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  1. Hello It seems the show has been preempted by news.related to the upcoming elections and its candidates. Therefore its likely to show next week. Have a good weekend everyone
  2. I can look on SC's action either as dumb or smartish, I am going for the latter as its a form of confirmation for him. The reason, CR's answer will let SC know if she was responsible for the accident, hence numbered days. As we all know CR is a liar at the penultimate stage so her answer saying that she lost it, threw/gave it away, forgot it or that she kept it as SC knows the whereabouts of the charm being in BW's possession. If so her answer can lead to more questions from SC as to when, why, how and who which of course could irritate CR into telling more lies as usual or trapping herself.
  3. Countdown to the ending = 17 left Ep 103 recap The charm now comes into play, and WH just feels just there in the show. Where is WH? Docs finds out YS’s secret due to the recorder he had hidden in her office and listening to the conversation between YS/CGJ. He confronted YS about it getting angry at her saying how he felt betrayed etc and does not want to see her again. YS begs for forgiveness and uses CR as a bargaining chip to stay in the house. It is clear that this marriage is over. Docs left the house and WH, CR arrived during that time YS angrily calls CGJ blaming her for the fallout between her and docs. Docs then called CGJ being fake nice to her seeking information on the identity of YS’s daughter but CGJ is onto to him and tells him nothing. CGJ later tells BW about the latest development and advise her what to do, she takes a flyer from the restaurant with her as she was leaving. SC/BW still continue their efforts in finding information on her father’s hit and run case throughout the show. BW also got support from her co-workers as she had posted the request on the internet, CR is now more scared of what is happening, a co-worker suggested that WH help but BW stopped that from happening. YS confront the blackmailer about his visit to CR, he demanded more money. CR and YS are strategizes as to what to do to get the money and pay the blackmailer. It’s a dinner at WH’s house to celebrate WK/WW’s impending parenthood, WK finds out that YS is not CR’s birth mother through WW who told her in the kitchen with CGJ present; YS earns WK’s praises and CGJ’s mental mockery. Its’ an in-law with WH present everyone is talking pleasantly but he is not saying much, at the meal it’s still pleasantries talk about WH’s transfer to US etc. until CR makes a slip up about work with the memory loss and WH caught onto it. However she covered up herself well, later YS called her out on it. DM/JY’s marriage is in trouble due to the baby issue, she tells him that she is staying in BW’s room. Moms/pops found out about it. To cheer her up BY showed the charm to JY who looks at it and wonders’ why it was in BW’s possession. SC/BW returned from Daechon after spending the day handing out flyers to the people there, they were happy to see BW. BW saw the charm on the floor knotted, the next day she took it to work to fix, SC saw her with the charm and took a closer look at it. Show ends Preview WH goes to see BY which has BW upset with him CGJ shows the flyer to YS who tears it up SC asks CR about the charm that she lost JY tells the family that she is breaking up with DM – not surprised, thanks moms for ruining a marriage Other – is it just me with this episode as I didn’t like or dislike the episode, it felt just there. It was going through the motions no excitement, much feelings etc. Of late I have not been feeling WH’s liveliness in any of the episodes and it must have shown with the changing of his hairstyle which has him a boring/impotent person. Something has to give, I feel that we are just looking forward to the ending as the show has lost much of its mojo. Thanks PDs for making people lose interest all because you lacked creativity and decided to put in the makjang and in a way made all persons weak around CR due to her fake losing her memory. Take care
  4. For the first one - the geo in's have two roles (1) to serve Sugwidan in all their being which includes dying for their country & them through spying (2) they are tools not persons. Sang Hwa/Eorini's mission was to rise up in the power for Sugwidan along the way provide all information and act in accordance to the instructions given by them. Nok So is in a position of power so its not surprising that the instruction given was to get close to her and the king and inform them as to what is happening as well as deduce what it means It is part of her mission and in a way its personal because its like her efforts are being ignored and Ga Ryung as a newcomer has taken over very easily Yes Eorini could make a perfect double agent but there are 3 problems- Eorini's handler may remember her real identity and can subdue/possibly control her; just like the brothers recognize Eorini easily so can Mori if he sees her & who could use her to get to them; after all that she has been through there is no way that the Hongs will allow her to return to Scholar Song plus Song now knowing Gil Hyun's identity will become more suspicious as to why Eorini was selected to work for him in the first place. Eorini knows how to spy but not how to fight per se, she has helped them in telling them what it entails to be a geo in etc, so that information could be used to fight Song/Sugwidan along with Gil Hyun's knowledge. You also have the fact that Gil Hyun after hearing about Eorini's case as well as what he knows about Song etc and the king he finds the whole thing suspicious especially when you have the missing people connection. There has to be a link and it has not yet been determined.
  5. @euraka You are right about WH, I think he is just numb and somewhat existing day to day. OHW is so clueless as to the fact that she is largely responsible for slowly killing her son I really feel bad for him and in a unique way BW is doing the same thing as well with the ring. The thing that is actually making them live right now is actively searching for clues regarding her father's case.
  6. Countdown to the ending – 18 left Ep 102 recap We knew she was faking all this time CR “regains” her memory after having a bad dream of BW/SC attacking her, saying that everything is working the way she wants and all that is left is for WH to come back to her – beyond impossible. YS asks CR when her memory return, CR answered that she never lost it in the first place as well as her desperate actions to regain WH, she asks YS for her help. YS asks CR to stop but she is very determined, stating how happy she was etc. Moms asks BW to consider SC for a spouse but she says no to that and that she will be okay alone. BW is at the restaurant in which SC informs her of someone knowing something but the person turns out to be false he states his reason is for money. SC listens and recalls that he was at the villa that day that her father died he told BW this and they try to come up with reasons as to what happened. CR finds out that WH is also looking into BW’s father’s case, she informs YS as well as OHW to block WH. This was done successfully, however it is removal of the ads from the headquarters and the restaurant but that does not prevent WH/SC/BW from continuing to look. CGJ bursts into YS’s office with OHW there and YS lied as to how she knew CGJ. This was relayed to CR who was upset. Docs decide to give YS another chance and decides not to listen to the recorder as she is good to CR etc. as such he threw the recorder in the bin. There were mostly scenes of BW, SC and WH dealing with the hit and run case for her father. It is also how they were taking care of it in their own way for closure. Moms has not stopped her campaign in getting JY pregnant, she met DM privately and convinces him. However later when DM met JY about it, JY tells DM to make a choice its either her or the baby. This time I agree with JY, moms actions does not help she makes it worse. The blackmailer meets CR with insinuations that he is aware that she is the killer and is about to blackmail her. He held her hand and gets kicked out and protected by BW/SC, CR then fake faints and was taken to the infirmary where BW was nice to her and CR still pretends to be sick. OHW,WH and CGJ are informed that WK is pregnant, something we knew for over 2 weeks now. It’s congratulations. Docs secretary gives him the recorder that he threw away, he was debating on doing the same thing when he accidently turns it on and YS’s secret is revealed with her conversation with CGJ. Show ends Preview BW is actively searching for clues for her father’s death making CR more nervous, as BW is receiving concern from her co-workers with the flyers being distributed and internet/SSN. SC is helping BW, he suggests going to Daechon for clues YS meets the blackmailer again Docs slaps YS for lying to him and about her secret. Other – We knew CR was beyond disgusting but she really takes the cake and then some with her extreme actions. To make matters worse she has continuously proven to us how unconscionable she is just for a win. This matter must be resolved soonest and as we have always said OHW makes idiocy looks good as to her actions against the OTP who have done nothing to her but be extremely decent it ought to be a sin. THE PDS BETTER BETTER BETTER PROPERLY PUNISH THESE WOMEN AS THEY ARE HORRIBLE PEOPLE. OHW SHOULD NOT BE REWARDED FOR BEING a horrible mother. I would prefer that she begs very hard, apologizes and leaves the house for good under CGJ’s care as she would look out for everyone. Take care
  7. Countdown to the ending - 19 left Ep 101 recap CR memory is back and so is her rotten personality which never left. Like most of us had said - totally faking it. SC shows CR the flyer of the accident and asks if she remembers if she saw anything, this shocks CR who realizes that it’s her hit and run. CR rushes out of the restaurant and goes to YS telling her about the hit & run and that someone is still looking into the case which has her panicking some more. She later does some research and finds out that the person who is linked to it is BW. BW arrives at the restaurant, SC sees the ring which she says is DJ’s, SC realizes what that ring meant and that is she has given up on being in a relationship. WH’s mind is on SC’s proposal, later he asked to meet SC and he clears up the misunderstanding of the night that SC saw CR at the hotel. WH told SC exactly what happened when CR committed suicide, BW came in and interrupted them. BW made WH assume that she has accepted SC’s proposal which hurt the OTP, BW cried and WH gave up his ring. The next day WH tells the family his plans for a transfer overseas which gets OHW consent as she believes that he is getting over BW. It does not surprise us after all he has been very unhappy for a while now. At the office CR confirms that the person she hit was BW’s father as such she is gone in damage control and panic mode. CR later informs YS who advises her how to act and that she must calm down. Docs is listening to the bug that he placed in YS’s office but he is having no luck. YS calls the blackmailer to confirm that their transaction is finished. OHW visits YS they talk about CR, OHW says that it was due to BW that WH helped. YS later stopped by BW’s restaurant to thank her in both words and money but BW felt insulted by YS’s actions and rejects her. YS met CGJ as she was leaving and CGJ had to come up with an excuse as to why she is there which YS accepts. CGJ finds out from BW as to YS’s visit. CR finds out that BW was the one that helped her out. It does not matter. CGJ later goes by YS’s salon and they talk about docs etc. which is being recorded. CR calls the police to get some information on the case but was interrupted by BW, she later receives a call from OHW who informs her of WH’s transfer. CR convinces OHW to let her go with WH albeit secretly. OHW – you are crazy, you have destroyed your son’s happiness, he tells you that he cannot stand CR and you still pushing her on him. You really need more than a reality check. I want WH to find out and deal with your case. YS still won’t share the bed with docs and decides to go to CR’s room. CR is having a nightmare with BW and SC accusing her of killing BW’s father, and their attack on her. CR wakes up screaming along with her memories and plans as to what she was doing as everything is working her way. It is clearer to us that she was faking it. Show ends Preview CR is still doing damage control on the hit and run along with YS’s help The blackmailer visits CR CGJ and YS friendship gets outed when CGJ bursts into YS’s office with OHW there Other – I do not like what BW did and it seems that they are setting it up for SC to be the knight and help rescue the OTP for clearing this misunderstanding. OHW, your son tell you straight out that he hates CR and you continue to ruin his life what’s it going to take? CGJ/YS should have been outed for a while now. Moms is ridiculous with pressuring JY/DM in having a child when they are not emotionally ready, glad pops put a stop to it. It is very clear to us that WK is pregnant. I hope CR traps herself with the fake amnesia in front of WH so he can get RID OF HER. I BET THE ONE THING WH REGRETS IS MEETING CR. Thanks @euraka for your help in ep 100 recap, it is appreciated Take care
  8. Hi I am sending apologies for not being able to post a recap as my go to sites for live stream are down no matter how many times they have been refreshed or restarted and are not consistent. Should I give a recap it is likely to be with the subbed episode which for and I am not sure if you want that. Later
  9. Ep 99 recap I am glad it was not YS who changed BW’s mind but in an indirect way her co-workers and her too good personality YS has the audacity to ask BW for her help to convince WH to “see” CR (this is hurting BW who is receiving this request). BW calls YS out for being out of order, rejects her and leaves. SC sees this and tells YS to leave as well, he sees BW in the kitchen she tells him of YS’s request he asks what is she going to do, BW tells him that she is not going to ask WH. To lighten her mood SC got a movie played, BW was crying throughout as her thoughts were on WH/YS. WH is still cold to CR, even when she offered him coffee, he tells her to talk to WW who she meets but WW is not telling her the truth which makes CR anxious. YS meets the blackmailer and pays him off, however docs followed her and she gets caught once the transaction was completed. He realizes that it was not Jang Ho, they had a talk outside when she receives an urgent call from CR. CR goes Crazy at home being frustrated at her lost memories and WH’s cold response to her, YS comforts her. WW is informed of the situation and let them know, which has WH wavering a bit. BW/SC went to Busan to meet the detective and discuss the case, it was a somewhat pleasant day for SC and the family is still planning to pair these two. We wish they did not do so, they have nothing better to do. At work BW is informed of the deteriorating status of CR’s mental health by her colleagues, which has her thinking of how to help. BW went to WH in his office and asks him to help with CR’s treatment she states her reasons why she is doing this basically she is being too nice a person and is a mother. After she left, she is met by OHW who is very rude to her as usual and who ignores whatever BW was about to say. OHW enters WH’s office and starts badmouthing BW which has him angry at her saying that why are they so unfair to BW etc. and how BW asked him to help with CR’s treatment, OHW is speechless. Docs receives a call from the nursing home regarding the lady who died, he went to pick up her personal effects, in the book she had a she told a little about YS’s past with Jang Ho. Show ends Preview WH decides to help CR with her treatment Docs confront YS about her past using the journal It seems that SC is about to love confess to BW – please do not work out Other- the thing about previews and editing is that it can make an as-out of you and me. This is the case with BW and her decision to help CR even when she did not really want to. You also get why BW is being the way she is with WH and in a way it helped WH get a better understanding as to why she keeps her distance from him and at times is cold. Is not that she wants to but she has to do so for self preservation and to protect her family. One of the things that keeps me going is a mental scene in which OHW is on her knees begging and apologizing to BW for her mistreatment of her once the truths are revealed about CR/YS. She better more than beg to have BW as part of WH’s life. Next week is the ending countdown, something I am looking forward to. Have a good weekend everyone and take care
  10. Just before going to bed with a 3 hours sleep, had to get this out before the recaps. Viewers check dramaco***, the international fans are so angry with this daily their comments are in alignment with ours as to what is being done per episode and check your go to sites they are just as pis-ed off as we are as to where the story is going. If we rant hard by the end of the episode or if lucky there are posts on the weekend we are all justified in doing so. I think for those who have stuck for it so long have reached a countdown point its 20 days from now – Celebration and relief time. That logic is so flipping messed up with these characters, you have reached a point where you cannot sincerely cheer for anyone. We really really really want a miracle for this show. Here is BW’s excuse for helping CR even though in her heart of heart she does not want to – its because she is a patient and it’s the “humane/saintly/unselfish” thing to do. I really wish WH told BW the truth but he will not because of his promise to YS. However, I want WH to turn this situation around and force CR to remember by taking her to the spot that she tried to commit suicide. Or if he remembered the place that he broke up with her, he takes her there repeating the same break up speech. Or give BW a condition for he helping CR if he decides to do so, should he reluctantly help he must control the situation as CR is completely sick and evil even should she regain her memory she will definitely manipulate the situation to control WH. First thing WH - avoid at all costs being alone with CR, still continue being cold. I find it sad yet stupid of the people around CR in finding a solution to a problem she created by taking advantage of WH’s human nature. Are you saying that the doctor recommended this as a treatment for CR. The gal needs serious psychiatric treatment and they are not addressing the issue and root cause of this. Will they let her see a doctor for this? I won’t bother lecturing the daily about this because it gone bad already. WH is right and the thing about this because of WH’s continuous rejection and cold treatment of CR it’s affecting her badly wanting to commit suicide etc. It’s an ego, pathetic and obsession thing with CR as she has never been rejected before she always got what she wanted, this is not the case with WH, so she has mentally regressed to a time where she believed that she had a chance of being his girlfriend when the truth is she never caught any of his interest, it is all her. WH really cannot stand her around him and its beyond time that they stop protecting/spoiling this delusional Crazy one. I also realized that when WH and CR contract dated it seems that CR wanted the world to know it but most especially BW and now under the amnesia she has the opportunity to do so and claim WH as her man. Did you notice that OHW was once again looking for an opportunity to bully BW, isn’t she a disgusting woman, you cannot really blame BW for her somewhat cold treatment to WH because if any form of warmth is seen/heard by OHW etal they are going to attack/hurt BW and those that she is close to. BW’s tough love on WH is also a tough love on herself and I think very few of us realizes that in a way it’s to protect herself from faltering to WH. A lot of people were hurt when she was dating WH and BW does not want that to happen. Its also about time we see that BW is being affected. Gone for now and praying for a miracle to save the show and give us a bit of hope.
  11. I am so liking this drama so far and am enjoying the lead character's chemistry and strange as it may seem their respective parents. It's the first kdrama that I have watched in which you have a mother who is not the typical kdrama trope woman and who is very open in her views about relationships etc which sort of explains why it can only happen on OCN its not "acceptable" on other channels. You also have a father who is a bit interesting will reserve comment on him for now. It seems that they are following the Noble my Love and 1% of anything remake format to a degree and you see some familiar faces in the show. I liked both shows 1% more so because it was very refreshing and realistic with the dating scenarios and hotness overload. This I hope they continue to bring in this show, I cannot tell you how many times I replayed that beach love scene - it was tastefully sexy and hot. There is one common factor that shows that this will never happen and I am not sure that some of you have noticed it that is - hiccups. Yoo Mi only gets them when she is a bit close with Jin Wook and not with the other guy at all. After getting Yoo Mi's explanation its a sure thing that Ji Wook wants her back along with the hiccups. One of the few things that turns a guy on is when the woman he likes/is attracted to has a unique response to him indicating that she is a bit nervous, likes & is attracted to him a lot. Once he finds out that's Yoo Mi's response to him especially when she was getting a bit nervous around him which he liked there is no way he is going to give that up, he is going to demand that back for sure. Looking forward to episode 3. Have a good weekend
  12. Can anyone check what the Korean viewers are now saying about the show. I am so curious, wondering if they feel the same as us about now. I want to rant but got to go to work will do so later. If anyone finds out let us know. What I definitely can say this has been the most difficult viewing week for me. We all need a huge miracle right now for this daily, will they (PDs & writer) find some sense, conscience and consideration for us viewers and give it to us? Gone for now
  13. Ep 98 recap I am going to do a quick cap as it’s getting more difficult to fully recap the show seeing these scenes. You are allowed to curse at the end of the show, from the preview BW is a huge idiot and we would be very upset. Makjang - CR - attempted suicide; amnesia BW - noble idiocy YS meets the blackmailer with “evidence” of the hit and run. The evidence blood on the brakes and accelerator, YS rejects it but the blackmailer shows her a cloth which would have DNA as proof. The blackmailer demands a large sum of money he also threatens to pass the info to the police & maybe docs. During that time docs visited YS at the salon and found out that she was not there, JY told him that YS has been taking the taxi of late, YS returns & lies about where she was. CGJ visits BW asking her to see YS as her mother but BW rejects YS saying she is not her mother and that she has no regrets. CGJ confirms BW’s resolve regarding YS. CR during the show was continuously rejected by WH in that he does not want her action towards him to be that of a girlfriend in any shape or form or be in his presence. WH is cold in all his responses to her and it obvious to us that he cannot stand her presence. This has a negative effect on CR who is crying about it and YS comforts her. BW does feel sad seeing CR acting as WH's girlfriend in the elevator. YS tries to find money to pay the blackmailer but its hard getting the sum. CR sees SC at the restaurant and finds out that he is the boss, SC was cold in his response to her. The family arrange a skating date for SC/BW it started out okay but BW was thinking about WH during it. BW asks WH to stop helping her on her father’s case but he says no to that. YS pleads with WH’s family regarding CR, when they brought it up he make his stance about it and is very angry as well. OHW is ready to start to blame BW for this but he says that she has nothing to do with this or anyone for that manner. YS pleads with BW to help her with CR by convincing WH to see CR. Show ends. Preview BW/SC see the detective BW tries to convince WH to help CR. This is no noble idiocy crap this is straight out IDIOT!!!!! CR is going crazy due to the constant rejection by WH Other – the longer they go on with the foolishness the harder it gets for me to properly recap this show because of it, its really a shame because when typing now I try to find distractions to keep me continuing. I have to pause every now and then go back. YS is beyond out of order to ask BW her bio daughter to help with her rotten daughter. In addition BW is too nice a person to grant YS’s request and in this case I want WH to firmly say no to BW on this as well. The show seems to be doing a switch in pairs which makes us a viewers feel very angry with them and make us question why did we do this when it appears that they are shafting and insulting us. YOU DO NOT AND SHOULD NEVER REWARD THE EVIL PEOPLE AND FROM WHAT WE ARE SEEING SO FAR IT APPEARS THAT THEY ARE DOING SO. I REALLY AM PLODDING ON WITH THE RECAPS BECAUSE ITS TOUGH WATCHING SOME OF THESE SCENES, AS A VIEWER I FEEL VERY INSULTED & TIRED. WHAT WAS THE PURPOSE OF THE SHOW IN THE FIRST PLACE AND WHY DID WE WATCH IT, THE PDs & writers have lost us. However ,I will complete this though but I have to say I will be very very happy when this is over and I am glad that this is the last daily for SBS because very few people like watching crap like this Take care
  14. Ep 97 recap It seems that they have started on YS’s “downfall” CR wakes up to selective amnesia to the time when she dated WH, and all was well in her deluu world. This was the day WH broke up with her, as it was when she was waiting for him at the coffee shop. WW/docs and YS are surprised at CR’s memory lapse, WW/docs leave to consult with CR’s doctor while YS stays with CR. WH comes in relieved that CR is awake but finds her behaviour strange when she holds his hand he removes hers. CR really repulses WH They discuss the matter as to CR’s health in her room, some test were done and it was determined as to her memory loss, the fact that they do not know when it will return etc. YS wants reassurance from docs that all will be well with CR. Docs meet WH outside and requests a favor from him which was to be with CR up to the contract date etc. WH does not say anything but you can see that he is very uncomfortable about the whole thing. Moms tell BW that its SC’s birthday and she wants to have a surprise birthday party for him which has her support. Moms also got JY’s endorsement in both the party and pairing up BW/SC together as they states the benefits of doing so which is for their benefit. BW gets some gift buying info from the sou chef, she pretended to be sick and had SC bring her home where he got his surprise birthday party. You have a very happy SC and a happy family celebrating his birthday, moms and JY insists that BW have coffee with SC which she reluctantly does. BW gave him a wallet which makes him happy she says its for him to make more money etc but SC says it’s something more which makes her curious but he does not tell her what it was. At WH’s home, they are discussing the request by docs, OHW says WH should do it but he completely rejects it and more or less tells them that he cannot stand CR. OHW finds WH’s behavior odd but WK tells her that WH must have a good reason for saying no. In his room WH gets a “love call” from CR in which he thought it was WW but it turns out to be her, he was brief in his response to her. After the call CR finds it strange that WH calls WW his brother in law, in this YS told the men to go outside and gave CR some updated information excluding the fact that WH and her broke up months ago etc. and all is well in that world. The next morning WW tries to convince WH to accommodate them but WH says there is no telling when she will regain her memory and it is not a good thing for him to fulfill their wants, WW says some more words which has WH saying that he will think about it. It seems that CR got out of the hospital, she is determined to go to work and see WH as he avoided her while she was in the hospital. WH tells the staff about CR being in the hospital and having some memory loss, he asks them for their consideration. After the meeting BW spoke to WH about CR and the fact that it was attempted suicide etc. WH is sort quiet in his response to her and BW tries to find out how much does CR remember. WH then receives information regarding BW’s father hit and run case from his lawyer friend, CR enters the office and greets him, he is formal in his greeting but when she leaves she kisses him on the cheek to which he wipes off. BW informs SC what happened to CR and how much of her memory is there in that it was during the contract dating period etc. Earlier the sou chef teased SC about his gift that you can see he loves because it was from BW Later that day CGJ visits YS saying what happen to CR is retribution for rejecting her own daughter etc. which gets her upset. YS decides to call CGJ’s bluff as to knowing her daughter’s identity after which CGJ leaves. YS then receives a call from the guy who she hired to deal with the hit & run matter in the past, so she reluctantly meets him. He is blackmailing her with evidence of blood on brakes and gas of the car. That could be anyone’s car. Show ends Preview BW tells CGJ that she is not interested in meeting YS as her mother and rejects her. BW is right WH gets very angry at OHW for pressuring him to re date CR when he obviously hates her. The blackmailer starts on YS WH, CR and BW are in the elevator to which CR starts to show off that she is dating WH and that BW knows. You can see that the OTP are a bit uncomfortable with this. Other – When a man tells his mom that the woman she likes makes him sick (rough translation), it is time to cut your losses and give up pairing them. WH should not be pressured into doing something that is so completely wrong that its not funny just because docs saved his life, the one who saved WH was DJ & BW. In addition it is putting a lot of stress on him which is not good, the only woman for WH is BW and the show better not change that pairing he is still wearing his ring. Pairing BW with SC is so wrong on so many levels, BW may have broken up with WH but she still loves him so I also think what the family is doing is wrong and SC is likely to get very hurt by all this. You also wonder how long is CR is going to have her memory loss- can she keep it up (act) forever and I sincerely hope that WH retains his stance on this in saying no to them because what they are doing as usual is spoiling CR. I am interested to understand exactly what WH told his family about CR, one thing for sure he did not tell them what she did. If he did so CR is ruined on both sides which is what we want. Take care
  15. In reference to Ga Ryung's scar, she never had one in the first place, what happened is that she volunteered to get stuff from Heo Tae Hak's property in order to unsettle and jar him as a revenge for Amogae. The only way she could do that is to be among the girls being considered to serve Prince Choong Won's home which was being done by Mori and Heo Tae Hak in selecting them. Gil Dong had a mole on that property and he was suppose to help her. Also you have to keep in mind that the priest is good at making disguises for the men, its what he did at the temple which was being an artist. The purpose was for Ga Ryung was for her not to be chosen but to stay on the property, which is what happened. Mori was considering her but when he saw the "scar" she got rejected due to Prince Choong Won's "taste" in women which was no scars. Ga Ryung then found a way to stay with the help of the mole and get the stuff for Gil Dong. After that she escaped, Heo Tae Hak and Mori did not know that she did not leave when she was suppose to nor did they know who she was at that time. They more or less got introduced to Ga Ryung at Amogae's funeral. Hope that clears it up. The scar was no mistake by the writer but was a prop used to help Gil Dong, as you all know Ga Ryung has always loved Gil Dong and will do whatever it takes to help him. Every Hong knew that and apart from her personality she already had Amogae's seal of FIL approval. This writer is a rarity in that she is very consistent in how she tells a story and how everything fits. The synopsis of Ga Ryung was that she was a widow who entered the palace seeking revenge for her husband by destroying the king. This is what she is doing now, Ga Ryung is Gil Dong's widow who knowing that the king "killed" her husband is seeking revenge, also note her words to Sang Hwa that is she has no problems dying in the palace and would do what it takes to achieve her objective with a warning as not to be stopped or blocked. Ga Ryung is saying that she is not afraid of death. She does not know that Gil Dong is not dead due to Gil Hyeon's actions which is to protect his brother by claiming his death to the public the other benefit is to placate the king's ego and do his bidding in secret. That public announcement brought despair to the people of the nation whose hope was Hong Gil Dong in protecting them from the king. What episode 21 and 22 did was give the Hong clan clarity as to the king's real nature as they had hope that he cared for the people etc. that all that was happening was a mistake, without his knowledge etal. All that they did was not for naught and its to help their fellow man from being destroyed and excessively abused by the nobility. However that proved not to be case and as such all were forced to change, which is shown to be very notable in the brothers. As at the end of episode 22 Gil Dong took a deep look at who he is and what he must do that is why the prison escape scene was not necessary to be shown. It also helped Gil Hyeon to mentally/permanently cut all ties with Scholar Song and company with seeing the brutal, cruel treatment of his family and the people of the country with their so called justification for said actions in that it is their right. However he is a Hong and they are a vengeful lot when wronged which was proven with his pranks against the king and it showed his wisdom and experience that he has gained over the years working in & out of the palace. This was very clear in his letters to Gil Dong which helped guide him in making decisions, in a way it was vice versa with Gil Dong's advice to him about Eorini and their approach as she is a spy for the Song people. Those letters showed the closeness of the brothers, how much they trust and confide in each other. It is imperative that both Gil Heyon and Eorini get out of the palace, in a way its easy for Gil Hyeon. Gil Hyeon can use resignation as a form of punishment for the theft of the people that happened in the palace, the king would not believe that he is part of it. There is so many possibilities as to what happened to Eorini as she could be brain washed to loyally serve Song people and in order to survive she had to change and be strong. Eorini had to prioritize and that in a way is through information and power, she is Amogae's child and like all of them shows herself to be very intelligent & cunning. You also have to consider the tragic circumstances that could lead towards a different Eorini she lost everything cruelly its a memory she may not want to remember with exception to the string which kept the ties. However you also have to note that Eorini is close and loyal to Ok Ran she will do whatever it takes to protect her friend in a way Eorini is like both her brothers with a cynical edge. Episode 25 is the escape, the start of the downfall for the king and the hope for the people. Gone for now