problem that may occur is the relation to JJH/CK especially with the fact that CK is a class act jerk. Marriage for this couple in the show is very likely. JJH is going to step in with the incorrect facts relating to ET/YH from her husband, its only when she is told the full truth then she is likely to change her perspective as her biggest wish is for her brother to find love, get married, stay in Korea etc. That is not going to happen without YH/ES. JJH must get the truth in relation to Haea & the hospital matters. I think though that YH needs to tell ET the circumstances relating to ES's birth for several reasons. I also felt for ET with his words to YH as they keeping their distance in order not to be misunderstood. YH/HS showed CHK that they are not be messed with and CHK has proven to be very predictable in her actions and words. Even when YH show her proof relating to CSW, ES's birth and herself, CHK believing that she is untouchable uses the threat of YH lying low or else they will trouble ES. YH called her out on it including the fact that both CHK and CSW are very greedy people, CHK especially wants to take everything from YH now realizes that she could be the one to lose it all. YH also called her crazy, its the first time one saw CHK afraid. YH gave them a chance to be decent but they chose not to, hence the consequences are coming around the corner. There is also the fact that ES was born in the US and not Korea, therefore as far as the law is concerned she is legally CSW's child. But the conflicting aspect of ES being removed from the family register in Korea is worth noting, the one that takes precedence is that of CSW's actions when they were in the US. I really enjoyed HS's final words to CHK saying that should his family get hurt then "I will crush the likes of you". CHK has been arrogant for too long. In a patriarchal society its the son who benefits the most and of course that would have applied to Haea as such since ES is the child of the son therefore she stands to inherit the most because the info relating to her birth was never revealed. I think one of the reason why YH has been delaying telling ES is the fact as to how Haea slander her as being the cause of the divorce. As a mother she wants to proudly face her daughter who also hears rumors etc. that must be stopped, the solution Haea to correct that slander and stop using ES as a pawn. The fact that CSW is registered as ES's birth father can become a hindrance in the future as the game can pick up again. If there is one thing I liked about YH and SH is the fact that they are of the principle learning from their mistakes and how to fight those who hurt them when left with no option. Just like YH did with CHK, SH did the same to KS's mom who is of the misguided belief that she will automatically become in laws with HS/MY once KS/SH are reunited. I found her last statement funny because its how she raised him what does she expect. KS's mom is also of the stupid belief that SH can do no better than KS which is in fact not so, its because SH has not really had a chance to date that is why she is KS who we know sincerely cares for her. But if SH was to go out there, like her boss other men will see her special qualities and are likely to pursue her. KS is with her over 80% of the time at work, its not surprising that this romance will happen. SH was cool in dealing with the woman, saying that her relationship with KS is none of her business as she will not be marrying him, its no problem for her to let him go and since she is not marrying childbirth/childcare is of no importance to her. When you think about it, its not as she had already helped raised her younger siblings so whether she becomes a mother is neither here nor there. Plus there is evidence of women having children even in their 50's, SH still has time and a choice to be a mother. This couple i.e. SH/KS will of course get married. For the new viewers, I am going give you an idea as to why they pair JH/DY and MS/HH. From high school DY has always liked JH because he was overall a great person inside and out, but no one really saw DY as she was obese and was teased for that. JH was the only person who was kind to her during that time, hence her crush as she never spoke to him. They are now out of high school, DY appearance has changed and so has JH in terms of his personality. However, there is one constant - DY has never stopped silently cheering and supporting JH. This is what he needs a lot as he is adjusting to the reality to life and the workforce. There is also the fact that JH does not like seeing DY being disappointed in him, she brings out his true personality. From the latest episode, JH feelings for DY is growing to like like, he now know who she is as well; DY has already somewhat confirmed it but she does not want to be obvious about it. That wont work as the supervisor has been observing her and sees that DY likes JH. He wants this pair to date. The likelihood of marriage by the end of this drama is low - maybe dating & engagement as they are viewed as a "young couple" 1. DY needs JH to mature as a person, liking herself and gain confidence in her new self. Hence this pair who are growing together. As for MS/HH, the one who keeps secrets and the one who does not know how to keep secrets. They are and will be a pair as HH is a straightforward person, loves her family and is very loyal to those she cares about. This is what MS needs in order to deal with his insecurities. HH will tell him straight and knock him in the head if she finds out that he does something stupid. What MS can offer to HH is the lifestyle that she wants and the security behind it to protect her family. Haea not only worked on YH but on the Park family as well all because they have no money nor power. MY/MS has that, MS also shows that he can be decent when he wants to be. Its interesting to note that MS did not laugh at/mock DY's picture but found it cute and was helpful to her hiding that secret. The likelihood of marriage by the end of this drama is low - maybe dating & engagement as they are viewed as a "young couple" 2. As for HS/MY, I just want this pair to get married before MS's father comes in the picture. They are beyond likely to get married. However I really hope that she took what HS said about CK to heart as to the type of person he really is because it is a fact that he is not nice. I liked the rings but I did not like when he told her that she should put it on when she is ready. What does that mean, what about when is he ready? I also wonder if HS is going to get upset with MY about not telling him that MS is not her bio son as he does not like secrets. However, its understandable as in her heart MS is her son, it especially can become complicated when HH/MS show signs of liking each other in the future. There is something most of us take for granted which became obvious and that is siblings - twins (older/younger) especially when it comes to fraternal boy/girl twins. JH/HH and the family are so use to it because its nothing to them. However, it becomes obvious later - HH is the youngest not by years with JH but minutes, hence he is older than her. Very few people will think of fraternal twins when it comes to siblings but its there and HH/JH aspects of their personalities are similar as they both agreed not to let MS know that due to having an idea as to MS's personality. I found it funny as to first reactions to MS are similar. Take care and gone for now.
  13. YH got CHK and HS/MY make up Ep 22 After hearing CK insult YH and his family, HS angrily stood up and left. MY chases after HS who said some hard truths about her friends. At home, HS/MY quarreled some more with some truths about consideration in it, HS told MY that YH is his daughter which made her pause. This pair cooled off at their respective homes. ET offered to take a tired YH/ES home. While in the car, ET/YH talked a bit. HS asked ET to wait, which he did, HS measured ET foot to make shoes for him, they talked a bit about ES/YH. HS gave ET a sincere thank you for being there for YH. ET talks to JJH about their father and the type of person that he was and I think the gratitude of parents. JJH wonders if all of this is because of YH which in a way he does not deny. JJH is reflective as CK tells her that YH is a bad person and influence on ET and his new behavior. JJH needs to know that CK is only interested in using ET and now wants him back in Africa, not causing him trouble. ET visits CHK informing her about the BOD's decision to review in detail the contract and the role that YH will play in this. He also told her to leave YH alone, CHK does not like this but she counteracts with a claim of her own about YH and in a way it shakes his confidence. He goes to the hospital where he sees YH waiting for him she told him about HS. I think that MY and CEO Yang were talking about MS getting power of attorney etc. MY asks him to look into Haea Corp. SH/KS are a couple again, they arrived at SH's home to which they had a good talk, as they were about to kiss when they were interrupted by YH/ES passing by. Its a funny moment whereby YH says that she did not see anything while ES says otherwise. At home SH talks to YH about KS and her concerns. It seems that MS is planning to bring his father back from the Philippines and the upcoming board meeting, power of attorney rights will be used. The purpose to break up HS/MY and go back to happy family days, not happening. MS fake reassures CEO Yang. MS had earlier overheard MY talking to HH and is aware that she is coming to the house. KS's mom finds out about SH/KS being back together, she meets SH who told her that she is not marrying KS etc. but dating him which has her surprised HH/MS had a first bad impression of each other whereby he was rude to her and she stomped his foot. It was then she found out who MS is, HH/MY talked and it seems that HH unsuccessfully tried to get in MS good graces. HH told JH about MS and her visit to MY's home. MS does not know that JH/HH are twins. HS passes a jewelry store, thinking about what MY said he looks at the display. This was seen by his gossipy friend who teased him. CHK brings her proof to ET about YH/ES, bragging but ET dismisses her claims, that it does not matter and CHK to get out. CHK tells her assistant to do some digging on ET/YH. ET is disturbed about what is happening to YH, he later met with her telling her what CHK did. YH asked if he was disappointed, he told her that he is angry and why. During all this time JJH being concerned for ET decides to visit him, she is aware that he sees ES etc. It is possible that JJH may start to interfere soon. HS contacts MY who happily goes over. In the meantime he has started his teaching of shoemaker apprentices. HS/MY are walking whereby he tells her that he likes her a lot, she has a lot of influence of him wanting to become a better man and gave her I think couple rings. MY is happy. DY's colleague gets upset that he could not find the past pictures of her which is overheard and covered by MS. DY once again thanks MS, they had their first civil talk which is seen by JH who is a bit disturbed by it. JH later tries to talk to DY but no luck per se, Mgr Yo comes in and outside of office teases JH as to his dating/relationship inexperience. Earlier YH visited Haea's Corp law firm and spoke to a lawyer who informs CHK as to what she is doing. CHK of course is arrogant trying to come up with something. CHK contacts HS who was prepared for the call, she shows the gene results to him etc. but he is calm in his response to her which makes her suspicious. CHK later finds out from the doctors that CSW is infertile which has her in shock as to what this could mean for Haea Corp. However, CHK contacts YH who had already predicted this, YH meets with CHK showing her evidence of CSW collaboration in relation to ES and her. Documents signed etc. YH states her position which has CHK angry as she was leaving YH tells CHK that they will meet again. JH receives a document from DY with her personalized notes to him, he try to recall where he saw similar written post its. During this time DY received a call from her coworker to do something. JH arrived home and looked in his yearbook, he sees the post its and recalls the person who silently cheered him up there. JH compares the writing and realizes that that person is DY. He calls DY who told him where she was going. It seems that JH is going to go in rescue mode. CHK finds out from her lawyer, YH's next action which I think is in relation to ES's inheritance which has her and CSW at a huge disadvantage. CHK contacts YH who tells her to come to her instead, which she does. The women talk CHK is looking a bit impotent while YH talks about documents she had to sign etc and ES's interest. Show ends with CHK shouting and YH calmly looking at her. Thoughts That's how you do it YH, just because it appears that you do not have any power/weak does not mean that you are. YH tolerated a lot of crap from that family and they kept playing with the tigress tail and her family. CHK now gets an idea what happens when that tigress has had enough which is she and CSW can lose Haea Corp. I predicted earlier that MS's abuse of the power of attorney is likely to backfire on him and I still stand by that as his latest actions appears to be is bring his father back in a position of power. MS will lose a lot, unless something big happens before then to stop him, MS is going to be taught a good lesson. I stated that HH may be the one for that but now I am not so sure. JH is finally having feelings for DY and I am sure Mgr Yang is having fun watching/teasing him about this because he sees this but JH does not. I really would like for MY/HS to get married by or before episode 30, its time for them to start acting as a united power couple because when you think about it they would be in order to protect those they care about. I think MY really need to listen to what HS said earlier about the type of friends that she has - because its true (subs needed here) that he does not think that they are. CK only thinks about making power network connections that can boost him up and JJH does not sincerely like her at all. Can you imagine what is going to happen when (i) they find out about ET/YH and her real power in Haea Corp (ii) the upcoming romance between JH/DY its going to be veery interesting. Who has the power now? Have a good week everyone, gone for now.
  14. It seems that because ET cares for & support both YH/ES, that CJK plans to play him against them using "evidence" of YH's so called infidelity or she wonders if ET is ES's bio father, It does not matter because all is likely to backfire on her and Haea especially when it comes out about CSW's infertility. If they do like the Chinese drama as earlier mentioned (do not know name) then it can open grounds for a surprise and maybe quick marriage between this pair. Something most of you would like. However, you have to keep in mind that CSW has not yet returned and he may decide that he wants "his family" back as I get the impression that Haea is of the twisted belief that anything/one that they throw away is still theirs. Its time YH tells ES about the divorce and teach her child how to protect herself somewhat - who is ok to approach versus not to. Lets say it was CSW had come to the school, what would happen? Its unlikely of MS to fall for DY, as they have already established that this pair do not like each other. However, MS despite his bratty self does have some decent traits about him and I think that is what they are trying to indicate here. I don't think I will ever be invested in SH/KS because they just don't fit I get why they care for each other as KS is always attentive to SH but because they have been paired, I just go with the flow with them. Its a whatever for me, considering the fact that KS's mom is seen for less than 5 mins per episode, I can tolerate this. Based on watching this pair its very unlikely for us to see a kiss from them, hand hold/hugs - yes, passion - doubt it. Hint of jealousy likely - HH on DY for her connection to MS who is likely to encourage/imply it based on family. JH if he finds out but is likely to be reassured as DY through her notes is indirectly giving him hints though they do not realize this. It should be short.
  15. YH is holding her own against Haea with ET's support. MS shows a nice side of himself to DY. Ep 21 CHK rudely confronts YH as to being ES's mother who does not deny that, however she counterattacks with a claim herself against Haea which has CJK being hesitant and she leaves. HS finds out about YH's & ES's situation from HH, he is angry and goes to Haea. HH tries to block him by calling SH and giving her an update. SH gets to Haea with KS's help but they were unable to prevent HS from seeing CJK. In that meeting CJK tells him that ES is not CSW and some other things. HS goes home to wait for YH. KS who had dropped them off, waited and spoke to SH, they had a brief talk. YH calls CSW leaving an angry message about him not doing anything or she will act. She later went to the lawyer who told her something which gives her some thought as to what Haea is planning. Prior to that ET meets YH telling her to present Haea contract, reminding her of his support and that he will do what he has to do. JH got a text message, he is a bit reflective, seeing this DY asks him about it. JH talks about his high school past and the present him and how he feels. At home, upon arrival HS talks to YH as to what is happening with her & ES, I think she told him the truth about CSW. HS told her that if she was in trouble then why didn't she come to them, though he does not have power they are family etc. but she responded about wanting to give CSW/Haea a chance. YH has her father's support. MY curious about HS and HH's arrest, invites HH to the house to get some answers. HH happily goes but does not give MY much answers about it saying that she could get in trouble. She does however seem to give MY dating/flirting tips against her father. At YL Group, JH gives MS a file while it appears that MS plans to "attack" HS which makes him nervous. DY is nervous about her school picture on a coworker's PC, he seem to think its funny but DY was not happy about it making her drop the files. DY thinks about what she has to do. ET is planning his attack against CK/Haea with arranging a meeting with the Board of Directors with his sister's help. With MS's departure to meet HS, JH leaves only to see that it appears that MS plans to make a shoe for MY with HS's help and they plan to keep it a secret. JH/MS appears to come to a "truce" where MY/HS are concerned. MS returns to the office where he sees DY trying to delete the picture, he did it instead. When she asked him about it, he gave her a thoughtful reason which slightly changes her view on him. At home JH goes through the year book - DY's post-its are there (he keeps them - so cute). HH tries to tell him about her trip to MY's house but no success as he was talking on the phone to a school mate. At lunch it seems that ET was talking about leaving the hospital after finishing his business, upon hearing this YH got disappointed but did not say anything to him. She is starting to care for him SH decides to work late and finds out that KS has been helping her. They had a heart to heart talk to which they hug, Manager Ko almost interrupts them with some food from KS's mom. Earlier she had visited and Manager Ko more or less scolded her treatment of KS . CK finds out about the Board of Directors's meeting being held, he gets upset with JJH who denies knowledge in the details saying that it was for ET. DY told JJH that MS has a good side to him which makes JJH nervous but DY reassures her that she does not like MS that way. At the BOD meeting ET presents the Haea contract to them stating the disadvantages of it, CK interrupt, tries to blacklist YH and tries to make a deal but it does not seem to work. ET later told YH about the meeting, they appear to be comfortable around each other, slightly hiding their growing "romantic" like. ET goes to pick up ES where they have a pleasant talk, this is with YH's permission as she was doing something at the time. However, CJK also decides to pick up ES, YH finds this out from a call with the kinder/nursery staff. ET had a heated talk with CJK preventing ES from going with them and sending her inside. While this is happening, YH arrives standing beside ET. YH more or less calls CJK out on her strategy and threatens her stating that she warned Haea not to mess with her family. CJK had to go back. MY/HS meet with her "friends" CK/JJH at a restaurant. CK tries to find out about HS's "level" but he does not respond much to that, CK even start talking about MY's romantic past. HS responds to that in a sincere and loving manner about MY which has JJH "really" looking at him and MY being happy/proud. After dinner both couples went somewhere else to drink, while talking CK receives a call about YH which has him upset. CK complains about YH, Haea and trying to get rid of her, because of this HS angrily stands up. Show ends Preview HH/MS meets for the first time, not knowing each other's identity, its a bit rude convo with her stamping on his foot HS/MY have their first couple quarrel, HS looks to buy MY a gift ET confronts CJK with a demand to leave YH alone. ET happily walks to YH who was waiting for him somewhere. Thoughts - I liked the episode and yet I felt it was somewhat slow. There is progress as ET/YH are getting much closer as a team and in the future as a couple. YH proved that she is not so weak when it comes to Haea. SH/KS seem to get back together. I think YH needs to inform the kindergarten staff as to who has permission to see, take, talk or approach ES who is in the middle of this mess caused by Haea as it is dangerous. YH should provide pictures etal in order to protect her child better because if ET was not there at the time, CJK in a way would have won by using ES as a pawn in Haea's sick game. Even if you are family there are certain people who should not be allowed to have access to your child, though ES is aware of CJK's identity that does not mean squat because the current situation is nasty. I think that may have to apply to CK as well, we do not know how low he will go but he knows ES but not the whole situation and in order to get in Haea's good graces he seems to be willing to do anything which can cost him a lot in the future. Until the next episode, take care and have a good day, morning, evening, night.