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  1. I thought that episode 10 gave me some insights as to HS/MY's present and future relationship as well as other things. I liked when MY took KS's mother to task in her bratty actions, later to gain insight as to why HS was upset with MY for it and the double standards that we live in as to what can be called acceptable behavior from that of the son's family vs the daughter. MY'S talk with DY's mom made her know that & how the happiness ties into it. In that, KS's mom used that as an excuse to do what she did b/c she can get away with it as he is her son, SH's family seem to have to take it for the sake of SH's happiness. When you think about it HS also did this for YH to their disadvantage. The son's family thinking because these women did not graduate from a recognized univ/school, of an acceptable background, wealthy, etc. the women are viewed as subpar. Yet when you think about it, its the opposite the girls may not be rich materially but of the intangible components as to their character these women have an excess. Its a common practice to look at the outside of someone instead of the inside HS is a lonely man who has lived enough for his children, MY made him aware of that and gossipy neighbor told them that. Yet HS being who he is has a problem accepting or coming to terms with it. He follows HH thought process that a father is a father and not a man and this could also be applicable to the other kids as well therefore they do not expect him to have wants or needs outside of theirs. Unlike the Western and European parenting arena, this behavior of a single parent living their own lives, having relationship/s outside of their children is considered acceptable & healthy. The new thought MS has been the one who has sabotaged all his mother's relationships due to sheer selfishness, immaturity and possessiveness. MS claims that he is on board for MY being happy but could have orchestrated the forming and break ups, can you imagine how he is going to deal with HS when their relationship comes out? Its definitely will be interesting with the small world of JH and him being "in-laws" in several aspects. HS needs someone in his and his children's corner i.e. MY as she defended both him and SH. She has the ability to deal with those sharks with the ability to protect them. HS has been passive for too long ES story is confusing as to her medical history and the fact that ET is on his way to Haea in the US may/may not happen due to it. Some of what was said makes sense, the interesting thing is the factors that SW looked into for a possible donor of for ES, they looked at the external factors and little of the internal aspects which causes. The show is slow but I keep reminding myself that its 50 episodes so the stories has to be told in stages. Bye for now.
  2. After watching the latest episodes I could not help but start to compare both HH and DY as well as note some things about the other characters. So let's go down this list MY has been unlucky in love and we find out that MS is not her biological child. Based on the upcoming episodes there is going to be a lot of misunderstandings with this mother/son. What we do get is the impression that MS seems to be a bit spoil, cares for MY, is cunning and though is "chaebol" he does have his work moments - not being abusive as a supervisor. MY is feeling a bit happy in pursuing a relationship with HS because of the neighborhood, his own and his family's misconception of her being in dire straits when its actually the opposite. Therefore she knows that HS will love her for her and his personality is that of a straight arrow. HS will not be thinking about this until later, hence the start of the 1st pairing - personally I hope there is a real kiss scene with this pair & all the key couples in this drama. It annoys me when they claim to have a mature relationship but you get the feeling/see that there is no passion with the pairs due to their age, some passion shown for the key couples would be appreciated. The youngest character is 5 everyone else is over 24, let them act like it in terms of real relationship. YH and ET are starting off with wrong assumptions/perceptions of each other with the troublesome yoke of her being the so called DIL of the troublesome Haea Corporation and the perceptions of what is suppose to be the expected persona of a chaebol's etal wife. Two of them is that the wife is not suppose to work and do a lot of charity work which is really insincere public relations. YH has just found out that ET's BIL (Chan Koo - CK) is actually scamming him just to reach his objective for more money and power upgrading. When you check it out, their story is about to start. However, I see a lot of upcoming issues because YH cannot tell the world that she is divorced per se as her family especially ES would be in trouble. What I am curious about is the fact that should they "sue" for "so called unacceptable behavior" would she be able to fight them well with evidences of her not receiving any fiscal support from them, the fact that ES was withdrawn from the family registry because she is not blood, there were no communication from the ex family ever since the separation. Can she fight them well considering how powerful they are? I also wonder if YH will get to be a real doctor in this drama. JH is trying to get his bearings in his new job, however I do not care for seeing scenes whereby he is being used as an errand boy instead of a proper employee, I am sure that none of this is in his job description. I do not care if this means establishing good relations with your boss, unless you are getting coffee for yourself, you can ask if he/she wants one & not be ordered to get one as he is not the waiter/barista for that matter. KS is a man boy and a mama's boy, because that is how he has been raised hence when he decides to act as an adult/"rebel" his domineering mother has issues with SH. Its a problem I have with these MIL's in the kdramas, he may be your son but he is an adult let him be one he is 30 for pete sake not 16. I think that's why he gravitated towards SH as she is the more mature one with the ability to make him grow up but its not going to be easy. As I stated before the mother needs to get a job and life outside of her son apart from gossiping with the neighbors. The typical son mother clinging and entitlement behavior is disgusting, as far as I am concerned it is the son's family who should be rewarding the daughter etc because when she goes over its a lot of crap she has to deal with along with the son and not the other way around. They should be grateful for having her becoming part of their family as she has given up a lot. I understand ET's hesitancy in getting married as based on his childhood experience he does not want his own family to go through that. Nor does he believe that he has the ability to share himself in that manner to someone, so I do not blame him. However, I do not understand his sister's obsession with him and daughter getting married, I do not think its that important now. What is important is for ET and DY to grow enough to be willing to share themselves with someone and that is not now. Now for HH and DY. There are some people that have been somewhat bashing HH but for me I kind of like her because of who she is and the potential of her character growth in more episodes. Its the same with DY. What I like most about HH is that she is a what you see is what you get. You know for a fact that though at times her personality is a bit brash, she is not going to lie to you about what she is, her likes, dislikes, concerns etc. She will not stab you in the back, instead she will tell you in your face that she will stab you, you will always know where you stand with this person. This is way much better than encountering a person who says that they like you etc. and then curses/lies/attacks you once you walk away, you are in constant awareness/danger of these type of people. HH talks about money a lot, but you can clearly see that she has no problem working for it by taking on a part time job and saving to achieve a goal - her car, she does not expect to be given everything just because she is the youngest; she clearly loves her family and is willing to do just about anything for them however I do understand her frustration with the new changes in her life and living situation. Its not easy, especially when she had hopes for her sister's happiness, the fact that she does not know the real situation of YH/ES is in a way a good thing because if YH told her the truth that girl will confront those people and stir up an ant's nest causing more trouble. Because as we all have seen HH has a huge mouth, once she opens it, the whole world knows. I find it funny when I see JH acting that way once HH blurts out whatever it is. As for DY, I really do not care how she was raised to be just a wife, I like the fact that she is sweet at times and clearly is in JH's corner for the most part. However because of her upbringing, she is the type if the family loses everything would not immediately know how to survive and when the reality hits her is likely to stumble very hard/die. A part from liking JH, you do not see DY the person because she is raised to be an extension of a man not an individual. I took a very dim view of the father and the show for that matter promoting the use of a credit card instead of debit or cash. Credit cards when you think about it is continuous loan from the bank and you always have to pay them instead of saving or using your own cash. I just did not like that, I do not have one nor will get one because I hate owing money especially when I haven't used the cash and end up paying monthly fee/interest for money not spent. DY to me is still very naive and is like a immature 16 year old in high school, you do not know if she went to college or what did she study, can do etc. What we do know is the fact that she was fat in school, called JH her idol and underwent extensive weight loss. DY starts work next week, a plan concocted by CK for her to meet and marry MS - which we all know will not work as she is JH obsessed. I hope the show tries to make DY grow as an individual with the ability to love JH as a person and not the idol, though at times she does act as his conscience. Therefore to me both HH/DY characters is just like us regular folks to some extent not perfect but we all have the potential to grow, mature and develop into an amazing person. Looking forward to the next episode. Gone for now
  3. I just started watching this drama after being on a dry spell. Its not so bad at all, what we as viewers has to consider is that this is a 50 episode drama and as such there is likely to be over 50% of the actions of the key characters that is going to frustrate us to no end, and its now at episode 6 so its a long way to go. Therefore lets go with the flow for now, long post below. I am not going to defend YH here per se but will state some things about her and her family to give us a reality/awareness check. In this case its culture and how it drives people to behave the way they do even though we do not like it at all. Korea is mostly a patriarchal, Confucius based, educational and class centric culture, it is in no way egalitarian very few countries are. What is common is the fact that most parents are willing to do just about anything for their child and it is expected that the child will/should do the same. YH's in laws are beyond disgusting and highly hypocritical with the belief that they are above the law/perfect in all things and anything/anyone that does not meet their so called "clean" standards are trash. The whole family were raised that way and as such treat others that way as well. Though they are adults YH and SW were in "love" at that time with YH who is raised from a loving family with the sincerity and belief that with love all things are possible. Keep in mind that being filial to one's family and obedience to the elders is a very important aspect to the culture as a future DIL she is expected to do so. She thought that with SW's love and support they as a couple would be able to conquer the nasty nasty hurdle of the "in-laws" of being accepted/cared for as a daughter-in-law, what she got was something worse after submitting to them all of who she is, enduring a lot of their crap and her family doing the same. The mistake was her "naivety and trust in SW and that so called hopeless hope with that family". YH did not know what her family sacrificed in order for her to be there when she did it was too late and she did state to ex that if she knew, she would never had married him. SW is a product of that family, his rebellion was loving YH when he wanted to marry her, he sincerely believed at that time that if he gave up everything to his family to have her they would see what a good person that YH was and accept them. However, that proved not to be the case and it became worse with the knowledge that he is "infertile" because that is clear proof of his imperfection from a so called perfect family. With the pressure to have a child etc. they complying to the family demands the relationship got worse as he conformed to the family in all aspects and eventually proved to us what a wutless man he was and that YH's sincere love , efforts for him & the Chae family was wasted. Eun Soo is proof of his imperfection, hence he dislikes her and I am of the belief that ES was invitro and not adopted. Keep in mind that the Chae family are shown to be all round extremely powerful, YH may have her family's back but she is not powerful at all and her family etc are literally hostages in the Chae's esp SIL hands. One thing to note was that YH told SH that there was no choice for her when she complied to said demands and request from SW. There are several kdramas that shows these type of families and their behavior is not always pleasant - image is everything to them and they will do just about anything to ensure that what we common folks see is a sparkling, clean transparent one. Example - YH and her family have not told the public of her divorce, that family do not want that info to be revealed as it is a stain on their image. The EX-SIL always hated YH, never lets her forget it and yet calls YH a gold digger one who has never asked for anything from them in the first place, they made the demands from the time SW decided to propose to YH. Yet it is clear to us that they are more obsessed about power and money than YH or anyone. The key here is to find effective solutions in beating them without your family or those you care for or around you from becoming hurt. Here is also something to note of the culture - although education is high up in the parent's hope for their children, who they marry is also up there as it signifies leveling up, image & being associated with them by having a foot in the door etc. This is the case with YH's family especially the youngest sister Hyuna Ha (HH) thought process and SH's so called "mother-in-law"; the father and sister complied because they believed in and loved YH. I took a dim view of the future MIL when she decided to accept SH based on the fact that YH was an in law of the Haea Corp - supreme conglomerate, she told her son what gifts she expects from becoming part of that family, her thought process sucks. By the way, does she not have something to do apart from pestering in her "adult" son's affairs, its a poor image of single mature women with an adult child. I also did not like what SH's boyfriend did which was a desperate move on his part in order to get his mother to accept her, something she told him with the trust that he will not tell anyone this fact. HH as we all can see so far has shown herself to love her family a lot, however she can be impulsive, money centric, has a very big mouth and is at times immature. If she owns a car and is able to do a part time job she has some maturity about her. However, can you imagine what her reaction would be if she got the true information about YH and her situation? I did not like what she said as to her expectations of getting pocket money from BIL, that to me is a no-no, do not expect gifts from in laws, you are not entitled to them. Let them choose whether to gift you or not and if they choose not to do so do not bad mouth them either. Look at ET's BIL, he wants something from YH because she is "DIL" of that family when all she wants is a job in order to survive. How does one expect YH to keep quiet and have no form of income to support herself and her family? That is just stupid, because its like the exSIL expects YH to beggar to the family for having the gall of having to choose divorce, she is constantly punishing/abusing YH. The brother Jae Hyung because of his "non-spectacular" qualifications he has been having a difficult time getting a job, yet those who inherit it do not have to work for it- they just walk in the door and its there. As such some of them have abused their positions which we saw, being associated with a "certain" company also affects one's image. Da Yeon to me is a sweet person but I wish they gave her a job or something more productive to do with her time instead of matchmaking dates. I will not go into the fat slim image perception in the show because that is common in other kdramas as well. I do not have much to say about ET because we do not know much about him, except that he got a wake up call when he became a volunteer doctor overseas, hence change in perspective and slight in behavior. His and YH's story is going to take time, however I wish they fast forward YH synopsis as it does not match what is being shown right now as to who she is. HS and MY love story is one of misunderstanding and MY holds a grudge for too long without going to the source and getting the facts with decisions to punish others for said slight. However, you in a way can see where or how it can happen e.g. the neighbor gossiping about MY with incorrect info all because of HH's big mouth and supposition. Its interesting to see how their romance will develop, MY's son is going to get a rude awakening, I am not sure if there is going to be a loveline for him and HH, I do not support this one. As I said earlier we are at episode 6 with 44 to go lets see how the rest of the story will unfold. Gone for now.
  4. @msmy I agree with your comments but at the same time I sort of understood why they did that in terms of not putting focus on the other crimes. Two keys ones were enough to bring them down for HJ - she was the person who told the police on ES/YJ; TS/Sec Oh- most of the crimes they did in terms of murder etc being exposed as to how evil they were. The interesting thing is that all of a sudden TS & Sec Oh's intelligence became numbed down. They look on these factors which is scenes that the viewer does not really need to see because it was done in another way: Poem book - it disappeared, but DS recalled her memories of it and contents which she told HD/BN. DS is a living witness as to the book's existence with her memory returning and exposing TS for what he and Sec Oh did to her as a child in order to hide said evidence HD's possible family reunion - he has been living with his mother for the past 3 years ever since the arrest incident. His father comes to the house often and contacts them as well. There is a strong possibility of his parents getting back together and in the future DS marrying him. HD has gained a lot as he is loved and respected by all. There has been indirect reunions but not a direct one. The focus on the last episode for him was to get the girl - DS/ES which he did as she confessed to "hoping to be the one who makes him smile" and will do so always. Meeting of Kenta and new family - with exception to YH, there has been several meetings with JY & DS just without the knowledge of her being his niece, which was more or less revealed at the press conference. In addition when ES was kidnapped, that is when YH really met JY. I am sure ES told YH about him when she was awake in the hospital, plus they were there at the court and JH's graveside. There were meetings but an official one had to wait until TS's matters were settled. That has been done. But do we need to see it? Especially in the end with all the characters happy that YH/ES are reunited and hoping things will go on well in the future. New family - the new family consists of YH's Lazarus cousin, JY extra characters added but the cousin did not add much as he was totally ineffective. The thing is where would these men be living now that matters have been sorted out? Would JY go back to Japan or live in Korea and cousin? The impression one gets its now YH & ES with support from the others namely those men. However, I do not want them living in the same house, as a matter of fact I would prefer that house be sold and they get a new one. Though the house had good memories it was polluted as well with TS/DR/HJ to show a change a new house would be an indication of that. The future of Songin - not sure if any of you had a chance to watch the subs but I just finished. Songin will be in both ladies control with ES running it in accordance to her fathers' vision. The two scenes I liked the most in this episode are (i) the unofficial but final break up of ES/YJ saying that memories should remain memories and once lost you cannot get it back (ii) ES telling HD that she wants to be his girlfriend - he really worked hard for it and got rewarded. They also sort of changed ES's hairstyle having it more free than usual which is an indication of the changes she is making in her life. TS got the death sentence, Sec Oh got life. TS sister returned to Seoul - hopefully she gets a job; DR decides to be a true mom and become charitable to the poor; HJ found salvation away from Seoul and learning how to smile. Have a good weekend.
  5. It has ended, seems bland but one thing for sure is that HD gets the girl. DS/HD tried to escape but were unsuccessful initially with HD getting hurt, the thugs thought HD was dead so they ran away. DS ran to him calling his name urgently, he woke up a little bit says "DS" and went unconscious. DS is safe but HD was hospitalized everyone is concerned for him especially DS. TS and Sec Oh arrived at the hideout and realized that DS had escaped so they try to come up with a new plan. The police arrived at the house looking for TS that is when DR, HJ and the sister found out about the charges, they are surprised at this. They did not find him so they gave some advice to the ladies and left. HJ is in shock as to what is happening regarding TS wanting to verify things for herself. HD's family is at the hospital worried about him as he is still unconscious with a wound on his head, DS is in the room, YJ came in asking questions. DS and YJ talked where he mentioned finding out that she is JH's daughter etc.; DS tells YJ how she feels about HD getting hurt because of her etc. there is more talk but you get the feeling from it with the tears that it is final end for this pair. There is a wanted look out for TS & Sec Oh who put on disguise trying to escape the police. HJ sees the paper stating TS's crime, she is in a "I cannot believe this etc". mode. She goes to the bar to drink, while drinking she overhears people talking about TS and how evil he is etc. She was caught eavesdropping someone recognizes her as TS's daughter which she denies, she runs away going mental with thoughts in her head including YJ's words as to her character all saying that she is TS's daughter etc, which she denies. People surround her while she is having her breakdown, after that she seem to disappear. Meanwhile DR tries to leave the house, as she was taking valuables she is confronted by YH; she is shocked to see her, YH took her to task on her actions and kicks DR out of the house. That night DR is out of the house anxiously waiting for HJ, the sister came by as well as YH who tells her to go etc. DR begs for mercy on behalf of HJ and tells the women that HJ is her and TS's bio daughter. YH decides to let them off i.e. HJ/DR. As TS/Sec Oh were in hiding they are trying to smuggle out of the country - Philippines via boat but the fare was a bit high. They stayed in a hotel room whereby Sec Oh decides to betray TS to save himself. The next morning TS gets arrested, he finds out what Sec Oh did and did the same to him. Therefore both men are arrested and were fighting at the police station. DS rushes to the hospital room and tells HD that TS/Sec Oh were caught. HD wakes up, there is exchange of care words & a caring look between HD/DS, he caresses her face and she holds his hands. Its the start of a new OTP. Its court time whereby the main judge reveal the men their crimes and the significance of it. The sentence is harder on TS than Sec Oh who was relieved. BN celebrated along with his uncle as to the punishment; ES/YH/JY did the same. Later ES/YH/JY visited JH's grave telling him what happened, thanking him for looking out for them etc. There is information about HJ's whereabouts- the sister and DR visits seeing HJ from afar smiling as she is teaching some children art, seems to be an orphanage. HJ is now happy, the women sees this DR decides to stay close to HJ and become a real mother to HJ saying that HJ was never happy before when she was living someone else's life etc. HD/ES went to the place where they wrote wishes, ES teases HD not revealing hers to him - its a light moment, he put his own first which was for her and she put hers up. Its more a confession by ES to him that she likes HD and will take care of him from now on, he of course is touched & very happy. They are now a couple. YH/ES return to Songin Shoes happy as they were entering the grounds they were greeted by the good guys on both sides - Hangang Leather; JY; HD, BN, HD's family and it seems that YH's cousin lived so he was there as well. Its a happy moment. Show ends. Notes - There was nothing special per se about the ending as most of us had predicted it, the only difference is that its the first in a long while since watching kdramas that the original OTP did not end up together in the end; instead they paired her with a second lead creating a new OTP who based on how they had of late written him made him more a man and the original a wimp. HJ got both punished and rewarded in the end which is somewhat typical of these type of shows as they lay most of the blame to TS and Sec Oh. That I disagree with but a so it go. The plan is to give DR/HJ a second chance at a new life becoming better persons without the influence of TS, obsession and greed. My brain blanking session has ended, this may or may not be my final post here as I will be watching it subs. Other than that, its been good being here, the Olympics start tomorrow and while there is cold over there I will forever enjoy my tropical heat, don't have to bundle up as much. But at the same time I wish the best for my country who will be bobsledding and skeleton even if there is no medal just do well enough to be noticed - GO JAM DOWN!!. See you in another post at soompi, take care everyone.
  6. Check the preview link courtesy of @orangeluv http://smart.kbs.co.kr/tv/drama/blossomdalsoon/view/preview/2590419_133931.html From watching the preview it appears: HJ is in mental shock as everyone knows that TS, her father is a murderer; its big news in the paper. She cannot believe it. DR tries to leave the house, searching the room for money and gets caught by YH who confronts her. DR uses the excuse that it was all TS, YH is taking none of it. At the hospital YJ tells ES that he heard that she is JH's daughter. ES/DS mentions something about memories and him. Its the final tonight for sure.
  7. The truth gets outed and where is YJ? No preview and if DS does not end up with HD after all this something is seriously wrong. But then something has been wrong with this show for a while now. Naka gets captured by JY who was waiting for him, Naka makes a deal with JY which includes providing a recording of TS confession of his crimes. The deal worked and Naka went to TS/Secretary with evidence of JY's death but they did not believe him wanting more proof. DS meets YH at the hospital mentally telling her conflicts of exposing TS's crimes when he is her father, YH show signs of waking up & recovery which she hid from TS's sister. Because of it, DS decides to stay overnight at the hospital. When TS comes home, he greets HJ but she is like a zombie not speaking to him etc. he tells DR that JY is dead which relieves her. HD meets the chief prosecutor and asks a favor from him letting him know that it will be to his benefit. There is an article in the paper as to Kenta's death, this satisfies TS & the secretary and they pay off Naka only to have him killed after he left. This does not surprise JY/HD as they are clearly aware of TS & secretary's evil nature. Hangang family are worried with the news of Kenta's death and what it means to them, they got invited to a special event. There is a special event in which the press etc will be there as well as TS, Hangang, HD and BN. TS is fake sympathetic to the news of KENTA/JY/JH's death to HD who responds accordingly. This is being hosted by JY. DS tells YH her worries of being TS's daughter, asking for strength and YH wakes up okay. There is a tearful mother/daughter reunion in which DS tells YH about her concerns regarding TS, YH tells her that she is JH's daughter and not TS. There were more tears and much relief by DS. At the press conference a very alive JH/JY arrives much to the surprise of TS/secretary they try to leave but JY told everyone the truth about who he is and TS crimes which he loudly denies. However, a recording of his meeting with Naka is broadcasted which he still denies, YH arrives with DS and both ladies confirmed TS sins much to his shock to the press. TS tries to escape pretending to be crazy and did with the help of his secretary, they kidnapped DS in the process (the logistics of said kidnapping does not make much sense). HD unsuccessfully chased after them. The secretary and TS try to come up with a new plan, meanwhile and JY/ YH is very worried about DS. HD drives all night searching for DS, he tries to calm down recalling the secretary steps/strategies. The next morning HD was able to find DS, they try to escape with HD fighting but he got hit in the head by TS/Secretary cronies. Show ends with no preview. Note - for those who have been of late endorsing HD/DS couple pairing if the screenwriter is sane and does not follow the typical first love norm/never dies crap may give you the romantic possibility that you want. He had the most action in relation to protecting DS in this episode, if its that the case with them give them a believable kiss or DS telling him that she is starting to care for him in that way. Because as we all know for the most part since YJ got falsely caught 3 years ago has been made impotent with his actions, thoughts and decision making. The only time we saw something worth noting is when he broke up with HJ other than that it has been nothing that makes us really want this OTP back together. HD for the other part has portrayed a more active and mature, developing role proving to us that he sincerely loves DS and he is worth our/DS attention and time. YJ seem to us has become a minor character not a major one at all. I hope DS now realizes that the one who should be beside her is HD and not YJ. For me it does not really matter much, the ending is tomorrow, yippee I should regain my brain cells after my last post. Gone for now
  8. In all fairness to YJ he outright cannot show any form of public display of concern to DS for several reasons (i) cold blocked by mostly HJ/DR and his family to a lesser aspect TS (ii) they broke up and he does not feel that he deserves/should care because he feels guilty (iii) she could get hurt if he asks questions about her at the house by HJ/DR as a form of retaliation. So it does not surprise me.
  9. I watched the subs JH2 is actually Lee Ja Yeol the twin brother who is taking revenge for JH's death by destroying TS (limited understanding of Korean not so bad after all) . The thing about it is that this actor has a very distinct walk, to imagine an identical twin to imitate that aspect is ridiculous as well as other little things - eg. apparently Ja Yeol spent his whole life in Japan but his Korean is so much more fluent than the minuscule Japanese spoken; the other is the similarity of he and DS feet/eating habits those are like inherent. No matter how identical you are you cannot in reality be extremely identical in personality, body and habits. This is why we as viewers were of the belief that he is the original JH. Granted the whole scenario don't make sense with the show insulting the viewer (we are suckers here) but frankly I couldn't care less as the show broadcasts at around 7:00 pm (my country's time) - after work for me in which I allot myself a brain blank hour. I used that time to watch it and de-stress (sort of). If we looked at all the illogical logic that went through this drama our laptops, phone etc. would not be able to take it and we would be the ones paying for it ($$$$$), they lose nothing. We can chalk it up to lazy beyond poor writing on the part of the screenwriter, taking a break from the writing is inadequate - depart from it completely would be better and us in poor judgement and suckers for stuff like this. In a forgiving mode - lets call DS's Spring/is it HJ's Spring blanking hour, where we regain our amazing selves afterwards. So lets look on the remaining 2 end days with some sort of anticipation its Ending . Winter Olympics start next & the preview of the next makgang has begun to show so its very unlikely that the show would extend beyond Thursday. If there is one thing this debacle has been consistent with is the importance of family and blood ties and its impact which was shown throughout most of the show. It dawned on me that HJ did the same thing to the OTP that her father TS did to JH in the past all because they hated that person & were determined for them not to be happy as these people are misfortunes to their lives. It appears that DS will likely find out that she is JH's daughter by this episode, YH may recover well enough to go to the main event ousting TS for most of his sins. It's a public event likely with press etc. what better way to out/destroy TS with both JH2 (courtesy of Naka's evidence/recording) & YH's sudden appearance & attack. YH/DS will be together as mother/daughter Ja Yeol will gain his brother's family looking over them which is important - that's what I see hence the key chain. Living with them to me is a bit freaky but is likely to happen. As for Hangang family - they will be happy but at the same time shocked when everything comes up; YJ still blames himself for a lot of stuff that happened to DS though he still loves DS it is unlikely that they will get back together until much later; HD's father will get back together with the mother, BN may tell everyone that he is dating the sister; HD will not get DS as his girlfriend - sad but expected. Goodness knows what will happen to HJ as she is clearly reaching suicidal level with DR accompanying her - the best thing would be for HJ to become mentally paralyzed/ institutionalized, and abandoned by all - no one knows her. DR to disappear if anything forever taking care of a unstable HJ. I doubt that all the truths are going to be revealed in the last 2 episodes, just a few key ones. So lets celebrate the end in the next 2 days. Gone for now.
  10. @msmy and all - I agree that the twin spin does not make sense at all especially at this stage of the drama, but this is what I understood from my limited understanding of Korean when watching live- JH is the older twin JH2 is the younger one they are using the separation at birth/childhood twist from the adoptive mother explanation. Hopefully the subs will give better clarity. That is the only reason I can come up with is for them to justify how could JH be alive after all those years when we saw a "dead" body with a bullet wound in the chest area. Most of us were predicting a happy ending with DS/YH/JH together running Songin etc. but with the JH2 that may not be possible. With the knowledge of the twin JH2 must have done a lot of investigating in all aspects of JH's life including YH. The other strange one is that maybe its JH has a split personality any foolish thing is possible with this show. Take care
  11. Eye opening episode with a twist. Preview has sleeping YH about to wake up The twist - JH is not JH but his identical twin brother. I will now call him JH2. We went to 3 years in the past whereby JH2 is told about JH from his assistant through a book with his actions towards Korea's independence & fight. Through investigating he finds out that he is the identical twin of his older brother JH who died. JH2 wanted to find out more so he went to the commemoration, met DS at the event, saw YH who called him and in Japan was introduced to HD who told him a lot of stuff including about the possibility of TS's involvement but they need evidence. JH2 is taking revenge for JH his twin. The male evil trio (TS, secretary, Naka) plans the downfall of JH through killing him as he is a threat to them - its war. DS tries to recall the importance of May 28 and her memory returned as to the events that lead to her fall that night - the poetry book, contents pointing evidence that TS was responsible for JH's death; and he & his secretary chased her to prevent that information from being made public. Once her memory came back, DS went to HD and BN telling them everything, they are concerned about her but she tells them that not to worry so much, and that she has to stay because the evidence should be at the house. She says that she will continue to pretend that she has not regained her memory. During this time, YJ tells his family of the decision to completely break ties with HJ and HJ is drunking her sorrows. At the home TS & DS meet each other where you hear their thoughts - TS on killing JH, insulting DS and DS upset as to the type of evil person TS is. DR is worried about HJ who came home drunk she starts blaming TS for everything, DS went to her room. DR gets upset with TS for not being "caring" enough to HJ, TS tells her about JH. HJ is going through a if I can't have YJ I have nothing to live for mode. The next day JH2 starts his attack with sending the prosecution to Songin Shoes, this information was relayed in the afternoon paper to the all talk no action Hangang family, they are happy about this turn of events. TS tells the secretary that all of this is JH2's action and the significance it would play on them as they are likely to lose a lot, so Nakamura was called and instructed that JH has to be killed that night. DS knowing that no one was home started to search TS's room but stopped because of a phone call and her thoughts lean towards strategic stating that it might not be there. DS left the house and bumped into Nakamura who insulted her in Japanese, she apologized but she try to recall where she saw him and that he seems suspicious. At the hotel, JH2 left while we are assuming HD went somewhere else. Nakamura attacks JH2 who got the upper hand in beating him. Show ends. Preview - Nakamura is being forced to make a confession, there is an invitation sent to the all talk no action Hangang family, DS is with YH mentally telling that she is going to out TS; YH shows signs of waking up DS covers it up by holding her hand to prevent others from finding out. Note - we as viewers were all lead to believe with the return of JH that he was alive all this time, the idea of a twin never crossed our minds, this including what we got was an impression of JH's memory of TS's betrayal. What a way to fool the viewers at the same time, what a crock. Why give the personal memory of JH to JH2 it does not make sense especially that of YH & TS. Since we are aware that the end is approx 2 days away we will control said stupidity like the others. The reason why I have called YJ's family (Hangang Leather) the all talk no action is because for the most part that's all they have done without any real significance. The only one who is doing something is HD. Hangang Leather to me role has significantly reduced to 5 minutes, they are just there to fill in the 30. Gone for now
  12. It was a satisfying episode, it seems that they are going to have the memory recovery in the last 2. YJ found out that it was HJ who reported to the police that he and DS were spies, he asked her for confirmation but her response is afraid. YJ left the room in anger with tearful HJ following and begging him saying that she loves him, to forgive her etc. YJ responded saying that its not love but greed etc. and left the house; he sees DS on her return to the house and says sorry to her. DS comes in questioning what happened seeing HJ in tears, HJ sees DS slaps her and blames her for everything going wrong in her life is because of her. DS finds out from the aunt what HJ did, who proudly admits it an angry DS slaps HJ twice asking if she is human etc. HJ responds as to her justification for doing it, DS counterattacks she also realizes that TS knew. YJ tells his family what HJ did and that TS knew about it and took advantage of the opportunity to destroy Hangang. They of course are angry with the father going to Songin and beating up & cursing TS, he leaves. HD finds out about HJ through his father's call, he tells this to JH who later meets a colleague in their plan to take out TS. DS confronts TS upon his arrival at home, he shows his true colors as to his actions, DS says she will out him out as to the type of person that he is. TS is arrogant in his response and goes to see HJ who is crying, he tries to comfort her but that does not work. HJ starts blaming TS for the whole thing - typical. DS is in her room renewing her determination to take TS down. The next day TS/DR start blaming the sister for what happened but she says what they were doing is wrong etc and how is it her fault. DR goes to comfort HJ. During this time YJ recalls his time with lying HJ, he is still upset. A tearful HJ goes to the business and begs the family to forgive her etc. she loves YJ wants another chance all on her knees. However, the mother is not having it, she slaps HJ and scolds her, the father did the same and tells her to get out. HJ leaves, seeing YJ she asks him for another chance, he tells her to not to touch him and no way he will be with her. A distraught and depressed HJ leaves the company telling herself that its all over. HD's family are worried for DS now that the news as to TS/HJ has come out, especially in light of knowing what the OTP went through that time. DS visits YH at the hospital, her thoughts about what she has to do, she is greeted by a shareholder who told her that YH was sane and had to act senile in order to distract TS. He tells her of TS's actions, DS is upset as to TS's nature but she also has a lot of questions as to why it happened & what is happening, (there were some flashbacks with YH) she tells YH what she plans to do. DS goes home and searches YH's room for clues, she finds a diary with 28 circled, she thinks that the date is familiar and tries to recall the significance of said date. Nakamura calls his colleagues in Japan and confirms that Kenta is JH, he relays this information to TS and the secretary who are trying to come up with more evidence. Nakamura goes to JH's hotel room to do some searching meanwhile HD is doing some investigation in which Nakamura's name comes up. JH arrives in his room where Nakamura was hiding, HD calls JH and tells him about Nakamura after the call JH's responded in anger as to what he will do to TS etc. Nakamura leaves the hotel and tells TS etc. that it is JH who has returned for revenge. Show ends with JH's revenge talk in the mirror. Preview - DS tries to find the truth, TS, secretary and Nakamura are planning a counterattack against JH, DS recalls something of the past and tells HD & BN; TS looks at DS saying that JH has to die. DS looks at TS is conflicted as to the type of person that he is - questioning it. Note - sleeping YH needs to more than wake up its overdue, I think DS realizes that YH found out her identity as ES. I was so happy as to downfall of HJ but she hasn't suffered enough in my opinion. TS/HJ/DR love to blame other people for their evil actions there is a justification for everything its never their fault, its tiresome. Gone for now
  13. HJ got and lost YJ all in one episode. You would so love the preview TS signed the contract in front of JH & HD hence putting on the noose. JH/HD discussed their success and their next steps, TS is of a similar mind in talking to his secretary. YJ proposes to HJ, giving her a ring which she along with DR celebrate boasting in front of DS etc, of course DS is not happy about this and her behavior is subdued. A blind YJ'S family are happy as well with the engagement. HD and his family heard about YJ's engagement, HD is concerned for DS. HJ and the rest of the family had a celebratory dinner without DS, she is in her room looking at her diary as a child, TS is being a good father to her etc., DS responds warmly but he is cunning in his thoughts. I don't think DS is fooled but she has to act in line with the circumstance or it will look strange to him and others. HJ with all the good news has now recovered the use of her legs which all including DS happy for her, this information is relayed to YJ's family who are blindly happy for her and YJ. HD's parents are likely to be reunited, there is romantic warmness with them - no surprise there. The next day DS had a date with HD which was a feel good day into the night, they wrote wishes on a piece of paper DS being her extremely thoughtful self wished all the best for others while HD did the same for her. There is something going on with the business to which TS asks JH for a favor which he grants, JH tells HD its more in line with their plans - noose tightening. The following day YJ meets someone who more or less warned him about HJ/TS and the past but he sort of ignore his words as HJ approaches them overhearing a bit of the conversation, he tells her to ignore it. HJ goes shopping with YJ posing in wedding dress etc. extremely happy, DS diary tells her about YJ which makes her sad. Later that day the aunt spoke to HJ being concerned happy for her, who of course is beaming they talk a bit with the HJ's room door slightly ajar (which is a great thing for us). YJ is at work being okayish, the stepmom comes in they talk a bit about the upcoming nuptials, it seems that HJ left something there so he goes to the house to drop it off. By the way DS is not at home when this is happening - great thing. While aunt and HJ were talking, she mentions her concern with the fact that HJ was the one who destroyed the OTP and Hangang Leather with the spy news. HJ tells her not to talk about it and that it does not matter as she loves YJ etc. All this was overheard by YJ who stopped by the house and dropped the cake upon hearing all that. HJ sees YJ - show ends. Preview - HJ goes to Hangang begging to let the engagement continue because she loves YJ only to receive a well deserved slap from stepmom and dismissal from YJ's father kicking her out. HJ also goes home gets angry and blames DS for everything. DS slaps her as well saying some choice words. I really really hope the streaming works well for the last week. Note there were no signs of sleeping YH in this episode. I am glad that YJ overheard all this therefore no one can say that he was lead by astray by someone else, it was both aunt and HJ's mouth that opened the coffin of HJ's downfall. DS & HD did not contribute to this at all therefore he or anyone else can say it was biased etc. Gone for now
  14. Streaming not working well at all so no recap on my end. I watched the subbed version of episode 123 and all I can say is - What a gal lie i.e HJ about the incident, but its not surprising as that is her ingrained nature. Have a good weekend.
  15. It's engagement time for HJ and a preview TS is shocked seeing JH who teases him saying that he is Kenta, not JH. They talked business but TS was uncomfortable throughout the meeting, later he told DR of seeing JH but she dismisses his claims. He had a nightmare of JH being alive though dead. JH later visits an unconscious YH telling her that he is sorry for not protecting her etc. YJ thought about HJ telling DS that she is his girlfriend and notices DS's surprise, his uncle tells him because DS is a TS's child its a good thing that they broke up. HJ later boasts to DS about her and YJ as well as insult her, DS did not like it. HJ told DR that she plans to get engage to YJ before he finds out the truth about her which DR is against but HJ is determined. The next day, TS meets with his secretary and Nakamura to discuss JH about his real identity trying to come up with solutions in addressing it. JH and HD are talking about the men thought process as to what they would do next. DS meets with the lawyer who gave her information about stocks etc. which she informed TS as to meeting him, this sort of upset them as she is not to know somethings. DS goes to YH's office reminiscing of the past. HJ tells YJ that they should get engaged putting pressure on him, he later had a discussion with his father about it who told the stepmother, the fact that DS is YJ's first love and he is troubled about the situation. The father told TS about the engagement he is completely against it. TS tells HJ that he does not support what she is planning but she is determined and threaten him as to what she will do. The secretary and others are still searching for information as to JH's identity with not much luck. TS decides to visit JH who was expecting this, HD and he put on an act which would allow TS to sneak get information. It ends with TS being caught by JH in the act.. Preview - DS tells TS that she will do what she wants, trying to earn sympathy points a pathetic HJ tricks DS using her paralysis. However, it seems that HJ's legs are on the mend. Note - Six episodes left in which the following has to occur - YJ to find a strange things called BA--S and common sense, YH to wake up/ reunite with her true family, JH/DS to find out that she is his daughter; HJ & DR to be punished/abandoned by all, TS, secretary and Nakamura is to be exposed and punished. DS is to make a decision as to which man she should be with though some insist on YJ, he to most of us is undeserving and unworthy of her which explains the angst. All things that should go back to its place is back. This is one of the many things that as a viewer we do not like because there is over 110 episodes of which you can say that the bad/ evil set dominated for around 90 of it and are still dominating. The good guys get less, lesser, least and when they do its rushed. Gone for now