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  1. I am so loving this show, however that does not interest me as much as reading the posts in relation to all your efforts in ensuring that others are able to enjoy it with subs. For that, THANK YOU VERY VERY MUCH. I am reminded of the past in which this was done with Sungukwan Scandal when we could not get subs from the usual sources, everyone collaborated and made what at first seem impossible very much possible. That I am happy to see here again. It also goes to show how amazing the soompi fans and members are to do this. Once again thank you, and I am requesting others if you can help do so and those who are anxiously waiting - lets be patient and support them. Because they are offering their time, talent and skills voluntarily and its a lot of work. KEEP UP THE GOOD JOB THAT YOU ARE ALL DOING, ONCE AGAIN THANKS.
  2. [Current Drama 2017] Black 블랙

    I just started watching the show, its not bad but I am not yet addicted. There have been a lot of theories regarding HR, MG, the grim reaper and HR's father. Some of which I agree with. Its a fantasy mystery with a tiny twist of makjang so I will go with it for now. I am of the conclusion of the following - (i) MG's stepfather has been trying to kill him for some time now (ii) MG has lost his memory as a child and in a somewhat now as an adult in the form of the grim reaper possessing him (iii) HR's father was a grim reaper, remember being in love can change a person from cold to warm so it is possible, hence HR got the ability to see shadows (iv) HR's father knew his time was up once HR predicted his death (v) there is a lot more to MG's true personality - which explains the secret room and though the reaper had possessed his body it would not surprise me if MG actually knew how to fight etc. but hid it in front of other people as a guise. However for the interesting theories and stuff, I just cannot get over the unnecessary bloody scenes especially when it comes to the investigation which is done poorly, it makes one question the ability of the Korean police department specifically the detectives who appear to have forgotten how to handle a crime scene 101. The absence and use of gloves when present, the absence or use of detective tools in dealing with evidence, with exception to the "forensic expert", no one appears to be wearing protective gear. This is a murder and based on the movement of the detectives at the crime scenes it has become more contaminated and in a way the evidence/s has been comprised, also their health could be at risk. There is an attempt to bring humour or lighten these scenes and some of the bathroom scenes as well but they really fall flat. I think after watching the next two episodes will help me decide if the show is a keep, a watch later or a dud. Gone for now
  3. In today's episode to me its stupid stupid grandma, who when you think about it is a huge hindrance to DS. YH suspects that GJO drew copy of ES's shoe design but she has no proof, she voices her suspicions to her uncle who advised her what to do. DS knows that GJO cheated and decides to out her, unfortunately she more or less gave GJO some clues as to her upcoming action. This was due to GJO overhearing about the shoe from YH on the phone and the fact that DS admit that its her shoe. GJO now has a strong suspicion that DS is ES and she contacted grandma ordering to bring the shoe to her who as always does whatever GJO tells her to do - blind blind love for biological no good grandchild, she is a sucker for abuse. GJO at the house took ES's room key and compared shoes, she now has proof that DS is ES. Upon having the proof she is denying it, by the way GJO won the shoe contest using that shoe. YJ told the shoe uncle that he likes DS and I think that he is dating her, he plans to introduce her to his family soon, uncle advise him to be good to DS.
  4. Okay, I'll admit not having watch the last 3 episodes because life gets in the way at times. However, one seem to forget that JO is like Han's duplicate the only difference is that she lacks experience at being more cunning and two faced than him. Mr Han can recognize if someone is similar to him and a threat so of course he is not going to trust her and do what's necessary to block/impede her ambitions. He trusts no one except his long time assistant who could be an undercover Japanese person for all we know. Han wants to keep JO in check and its in his best interest do so that is why he is supportive of DS a lot, remember in his eyes Songin Shoes is his and noone else's. Once DS true identity comes in to the front, its going to be completely different. I stated in a previous post that due to the similarity of personalities, it would not surprise me to find out that JO could be Mr. Han's bio daughter but he would not know that or if the woman did come to him in the past, he would have denied it in the first place because he does not benefit. As for Hyun Do, to me he is his own worst enemy just like in the past - his ambitions and his approach in doing thing clashes, he would lose for the most part, but it would not surprise me if in the latter part "after some reflections" he makes a comeback. To make the current matters difficult, his aunt worsens the situation, hence he acts like that. Gone for now.
  5. Just like most of you I am so a fan of the show. The latest episodes shed some light on our key characters as well as introduced another good player in the dream fight to prevent bad things from happening. That person so happens to be cutie cop Woo Tak (WT) who was born the same year as the other 2. The interesting twist is that all along he has been a minor player it is just now that we are noticing him as a key player (i) he was the one that returned the cell phone to HJ's mom (ii) he was the one that died but at the same time was the one that was saved by JC through the hit and run (iii) he was the one who arrested Bully Park, Seung Won and now through his dreams has discover that one small change could have a rippling effect for either the better or worse (iv) he like HJ has an idea as to the true personality of PB due to the accident that almost killed him and from observing JC/HJ's reaction to him. I call them "3 Dream Dragons (3Ds - HJ, JC, WT)", so the 3Ds as a team were able to successfully capture Bully Park and at the same time save So Yoon, her mother, HJ's and Seung Won lives. All through a small change of letting the investigator take over the 1st part and JC handle the rest. I like the fact that WT is a good cop because he has certain access and ability to help them i.e. JC as a newbie prosecutor & HJ as a protector of the community. It is interesting to note that like HJ he takes his dreams seriously realizing the effects it could have and that both he and HJ had conflicting dreams as to how JC's investigation went. Yet they were able to guide JC in the direction of success as well as somewhat improve his current working relationship with his fellow coworkers who he was having a challenge with. The strange thought that occurred to me as to apart from age what could connect the 3Ds - the soldier who killed both JC/HJ's fathers', that soldier could be WT's brother, WT out of respect of the men/ their families and maybe reparation could have decided to be cop. On a side note, it could be as a form of good public relations for the country indicate to the public that not all police officers are bad persons. As for love triangle I do not think that it is needed for this drama and do not feel it on the part of WT to HJ. I think its more in the line of friendship and the uniqueness of the dream dragons who have something in common. What we have noticed mostly about HJ apart from her quirkiness is her openness, friendliness to all people, especially if its one that she likes which we get and I think he likes that as she spoke to him as an equal once she found out that they were the same age. Plus the female cop is crushing on WT right now though he hasn't noticed it as yet as he is focused on other things. I like the fact that HJ's mother is grading both men - its funny especially when she mixes in her English. So case 1 has been completed and we will no longer see So Yoon who is now happily going overseas to study knowing that her mother is safe. She also goes with the knowledge of getting a boyfriend Seung Won who was there for her & mother during one of the toughest times that she is going through. We already know that they like each other so them as a future couple is somewhat already set. What I would like to know is, now that Seung Won has graduated what occupation is he going to take on? It was a sad mockery to see that all of a sudden Bully Park who took such pleasure in destroying his wife changes his tune once he finds out that he will be seriously made accountable for his actions, yet at the same time was still trying to find someone to blame for his actions, did you notice how quickly he turn blame on lawyer YB. Like we say in our country - " Him Tun Coward - he prove to be a coward". I like when the other prosecutor helped JC by giving him information on a lawyer who can help the wife obtain the assets that she more that deserved. From the preview there is going to be a deeper look into HJ's past as a journalist and how something from the past is going to affect her present. It may be possible that HJ had used her dreams in her career as journalist as well in terms of investigation and being a pain in the rear for the prosecution. After watching this drama, it has made me appreciate the reduction of the live shooting of Kdramas as it clearly shows that time was spent in the quality as to scenery, metaphors, directing, producing and story telling. It lets us as viewers enjoy it as the powers that be were able to do their job without the beyond added stress and pressure to rush produce a show. It also helps the actors/actresses in doing a better job in entertaining us. I hope they continue with this trend as it benefits everyone. Take care and have a good weekend.
  6. No DS is unlikely to find this out due to her loss of memory and its too soon in this storyline, the focus for now will be the fight between GJO and DS. This episode had GJO finding out about YJ and his involvement in DS's case which messed up her plans, his true identity being the bio son of CEO of Hang Yang Leather. Hyun Do realizing that YJ is dating DS that she does not know YJ's true identity, he does not want her to find out yet and how hard a worker DS is and her high interest in shoes. Han Tae Sung finding out about the failed recent investigation by Yeon Hwa and uncle as to ES's identity.
  7. After a good break from kdramas, I finally returned to it and so far I am I loving this show. A lot of fans here have some thought provoking, interesting things to say about fate, how one action affects the other/consequences, connection between the main leads and possible subsequent actions influence. In terms of influence you can say for JC it was his father and Yoo Bum that affected his future. His father left a legacy of decency and sacrifice while Yoo Bum has taught JC what he does not want to become as a person which is SCUM!!!. This was based from JC knowing the true character of Yoo Bum from the past which very few are aware of even Yoo Bum himself as he is that self serving and narcissistic who does not think that he is a bad person. Hence only we, Seung Won are aware of why JC does not like YB and in a way so does HJ unlike others. In terms of influence for Seung Won it is his brother and his deceased father that are shaping him. SW sees his brother as a prosecutor using the law to catch criminals and protect the people, and his father a good policeman. However through So Yoon he is getting a reality check that the law does not always protect the people but the criminals as well even the worse set; hence her cynicism after experiencing it with her mother. To make matters worse its just a case that JC just closed due to that loophole, hence the blame. With the prediction dream JC is now propelled into action in order to save his brother from the preview. The case - YB mentioned that the person is a regular client clearly indicates that the person is a beyond habitual abuser who is very proud of it with his smile at the office and at the hospital over his wife. However, we should note that YB has been a practicing lawyer for under a year, which gives rise to question what was YB like as a prosecutor and did he use that information in order to recruit clients of a similar unscrupulous/evil nature when he went into private practice? He appeared clean but in fact was very dirty and extremely good at covering their/his tracks. Its possible he also did this as a practicing prosecutor, but did not get caught due to the facade he brings to the office. If JC goes to look at back cases relating to So Yoon's father it definitely should show a clear indication that he has been doing for a while (pattern) and who dealt with the cases in terms of making them all un-prosecutable and questionable to the predecessors who were handling these types of cases which can create trouble for YB. It also shows why So Yoon knows how well the law work where her mother is concerned and how to attack as to her plans to commit patricide. You also see how this type of behavior affects the daughter as she wants her father dead/gone (can't blame her) and is contemplating on ways how to do so. All of this could have been prevented if he was already gone from the past (jail etc.). Side note - this clearly points out a concern in relation to abused families and women, however I have never seen a Korean show that talked about a haven/refuge for them to go to and protect them. Are there any in that country? Its the same with alcoholics anonymous. HJ may appear flaky but when you listen to her at times she is very sensible, her talk to JC about dreams and not believing in them and how they affect one was spot on. Her father left her the legacy of sacrifice, her father believed her with the dream but lessened the blow by sacrificing himself for other passengers and his daughter hence allowing the baseball game to continue even though he was afraid (he is the catcher). The connection between HJ/JC from childhood indicated how their fathers' deaths affected how they became as individuals, they would not know each other because they met at the memorial and no words were spoken just an a meeting and ball connection. Done talk for now, looking forward to the next episode . Have a good weekend everyone.
  8. I was able to watch it live and in this episode it does not look good for DS and crew. Han Tae Sung and his crony go to the house in time to hear the police tell Yeon Hwa and uncle that it was Songin Shoes that ordered the case close. However, crony and Tae Sung manage to come up with some crap justification as to what and why it happened which fairly calmed Yeon Hwa and uncle down but does not fully convince them. The next day Yeon Hwa went to the hospital and so happens to meet the nurse who had met DS the child and grandma, she told YH some things which she relayed to the uncle, they decided not to tell Tae Sung and later did some more investigating but no luck. DS "makes up " with grandma and all seem to be well, when the gangsters later came to the restaurant with some threats. This was overheard by GJO who decides to get rid of all of them by bribing a friend to visit the shoemaker who did acupuncture on her, faking an illness and later tried to sue them all. A surprised DS and the shoemaker later got arrested with GJO looking over the scene all smiles as everything seem to be going her way. YJ and DS had a teasing couple moment at his office only to be interrupted by the nurse who gave DS some information that can help her. What is definite is that next week we know this will not work out for GJO, which gives me a sigh of relief and sadness because here it is that grandma is defending a monster just because she is "blood". What is going to happen when she realises that GJO is the thief and destroyer of DS's life? Is her conscience going to bother her then? Will she ever open her eyes and refused to get used by GJO who is cause for much of her troubles? The upcoming episodes will tell.
  9. I took a five month break from kdramas on a whole because there was nothing out there much and I really needed a break from it completely. It was my first since starting this road approximately 10 years ago. Anyway, I took this up because I do so happen to like watching these novel types now and then, though I rarely complete them. The thing about it is that its over 150 episodes and as such as viewers though we are now aware of most of the secrets, its unlikely any of it is going to start showing until around episode 60+ moreso when the "baddies" are very determined to keep from being found out/losing - I am surprised GJO's identity was revealed so early to DS and grandma. Hence you are going to go through countless times of frustration, cussing, hair/no hair pulling, cynicism and shock at the actions of the characters before something later comes along and makes sense. Plus these type of shows go through time jumps and therefore its likely for the child to adults story to go to 5-15 years and 3- 5 years with the adults in terms of growth for some characters. Why I said that - experience as a watcher of these type and dailies; plus one has to admit that its predictable in that scene. I like this so far with the 2 unique concepts as one watches it (i) its a small world after all (2) everyone is somehow related to someone in one way or the other. The Girls Go Jeong Ok/ Han Hoo Jo (GJO) - that girl is so full of it with the concept that the world owes her everything especially her "grandma" who she rejects, manipulates and mentally abuses. I feel sorry and angry at the grandmother at the same time. When you think about it - GJO cannot accept the fact that the abandoned one is her. She can abandon, steal, lie and use anyone which is fine in her eyes as long as she attains her objective - "power, adoration, high class acceptance and money". However it is very wrong when someone wants close to the same thing or has shown to have ability that exceeds her/jealous of the person who is overall good i.e. Go Dal Soon. GJO's mother (Dal Rae) has been mentioned a few times therefore its likely that she will be back soon. However, nothing has been mentioned about the father, the strange thing is I believe hat GJO's bio father is Han Tae Sung. When you think about it, her personality & actions matches his in the negative manner in most aspects and in a way her mother Dal Rae who left because she hated her life and wanted something better. To make matters worse, when she had GJO, she left her with Boon Yi (grandma) and went her merry way, hence abandoning GJO. GJO did the same thing to grandma and Dal Soon she blames Dal Soon along the way for any misfortune that occurs to her of late. Go Dal Soon (DS) - she unknowingly is the pivot to all this especially where her memory loss is concerned regarding Han Tae Sung and GJO. Dal Soon sincerely cares for her adoptive mother, for 14 years blamed herself for something that clearly was not her fault and in a way has tried to make up for it by doing everything possible for grandma who half & half appreciates her, who we all know that is a complete idiot where GJO is concern. Fate is interesting in that she learned how to make shoes through her father's best friend, helping him to achieve her father's dream with her designs - as we know she was talented from the time she was a child which made GJO jealous; she end up meeting Tall Jerk who so happens to be her first "boyfriend"; she unknowingly has a relationship with her mother courtesy of coincidences who is know the "mother" to GJO courtesy of her fake memory loss. She has yet to meet Han Tae Sung and it would be interesting to see what would her reaction be upon seeing him as her memory is likely to be affected here. Small world - I haven't memorized most of the characters' names DS's shoe teacher is her biofather's comrade who so happen to be Tall Jerk's uncle - these men in a way a similar in personality as they rub each other the childish way. Tall Jerk has been waiting for DS all this time yet they cannot recognize each other because 14 years has pass and DS lost her memory. Yet after a while they will fall for each other, the problem is GJO when she realizes his identity she is going to drop Hyun Do and will try to pursue him. Spinster sister has always been suspicious of GJO. In addition she now has a crush on Hyun Do's father who seems to be a kind person but one who can be trying on one's nerves. However spinster sister really needs to get a job. The uncle who is now searching for DS is partially unto Tae Sung but it would not surprise me if he gets killed later on when some things about Tae Sung comes to the surface, Tae Sung is beyond determined to prevent that from that happening. Hyun Do's sweet but airhead sister from the start was nice to Tall Jerk is now crushing on the DJ who so happen to be DS's teacher son who so happen to be the cousin of Tall Jerk that does not like the teacher. Boon Yi/grandma its a like, dislike concept with her. I like the fact that she was sincere in taking in and is for the most part caring towards DS and her friends. I dislike the fact that she is beyond blind and stupid where GJO is concerned just because she is her grandchild. Her love for her is too great, she seem to forget that GJO never treated her with any respect or sincerity even as a child. DS has sacrificed a lot and always show sincerity and love towards this woman yet where GJO is concerned she never seems to appreciate her. So in today's episode it appears that DS will confront GJO regarding the competition, yet it would not surprise me if DS gets in courtesy of either GJO's "mom" or the lady she had earlier helped. Take care
  10. Countdown to the ending = WE DONE, WE FINISH, AMEN!!!!, CELEBRATION, RELIEF TIME & THEN SOME THANKS FOR ACCOMPANYING ME ON THIS VERY TIRESOME JOURNEY, IT’S GREAT HAVING COMPANY, YOU KEPT THINGS INTERESTING & FUN. Its donation time and a time skip, standard ending where all is forgiven. I could care less about the ending - THE IMPORTANT THING IS THAT SBS FINALLY FULFILLED THEIR PROMISE AND END THE DA*N SHOW. Ep 120 finale recap BW visits YS she is calling her selfish for making her worry about her. BW packs YS things she tells YS that the only way she can make things up to her is by living and paying her sins for the rest of her life. BW takes YS home receiving a thanks from docs (BW finally gets a car). WW updates the family as to YS’s health situation being critical, all listen sympathetic, OHW tells BW that she opposes BW donating her liver and why. Docs and YS visits a worried CR at the prison hospital, she is in the usual contrite/repentance mode, its now waiting for a liver time. BW calls WH for a date telling him that she is a match for the transplant, he understands why she wants to do it and offers support. BW convinced moms and pops for the surgery but could not convince OHW, WH brings OHW to DJ’s site and convinces her to let BW do the surgery. Docs got the news that a donor was available and brings YS to the hospital where they found out that it was BW who lets her know why she is doing it. Prior to the surgery, there is a mother/daughter making up with a tearful hug. It’s a 3 year time skip OTP stops by BY school where he gives a presentation, the family is there OHW/moms with the OTP (boy still looks the same except they added glasses). Afterwards, BY has corsages pinned on moms & pops, JY/DM/SC clothes. JY is now the owner of the salon CR is released from prison to be greeted by BW/YS it is a happy greeting to the point that BW tells CR to call her unni and all of a sudden it appears that BW/YS/CR will now become the best of friends (I got sick with this scene). The women visited docs who seems to have left the hospital but is providing free medical service, it’s a happy greeting. BW is hosting a show where she tastes a chef dish and tells him what she thinks is in it and her opinions about the food with WH watching in the background smiling. WH gives the staff BW stickered coffee. CR meets SC at the salon where it appears she is trying to make things up to him but he is cool towards her. SC’s restaurant has expanded/ he has a bigger restaurant, OTP are at the opening wishing him all the best. CR comes there and is greeted by them, it appears that SC offers her a job at the restaurant, all is well in that 4 people world i.e. BW, WH, SC, CR. OTP are in their room, WH says he is reviewing their wish list, he talks about the family photo and says that there is one thing missing. BW asks what was that, he tells her giving BY a younger sibling, BW smiles a bit and WH goes into baby making mode. Its family photo day in which all the characters are dressed in white shirt and jeans, WW/WK has a daughter even though you do not see much of her, CGJ runs in to take a picture. Photo is taken in the typical kimichi, finger snap smiling faces style. LIDD FINALLY FINALLY FINALLY ENDS Other – as stated before there were no surprises with this ending as it was the atypical kdaily that disappointed us greatly into becoming the typical makjang daily & then some. To state that I am glad that it is over would be an understatement. With the all is well with the world with the 4 the only slight surprise I got but got a very sick hint of is a possible reunion of SC/CR as a couple in the future. Are you saying that SC could not do better than CR, PDs/writer? THAT IS BEYOND BEYOND DISGUSTING!!!!! I may comment during the day, but one thing is definite after my last download and subbed watch by Saturday LIDD goes into the bin not be recycled. I will have my 19+gb space back. Take care everyone, thanks for being here, see you at a next post somewhere on this site, good luck and have a great new week.
  11. BW is too kind-hearted!! Unlike her own mom and that lunatic CRazee whom I still hated her for all the evil misdeeds she committed on BW which to me is totally unforgivable! Her jail sentence is too lenient and now she's confined to a hospital prison which is too comfortable for her crimes! I think it has already been established in kdailies and most Asian dramas excluding Japanese (that I have watched) have a tendency to go extremely light on the predators, evil doers and bullies in terms of punishment instead they reward them a lot. The one who rewards them it’s usually the same victim and those good people connected to them, I have given up seeing proper punishment given in these shows as it makes a mockery, insult, hypocrisy and a joke on responsibility, the ineffectiveness/unfairness of a country’s legislative system on criminal actions in meting out proper punishment in spite of any petition claiming victim says go light on attacker and consequences of one’s actions. Therefore there is no moral compass as far as I am concern because it is telling others who watch these shows that it is okay, once you appear contrite that all is beyond forgiven and you will not have to really suffer the true consequences of said action. If I follow it, I will go crazy so I have chosen to ignore it, what doesn’t surprise me is that is why there is a fair amount of vigilante shows out there which states that victim will take care of things by themselves especially when the legal system does not work. For dailies they have the women i.e. become Saints upon saints which turns us off completely. That includes organ transplants because as usual they match, come to think of it, this was done before in a previous daily I watched last year - the victim so happen to be a match of the woman who stole her man, took her father as her own, indirectly responsible for causing the victim's daughter's death and it was the man's child as well, That's just the tip of surface, their solution give the bully the transplant and amnesia to forget all the bad things that she did and have the mother in prison who was worse for I think under a year. Looking forward to countdown 0. Gone for now
  12. Countdown to the ending = 1 left I really need a break from dailies after this one, I have become desensitized by LIDD. As stated in a previous post I was going to try Lovers in Bloom, however after the first episode which I had some trouble watching live I felt nothing, no interest at all to hold me nor in a rush to watch the subbed version. So I am going to give dailies a break for a while definitely not in a rush to watch the others as I cannot watch mbc live stream either and I am fine with that Finding YS is not easy on the mentality of others especially BW and CR Ep 119 recap YS collapses at the OTP’s wedding, she is taken to OHW’s room to rest while CGJ watches over her. WW tells the family the situation regarding YS’s health. BW insists on going on the honeymoon though it seems to bother her. YS wakes up and left on her own though others insist that she stayed and docs was on her way. She later visit a contrite CR in the so called prison hospital where both said that they were sorry etc. SC informs moms and pops, JY/DM that YS is BW’s mother which surprises them. SC later visits a contrite CR who tells him why she ran etc. from him those 7 years ago, it’s a civil talk. As BW was bothered by the YS’s news, she tells WH that she changed her mind about the honeymoon, which he agreed to saying they should do something similar to WK/WW. So the OTP stayed in a hotel room, talking, writing a wish list while BY is asleep. They later greeted moms and pops with BW unable to sleep and WH watches over her. Docs is unable to find YS as she is not responding to her calls etc. he gets depressed starts drinking stating that it is his fault. WW tries to talk some sense into him. WH contacts his lawyer asking him to find YS and tells him who she is to BW. OTP arrives home with BY and BW prepares the family meal it’s a “happy moment”. OHW is extra nice to BY. The OTP are in a larger room with a happy WH hugging his wife, he gets the call as to the location of YS. WH tries to convince BW to more or less forgive YS but she is being stubborn. WH sees YS who is volunteering at an orphanage, it seems that she is okay however she is also in pain as the medicine is not working as well. BW meets WH in his office where they had an initial pleasant talk only for him to bring up YS as to her pain and knowing where she is, BW is refusing but finally breaks down admitting to having a hard time with the whole situation. WH hugs her while she cries. CR finds out from docs the true status of YS’s health which has her broken, she later calls BW asking her for help which BW refuses to do. CR starts praying for YS’s life. BW meets pops and gets his counsel as to YS and forgiveness. BW goes to meet YS in which she is bitter but at the same time you get that she will help YS. Show ends Preview - WW gives the family an update as to YS's health BW talks to YS being bitter towards her behavior The nurse is talking to a depressed CR OTP are walking and talking with a concerned WH Other – the purpose of this episode was to show how important a role that YS plays in both BW and CR lives as a mother. The one she abandoned vs the one that she coddled, you see that but it’s more a conscience/ forgiveness type of thing. As expected there was no passionate scene with the OTP, they are just there. The show ends tomorrow (I hope). It seems that SBS may go back on their no dailies statement, I saw an preview clip that seem to indicate otherwise. Take care
  13. Thank you @awsparkle for providing updates on this show. All of us wants this to end quickly, its like a toothache that hurts and refuses to come out. As for SBS, they had months to decide what to do with the timeslot once their decision was made that there will be no more dailies from them, this stalling tactics does not help but hurts them. Its like nothing was done at all; very few would be interested if they brought something new to show there, its an annoyance one that irritates me as a recapper. I am glad for the extra hour sleep but to be frank, & no offense to the profession, I am not a fan of the dentist, I just want to it end quickly,painlessly and move on. This just sucks big time. Take care
  14. There is football tomorrow so no LIDD and like @whome stated they should just show the last two episodes back to back and end our misery. It seems like misery likes company here. However, I get an extra hour of sleep. This is by no means my final post but I am going to take precedence here and give my final thoughts of a daily before it ends. Presumptuous of me but in this case it is warranted and I encourage my fellow viewers and those who just come to stop by to do the same. After all its just 2 episodes and we have an idea of how its going to end anyway. Long post here, likely to be on next page here. My LIDD folder size – over 19gb of videos which includes this little word document of over 256 pages. By the time I have written my last recap which will be May 30, 2017. I am likely to have written close to 270 pages with close to 150,000 words in total. I by the way do not think I am obsessive compulsive just an organisation freak when it comes to shows that I so happen to recap as I want to ensure that all thoughts and my responses are there especially in the case of responding to back it up. If I need a point of reference I can always come back to it, plus it’s easier to manage when writing recaps/comments. I do it there first, copy, paste and tweak at soompi without having to worry about losing anything per se. Plus I can spend as long as possible typing without having to think about how long I have been on soompi to write one comment, recap etc. My first post here started in December 2016 when I have just more or less started getting into watching kdailies regularly in a somewhat typical k-addict manner and I was not watching much anyway. My decision to volunteer recapping came on January 11, 2017 episode 32 which to my surprise all of you have enjoyed and it is with your encouragement and my commitment to complete this show no matter what how bad it got will make us realize that by May 30, 2017 equals a huge celebration of our own. THANK GOODNESS IT IS OVER. The reason why I decided to recap – the time that this show started fell into my resolution of getting up by 5:00 am watch the show, exercise, do a minor mental/spiritual restoration and then get ready for work. All which could be completed by 7:00 am and I will still be able to reach work on time. However as you know resolutions get shifted and I opted to recap instead as I was enjoying the show too much and figured others may need to know what’s happening before going through their day or night; it’s not all the time we want to wait to find out what happened and become dependent on the raw. I do not speak Korean but as a standard K-addict of over 9 years you get an idea as to what is happening in the drama or daily so it’s fairly easy for me to watch it live and recap. So why not let you know, as such I have been rewarded a lot by your comments and kudos etc., for that – THANKS A LOT!!!!! YES BY MAY 30, WE FINALLY COMPLETED A DAILY WHICH HAD THE POTENTIAL TO BE AN ATYPICAL QUALITY ONE AND IT SELF DEFLATED INTO A UNDER PERFORMING DISAPPOINTING DAILY. WE WILL BE VERY VERY HAPPY THAT IT’S OVER. We also will be very glad that SBS has decided to stop broadcasting dailies because if this is the caliber then it does not surprise us. This show had us on high for close to 70 episodes and then afterwards messed it up close to beyond recognition that has viewers from all over the world went into a cussing, angry tizzy to say the least. This show quality which was in a B frame went to a Y frame on the grading scale here. In other words it was not a drop by drop but a complete DROP OFF. It had a wide scale quality drop not only in its story line but in its so called high quality in terms of props, clothes, location, acting etc. which became very obvious to us as the show continued its self-deflating spiral. From the time that SBS publicly announced that this daily will be its last, poor decisions were made that had the show combust/deflate on itself and on us viewers. SBS granted it’s your last daily, one would think that you would do your best to make it as good as possible instead they made it worse. You had to question at all times the sensibility of all worked at SBS not only the PDs, but the writer and the senior executives who made decisions. It’s like they lacked pride and respect in what they were doing and did so to the actors, their staff who worked very hard to bring the show and the viewers as well. I felt bad for us but in a way more so for the actors who had to do a job with the poor quality scripts they were receiving and having to portray someone that is believable to us. Its a job and I really hope they get paid for it now that it is over just like all of us they need a salary to support themselves and those important to them. We as viewers are suckers as well, we saw the downward spiral but chose to barely hang on with the hopeless hope that this show would improve and go back to what and why we liked it in the first place. Unfortunately no luck and believe me when I say that there were times I wanted to stop recapping but could not because I hate breaking promises of things that I volunteered for. So I had to plod on/continue, plus from reading the comments here some of you were somewhat dependent on the recaps to determine whether they should watch the show or not for the day. I plodded and joined with you in my frustration with this daily. At times I felt like a scam artist in encouraging people to watch the show because in the early part it was getting good and addictive bringing them in only for them to be hurt later on. That was not my intent, but it appears that was the show’s intent with its complete absence of creativity etal. I watched the subbed episode 118 because it is the final stretch and there were no surprises for us which is likely to be the same by the ending. As it will likely be in a typical kdaily manner so it’s no surprise: that the OTP got married and we never get to see a passionate scene. It would be a miracle if we see one now that CR is now contrite for her actions after getting a so called beaten reality check that as in most dailies for killing a person a punishment which in my mind should equal close to 10 years hard labor etc. equaled 3 years of nothing despite the petition of the plaintiff of a reduced sentence. It still should be 7 years it makes a mockery and insult to all the efforts made in finding the culprit etc. there is never a real punishment/consequent action that is given that is equivalent to the crime(s) or bad behavior committed to someone as they are always beyond forgiven. Forgiveness and justice is a given a bad name as such our children are being taught that it is okay to be evil as you are never given a punishment that would make you regret doing so in the first place. Being so called contrite is enough and making "amends" that OHW did not suffer any real consequences for her disgusting and abusive behavior to the heroine of the story. All she did was finally accept BW as her DIL. that the heroine chose to give Mother Teresa a bad name in saintliness that YS will get no punishment per se at all as an accessory/aide to CR's sins that docs now knowing that YS may be dying is feeling a bit of remorse that there is a strong likelihood of BW being the donor of YS’s liver transplant hence she will live in the end, they will become true mother & daughter that annoying couple JY/DM did not move out or divorce (its likely that they are pregnant/have baby by ep. 120 with time skip). They really prove to me to be an irrelevant couple for the whole show. that WW/WK are together with a child even though she does not look pregnant at around 4 months the OTP who felt like an OTP in the beginning no longer felt like one It’s a surprise and very sad that the daily lost its true way in failing to continue & consistently to entertain us but instead frustrate us. It seems that all I am writing are negatives here and now I have to write some positives about the show. I liked: the OTP as they were good people all around and for the most part consistent and true to their personalities moms and pops who were parents to SC/BW especially pops the voice of reason and wisdom. Though moms frustrate & annoy me at times with her actions/words SC despite there were times that I got angry with his actions/secrecy he was for the most part a true friend to the OTP supportive of their relationship and an ear to both BY a good child raised by BW and the grandparents with the potential of becoming a good adult the chef & sou chef at the restaurant that BW worked at, though I could never believe that was a true restaurant that was called top performing Although she took a little getting used to in the beginning I liked CGJ for her loyalty and in her in your face/blunt personality. BW’s co-workers at BH Group as they were a decent set of people excluding CR WK who was a good sister to WH that for every episode there was a preview of the next one which either entice or give us ideas as what will happen, usually in our world it rarely does go the way we want it to the detective who was a clean committed policeman who helped BW for those 7 years even though he did not have to and as such in a indirect way gave the police force a decent grade. I love and enjoy being here reading your comments and responding to them be it in agreement, disagreement, laughter, frustration or anger. I would like to commend all of you for providing your $1 thoughts to this forum (its valued more than a penny or 2 cents to me), shout out to all of you. Special shout outs to @euraka for your clips which helped a lot of us; @Ldy Gmerm whose comments are usually so spot on showing how perceptive you are; @shamrockmom I enjoy reading your viewpoints both here and at your site you never cease to amaze me with your sharp humor and eyesight in spotting props; @whomewho was the first to call CR and coin the term CRazy which most of us use at times when commenting; @sava2sava who always has something of note that you have to take another look (its good); @bebebisous33whose perspective I at times disagree with especially about SC in the early part but who always in her French manner gives me a special shout out for the recaps/comments even though it appears that she is in Germany. I loved the fact that we talked here a lot and it was done in mostly a respectful, friendly manner which to me is how a forum should run especially if it’s a show you either like or dislike or your opinions differ to certain degree. To me one of the main purpose of soompi is to provide a place where fans of kdramas/dailies from all over the world are free to communicate their opinion about them which includes the characters or actors/actress who portray them in a friendly manner. In spite of everything, though the show has received our low ratings from them and us for all its worth we did like the daily LIDD. So my final recap will be on May 30, 2017 and I have to say that I am more than looking forward to it as I need a break. After watching the final subbed episode and maybe giving my final comment, the folder with all its content will be gone returning 19+gb to my laptop. I usually copy it to my backup if there is a chance of me watching it again but I really doubt that will happen with this daily. Will I ever recap a daily again, the answer is no (not never) though at times I liked it, it has been exhausting especially when I considered dropping the show and did not felt free to do so. However, I already have my next daily to watch planned which so happens to interfere with the final episodes of LIDD. That show is KBS – Lovers in Bloom the synopsis seem interesting so I am going to check it out for those who may watch it, I am likely to see you there and I may comment depending on how I feel about the episode. What I have noticed however is of late these dailies/dramas are now bringing the single mom to the forefront as a synopsis for the heroine/lead. I wonder why that is, not that I have a problem with that. Done talk/gone for now, take good care of yourselves and have a good weekend.
  15. Countdown to the ending = 2 left Couldn’t the writer just google and get some of the illnesses right? The PDs could do the same thing even if they do not consult a professional doctor google is always there to help in just about everything. Reminder that the clips are going to be late due to @euraka FIRST AID training. If someone can post it earlier that would be appreciated It’s finally a contrite CR, a very sick YS and a wedding Ep 118 recap BW proposes to WH which he accepts with a hug, SC sees them and is happy. WH gave her the ring, put his on and told BW not to take it off. The OTP found out that they would be waiting on each other even after 3 years. BW said she made up her mind the night before. The happy OTP stop by pops place, informing moms & pops of them getting married, BW told them that she proposed to WH. They ask about WH’s family, WH told them that OHW was so happy that she pushed for a quick family meeting. WH family happily meets BW’s family to discuss the wedding arrangements, it’s a good discussion in which OHW gave BW a jewelry set which she reluctantly accepted (they look much better than the brooch). BY is shown his room and he is happy there is good feelings all around. WH informs BW as to YS present to her, BW angrily goes to YS and rejects her saying that YS’s daughter is CR and to let it stay that way. At that time YS was feeling pain but she hid it from BW. CGJ comes in after seeing BW leave, she starts talking to YS telling her about the wedding who says that she is happy for BW. YS coughs up blood, CGJ gets concerned and tries to persuade her to go to the hospital but YS says no to that and CGJ is to keep the information a secret from everyone. YS meets SC and apologizes for her actions, she tells him why she did it. SC is polite to her There is an article about WH in the paper that CR looks at, she is mocked by the cellmates. CR continues with her arrogant behavior and gets a healthy dose of reality check/humble pie for it. Docs and WW visit her telling her the update regarding her case, she is accepting of her situation and appears contrite of her actions. WW informs CR of WH’s upcoming wedding to BW, she has accepted that as well. A finally contrite CR finally sincerely apologizes to BW for all her actions in a letter, congratulating BW, she asks that BW forgive YS and why she should. BW read the letter saying something is strange with it. It seems that CR got transferred to a ward due to her health (I think) her sentence is stated in the voice over, it appears that she did not get maximum punishment but a few years to serve. It’s the wedding process time where staff wishes WH well happy for his marriage and happy return to work, happy time for BW at the restaurant. The OTP visits BW’s father in which she found out that YS stopped by. BW has some justifiable serious anger issues regarding YS. WH having a talk with SC informing him that YS is BW’s mother, BW receiving wedding gifts from JY/DM which includes lingerie/couple wear (by the way they have to do something about the lingerie its drab, unsexy & boring as heck especially for 2017). There is happy talk all around. CGJ stops by to visit YS where she inadvertently let him know that YS is very sick. Making the man worried for the first time in his life about his wife, he insists on taking her to the hospital but YS says no to that and locks him out of his room. The night before the wedding, BW slept with moms where they had a loving talk. The next day the OTP gets married at WH’s home, with all happy. YS watches this from afar happy for them, she is very pale and her illness has gotten worse. YS collapses after the OTP said their vows publicly, CGJ saw her collapsed and runs. Show ends Preview – it’s all about YS illness and BW coming to terms with her anger issues regarding her. SC informs BW’s family that YS is BW’s mother Docs now know the seriousness of YS illness and feels helpless CR is informed of YS’s illness through SC. CR gets upset with this knowledge wanting to save YS WH tries to convince BW to forgive YS but she is not having it. Other – it seems the cop out solution to BW reuniting with YS will be happening. As now that her illness is out in the open and BW is very likely to be the liver donor for the transplant. Therefore in essence YS will not really be fully punished, bummer. Instead they are going for a YS reunion with both CR/BW, remain in marriage to docs and in the end happy. From this possible conclusion, have you noticed that there is no full punishment or justice for the baddies? Just conscience revelation, contriteness and trying to make amends even though its clearly in a way small steps. A typical kdaily. Take care