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  1. This show is so predictable as what I had stated last Friday came to past. DS's help to her friend provided a huge opportunity for the evil trio especially TS. The OTP got arrested and tortured a lot by the special police, both families i.e. DS's and YJ found out about their arrest they are feeling impotent not knowing anything or how to really help them. YH discussed with her cousin about putting HJ in the family register and why she is hesitant to do so , he supports her. HJ had a twinge of conscience moment but remembered being scolded by YJ changed her mind and told TS what she did, he got some information from his secretary about the huge opportunity being presented to him. This he takes advantage of. The police wants YJ to sign to false charges, he was not surrendering until they use abuse DS in front of him and vice versa. YJ's father told HD about TS being responsible for getting him in jail and how evil a character that person is, they are reluctant to give into TS's demands but based on the current situation they may have no choice but to do so. YJ's father found out that the only person who can help him is TS, they met and TS made a huge demand from the man when TS heard that things seem not to go his way. TS met the person in charge of the interrogation and met a deal with him to make it more beneficial for TS. The OTP are in serious trouble now as DS seem to be in jail, they told YJ that they will let her go if he signed the confession which he did, but TS has other plans as he wants to get rid of DS completely. The show ends with images of the abused/tortured OTP. Gone for now
  2. In a way it is the best decision for both of them, as Hyuk and Joon can leave comfortably learning to be a couple being aware that Gangu Su Group is now in somewhat decent hands. Think about it, Hyuk wanted a change for the company to be more nobelesse oblige/egalitarian rather than money centric and corrupt. He has set the foundation with placing people in the company and instilling policies that would allow for that, his friends from the part time days are now full time employees of the company loyal to Hyuk in making it better. Example - employees buying shares/having say in the management of the company as they are now "owners" and have vested interest in its strategic/operational direction, removing the discrimination symbol of executives and regular staff with the cafeteria/elevator and making sure that it sticks should they complain. He has his best friend Jae Hoon return to the company promoted and is likely to be managing director's successor. The managing director returned under the persuasion of Hyuk's father in ensuring that the company is guided for the better and cleaned up making it a place that people want to work at instead of feeling fear. As for WS, due to Hyuk's "revolution" he will have to learn to adapt and be forced to change for the better because of Hyuk's policies. Hyuk tells WS that he would be surprised as to what he can learn from reading the newspaper, I wonder if he has or is doing that. Hyuk can now leave because his focus has always been Joon but at the same time he is not completely sure as to what his dream or direction is as long as Joon is in it he is fine and a better person. So Hyuk will not be going back to his old self but learning to become a better self along with Joon. As for Joon, she is trying to find/ set her own path a childhood dream was to see the aurora, which is what she is going to achieve. It appears that she likes cooking and food but she also needs world experience to broaden her horizons why not do both and enjoy the experience/journey. Side note - when watching the US show Chopped most chefs say that traveling the world trying different foods is a good way of improving/increasing their cooking skills/knowledge. In a way its good for her and in an indirect manner Gangsu group should she join the company later/marry Hyuk as that knowledge can be useful for the future of the company or if she decides to open her own food place. Right now her journey will help her as well as Hyuk discover themselves and each other as individuals and a couple without any obstacles in their way. The fact that she is multi talented and skilled with the many part time jobs she has had would help her navigate around the countries, Hyuk for all his ignorance is multi lingual and has traveled a lot why not do it together. In a way its a bit safer as he can look out for her and they will miss each other less. Hyuk's mother will in the end get her dream daughter-in-law, as she loves Joon crediting her for transforming her son from an immature person into a mature man that she can be proud of - BH's true self. As for WS, he needs to get lost at sea, lose his memory and undergo some serious transformation into a human being. When he returns as one then he will be acceptable to us. In terms of the crime that he let the chauffeur take the fall for, there is likely to be a statute of limitations so he may not be charged for it as someone else had already taken the punishment and expired. Plus even if Hyuk has left the company to be with Joon for a year, he cannot do much with the base foundation that Hyuk has left, by turning to the old ways as he will lose big time. The company benefited from his father's arrest and positive changes so I don't think he want to mess with "his" inheritance/future like that. Now that the mother's concern for BH has lessened knowing that he will be with Joon, her focus can now be on the other children. BH's mom now has a friend with Joon's mom so she is okay and wise. I thought the ending was acceptable as though the change seem to be slow the right direction for Gangsu group is now there. JH will always like Joon but he is now in a place where she will be his friend and not his other half, he is looking forward to working at Gangsu group as part of the Hyuk's team. He will always be BH's only/best friend, he can now move on relationship wise as well because he is in a good place all round. BH & Joon are friends but a couple as well setting their own path/direction with the trip and each other. The father is in prison still arrogant but getting hit by the head for common sense by the guards, he is still the same but a bit different. Life goes on and so does people. Yeon Hee and the cop are now officially a couple with all the cutesy moments - he will keep her warm and safe. There was a lot of advertising & PPL in the last episode especially on Joon's side, its like they wanted to overload us with it. They had her running with the fit watches etc. dressing with the watches, clothes etc, shopping with her assessment of stores and purchases to name a few. The strategic division with a new menu and subway as always though you rarely see them eat but drinking something is okay. I enjoyed watching the show along with all of you. See you in a next drama somewhere. Gone for now
  3. @msmy This is my theory as to where they are going with HD and the communist story line. Its his future career in politics and the start of fighting for the rights of the people in his country. HD was greatly affected by the interrogation, from what I understand of Korea history in the 60's - 80's underwent some serious changes politically and otherwise. He has a law degree, wants to do something meaningful in his life, so giving him a goal like this is probable. Remember HD was fairly decent in doing investigation of mishaps of the company, being a troubleshooter and at the same time defending the rights of the "weak"/"falsely accused". DS is unlikely but likely to be affected just because she helped a friend who was protesting at the factory escape. If being called into question its one of the perfect opportunities for the evil greedy family trio TS,HJ & DR to eliminate her as they all hate her. Hence both YJ and HD will be forced into action, both men were is made aware of what happened to their uncle with the Japan incident "spy"/"betrayer", Boon Yi's affected with the loss of her husband & original DS. When this comes much closer to them its likely to lead a change and affect all of them. Its like life in general in that there are parts of your life or things happening in the world that you are aware of but tend to slightly ignore until it comes directly in front of you and forces you to either move into action, retreat, compromise or play dumb/blind/deaf. That choice may help determine your future. As for the so called sex life for TS/YH, its another fake justification for TS to lose his love for YH and take away everything as it relates to Songin Shoes (which he has been doing all along) as lately she has no longer been complying to his "wishes". Worse when he finds out that for all those years she secretly took birth control pills indicating she did not love him enough to want his "seed". In addition its to ingrate DR more into his life and "heart" as she is manipulating both him/YH and getting a kick out of it. Remember DR's objective is Mrs Songin Shoes. Not that we care much, but all they are doing is increasing the naughty list of evil trio and extending the "ignorance and stupidity" of the good guys by the blinders. Its such a shame that Boon Yi for all her somewhat decent personality she has brought up very rotten offsprings - DR/HJ and its not because she taught them wrong they are just rotten people. I like the reunion of the OTP, the fact that DS took the rings and kept it close to her hence YJ was able to confirm that she has always loved him, the kiss was okay. The OTP has a lot of obstacles ahead of them, evil trio, DS's memories, YJ's stepmother just to name a few and its with hope against hope that stay completely together being stronger for it. No matter what, they fight through it, as longer as they have each other as they claim to be able to do anything (make it interesting, their fights/struggles yet firmness) we need that proof as daily kdramas have a tendency for the OTP's not being able to back that up and reuniting which is boring & typical after a while. I would prefer that they elope but that's no no considering how family oriented they are. However I would like for YJ's so called stepmother to get a serious wake up call in relation to HJ because as we all know DS is 10,000% better than her. I worry but not so so much because YJ's father will not have HJ in the house as an in-law knowing that TS was responsible for what happened to HD and that man's evil personality. I am glad but sad for HD in terms of his failed relationship with DS, he has just discovered that he likes her in a romantic manner only for YJ to return and realizing that the OTP still love each other so he is completely out of something that never started. Plus it is not right to do that to his cousin who has always been good to him that's a HJ move. It would be nice if they give him a decent girlfriend closer to the end one who is rich but has a lot of principles all without the interference of aunt's good intentions to match him up. The future girlfriend would be no fluff and keep him on his toes. As for the 1 to 2 minutes show duo i.e. the daughter and Bong Shik's girlfriend as that's on average how long they are on screen, they have decided to add a little twist by having the girl meet Choo Ja (mom). Lets see how that will pan out especially when she finds out that she cannot have a relationship with the guy she is crushing on because he is like her cousin. TS wants to find out who his sister has been seeing but that will completely end once he finds out, she is a bit conflicted which is understandable. However, I really wish they give her a job, she is too dependent on her family for living expenses, she can be a clerk in one of those stores. Its the same with the daughter, give her something real to do though a student. I question the show's reasoning for having these minor characters in the show and how much can they give? But then the word is "minor". Gone for now and have a good weekend.
  4. I have yet to watch the last 4 or 5 episodes of this amazing show because when I come here I realize its a gem and want to do a watch in its entirety so hence the patience. What I can say is kudos to the writer and cast for telling such a relatable story for 2017, its rare that we see that in them in kdrama. You had the shouting but it was not much and was from JH's father as part of his personality, the mother-daughter moments, you also had the dynamics of wanting to be true to yourself but at the same time sort of compromise with the culture of your country or family. They addressed various adult issues and dealt with it with a deft hand with no nudity unlike some other country dramas which I wont mention here. JH and SH slept together but they did not have sexy times at that point because it was a reunion and a comfort of knowing that the person you love is right beside you. They did that later, which we know but its not a scene that we had to see per se because its shown that they are now together fully for the right reasons. Sometimes you don't have to show but hint, its enough. But that's not here nor there, what I appreciate like all of you is this drama and am looking forward to my marathon watch. I would like to point out that all three girls achieved their dreams in the end on their own terms and am happy for it. JH dreamed to be a writer and to achieve love, she got both SH and her career back. HR wanted to marry and be a housewife, she and WS separated it was a necessary one only to be back to each other this time more sure that its the right thing for them especially with the plan. I like that HR proposed to WS instead, as in the previous episodes she made him jump through hoops so it was time to return the favor. SJ wanted to be a CEO, she had to go through a some harassment hurdles but she left, created her own company and as a bonus got a man (SG) who is confident in himself, her and sincerely loves her. I hope there are more dramas similar to this one in the future, no chaebols, no monster-in-laws, no makjang. A story written just right about the lives of normal people is just as good, they are rare but very enjoyable, remember Misaeng. Gone for now
  5. I finally got to watch it subbed. So after a few nights in "interrogation"/"prison" HD decides to become a changed man leaving the house with a limitless light small suitcase or what we can now say is a laptop bag size or from what we saw a carry-on which seems bigger this is typical for kdramas for both past and present. To have limitless ironed clothes - home, day, night wear & dress wear, undies, shoes etc. in such a small object, it never seizes to amaze me as to its storage capacity and yet live for days/months wearing something new. In the case of HD, I am glad that he is becoming a changed man the persons I think contributed to that are DS with her sincerity/hard work principles and funny enough HJ. When he first met her he was intrigued but as he got to know her true personality & speaking to her more he got a serious wake up call. He got to do a comparison check between both women as he got to know them more. HD is ambitious but he is not willing to become beyond corrupt/evil to get what he wants, is willing to take responsibility for his actions and not blame others if things does not go his way. HD despite his ambitions has always had a conscience and though he envied YJ for being his uncle's son and possible future heir to Hangang, he liked him as well which sort of explains why he was conflicted in relation to "fighting" his cousin. He was relieved when his cousin showed interest not in the business but in medicine. I think after meeting his mother and getting "caught" in a way forced him to take a little look at who he is and he did not like it. So HD decides to leave home to determine who HD is. The question is, did he leave the show or they are sending him out of Seoul for a bit of soul searching or is he going investigate who set him up. What is he going to do and where will he go? I personally prefer that he leave Seoul for a few months - its more realistic considering his aim, as he has to be alone to obtain a discovery of self. Looked what happened when he went in for tofu. I have eliminated the possibility of a romance between him and DS as in all her actions she has treated him as a friend/boss so I get the friends vibe not the romance vibe. He likes her as a friend but she is clearly YJ's girl as he saw with their OTP relationship. Plus it could become troublesome if he decides to go that route and finds out that YJ was critical in getting him out of that bind - he will owe YJ for that. HD should see his mother to say good bye temporarily, I do not want him living at that house because it will make things more complicated as it is especially with YJ nearby but not nearby. What I do want is for him to set his aunt completely straight if or when he finds out about her trying to pair up HJ with YJ in terms of honesty as to the ugliness of HJ's character. YJ when he finds out should give his "step mom" a wake up call and says he is not interested and not to force matchmake him. HJ is no way suited to be in that family because of that or any decent one for that manner. As for the head of International Business - to give that to HJ is a blatant insult all over especially after all the bad that she has done and expects to be rewarded for it - her college degree etc. does not qualify her for the position its an Art degree. Nor do I think that the position should go to DS,TS will never stand for that but to me that's not why she should get it. The reason is, DS is a true designer & creative person, that position does not allow her to do that/suit her plus other employees may dispute this knowing her existing qualifications, she is honest & a hard worker but she is too young and needs creative freedom. This position should go to YH's uncle he has experience, knowledge and the required skills. That is if they decide not to bring in a new character and worse yet the evil thought occurred to me of YH foolishly bringing DR into the company. DR who wants the position of being TS's wife/Songin especially if she blackmails/threatens TS. If the show did this, it would not surprise me. As for the evil greedy family trio i.e. TS,HJ and DR. Tired of seeing them now especially when they pull some serious blinkers on the good guys. This show is over 50%, there is no sign of progress in this area so as a result one gets bored all together you don't feel challenged, its feels bland and it becomes worse when it appears to be HJ's show not DS's story. I thought that was the title of the drama, its more painful when it is clear to us that HJ is the weakest actress out of the whole ensemble, HJ does not interest us whatsoever she frustrates and angers us (maybe she is doing a good job? - not!!). Its beyond time for the drama to have some real movement with the good guys and main characters of the show over 70 episodes is enough. I would like to know how is it they have not gotten suspicious/find it strange that whenever things go wrong at the company that DS is the first to blamed for it and immediately after they find the culprit who so happens to be HJ who always beg forgiveness. They really show the stupidity and dumbness of this in the characters, its the same with TS who I will not go into. When the daily first started, it interested me enough to create a directory and download the shows to watch or rewatch them later. Now that is gone completely so is the directory, I mainly rely on @msmy quick cap to say "mm should I watch today's episode" based on that I will download to watch and delete later which is what I have done. The show presently is frustrating, struggling and boring to the watcher so it does not surprise when its dropped or some do the same as I in determining if they should watch the show or rely on quick cap. Take care, have a good weekend and for those who had it "Happy Thanksgiving".
  6. Ever since being aware that we were approaching the last episodes of this amazing drama, I have been itching to comment but the restrained myself as I wanted to wait until those episodes to express how grateful I am for it. Its thanksgiving somewhere and this show makes us aware that there are certain things in life that we are and should be thankful for as well as give some of us a perspective on our lives somewhat. Warning - long post below. First I want to thank those amazing persons who as soompi fans collaborated and gave us subs when the usual suspects couldn’t therefore enabling us as fans especially those who do not understand much Korean to really enjoy the show and promote it to the max. THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU SO SO MUCH , I and the others are very happy that you were here to help us. I manage to watch the last episodes raw, couldn’t wait for the subs. But by relying on the translated clips, I am satisfied with the ending for all the characters, even the second leads i.e. the teenagers and the culprits. JH - JH got an unexpected surprise when she formed the BokJa Club and met SG. When she first started, her vision was small as her main purpose was to find like-minded people in order to get revenge on LBS & their revenge targets. Never did she expected to get something that helped transformed her life into something way better. She found a family and friends that she never had, sisterhood in DH/MS, indirect family with DH’s kids and in an indirect way motherhood to SG & a kindred spirit in him being born illegitimate yet paying for the sins of those who bore her in the first place/being used by them. She learned that she is someone with her own thoughts, desires, not just someone’s wife to be controlled by them etc and is deserving of love and respect from no matter who. As she said in episode 11 – the person who matters most to her is herself Kim Jung Hye who has limitless potential. JH found her happy place and starts to discover more about herself and life, this suits her as she now has her identity. The ironic thing is that the chaebol families are unable to see that as their vision is materialistic and power based so their form of happiness will always have a burden/strings attached. Some people mentioned that now that JH had “given up everything i.e. the shares” she was poor. But that was not the case as she had her own inheritance/properties which she had taken back from LBS who had the arrogance to steal it. What she did was create a spa in one of them, it is a place that JH was able to relax. I am aware that these places are very popular in that country and I can imagine JH becoming very rich should she create a chain of them in her own buildings which is likely to shock that very family that she divorced from as they think that she cannot do anything. BTW – her wardrobe and accessories is beyond some of our pay scale, if one was to sum up the total cost from all the episodes it’s likely to be the cost of a new top of the line car in some countries or a down payment on a house/ buy a house in others. Sometimes I wish there was a drama about thrift shops where you can get those/similar clothes and accessories at an unbelievable low prices. DH- DH got true friends from the club as she is a true friend to others. She learned that just because a person have money does not mean allowing that said someone to look down on and abuse you. She in a way regained her womanhood through the fairly young hot man who first rescued her and we finally got his name in the last episode. I like how others & her children look out for her and the son starts to realize that his mom is not just a mom but a woman too, the sister approves and is just another version of the mother. The sister showed that through hard work you can achieve anything and do whats best for you is important. HS who we focused on more in the show is a good son who sincerely loves his mother, he got a strong support and friendship in SG, the start of one with SY. This goes to show that DH is a good mother to not only her kids but the other women as well. I think from the formation of the club that both MS and JH had the most transformation of their lives as they learned about themselves. MS – MS who has been hiding all this time, one who appears to be weak after joining the club learned to be stronger, learned that she is not to be blamed for things that is clearly not her fault. That she is someone too, that she has to and must stand up for herself and her daughter. What she gained like JH was herself and her daughter SY. Their relationship improved once she started facing herself, fears, insecurities etc. MS’s mother in law gave her an amazing gift allowing her to completely free herself from that abusive/pri-k husband i.e. evidence of his wrong doing. If MS opens her own flower shop, I would have like to see that. That’s the only thing I did not like much; she found herself, became stronger for herself & daughter, got over the orphanage fears; cement her relationship with SY but I would have liked to know what she did career wise. That’s why I proposed the flower shop as it suits her refined, organized yet patient personality. SG – SG learned things about the chaebol families he did not like as they tend to use people as tools. After joining the club he learned more about JH/others and as time progressed he got a family in JH. His grandfather likes him but mostly for the benefit for the future of his company, as a person to a degree but I do not think of him as true family. In a way he got his revenge on his bio parents as the mom before realizing that she will lose her son for good decided to do something for him once in her life. LBS had no one except SG waiting for him showing that all had abandoned him and maybe learned some vital lessons while in prison. Though personally for those types of crimes even for first timers 1 year is too short – 3 would have been better. At the end there is a hint that there could be something more between SG & SY with he holding her hand to get on the bus. It has always been implied that SG likes SY (in the last it appears that she sees him as well with the food and not pushing him away as before) but both of them have a lot of issues to work out for/by themselves before getting in a relationship. Those issues we are all aware of, so if they got together in college that is fine with me as by then most things would have been settled. What I found ironic yet somewhat stupid/arrogant was that these culprits i.e. LBS, BY and Hong for all purposes did not think they were doing anything wrong. Its only when they get caught and were in prison then they start to “reflect” on their actions. So the thing is that you need to be put away in order to do some soul searching – that is pathetic and sad. Be an adult and take responsibility for said actions, if there is one thing those ladies/SG did was that. Would I like to see an Avenger’s Social Club 2 – yes but it has to be same characters. However, realistically this show was wrapped up nicely that leaves little to open for a sequel. We have a time jump of 1 year showing how all 4 had improved/done with their lives since the temporary closure as they have become better. Yet if they see injustice, they will not hesitate to run into revenge. Here is my time jump 3 years later in addition to the 1 year– JH – is now dating a good man who appreciates her and expanded her spa/sport business to the admiration yet envy/shock of others who had devalued her. DH – marries Mr. Hottie, yet strange as it may seem has a late but successful pregnancy. The se- of the child is irrelevant MS – opens her flower shop, after seeing her friends dating decides to try it too. Of course she gets the biggest support from SY and the intense interrogation/investigation of future/said suitor by the BJ members. SG – does 2 years of college but pauses to go into the army though early, it’s enough time that would allow him to restart college with SY as her boyfriend full time. He has strengthen his relationship with his bio family. SY – at graduation and being around BJ club is starting to see SG in a romantic light, she goes for dating him while in college. HS – gets a scholarship and studies overseas. Or he could start a pop up restaurant with his famous ramen soup and starts to become rich, remember its amazing ramen. HY – goes back to teaching at the same school that she resigned from better than before and not just as a contract worker. The 3 culprits - 2 of them still in prison, LBS gets transferred by his family to a remote location to work, but he still keep in contact with SG and tries to be a father to him Thanks for watching this show with me, looking forward to the subs for another enjoyable re-watch. Take care
  7. Thanks @msmy for the quick cap, I appreciate it, at least I know that I can miss the episode. Choo Ja and HD reunion is all well and good but I have a huge issue with this. Did they and we forget that she has 2 children a son & daughter? Why is it she appears to be only missing the son, doesn't the girl matter as well or is of value? When watching and thinking about it, I get angry but it shows how patriarchal the country and similar countries are to the point of conditioning that women do not value themselves or think that their daughters are just as important as the son. Choo Ja talks about regrets, divorce etc. but she also at the first part mentions both children and now her primary focus as a typical Korean mother is on the son alone. I find that sad and wrong on so many levels. Also they have trivialized or devalue the younger daughter as she clearly appears to be a nice airhead. What would happen if they show that she had a brain and is a capable person. I have issues with YJ's stepmother who does nothing at all except being relentless at making trouble for everyone who does not meet her requirements. But has anyone taken a look at her own qualifications? She has a housekeeper, goes out trying to pair YJ/HD with someone suitable, spends money etc. But is she an educated housewife? Does she in any shape or form help Hangang Leather or anyone with sincerity? I'll stop my rant for now. Have a good weekend everyone.
  8. I am going to be boastful here as I was the one who predicted the bio connection between HJ/TS and DR. HJ has too much of their nasty personality to be otherwise. So this does not surprise me, what they have done was reduce the connection with DS and the rest which includes YJ and his uncle and his father. So what excuse they are going to use to keep the OTP apart with this information and later when DS is revealed to be ES. Its another contest and as usual it would be strange if HJ does not do something to sabotage DS's chances of winning its in her nature not to be honest & cunning. I wont go there about the shoes market and USA focus with the shoe manufacture thing as I do not know much but I find the whole thing tiresome and hypocritical especially when you consider language and culture factors to name a few. Because the majority of the stuff they are against such as dating a divorcee with children, dating/marrying a person who is not on the "same" level as them etc. USA even then was tolerant of such things. Thanks for the update @msmy Gone for now
  9. After episode 4, I was contemplating dropping this show because BH's immaturity and antics were getting very annoying and temper frustrating. However, I decided to give it one more week and I am glad that I did because to me it improved after episode 5 as we got to see BH's growth from annoyance into a man worth considering to know. BH got some serious life lessons through BJ being aware of how the "normal/common" person lives, he learned some nasty things/reality check about his family as such it has been a pleasure seeing BH coming into his own. However, you also got to see JH who to me is a coward and chooses the safe way, you felt his pain with his father but you get frustrated at his cowardice as he like his father does whatever they want including being beaten up and covering for them. Yet with exception to BH he has never received their sincerity only mockery saying that is what he is suppose to do for that family. To me its like he chooses to be a slave for these people, yet he has the gall to call out BJ on her bravery. He always chooses to back away, never stepping forward which is why he lost BJ. We know he likes her, but when she told him how she felt he threw her sincerity back in her face and afterwards has been following her ever since, like he is waiting on her to get a clue as to how he feels. He deserved that treatment from BJ. He always back away, believing in covering to protect oneself, for that I got to give BH props as he is getting braver with his actions and his feelings he does not hesitate and is sincere in just about everything he does along with people which makes BJ reciprocate. I wonder what is going to make JH take that jump because he has evidence of Gangsu Groups wrongdoing, yet he is aware they are the same persons who are willing to kill him should it suit their purpose You now know that BH father is the type to take credit of the work of others as his own and is a selfish, bullying egotistical bas--rd. I find it very hypocritical when is he the author of "Human Management" when he has very little humanity of his own for others as long as he benefits the most that is fine. WS is the same as he learned from his father in that respect and is cunning, yet BH has proven himself to be different and if allowed his capability would have shown earlier but he was stunted by his own family and being a 3rd generation chaebol. Now that he is maturing he will become a bigger threat towards his father and WS as he has started his attack to change Gangsu Group into a place where people would want to come to work at. I don't have much more to say on this except the following:- Apart from being in his office and planning bullying tactics on other people "what does WS and father do?" , I do not like the fact that they have made BH's sister a piece of fluff, I wonder what is her purpose in the show? Its the same for the other women in BH's family, I feel that they lack substance to them. I want the air hostess to fall for the cop and vice versa and not JH, who needs someone who can make him better, by not being a coward. Yeon Hee can be a good friend but I don't think she can do anything for JH in growing as a person. I also want to know what is the cop's true purpose there, under whose orders is he there to watch BH/JH. I like to think that it is the Director of Strategic Planning and not the mother as it would suit his purpose/plan for redemption with what happened to BJ's father, plus the cop sort of have an idea as to what type of person WS is as a person as he was there when the older brother made a fake speech blaming the staff and not his family for his brother's accident. Not once has the older brother just like his father taken real responsibility for their actions, if its a mistake its others not their and that person/s should pay for that. Its okay for them to do & order illegal stuff when others are expected to take responsibility should they get caught. Looking forward to what BH will do next. You sort of have an idea with JH's tee shirt - HIDE THE TRUTH vs BJ - TELL THE TRUTH PRINCIPLES as that is what this fight will be about. Gone for now.
  10. Hi everyone, I have not watched the latest episode as yet, however I enjoy reading all your comments, translations and watching the clips. Going by the posts so far, here is my take on SH/JH on BN, their suspicions of him being a stalker is justifiable with all those scenes implying that he was one. So BN's latter explanations make sense. However that does not address the issue of the real stalker stealing's BN's identity, stalking and attacking women - its identity theft here which is a serious crime. I would like to know if this person was charged with that crime along with the others. BN and father may have been offended but it does seem creepy that he knows so much about SH/JH 's relationship, characteristics etc. when they never noticed or spoke to him before. Hopefully he was forgiving of them with this fact. I am happy to know that its the fact the he is the biggest supporter of a more romantic relationship with the pair but that does not excuse the fact that BN's identity was "stolen" in order for crime to be committed. If the real perpetrator was not caught, BN could have been falsely arrested later on should it not be resolved. It seems that SJ and Mr Ma are going to be in "contract dating" from the preview. I look forward to seeing an episode where SJ says to those **sho*** coworkers - "Take this job and shove it, I am not working here anymore!!!!". Gone for now
  11. Its true that WT has secrets which most of us don't know except one that was shown in today's episode. That is WT is color blind he has trouble distinguishing red and green (phone charger and walkie talkie). Color blindness occurs more in men than women as well. I am not sure if that would affect eligibility requirements in being a policeman, he has lived with it for years so WT does have the ability to cover that weakness, so very few would have noticed it, maybe HJ. Today's episode was good despite medical plot issues which is typical kdrama style. I liked JC cross examination of the child, his comeback to YB as to his next strategy at the end of the to prove credibility and his closing argument telling the court, judges and others not to be confused with the facts which is the man is brain dead because he was hurt by the accused who is the cause. Last week episodes for the prosecuting lawyers and the detective was a bandaid ripped off hard and blinders taken off as to the true character of YB. Most of them were of the opinion that JC was jealous and somewhat wrong in not liking YB the person, but they got to see for themselves in the questioning that was not the case and it was more JC knowing the true personality of the man than others hence he distancing himself from the man. They are no longer YB fans and the preview with the falsely accused suicide case will be bringing some things more upfront as to YB's work when he was a prosecutor especially with Chief Choi. At times I think that YB does not hold much respect for the prosecution, principles or the law for that manner, its a game for him to manipulate, win and with the criminals its a power trip for him knowing that they come to him for help. The fact that these criminals are unrepentant makes him feel disgusted afterwards its his little conscience that bothers him, hence the intense washing of his hands as a way of 'cleansing' himself. HJ/JC feed off each other in being their conscience when making or considering a decision, it was shown when HJ told JC about the dreams and what he should consider which was the 3rd choice save 7 people and catch the culprit. Also when she loudly tells the court not to be confused and what YB is saying is distasteful and utter foolishness, before leaving she hinted to JC what he should do. This helped JC come up with a counter closing argument to YB and help resolved the case by saying that the family are heroes for choosing to save 7 lives despite the cruelty of the son's death and it is injustice if they let off the accused. Injustice to me still applies because 7 years for murder is an insult to the deceased, the people and the family, it should be a minimum of hard labor 20 years subject to consideration of parole after said 20 years. But I will never understand some country's laws and their punishments to crimes of that nature. I also question the ability of the accused, in that he is a murder mystery novelist therefore he should and must research on the law, crime and situations in order to draft a believable novel that his fans enjoy. In other words knowledge and understanding based on what he does apart from being the professor should have been there, his movements does not match one who writes books of that nature. I was surprised that this case did not get huge exposure as he is a famous author there was little or no press coverage of his case which is a big one. Lawyer Son in a way shined today as to capabilities as a prosecutor and her ability as a single mother with a sick son. I like the idea of her in the end dating the comedic prosecutor, he is good for her and he showed a considerate side of him. Remember he wants a girlfriend. Gone for now
  12. Episode 52 - It appears that GJO seem to have a foot in mouth illness and her world is now crumbling. Grandma got in an accident and collapsed, this while she was chasing GJO with DS right behind her. When grandma got hit, GJO paused but seeing her father's secretary continued to run which is seen by DS who gets upset. TS is sure that he have GJO with her identity in his palms and let it slip to YH about GJO, however GJO prevented that by confessing to TS that she recently regained her memories etc. and asks for time before telling YH which he gives her. YJ and the rest found out about grandma's accident and went to the hospital. Grandma was still unconscious and the doctor told everyone her health status. YJ called the office and told HD what happened saying that DS will not be there and why (YJ took care of things, DS thanks him for his help), all was told in GJO's presence along with other staff members, so GJO is acting calm while being nervous and plotting as to her next action. YJ's "mom" decides to matchmake him with someone more "suitable" in her eyes, she tricks YJ into meeting the girl. When he met her, he told her that he is currently dating someone, the girl got upset left and told the arranger what happened, who in turn told "mom". She of course is upset with the whole thing. YJ called his father and asks that he does something about the "mom" and reminds him that he is his son, that he cares for DS and remember his own mother/first love how he cared for her. The father went home and told "mom" to leave YJ's personal matters alone, but she is determined. It seems that DS will only become suitable for YJ in "mom's" eyes when her identity as ES is revealed. Bong Shik is missing Tae Sook (vice versa), they by chance met in the park, they talk and it appears that things are looking positive for their relationship to happen. Grandma in an unconscious state is calling GJO's name who of course is not there making DS more upset with her especially after speaking to her earlier on the phone asking her to see grandma and that its because of her that is why grandma is in that state. However, GJO as usual denies everything and refuses to see grandma. HD stopped by the hospital as a courtesy call, he told DS about GJO not coming because of a so called appointment. DS later goes by the house and calls GJO who comes out and as usual gets upset with DS for coming by saying that she is a bother etc. etc. The foot in mouth illness comes in when I think GJO tells DS that she purposely lied for all these years just to have a good life etc. which shocks DS; this is seen and overheard by YH. The show ends with YH calling out GJO's name who is of course surprised to see her. I wonder what GJO's fiction is she going to come up with now? I wonder how long is it going to take for HD to start seeing DS in a more "romantic" light especially after getting a few hard truths about GJO? He of late has started to admire DS and I think he is seeing why YJ likes her. Gone for now
  13. This episode was beautiful and like most of you I was touched by JH's mother action. I also like the subtlety here as to both JH's and SH's respective parents (mother and father) and how they felt about about the upcoming marriage. They truly care for their children in their own unique way - for SH he did not realise that all JH had to say to the father that she loved his son was a way for giving him reassurance that he is with the right person. Also he takes this marriage very seriously, for JH's mother she does not want her daughter to become like her or live her life when she marries. Despite the fact that she has been silent for most of the time her daughter's happiness has always been important. So that letter to SH had us in tears with its sincerity and SH gets that and so does JH who realizes how much her mother loves her and is concerned that she is taking such a huge step. So to appease both parents SH & JH decides to go with a "reasonable" wedding ceremony. I think some people can learn a tiny bit as how to have a wedding ceremony on a budget. JH's dress was beautiful in its simplicity and she borrowed it, the date was on the one with the cheapest fee etc. In terms of balance of the sexes, I notice a subtle message that was sent to the society there and very few may have gotten it i.e. the conversation between Ho Rang and Soo Ji about JH's marriage on the rooftop (17 mins). Ho Rang's shirt had a clear message especially if you read English and understand the culture of the country. The message says "Raise boys and girls the same" that's what they were trying to tell viewers. Other - Although I was proud of JH for standing up for herself with the "incident", my concern was that nothing came out of it in terms of repercussions for the predator, she lost her job, retained her dignity. But he got away scot free with no real punishment of said actions, it was just swept away, liking washing your hands. I wish they had dealt with this stronger. Gone for now
  14. I am somewhat enjoying this show but right now based on reading this, I'm getting a little distracted by the "so called" scandal of SW. I usually do not comment much about these stuff but have to. From what I understood here, his family dog bit a person, he apologized about it and then the knetizens go overboard with their negative reactions. WHAT IS WRONG WITH THEM, CAN'T THEY GET A REAL LIFE? HOW HYPOCRITICAL OF THEM!! These people seem to forgot that he and his family are first human and are subject to mistakes like everyone else. Its a dog that bit the person not the man, he did not purposely went to harm someone, they took care of the medical bills, it should end there. Therefore my reaction, is that they should get over themselves and stop overreacting making something minor into major, its ridiculous, unnecessary, and hurtful to the people who put a lot of effort in the making this show especially the actor. For them to demand that he be replaced might as well say that to cancel the show as the repercussions of doing so would be great. Who would really want to watch this? Things they should really comment about they don't, e.g. the excess abusive behavior of the father/mother to their adult child with no consequences just because they are the elder/parent; the abuse of women and the fact that there is little to show if there is somewhere for them to go or how can they get help, and if they get help; the arrogance of some people towards the other just because they do not have a college degree yet when you really talk to them you would be surprised to realize that they have 10 times more common sense than the ones who does because they have their priorities straight and know how to survive. The list is endless there is more important things to complain and get very angry about yet they do not do it. I like dogs, most of the times they are better than us people, but from going by this the Knetizens should just shut up here, watch the show, enjoy it as best as possible and move on. SW and family did not go out to harm anyone, its like when you have a small child with you, watching them but miss a glance and before you know it, that child gone and does something unexpected which they had no control over at the behavior. Should we fire that person because of it even when a sincere apology is given? If that is the case a lot of parents, babysitters, brothers, sisters and family members etc. would be out of a job. Because in real life, these things happen, it may not be often, but it does. Knetizens should not penalize SW and family for being human, its as accident prone as BH. I have not watched the latest episode. But I think that this CEO and his elder son are arrogant a--es, they do not believe in taking responsibility for anything. They are also bullies. Gone for now.
  15. [Drama 2017] Black 블랙

    I just started watching the show, its not bad but I am not yet addicted. There have been a lot of theories regarding HR, MG, the grim reaper and HR's father. Some of which I agree with. Its a fantasy mystery with a tiny twist of makjang so I will go with it for now. I am of the conclusion of the following - (i) MG's stepfather has been trying to kill him for some time now (ii) MG has lost his memory as a child and in a somewhat now as an adult in the form of the grim reaper possessing him (iii) HR's father was a grim reaper, remember being in love can change a person from cold to warm so it is possible, hence HR got the ability to see shadows (iv) HR's father knew his time was up once HR predicted his death (v) there is a lot more to MG's true personality - which explains the secret room and though the reaper had possessed his body it would not surprise me if MG actually knew how to fight etc. but hid it in front of other people as a guise. However for the interesting theories and stuff, I just cannot get over the unnecessary bloody scenes especially when it comes to the investigation which is done poorly, it makes one question the ability of the Korean police department specifically the detectives who appear to have forgotten how to handle a crime scene 101. The absence and use of gloves when present, the absence or use of detective tools in dealing with evidence, with exception to the "forensic expert", no one appears to be wearing protective gear. This is a murder and based on the movement of the detectives at the crime scenes it has become more contaminated and in a way the evidence/s has been comprised, also their health could be at risk. There is an attempt to bring humour or lighten these scenes and some of the bathroom scenes as well but they really fall flat. I think after watching the next two episodes will help me decide if the show is a keep, a watch later or a dud. Gone for now